Bleeker Album showcasing Canadian Indie-Rock with Erase You

Bleeker Album showcasing Canadian Indie-Rock with Erase You

Bleeker Album showcasing Canadian Indie-Rock with Erase You


Bleeker takes Rock to a different dimension, a collision of psych-tinged grooves and The Black Keys swagger. Canada is a hotbed of music that is cutting the edge of genres, twisting and turning the shape of music into a sound contemporary and grounded in the long discography that forms the history and memories of rock classics.

Bleeker a trio comprising Taylor Perkins on vocals, Cole Perkins on guitar and on bass Mike Van Dyk have been kicking up an indie storm following on from their self-titled EP with album Erase You. Bleeker was formerly Bleeker Ridge – two sets of brothers Taylor and Cole Perkins, and Dan and Dustin Steinke. Vocalist Taylor Perkins says, “Bleeker has worked really hard to be where we are today and we cannot wait to start sharing our music with the world. We’re all really stoked to get on the road and perform, getting to meet and make new fans all over. If you can’t have fun in rock ‘n’ roll, then where can you have fun? Grab our EP and come hang with us this year!!”

Starting the journey the Bleeker way with Highway, the undertow is rock and the curl of modern pop fused into a catchy mix full of interest this would get audiences jumping with the thrill of live music whatever the size of the venue.  We often feel that bands are just adjusting the sound of bands they followed in their teens, yes, Black Keys echo but never overwhelm. Bleeker have erased that thought with Erase You.  This is modern edgy, may not be to your taste, but that said, throughout the album your interest is maintained.   Free flowing with the energy of the opening track is not a tribute to the band. What it does have is an attitude fuelled by deep bluesy riffs and a beat that rocks your socks this is music of now. As we hear throughout the album the lyrics are confident and as Taylor sings “I don’t want your money girl … I just want to be myself”. Bleeker are definitely themselves.

The title track is the turning point the experimenting and stretching of the sound now in full blossom. The shape and form never lost with the mixing of pop-rock and elements of blues-rock are melded with a sound that connects through the strength of lyrics and Taylor Perkins vocals that have a melodic clarity.

Now to throw into the attitude that shapes Bleeker is a punk-fueled number Radio Radio a dance tune that has an infectious feel that is never punk just borrowing the tempo without the snarl and has been dampened down and made more commercial. This is seen several times and understandably this is a young band finding their voice and does not deter from the Bleeker approach to Contemporary Rock.  If it was alt-rock then it would be more edgy less recognisable in form and shape to lovers of bands of yesterday. They are a twenty-first-century rock band creating commercial sound. Borrowing from the past but never slaves to them.

On Emergency the rock is light and will be instantly recognisable on a couple of listens, followed by a quieter number, do we need a ballad type song on an album that is looking to be different. Now, the piano is pointless with the instrumentation weaker and the vocals just did not have that gravitas. Too soft and gentle.

Closing with Every Time You Call, closes out an album that dips its toes into styles and rock that certainly has loads of potential. With the crafting of a true Bleeker sound, this is a band that has loads of musical avenues to explore. One thing is for certain Erase You is an album that is an interesting listen delivered by a band that wants to rock you and not Erase You.


Bleeker Album showcasing Canadian Indie-Rock with Erase You

Bleeker – Erase You – Five Seven Music

SEVENpawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

  1. Highway
  2. Free
  3. Getting Out
  4. Erase You
  5. I’m Not Laughing Now
  6. Still Got Love
  7. Radio Radio
  8. Where’s Your Money
  9. Emergency
  10. Close My Eyes

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