Black Rain falling on Mick Simpson Delivering A Blues Album

Black Rain falling on Mick Simpson Delivering A Blues AlbumRotherham born Mick Simpson has an impressive record of playing with the likes of Elkie Brooks, Bill Wyman’s Rhythm Kings and the late, great Gary Moore. This is his 4th solo album and it ably showcases a variety of styles by this talented musician. He says his style has been influenced by BB King, Peter Green, Jeff Beck, Derek Trucks, Django Reinhardt and Robert Johnson. I’m not sure I could pick out all of these on the album but he is an accomplished guitarist. He has a pleasant tenor voice that you think you recognise, before realising that it is unique. Occasionally, I felt he was stretched to just too high a register, but overall, the singing is good. The album kicks off with the title track, Black Rain, a soft country rock, semi-acoustic tune, with a catchy chorus. It is a song of “bad karma raining down on me “with a nice bit of fiddle playing to complement the guitar and voice. We move on to Destination Blues, a boogie-woogie number with piano and horns – this would get anyone up and dancing! Don’t cry is a slow 12 bar blues in which Mick sings “Baby don’t cry, let me help you make it through” The guitar solo would certainly do it for me. Last train home is a song for all those who have been away for a little too long and are finally on that last train and nearly home.

There is some great slide guitar to ease the traveller on their way. The next track, Promised the Earth is a great song in the style of Gary Moore. It tells a tale of heartbreak, you promised the earth but never delivered. IT all works, with the guitar echoing the sentiment in the words. On River of Life, Mick gives centre stage to the Italian singer, Eva Carboni. He provides a gentle strummed background to her great vocals. The gentler mood continues in Sweet Lorraine, a slow blues with horns and strings in the backing. Another tale of heartbreak and lost opportunity with another great guitar solo. Then things get lively – To Hell and Back a fast rocking track with driving guitar but I felt that Mick’s voice lacks the grit that the track really needs.

A different take on the usual blues themes of my woman left me, my home is being repossessed and I have to pawn my stuff, Top of the World tells us that despite all these things, he stills feels On Top of The World. Some interesting lyrics in this slow blues lament with a positive twist. The final track is When the Sun goes down. Call me an old softie, but I am a sucker for this type of soft guitar-based rock song. I really liked this one! It is another one with a solo that reminded me of Gary Moore and is a song of hope for the future. “We can make it work, now that winter’s gone”. Just what is needed on a cold January day


Mick Simpson – Black Rain – Mad Ears Productions

SEVENpawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN …


  1. Sweet Lorraine
  2. Destination Blues
  3. River of Life (Feat. Eva Carboni)
  4. Black Rain
  5. To Hell And Back
  6. Last Train Home
  7. Don’t Cry
  8. Top Of The World
  9. When The Sun Goes Down
  10. Gravy Train
  11. Promised The Earth


Black Rain falling on Mick Simpson Delivering A Blues Album

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