Beth Hart: Live @ Colston Hall

Beth Hart - Colston Hall -   May 2015- _0005l
Beth Hart
Live @ Colston Hall, Bristol
1st May 2015

Beth Hart - Colston Hall -   May 2015- _0107l


Mayday, you could find a maypole but for me there was only one place to be Colston Hall, for a night of glorious music, stupendous singing it had to be Beth Hart. I was not the only one who came to the conclusion Colston Hall was packed. With seating taken out and a standing area in front of the stage the capacity was stretched to over 2,000; everyone wanted to see and hear Beth the shining star of blues and more.

Beth Hart - Colston Hall -   May 2015- _0110lFrom the first note of the opening number from behind the piano festooned with electric tea lights Beth dominated the stage and beyond with her astounding voice, the number was dramatic full of contained emotion I’ll Take Care Of You; with a great guitar solo but Beth was the person everyone need to see and hear. How to follow the opening number easy if you are Beth, do a stunning version of Nutbush City Limits; proving there are no limits to her captivating talents as she left the piano picked up the mic and got close as she could to the audience and mesmerized them with a show of charisma coated vocals than were sent flying across the auditorium.

Beth Hart - Colston Hall -   May 2015- _0123lThe numbers kept coming it was a deluge of vocal and musical glory, Beth was the Queen of Colston Hall, but no one should under-estimate the skill and talent of her musicians whilst they gave her the perfect backdrop a cascading waterfall of sound that gave Beth the scope to soar above them singing the lyrics she wanted us to hear tonight. Yes, there was a planned set-list but Beth is spontaneous and full of humour and as the lively and appreciative audience shouted out the tracks they want to hear she obliged and the band adapted shaping their performance to the whim and majesty that is the performer Beth Hart. There was a very special synergy between the band and Beth it was like watching an organic living being with Beth its the beating Heart.

Beth Hart - Colston Hall -   May 2015- _0154lDelicious Surprise was full of smoky vocal delivery and the lyrics were just life in a pickle jar if we won the lottery, it is her vocals that sets Beth apart from the crowd she sings as if her life depends upon it, she sings so that we can enjoy her music as much as she enjoys the performance. No wonder Beth no longer sings to a few but to the many who flock to her shows time and time again. Beth refuses to be categorised, fenced in or tied to a style she selects the style that suits the lyrics and emotions she wants to share; there is a blending of tones from artists that have also shone in the limelight a mix of Billie Holiday; Eartha Kitt; Amy Winehouse and many divas who have wooed and enchanted audiences but these are just part of the complex distillation of texture, tones and range that is The Voice that defines Beth. As the set progressed and the energy from the stage and audience grew, the sound changed again with a harder rocky sound and she kept the purity of harmonies as she screamed ‘ Do You Feel All Right’ with a rock chicks squeal that was pitch perfect. Sitting on the edge of the stage she the caressed the frenzied audience with gentle vocals before standing up and the rock goddess was back what a performer what a stunning performance.

Beth Hart - Colston Hall -   May 2015- _0098lWe heard tracks from her current album, Better Than Home, given a soft sell, we heard the love song to Scott’ the lyrics are superlative and the emotion is hanging on every note as she sings lines we could not even imagine composing such wonderful lyrics showing how love conquers Mechanical Heart is love in the round.
Ending with As Long As I Have a Song, the audience wanted more, and Beth would have played on, the Hall went silent everyone delighted to have been in the company of a genuine performer to sharing her experiences determined to entertain the crowds with her songs, music and warmth.

Beth Hart - Colston Hall -   May 2015- _0082lTonight there was fun, smiles, tears and every mix of emotions that life can throw at you and definitely have been thrown at Beth with her many oft reported hurdles and challenges she has conquered making her the stellar artist she is today. The music flowed including One Eyed Chicken, Window, St Theresa  and Waterfalls; we heard from Beth about the tracks but her voice did all the talking we needed as she mixed up the styles and tones, Blues, Country, Rock above all it was all delivered in the style of Beth. We heard the voice, piano playing and her guitar skills we heard the band in its full gory, and there was acoustic. Whatever the format and style Beth was the heartstone of tonight’s entertainment.

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