Beth Hart Fire On The Floor

Beth Hart Fire On The Floor

Beth Hart Fire On The Floor


The mood is set sultry, melodic, moody with Beth at her Piano  and her vocals that cajole you to get into the jazzy swing with Jazz Man. Opening Fire On The Floor is intimate setting the next forty-five minutes, it is a journey exploring the interaction between words, vocals and melodic lines underlying the texture of every song. The shape of the number changes, with a landscape created with the feel of a cinematic film score. This is a vocal painting of Love Gangster with a flinty edge and the driving instrumentation that never overpowers but adding layers of textures and tonal pathways. Throughout the album it is Beth’s vocals that are the lead breaks and the mixture of musicians carefully selected by acclaimed producer Oliver Leiber that are the foil for the majesty of Beth, the singer, songwriter extraordinaire.

Fire on The Floor is scorching hot as the range of genres are explored creating at the heart of the sound Beth, the reason the album exists. The mix of styles, reflects the vagaries of fire, white heat then cooler blue flames, the emotional wrenching of the red and orange flames that lick around the boots of the songs the lyrics.

The energy is both raw and controlled, rocking and reflective as Love Is A Lie, full of dark and deep undercurrents. Half way through and the path of Beth’s fire changes again with Fatman, with a rocking full on sound we are full of Beth’s energy.  The title track is ringing with western country vibe, the soundscape is huge and then the intimacy of Beth’s vocals. She is singing to you as an individual controlled and full of her own self-determination. We feel her pain and understand the journey as a relationship fades into the Fire On The Floor every emotion is smoldering with a purpose.

The whole album has a feeling of a solo album, yet it is the instrumentation that punctuates and adds shadows and colouring to Beth’s words. The band is superb empathetic to the feel Beth is creating with a carefully chosen mix of keys, guitars and percussion at times stripped down other times a fuller sound.  We feel for the emotions of a Good Day to Cry and Picture In the Frame captures a moment in time forever, the simplicity of the music lets the words shine like a fiery halo. Closing with No Place Like Home the piano and vocals are in perfect harmony they are as one as you are pulled deep into the lyrics.   We all can celebrate the wonders of home a place of love, warmth and dreams where we can be ourselves.

Beth, growls, cajoles, yearns is angry and sad these infections are the components. In this follow up to Better Than Home, we have an album that crosses genres celebrating the power of the song and the singer. Every track works there is a logic to the order. This is a personal album that is more than an introspective self-indulgent project, it is an album you will want to hear from beginning to end. The listener will cry, sigh and chuckle with Beth and throughout will have the  pure unadulterated pleasure of being in the company of Beth Hart an amazing artist.

Beth Hart, on Fire On The Floor has garnered together a dozen tracks that flow and warm up the speakers with a raw, charismatic and open delivery of intensely personal emotionally driven lyrics.  Fire On The Floor is a majestic album and will burn brightly long after 2016 fades into a memory. Must be a real contender for album of the year.

Beth Hart – Fire On the Floor – Mascot Label Group:

Release Date: 14th October 2016

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Track Listing

  1. Jazz Man
  2. Love Gangster
  3. Coca Cola
  4. Let’s Get Together
  5. Love Is A Lie
  6. Fat Man
  7. Fire On The Floor
  8. Woman You’ve Been Dreaming Of
  9. Baby Shot Me Down
  10. Good Day To Cry
  11. Picture In A Frame
  12. No Place Like Home
© Greg Watermann
© Greg Watermann


Sunday 13 November – Gateshead Sage
Monday  14 November – Glasgow O2 Academy
Thursday 17 November – Bristol Colston Hall
Saturday 19 November – Bournemouth Solent Hall
Monday 21 November – Manchester Bridgewater Hall
Wednesday 23 November – London Royal Festival Hall

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