Benjamin Bassford’s Songs From The Blue Door

Benjamin Bassford's Songs From The Blue Door

Benjamin Bassford’s Songs From The Blue Door

What is behind Songs From The Blue Door? Seven acoustic driven country blues songs.  The orginal songs are carved out of the experiences of Benjamin’s 21 years on the planet; creating an acoustic album that has the compelling mix of stripped back melodic guitar and a voice that is strong and warm curling around the lyrics that have something to say. If Acoustic blues is for you then everything from Songs from the Blue Door will meet your approval. So open the Blue Door and step inside Benjamin’s world.


Opening with Storms, this is not a crash of rocking blues. Benjamin’s Storms is a more laid back look at stormy weather. The intro is influenced by Spanish guitar and is strummed with a tempo that makes you want to hear more. His vocals are deep and warm fitting in with the six strings creating an acoustically pleasing harmony.  This is storm at sea and yes this is acoustic but would be good to hear a build-up of energy, emotion and a crescendo to reflect the storm rolling in. Intrigued by the second track Leaf Blower Tango, love the quirky intro of a leaf blower and the tango beat works well. The vocals are lighter and reflect the song. Howlin’ Wolf’s Backdoor Man is the inspiration for the next blues harp guitar number Ain’t No Backdoor Man. The vibe of Howlin’ is captured in this re-vamped acoustic song. A country feel adding another textured dimension to Benjamin Bassford’s E.P. again a long intro for a short track before the vocals kick in. As he realizes he no longer belongs in his home town the bitter-sweet melody takes control one again. Finishing with Backroom Friend, it has been an enjoyable peak and listen to what is happening Behind The Blue Door.

Often the tracks have a super acoustic vibe, and Benjamin has woven in some different textures to the music. There is though something lacking not enough emotional connection acoustic sometimes need to feel raw and a little bit unsafe. That said all seven tracks show that there is not much not to like about the acoustic playing of Benjamin Bassford, Behind The Blue Door.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD SEVEN pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Benjamin Bassford – Songs From The Blue Door

Track Listing

1. Storms
2. Leaf Blower Tango
3. 90 Proof
4. Ain’t No Backdoor Man
5. Snake Eyes
6. Hometown
7. Backroom Friend.

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