Bellowhead @St David's Hall Cardiff

Bellowhead - St Davids Hall - Nov 2014_0088lBellowhead
St David’s Hall, Cardiff
26th November 2014



Bellowhead - St Davids Hall - Nov 2014_0060lOne of the shining lights of the British and Contemporary Folk scene, they have established themselves as an innovative cutting edge orchestra delivering folk that makes you want to clap dance and jump for joy, no wonder they have generated a loyal and enthusiastic following and the many awards they have achieved to date.
St David’s Hall was packed for a mid-week show and the crowd most definitely generated an electric atmosphere of anticipation as they knew they would be hearing old favourites and songs played live from their current CD Revival.
It is a shame that seats couldn’t be removed as this is a high energy band playing dance tunes that send the dancing gene through your spine and you just want to dance the polka, jig or simply jump up and down.

Bellowhead - St Davids Hall - Nov 2014_0028lLet it Run started the music off followed by 10,000 miles Away everyone was hooked and collective engagement made the hall fizz with electricity from the stage and back again. We had the charismatic Jon Boden in a bright Red Jacket commanding the stage and he conducted the band of superb musicians playing a wide collection of instruments from the large Helicon, Trumpet and Trombone, Mandolin, Banjo and Guitar, Cello, and Fiddles then some woodwind and percussion. These collectively created the Bellowhead sound which is definitely folk and sometimes anarchic but always pleasurable with the excitement of the tune setting the rhythm.

Bellowhead - St Davids Hall - Nov 2014_0023lThis was two sets of pure delight the energy was infectious with audience participation on London Town creating a wonderful atmosphere
Bellowhead delivered gold-standard live entertainment, they gave everything as they played with verve and passion, they kept the audience informed about the history of many of the tunes being delivered in a unique way including a 200-year-old jig Jack Lintel a dancing instrumental that made a Wednesday night have a real holiday feel.
Every tune and song deserves a mention as they all delighted and by the time they returned for the encore that was more than demanded they returned to the stage to perform a two song encore which ended with Frogs Legs and Dragon’s Teeth the whole place was bouncing.

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