Believe has Rebecca Downes Singing the Blues


Believe has Rebecca Downes Singing the Blues




The sophomore album is never easy. Following on from Back To The Start meant Rebecca and her band had to jump higher. Believe has Rebecca Downes singing the Blues and so much more this is a game changer. Rebecca and her band believe in the music they just want to play for you. This is contemporary Blues pulling in strands of jazz, soul and gentle rock weaving them into a tapestry of musical pleasure.
Rebecca’s voice scorches through the instrumentation that adds a layer of sound for her vocals to work with exploring emotional tone and textures as on the opening song Never Gonna Learn. I know that Rebecca is learning, developing her style and growing in confidence the title of the album is a reflection that Rebecca believes in her abilities and the prowess of her band. As Rebecca says “The album title represents the belief that I have needed to get this far and the belief we now have in the quality of our music and our live performances. 2015 allowed us to measure ourselves against some of the best around and we believe we made our own mark.
With the swish of blues guitar the mood is created for Sailing On A Pool Of Tears as the tempo quietens, her voice takes on the coating of hurt and despair as she sings the lyrics we are pulled into the darker side of love. Half way through and piano and vocal duet on 1000 Years sounds fine. This combination suits her voice and has an intimacy that then opens up as the band joins the party.
The beat changes with blues harp joining in on the sultry number as her vocals curl around Long Long Time, the power is in the sustain and then letting the instrumentation pick up the beat and carry the tune forward. With lap steel and piano the mood changes the fire is tempered and we are back with the intimate Rebecca.
As we head to the last four tracks we are treated with the mischievous Mommas Gotta Gun, gravelly and low down the scale Rebecca shows another facet to the jewels in the box of Rebecca Downes’ Believe. The dance rhythm of Salt Winds has the feet tapping and the ear mesmerised with the glorious vocals on another standout track. The title track is left until last with another musical feature with a swampy southern sound bring Believe to a close a second album that will definitely get Rebecca Downes noticed for all the right reasons.
Believe the follow-up album to Back To The Start combined with the power of her stage shows proves that Rebecca is on the up carving the bluestones out of the road to stardom. Believe Written by Rebecca with co-writer Steve Birkett and the production by Mark V Stuart (Magnum etc,) has hit the right note. The album does that crossing genres and with tempos and beats that will appeal far beyond the confines of blues clubs and blues aficionados.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD EIGHT pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Believe has Rebecca Downes Singing the Blues



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Track Listing

1. Never Gonna Learn
2. Night Train
3. It’s That Easy
4. Sailing On A Pool Of Tears
5. Sweetness
6. 1000 Years
7. Could Not Say No
8. Long Long Time
9. Momma’s Got A Gun
10. Salt Winds
11. Come With Me Baby
12. Believe

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