Behind The Wheel with Red Dirt Skinners

Behind The Wheel with Red Dirt Skinners

Behind The Wheel for a Ride of Originality

Thanks Red Dirt Skinners

Roots wither and die whether music or plants without green shoots.  Red Dirt Skinners are an imaginative duo creating beautiful shoots of glittering music that will ensure roots/country music will continue to thrive Behind the Wheel. With this, their fifth album, the duo with the unique combination of acoustic guitar, drum and saxophone have made a noise that pleases all who listen. How have they done this gritty perseverance, hours behind the wheel driving to gigs and festivals and the hard work behind the scenes with emails and phone calls. Hard work and talent pays off the reward is full shows and another album that delights on so many layers.  Yes, there are the dissenters – why? because this sound that is stripped back to a raw intensity will not neatly slot into a genre. Red Dirt Skinners blend and distill a sound that is recognisable as their’s rooted deep in musical traditions, folk, country and the shading of blues. It is going to be an enjoyable musical ride Behind The Wheel with Red Dirt Skinners.


Once again, Behind The Wheel excels. With its haunting and alluring combination of Sarah’s soprano saxophone, Rob’s acoustic guitar, strong lyrics and harmonies that are spellbinding. Opening with the title track the Saxophone and percussion creates a mood and then the vocals create a story of gypsies on the road they have a house but freedom has its delights. Some great lead breaks and the soprano purity of Sarah’s award winning skills; this is roots music picking up a theme that it is about the journey, travelling a harmonious adventure into the unknown a theme coming across from traditional music across the world. All nine tracks are special, The Other Half is a love song with gentle heartfelt emotion. Rob’s vocals and guitar playing are a perfect combination as the track opens then the gentle saxophone and Sarah’s reply; a duet that clutches at your heartstrings, a love song that reflects the depth of a relationship of two halves. The lyrics have a power the phrasing of the words and instruments create a sound that has a sweetness tinged with an edgy rawness. The up tempo Bad Apple is a clever re-working of a bad apple in a barrel. Here it is down in the greenhouse. The saxophone sings its own tune and we all know a bad apple has fallen far from its tree.

The longest track on the album Daybreak is the synthesis of all things that are great about the Red Dirt Skinners. The music curls around the country fueled tempo and lyrics. Daybreak is full of the feelings of a day just about to begin full of hope.  Nothing is rushed between them the duo create space to explore as the melodious tunes linger on the lyrics. There is no rush the next track will come along just when we are ready. Like slow cooked food, this is about depth of tone not a quick flurry and move to the next thing on the agenda. Closing with Eleanor Joan (reprise), we have a second helping of the track heard earlier in the album, this time an instrumental that fades as the album closes.

The economy in the riffs, licks and saxophone lead breaks complement each other perfectly. This is an album that will not be reviewed and put away it will be listened to time and time again.

Red Dirt Skinners, are a rootsy duo, Behind The Wheel is worldly-wise music with a story to tale and a tune to sing.  Check them out the mould is broken and the music pours out, full of integrity, inspiration and individuality. Red Dirt Skinners do not mimic they create a sound that is Rob & Sarah’s.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD TEN pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

RED DIRT SKINNERSBehind The WheelSIDEGOAT RECORDS OUT 24th March 2016 – Available HERE

Track Listing

  1. Behind The Wheel
  2. Home Sweet Home
  3. The Other Half
  4. Eleanor Joan
  5. The Inspiration
  6. Bad apple
  7. Thoughts Of The Past
  8. Daybreak
  9. Eleanor Joan (reprise)

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