Beautiful Christmas blues from Bristol

Beautiful Christmas blues from Bristol

Beautiful Christmas blues from Bristol. Elles Bailey & Lady Nade Silent Night these Bristol friends have joined forces raising funds and promoting homeless charity Shelter.

Single: “Silent Night” – Elles Bailey & Lady Nade

These two friends and fellow Bristolians have joined forces to release a single to raise funds and promote the good work of the homeless charity Shelter. Personally, I love songs associated with Christmas, whether it’s pop, rock, country or folk takes on the season, or, as in this case, traditional carols.  It’s easy to be cynical about some artists cashing in on Christmas with unimaginative re-workings of old favourites but rest easy, that is not the case here. There are a million versions of this tune but this has to be one of the freshest and most beautiful.  This collaboration demonstrates that you can’t beat a good song combined with a good voice, or voices.

Beautiful Christmas blues from Bristol

The combination of the two voices of this talented duo with the haunting melody is heartbreakingly lovely.  Lady Nade sings the first verse in a tone as pure as a spring of crystal-clear water before Elles’ huskier tones add an extra layer of depth and power to the second verse. When the two harmonise on the third verse the magic really happens and I’m left thinking, what about an album of covers ladies (or originals – I’m not fussy!)?   What really makes this single work is the sensitive arrangement and the really sweet guitar playing by Joe Wilkins, echoing, picked notes on the slide with subtle volume swells.  So, well done all round; another good addition to the Christmas song canon and a timely reminder to dig into the piggy bank to help some poor souls.

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