Bad Touch Bringing Rock and Roll Truth Be Told

Bad Touch Bringing Rock and Roll Truth Be ToldBad Touch Bringing Rock and Roll Truth Be Told

Truth Be Told, deft touch this 5-piece from Norfolk have created an album that does not have a touch bad. This is definitely a classic rock with the heat of the south, with finger-licking good guitar and tasty spicy vocals that make this album destined to excite the listener.

Opening with a trio of songs that get the musical juices running One More Night gets the listener connected to the force that is Bad Touch by the time the first guitar riff is played, the vocals growl you know this is going to be Classic Rock that will rock and roll your soul on a musical fairground ride of enchantment.   Then the album leaps up high into the stratosphere with 99%, the single form the album that will be getting lots of radio play, a song that is destined to be a favourite live with its momentous chorus and stinging guitar hot as pepper sauce poured over blues that rocks.  The tone deepens, slows becomes heavier and more considered with the opening guitar of Waiting For This. The drums boom as we wait for the star of the show the vocal prowess of Stevie Windwood, they dazzle with power as he skilfully navigates the music road laid down by the band.  As with any rock band the rhythm section creating foundations for the guitar and vocal to shine and Bad Touch have achieved this in bucket loads, as the stunning closing bass line and drum combo demonstrates, leaving you want to hear more.

The trio of tracks are triumphant but the question can they maintain the momentum interest and rawness that is chiselled and shaped into a rock classic Truth Be Told.  I will let you into the secret Yes, they can and definitely do on the bands sophomore album.

Every one of the dozen tracks on the album brings its own link in the musical ride around a fairground of musical pleasures to explore.  Heartbreaker Soulbreaker has that little bit extra it fizzes with a soda stream of energy with its funky edge. The anthemic foot-tapping Let The Sun Shine has a bright and breezy vibe that makes you smile, a feel good southern fuelled number. The album bends and sways through rock nothing ground-breaking but solid as a rock. Outlaw is softer with Stevie’s vocals delivering the narrative as a story to unfold. The track has a sting just like an outlaw walking into town there is a tension and hint of danger.

It makes perfect sense closing with  The Mountain with acoustic guitar and the vocals central to the song with lyrics that make you sit up take notice and hear what is being sung. The quiet opening moves in like a symphony to an electric core with a wonderful solo from Rob Glendinning.  The track shows every facet of Bad Touch, rocking, brooding, insightful and above all musically appealing. Truth Be Told this is a band you want to hear live.

Bad Touch – Truth Be Told Release Date 2nd December

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EIGHT pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

  1. One Night More
  2. 99%
  3. Waiting For This
  4. Under My Skin
  5. Heartbreaker Soulshaker
  6. Take Your Time
  7. Let The Sun Shine
  8. My Mother Told Me
  9. Outlaw
  10. Made To Break
  11. Healing Hand
  12. The Mountain

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