Aynsley Lister Band with Support from Rita Payne

Aynsley Lister - The Flowerpot - Dec 2014 - _0042lAynsley Lister Supported by Rita Payne
The Flowerpot, Derby
12th December 2014

Rita Payne - The Flowerpot - Dec 2014 - _0032lAn acoustic duo from Doncaster opened who delighted with a number of meaningful self-penned lyric driven tunes that straddle the genres, combining country with folk, swirling in some blues and combine this powerful cocktail with a generous measure of Rita Payne eccentricities creating a sound that is easy on the ear and brings pleasure to the audience who enjoy live music with an edge. Rita Payne - The Flowerpot - Dec 2014 - _0005lThey deliver some interesting covers, Rhiannon who plays guitar, suitcase bass and sings accompanied by Peter who sings and plays a scintillating tambourine they are Rita Payne producing live music that makes you smile. We heard among the varied set, Sail Boat and The Patchwork Song. Demonstrating a great rapport with each other on stage that warms the audience to the music which can be found on their current EP We Are Getting There, Aren’t We? A superb start to the evening.

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Aynsley Lister - The Flowerpot - Dec 2014 - _0059lShort break, and Aynsley walked on stage and was warmly welcomed back to The Flowerpot, accompanied with his band Andre Bassing on keys and a rhythm section, Steve Amadeo, Bass and Beoneto Dtzyden, Drums that provides a solid base for Aynsley to make his guitar swish with imaginative licks full if zing. The set list was one favourite after another as he mixed the old with the new from his award-winning album Home, when you hear these tracks live you realise how special they are from the title track, Insatiable, Inside Out and Hyde 262; it is understandable why this was the album of the year for many.

Aynsley Lister - The Flowerpot - Dec 2014 - _0002lThe popular tracks certainly got the music pumping in your veins, whether the stylish instrumental, Quiet Boy or a song dedicated to Sid on the mixing desk – Sound Man; and the question Aynsley always asks What’s It All About? Tonight it was all about musicianship and a band of musicians loving every moment they were delivering music to a crowd that wanted to listen, we had keyboard playing from Andre which took your breath away or as was ironically understated by a member of the audience to Aynsley “He’s quite good really”

Aynsley Lister - The Flowerpot - Dec 2014 - _0025lAynsley also delivered some classy blues he is a guitarist who delivers the notes with a simplicity he has a subtlety in his approach as he re-models the blues adding some Lister tweaks that gives the music a unique tone.
The encore was a request and he duly delivered Purple Rain, he has made this Prince track his own and a superb way to end the evening that was from beginning to the end live music at its best.

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