Ayesha ~ A Thousand Shores – CD Review

A Thousand Shores
Moochee Records

This is a debut album full of verve and style from Ayesha a mistress of the song who exudes musical warmth and character with every note she sings and plays. Ayesha on ‘A Thousand Shores’ has created an album that will delight lovers of music, look past genres the industry love to box people in this album is fresh with a country feel, a swish of soul and a generous helping of the blues. It’s a cocktail of delights with the right balance of sweet, sour and spice creating a listening delight, truly music for your ears. It is the songs lyrics and Ayesha’s vocal interpretations of her 10 self-penned tracks that are the stars of the show. The title track should be getting loads of mainstream airplay as the guitar and vocals play games with each other and the lyrics flow and swell on the tide. This is an album full of sparkling gems, with every track included for a reason there is no filling in space and Ayesha tells me there are plenty more songs for the future. If you need to escape your daily reality then sit back close your eyes and listen to ‘Buenas Noches From Paradise’ and you will be transported to a land full of warmth and latino rhythms; whilst ‘No.7’ with its fabulous intro of keys, drums and guitar, followed by a sultry Ayesha that is saucy with a hint of jazz mimicked by a delightful guitar lick. If it is a guitar-driven track that you want then look no further than ‘Seventh Wind’ and lyrics that get you humming or even singing along if you have the vocal dexterity and range! This is an album that spans the spectrum of your soul and demonstrates the immense repertoire of musical shapes and tones Ayesha delivers with comfort, charm and passion. My personal favourite is ‘Ashes Of A Man’, the most bluesy of the tracks which has the sorrow of a country track and the balance between band and vocals is spot-on. This is a beautifully produced album that should be getting loads of airplay.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD out of TEN doodle paws a doodle rating of

EIGHT ……… pawprint half inch

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