Attention Catching Music on a Monday Morning – 26th Oct

Attention Catching Music on a Monday Morning - 26th Oct a dazzling selection gathered from behind the fireguard by Liz over at Bluesdoodles Towers

As I write this from behind the virtual ‘Fireguard,’ keeping Wales safer until the 9th November you may have noticed that my Friday Roundup went awol. who forgot to press publish. DUH!! me – so Monday is a bumper offering of music that caught my mood. This changes about 900 times a day. from deluded optimism, I will be creative and then shrouded in a grey solemn mist what is the point and every mood in the spectrum in between. The mantra at Bluesdoodles Towers is ‘This To Will Pass.’ Just wish for all of us that we had a time and date, some certainty in the world would make it a better place. Until that day we have the beat of the music and we send out our grateful thanks to every musician of every genre THANK YOU for still being creative with new music arriving every day through the vast array of paths to access the sounds that keep our feet tapping and minds moving forward until we can meet again in a music venue, zinging with energy that amps pumping out the music in the company of friends is a very special place indeed.

Explore Bluesdoodles Friday Music Treats 29th October

Joe Bonamassa’s new album “Royal Tea” is released by Provogue/Mascot Label Group on Friday, October 23rd. Album available from and

Bluesdoodles says: Royal Tea By Bonamassa Sweetens October Blues Stupendous, Joe Bonamassa delivers on Royal Tea ten tracks of freshly brewed delights READ FULL REVIEW HERE

Explore Bluesdoodles Friday Music Treats 29th October

Friday October 23rd – The Cadillac Three have today released their new album Tabasco & Sweet Tea via Big Machine Records.  
Pouring on a heavy dose of funk grooves and rock riffs over country lyrics, the modern-meets-nostalgia collection is at a reduced price for the first week so it’s more accessible for fans during a global hardship when music is needed more than ever. TABASCO & SWEET TEA – OUT NOW

Juanita Stein has released her critically acclaimed third solo album ‘Snapshot‘ via Nude RecordsBUY/ STREAM ‘SNAPSHOT’ HERE
Unlike her first two solo albums, “America” (2017) and “Until The Lights Fade” (2018), which were made in just a few weeks and both at studios in the US, ‘Snapshot’ was recorded over the course of eight months at Agricultural Audio, not far from Juanita’s home. As she says, “This allowed me the time and distance I so craved. Ben was deeply concerned with allowing the songs to breathe and to take the right shape. We laid down all the defining guitar parts and vocals which were then beds for the band to come in and lay their parts on.” As the record began to take shape, Juanita “called on my brother, Joel Stein, (guitarist in Howling Bells) to play lead guitar, I knew only he could harness the exact frenzied energy needed for the songs. Both he and I were both going through something pretty momentous and I wanted to shift that energy into the music. Evan Jenkins on drums alternated between freeform and thunderous on some tracks, light and barely-there on others. Jimi Wheelwright on bass held it all together beautifully.” The result is a record that feels crafted from a life lived as much as it was clearly excavated from loss. It’s a record that strives to capture more than a passing moment and succeeds in laying its hands on something bigger than most of us will ever fully understand.

Videos Catching Sight and Sound

Ode To John Prine a new song by Charlie Overbey latest single for the benefit of NIVA/ Save our Stages. Much love to the Superstars that donated their talent and time to help me create this tune. Covid 19 has shut down our clubs, theaters & festivals until further notice. Musicians, Promoters, Stage Crew, Bar Staff & more are completely out of work and in serious danger of losing their businesses and homes. Please do what you can to support the cause.

Kris Barras BandReveals New Video For ‘6am (live from Momentum Studios) –  Taken from the latest album ‘Light It Up’ which you can listen to via Spotify HERE
Read Bluesdoodles Review Light It Up HERE

Molly Karloff releases their single ‘Do It Again’ – taken from their ‘Supernaturalisation’ EP. The single was remixed by Romesh Dodangoda for radio. Bluesdoodles say in Tom Dixon review – Great Listening – Why the depth and strength of their songwriting. Read Full Review HERE

CORMAC NEESON releases single ‘Sweet Gentle Love’ ahead of WHITE FEATHER ALBUM

Available for pre-order now, the long-awaited reissue of Cormac Neeson’s highly acclaimed White Feather album, will finally be released on Friday, November 6, 2020, as a special 16 track bonus deluxe edition CD and digital, as well as a 12” heavyweight vinyl format version, through Social Family Records.
The original 2018 White Feather album, a former top 5 success in the UK national Country album chart, was a limited CD release back in April 2018. All copies of the new deluxe and Vinyl versions ordered via Cormac’s webstore will be personally signed by Cormac as a special thank you to fans for their incredible patience and support – Buy Here!
The White Feather Deluxe Edition was originally going to be supported by a 14 date UK & Ireland songwriter club tour, but sadly, has now been cancelled due to the ongoing uncertainty in the live sector caused by the continuing Covid-19 pandemic.
As a result Cormac will be putting on a very special live streaming event on Thursday, November 5, from Hillview Studios Northern Ireland during where he will perform with his band in situ supported by personal interviews. Then on Saturday, November 7, the 32nd edition of his incredible Facebook “Cocoons” live performance ‘in the round’ event will take place with artists from Australian-based Social Family Records. “Cocoons” is an international songwriter/performance event which Cormac started back in April 2020 and has now grown to over 3,000 members from all over the world, with a weekly selection of 5 artists usually performing two songs each on a Saturday evening ‘in the round’.

UK rocker Jack J Hutchinson latest single announcement ‘World On Fire’ ahead of his new album ‘The Hammer Falls’ due early 2021.
‘World On Fire’ is a 4-minute slab of hard rock that mixes a brutal Sabbath-esque opening riff with a sing-along chorus perfectly built for packed venues. The middle 8 takes the track in an unexpected direction, with hints of Pink Floyd, before the band comes crashing back in for the finale.
Commenting on the release, Hutchinson says: “We wrote and recorded World On Fire in the middle of a remote forest in Brazil. It had an incredible vibe that pushed us to try new things. I actually slept on the floor of the studio whilst I was there to really soak it up. It was an incredible time.”
Explaining the themes of the track, he says: “The song was written before the pandemic, but since the events of this year it has taken on an even greater meaning. Basically, 2020 has been a kick in the teeth for everyone, but in many ways, it gives us an opportunity to rip up the norm and start again. We have to remain positive.”


Originally released in America only in 2017 Resurrection marks the rebirth of the classic US garage band The Druids Of Stonehenge.
Resurrection is an album of classic blues covers, the music that inspired The Druids back in the day and continues to inspire them now. With the release of the brand new album “American Ghosts” just around the corner, Skyfire thought we would give you the opportunity to hear  The Druids Of
Stonehenge at their best.
Carl Hauser said “All of the songs that we have resurrected (and that have resurrected us…) are “blues chestnuts” that The Druids have played and loved over the last 50 years – since we were teenagers. An important disclaimer is that The Druids are not and never were a traditional blues band. We were a rock ‘n roll band, growing up as friends in NYC in the late 60’s, heavily influenced by the blues, rhythm and blues and soul music that permeated that period.”

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