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The collaboration between Amy Wadge and Pete Riley proved to be a fruitful one with the critically acclaimed debut album Rivers Apart this is the follow-up album ‘Afterglow’ with 13 self-penned tracks, written by Amy and Pete or Pete with other collaborators. The duo take turns to share the singing duties adding another dimension to an album that keeps you on your musical toes that cannot help but wiggle and tap away with the infectious melodies. Amy and Pete have been touring with the album and these tracks sound wonderful in the live arena with the audience participation and Amy’s delightful storytelling.

‘Drifting’ open’s the album giving you an immediate insight into the chemistry between them as Pete’s guitar work is joined by Amy’s voice that is full of emotion and brings feeling to every lyric she sings. The album is personal and that shows through the emotion in the vocals and guitar playing and when the two voices harmonise as on a ‘Song For Holly’, with the very special lyrics for a very special friend of Amy what a gift to give someone. The tempo picks up and the emotions lighten as Amy & Pete duet ‘Better Than Me’ as the lyrics go back and forth this is a track that makes me think of blue skies and fluffy clouds full of energy and hope. ‘Say’ is Amy at the piano as accompaniment to her vocals and is intimate and is a track that you just relate to it is love life in 4 minutes.. ‘All The Kings Horses’ is the perfect foil for Amy’s voice that is husky, warm and full of wistfulness as she takes you through the lyrics.. “couldn’t put us back together again”… the realisation that a relationship is over and is sung with all the hurt that this moment in time brings. The final track is Pete on vocals with his sublime guitar playing and leaves you with a feeling of hope as ‘After The Parade’ anything could happen.

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