Alter Bridge In Search of The Last Hero

Alter Bridge In Search of The Last Hero

Alter Bridge In Search of The Last Hero


With five albums now released Alter Bridge are blending earlier influences with music they want to play now heavier with a curling melodic guitar driven journey that speeds you through the music. Alter Bridge refuse to stand still they continue to strive to improve on the last album pleasing current fans and winning new followers. As Myles Kennedy says “While recognizing where we’ve come from, we wanted to expand what Alter Bridge is. This record is definitely an exploration of the hero theme—whether it be the lack of heroes, the need for heroes, or a tribute to heroes. There’s a story in there.”

This is hard rock with the sting of metal with the winning combination of Tremonti and Kennedy as guitar and vocals work off each other as the story of the music unfolds and takes you on a darkened journey where our footsteps chime with the frantic urging rhythm from Marshall & Phillips.

Opening with Show Me  A Leader the swell of the melody builds ready for the guitar solo to stream through like a visionary light that is Mark Tremonti, the pace picks up and Myles Kennedy storms the number with Show Me A Leader refrain, with a yearning yet manic desperation. A reflection of today’s troubled world as we seek leaders and heroes to shed light into the darkness. The track pulls you as all opening numbers should into the album with an adrenalin-driven need to hear more.  There is a feeling of a narrative a story pulling you through the album to the title track. The pace is fast metal to the ground for the doom-laden The Writing On The Wall this is Alter Bridge that continues to excite. With riffs that are muscular, bass lines that are heavy and drumming driven to shape the rhythm. This is the solid rock face that Tremonti and Kennedy stand on building the tension creating anthems of the future with tracks like My Champion, we all need someone that champions us. For stand out guitar laden riffs, and licks with solid drumming chops it has to be Poison In Your Veins, this is a loud fast-moving four minutes of delight, the poison of the guitar seeps into your veins in a delectable way this is poison that sounds very good, who needs an antidote to this! Now we are at fever pitch half way through the album how can they build on this opening studio album full of resounding lyrics, choruses that you want to sing out loud and guitar solos that seep into your soul. They can’t I am sorry to say. It is an album of two halves.  The second half is good but the momentum is static Losing Patient the silent opening almost made me lose patience! When the track opens up it is more of the same an echo of the previous tracks.  Then that track with a difference a power ballad, You Will Be Remembered that captures the story, direction and feeling of the first six tracks, we are looking at heroes that serve communities and the country. We may not have political heroes but people still can be heroic. Then we have the epic title track that brings the album to a close the tempo is controlled the melodic lyrical closing is full of heartfelt desperation as The Last Hero tried to save us. There is a burning necessity in the guitar playing looking, probing with chords that are trying to find the light and matching the vocal tone of Myles perfectly.   The album is very good, but what we needed was a coherent strong bridge between the first and second half of the album to make The Last Hero truly heroic and great.

NINE pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

  1. Show Me A  Leader
  2. The Writing On the Wall
  3. The Other Side
  4. My Champion
  5. Poison In Your Veins
  6. Cradle To The Grave
  7. Losing Patience
  8. This Side Of Fate
  9. You Will Be Remembered
  10. Crows On A Wire
  11. Twilight
  12. Island Of Fools
  13. The Last Hero


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