Adam Norsworthy singer-songwriter Showcasing Soaring Rainbird

Adam Norsworthy singer-songwriter Showcasing Soaring Rainbird

Adam Norsworthy singer-songwriter Showcasing Soaring  Rainbird

This is an album that shines a new light on the talents of Adam Norsworthy, for many the front man of The Mustangs.  Rainbird is a collection of thirteen tracks that have a purity and shine as emotions and personal interactions are explored. This is not a man, guitar and angst singer-songwriter type of album it has an energy and driving purpose. Why? Adam’s guitar and vocals are joined by King King’s Wayne Proctor on Drums and on Hammond organ Bob Fridzema. Joining them to keep the rhythm in check is Nimmo Brothers Bassist Mat Beable then the searing beauty of acclaimed violinist Anna Brigham. The album’s production by Adam and mixing by Wayne and Steve Wright ensure that the songs remain centre stage at all times centre.

Take thirteen self-penned numbers, mix up the tempo and the colours of the music tones and sprinkle liberally with infectious beats. Marinade in a rich mix of lyrics with relevance and something to tell you. Then shake, rattle and roll all the ingredients together and you have Rainbird never captured in a genre flying high and free.

Opening with Leave a Light you instantly know the journey is going to be one of interest with the sonic distortion and then a driving Rock n Roll beat that furls around whilst your musical light is switched on and shining bright. Every track is different, buy the album and explore. I’d Rather Spend My Time With You, is slower, reflective as the deepest pool, the exploration of the lyrics are expressive with Adam’s warm vocals adding another layer of texture and mystery to this beguiling number.  Then out from the shadowy glade and back into the sunshine Rainbird brings you a happy sunny song Da Vinci’s Eyes, with driving drums and guitar that is the perfect punctuation for the lyrical poem. If you fancy to up the tempo and Shores of Heaven with a heavier beat and the feel of crashing waves and distant memories of folk tunes combined with clash of Bowie and Petty with the dominate drive of Norsworthy is for you. The Stradivarius Tree, has a gentle melodic classical feel, as Adam sings about the violin maker a true storytelling lyrical poem, music at the very soul of this song.  A clever track that is full of magic and of course the beauty of Anna’s violin sears through the story where magic, nature, artisan skills combine to create the violin to make music.  We are off to a land of country folk with Corner of Rosedale and toe tapping dancing round the maypole style of song that makes you smile. The lyrics are redolent of happy times of youth and carefree days.

The piano is used to add a solemnity and seriousness to the closing track Just A Weary Soldier, a timeless song of reflection and melancholy relevant today and all our yesterdays.

As the album is listened to you hear and glimpse influences and styles. Above all Rainbird is true to the work Adam wants to create as sound that connects as the instrumentation works around the lyrics unfurling emotions, contemplations and above all a connectivity through the music.

This is Adam’s second solo album for Trapeze with a has a special dimension. Adam Norsworthy singer-songwriter showcasing Soaring Rainbird, has created an album that will be a go to album and is another success from the recording studio Superfly. Rainbird screams quality from the first note to the last, great thought has been given to tone and shape and how the album looks and feels. Attention to detail is the driving force including the album cover’s photograph from photographer Nigel Davies captures the heart of the album.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD NINE pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….


Adam Norsworthy – Rainbird – Trapeze Music – out 24th March 2016

Track Listing

  1. Leave A Light On
  2. No Point Talking
  3. I’d Rather Spend My Time With You
  4. Da Vinci’s Eyes
  5. Something to Say
  6. Shores Of Heaven
  7. A Night In The Bolney
  8. Ready For Me
  9. She Didn’t Want To Know
  10. The Stradivarius Tree
  11. Corner Of Rosedale
  12. Loving Could Be So Easy
  13. Just A Weary Soldier

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