A Force Of Nature Sari Drives the Blues

A Force Of Nature Sari Drives the Blues

A Force Of Nature Sari Drives the Blues

Mahaton Records



A Force Of Nature, Sari Drives the Blues, Sari Schorr brings a wealth of experience from life, influencing her song writing and vocal delivery.  Sari has attracted a huge blast of attention, promising that she can sing and perform. Bluesdoodles confirms this is a reality not hyperbole and the over use of adjectives. Sari Schorr and The Engine Room really know how to deliver the sound they want to create building on the lyrics and surround the vocal power and intensity of Sari. The album title states what Sari and her band deliver – A Force of Nature.

If you want your blues traditional with the feet of the musicians firmly stuck in a swamp then look elsewhere. Sari and her band and guests combined with the superb production skills of Mike Vernon have explored the blues with this is a sparkling sapphire of a performance.

The album is a journey where you are taken on a ride that explores life, highs, lows through a mixture of self-penned and artfully chosen covers.  Step aboard The Force of Nature with – Ain’t Got No Money greed, money addiction, Sari and outsider living in New York looks on and makes her own choices with the pursuit of music rather than wealth. Her dreams are motivation not the lure of the greenback.  No subject is taboo for Sari, the lyrics are full of description, littered with metaphors chosen to whip up the listeners imagination. The lyrics are short stories that encapsulate a novel. The power of the sonnet over the epic poem.

Addiction stays at the heart of Aunt Hazel and it’s destructive. Heroin is the villain who laughs and the havoc it causes as life unravels. Modern themes for a singer with the power to entrance and create blues that has a hard edge reflecting modern life. The lyrics have a relevancy. From addiction, we explore abuse whether domestic or in the work-place. Abuse that is painful and effects so many is captured in Damn the Reason opening with a mournful guitar lick that pulls your emotional heartstrings. With its driving relentless rhythm you are trapped in the music reflecting the feeling of being trapped in an abusive relationship and the inability to escape. Sari’s vocals wrapped in the music and love is the hook that keeps us caged.


The first cover is Leadbelly’s Black Betty given a make-over and the single helping to catapult Sari, the album and her music into the centre of everyone’s attention. Following on, with Walter Trout guesting, is Work No More. Walter’s guitar brings a sting to the number so personal to him and reflects the song written with passion and love. Sari adding her lyrical interpretation a women’s empathy into the words with the piano from David Keys adding more layers of emotive textures.


The power of her vocals seer through the music the lyrical artistry remains from the highest note through to the sustained notes. Oklahoma and Kiss Me features Oli Brown adding his guitar tone. It is every time the authority of Sari’s voice that creates the mood. She finds lyrics in the mundane as her new found love for Oklahoma as she changed her plans and re-joined the Joe Louis Walker tour, enjoying, embracing the unexpected means this is getting the best out of life whatever its twists and turns.


Unexpectedly, Stop! In the Name of Love is included, captured in one-take a perfect cover despite her reservations brings this forceful, poetic album almost to a close but not before Ordinary Life.  Jesus Lavillas piano intro is intimate and leads into a thoughtful, soulful Sari. Leaving us with  a track slower quieter than the others we are left with another side of a talent that is pushing the boundaries  through music that captures our attention.  There is nothing ordinary about the talent of Sari Schorr, as she shapes and bends music to create a Force of Nature.


What sets this album above so many you listen to, its heart and emotional flow is determined by the Blues, yet there is more it is the experience of Sari and the musicians she has surrounded herself. They add soul, jazz and music that demands to be listened to. The tracks all have a story to tell, the music shapes that story and the textured layers insuring your musical journey is full of interest. Sari is herself, she is proud and addresses issues that shapes society.   From Greed to Prostitution, Love of Pitt Bulls through to musicians experiences travelling on the road.


Forceful blues, A Force Of Nature this is most definitely an album in the running for Album of 2016!

Sari Schorr – A Force Of Nature – Manhaton Records

Bluesdoodles gives this CD TEN pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

  1. Ain’t Got No Money
  2. Aunt Hazel
  3. Damn The Reason
  4. Cat And Mouse
  5. Black Betty
  6. Work No More
  7. Demolition Man
  8. Oklahoma
  9. Letting Go
  10. Kiss Me
  11. Stop! In The Name Of Love
  12. Ordinary Lives


Sept 9 Darlington RnB Club, The Forum Music Centre, Darlington, UK
Sept 5 Half Moon Putney, London, UK (Album Launch)
Sept 10 Blues Club, Devizes, Wiltshire, UK
Sept 11 Winchester Discovery Centre, Winchester, UK
Sept 14 The Tunnels, Bristol, UK
Sept 15 Southern Pavilion, Worthing Pier, West Sussex, UK
Sept 16 New Crawdaddy, Billericay Town FC Billericay, UK
Sept 17 Old Town Hall, High Street, Hemel Hempstead, UK
Sept 23 Selby Town Hall Yorkshire, UK
Sept 24 The Iron Road, Evesham, Worcestershire, UK
Sept 25 Hope Tavern, Caistor Rd, Holton-le-Moor, Market Rasen, Lincs, UK
Sept 28 Vonnies Blues Club, Cheltenham
Sept 29 Cranleigh Arts Centre, High Street, Cranleigh, Surrey
Sept 30 B.A.R Festival, France

October 1 Hereford Blues Club, Booth Hall, Hereford, UK
October 6 Bar Brunel Bridgewater, UK
October 7 Deux Rivieres Blues Festival, Brittany, France

Bluesdoodles Interview with Sari Schorr – HERE

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