Fish @ The Globe, Cardiff December 2014

FishFish -  The Globe - Dec 2014 - _0014l
The Moveable Feast Tour
The Globe, Cardiff
7th December 2014



The Globe, was pacFish -  The Globe - Dec 2014 - _0033lked with fans who were brimming with anticipation for this long-awaited gig, the cheer went up as Fish took centre stage, who will forever have the suffix ‘former Marillion singer’’ despite the fact his solo career as singer of poetic songs and a writer spans a far longer period.


Opening with Perfume River from his critically acclaimed tenth solo album, A Feast Of Consequences, and the quality of this album was demonstrated throughout this emotional roller coaster of an evening of live music. The album cover was on the bass drum and Fish -  The Globe - Dec 2014 - _0018lGavin delivered tonight with some wonderful drumming ensuring along with Steve the rhythm section was spot on and that glorious layer of tone. The keyboard added yet another dimension thanks to John and throughout the evening Robin changed guitars creating the perfect backdrop of chords, licks and delightful riffs that matched every word and line of the lyrics being delivered by Fish. The musicians may have had lots of gadgets but they were used with a subtly and added that extra dimension that made the tracks being delivered so perfect.

In between the impressive array of songs Fish entertained and heckled the crowd who duly answered back, we heard about gardening, change in Scottish Drink Driving rules and then he used the opportunity to share more serious words of wisdom. The quintFish -  The Globe - Dec 2014 - _0126let of tracks that are included on his latest album were delivered, with a moving real life story that spanned the generations from 1916 to today, this was a shared history for many in the room whose Grandfathers had fought in The Great War. The set of songs are about a circle of coincidences that found Fish walking, sleeping and seeing the landscape that his grandfather had seen during the Somme.  The five songs were full of emotional charge that left everyone emotionally drained and reflective as the lFish -  The Globe - Dec 2014 - _0021last of the drummer boy beats faded and Gavin laid down his sticks; what an evocative use of a beat to stir up forgotten memories and the back drop throughout the set of songs showed the horrors of war and impact on everyone.


With a deep drawing of breath and a re-charging of batteries the mood was lightened with a track from his first solo album Vigil in a Wilderness of Mirrors, this wasn’t the only time he dipped into the album tonight.

Fish -  The Globe - Dec 2014 - _0119lHe was pleasing the audience who loved the emotionally charged energy the heart on the sleeve approach proud of his heritage and the path he has walked and they were over-the-moon when he jumped off the stage and was soon lost in the melee of people who want to stand close to the man himself but the voice was not to be silenced as the lead to his mic was fed over the monitor, as he delivered Vigil and implored people to take action and use your democratic power and vote. All too soon the band was leaving the stage but the cheers were quickly rewarded with a three track encore and some opportunity for Cardiff to sing. What an evening of meaningful, live music that filled your poetic soul so the music tingled up your backbone. Fish is an artist that has the band in his hand which he controls with an Iron Thistle; as he delivered two hours of music that was full of tones from rock, and intertwined hints of influenced across the years including traditional Scottish roots music, this was music that had been crafted to embellish and not drown out the words is was live entertainment on a myriad of levels that ensured this will be in my top ten gigs of the year.

Fish @ The Globe, Cardiff – December 2014 ~ Click Link Liz Aiken Photography for images of an amazing evening

Perfume River
Feast Of Consequences
Arc Of The Curve
quintet WW1
High Wood
Crucifix Corner
The Gathering
Thistle Alley
The Leaving

Big Wedge
Heart Of Lothian

Blind To The Beautiful
The Company

Fish – Vocals
Robin Boult – Guitars
Steve Vantsis – Bass Guitars; Backing Vocals
John Beck – Keyboards; Backing Vocals
Gavin Griffiths – Drums

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