CD Review – “Don’t Cry” by Jamie Williams and the Roots Collective

jamie williams

From the moment I first listened to “Don’t Cry” from Jamie Williams and The Roots Collective, I knew I was going to have a good time listening to the album, this was not going to be a challenging. The music is definitely based on the blues with a cocktail blend of acoustic, rootsy styles, a twist of folk, a little bit of country and a great deal of Jamie’s passion and energy lending together a complete sound that works so well on this live album. Recording the album live gives this an authentic feel and the rough edges that would have been smoothed in the studio would have been lost – a real detriment to the sound that Jamie has achieved whilst having a great time playing the music he and his band obviously love, and this really shines through on the track by Hank Williams Jr, ‘Blues Man’. The stand-out track for me on this album is ‘Jewel In The Crown‘; with a Dylanesque sound and style that harks back to the style of the 1970’s as folk went electric, yet at the same time he has kept an intimate feel and tips its hat to acoustic playing creating a great sound. This is an unpretentious album that is enjoyable and refreshing in its production and approach to delivering a great live sound. None of the tracks would probably appear on your selection for Desert Island Discs, but whenever one appears on a random selection you will smile, tap you foot, relax and enjoy 3 minutes of blues, country music that brings a smile to your heart.

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