Blues Full of Grit Grease & Tears with Deb Ryder

Blues Full of Grit Grease & Tears with Deb Ryder

Blues Full of Grit Grease & Tears with Deb Ryder

Blues hits the airwaves from the opening chords from Mike Fiinigan’s keys on Ain’t Gonna Be Easy through to the stomping Right Side of The Grass, confirm the power of combining Organ, bass and Drum with Deb’s vocals steering the music through to the home straight. The blues glue that holds the album together is the vocal power and energy of Deb Ryder who delivers her compositions with a fever that ignites your internal blues radar.  Grit Grease & Tears is her third album and the band around her is definitely impressive on paper and on the album they are stunning the collective talent honed and fused into licks, riffs and interludes that embrace Deb’s deep and dirty vocals.  The album has a freshness the tracks are new and the musicians enjoyment is evident throughout the album shines through like a ray of sunshine on a dull and grey day.

The energy of the opening number picks up as the band Get A Little Steam Up, this track is smoking as Sugar Ray Rayford joins in the duet and the funk is getting a head of steam to drive the blues devils into a frenzy with the pairing of guitarists Kirk Fletcher and Johnny Lee Schell. Not heard harmonica, well that is now blowing fine In a Blink Of An Eye, as Pieter Van Der Pluijm brings his distinctive harp sound to the party.

No one can argue that Dirt, Grit & Grease is not hot, dirty crammed full of blues vibes that excites; and the title track is an invitation to put your foot on the throttle. The tempo is more measured and there is a hurt in the vocals as Deb sings I can’t cry anymore. The horns once again add to the emotional depths of the track, a track that sends shivers down the spine as your music nerves connect to the song.

Deb Ryder has crafted an album with shape and purpose with slower tracks such as Lord Knows I Do nestled in her voice is a soothing balm for a troubled soul with this number. Full of warmth and sensuous as blue velvet full of soulfulness, with drums that are the perfect punctuation for the vocals and keys. Deb talks directly to you with New Mechanic (Patrick’s Blues) this is a situation vacant and you better have lots of energy skills and be ready to bow to this singer’s orders.  A traditional double entendre blues number what is said and meant are definitely not the same on the rhythm driven number with the power of drummer Tony Braugnel and Ric Ryder’s Bass.

The shape of the blues changes again as gospel is pulled into Rivers of Forgiveness full of harmonies and sharpness of Bob Corritore’s harp suiting the number perfectly; a harmonious number with a sting in its blues tail.

Deb Ryder’s Grit Grease & Tears, brings blues to your heart and ears, thanks to strong composition and the collection of talent that ensures the vocals shine and shape the album with a dozen tracks that defines the many shades of blues today.


Deb Ryder – Grit Grease & Tears – BEJEB Music

NINE pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

  1. Ain’t Gonna Be Easy
  2. Get A Little Steam Up
  3. Blink Of An Eye
  4. Grit Grease & Tears
  5. Sweet Mary Anne
  6. Lord Knows I Do
  7. Panic Mode
  8. Just Her Nature
  9. New Mechanic (Patrick’s Blues)
  10. Right Side Of The Grass

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