Can We Get A Witness as Georgia Thunderbolts strike gold

The Georgia Thunderbolts Reveal Debut Album

The Georgia Thunderbolts Reveal Debut Album Can We Get A Witness, release their debut full-length album, on October 15th full of Southern Rock heat
“[Proof that] southern rock continues to thrive in the 21st century Rolling Stone

The Georgia Thunderbolts are set to release their debut full-length album, Can We Get A Witness, on October 15th via Mascot Records / Mascot Label Group. Ahead of this, they have revealed a new song “Be Good To Yourself,” which you can listen to here. 
A vinyl edition of the album, with a bonus track “Better Run From The Beast,” out November 26th

Watch their Paste Magazine Live Session HERE

The Georgia Thunderbolts Reveal Debut Album

1. Take It Slow
2. Lend A Hand
3. So You Wanna Change The World
4. Looking For An Old Friend
5. Spirit Of A Workin’ Man
6. Midnight Rider
7. Be Good To Yourself
8. Half Glass Woman
9. Dancin’ With The Devil
10. Can I Get A Witness
11. Walk Tall Man
12. It’s Alright
13. Set Me Free
14. Better Run From The Beast (Vinyl Bonus Track)

The Georgia Thunderbolts

The Georgia Thunderbolts Reveal Debut Album

Ushering in a new generation of southern rock with their own soulful blend is The Georgia Thunderbolts

TJ Lyle [lead vocalist]
Riley Couzzourt [guitar]
Logan Tolbert [guitar]
Zach Everett [bass, harmony vocals, keys]
Bristol Perry [drums].
“We all grew up on rock music,” Riley says. “If I could think of three words to describe us, they would be ‘Hardworking, Determined, and Humble’.”

To celebrate the announcement, they’ve put their hand to Frankie Miller’s “Be Good To Yourself,” infusing a muscular energy highlighted by powerhouse performances. “Miller was a huge inspiration to Rod Stewart, Paul Rodgers, and even Bob Seger,” TJ says, “We put our own twist on it.”

Hardwork is ingrained into the band.

My dad is one of the hardest working men I’ve ever known. From sun-up till sundown, he’s always working,” TJ says. So, in turn, the singers’ days are spent driving bulldozers, bobcats or laying water mains, bustin’ his ass in the heat on construction sites, and the evenings ripping up rock ‘n roll joints.  “It showed me from an early age that you have to work for what you have; nothing is handed to you,” he reflects.” “It’s hard work,” he continues, “but I have a piano at home, and no matter how exhausted I am, when I get in, I want to play music

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