New Yorkers’ Hollis Brown new album, In The Aftermath

New Yorkers’ Hollis Brown new album, In The Aftermath

New Yorkers’ Hollis Brown new album, In The Aftermath recreating The Rolling Stones’ First Original Album, Out February 4th 2022 via Mascot Label Group/Cool Green Recordings

Hollis Brown, recreates The Rolling Stones’ Seminal US Version Of Their First Original Album,
‘In The Aftermath’ 
Out February 4th via Mascot Label Group/Cool Green Recordings

Hollis Brown’s upcoming album, ‘In The Aftermath,’ is the deliciously depraved outcome of an all-night rock n’ roll riot. The Queens, New York-based quintet escaped to the Poconos to record with a few handles of whiskey, and, in one 24-hour session, ran down the Stone’s US version of their seminal first album of all originals, 1966’s ‘Aftermath.’

It was a whirlwind recording session—we were on no sleep, and getting liquored up. You can definitely hear the looseness on that final track, ‘Going Home,’ singer-guitarist Mike Montali recalls, laughing. He continues: We weren’t focused on cleanliness—we were after a feeling.

Bluesdoodles thoughts in Under My Thumb, the first single is definitely a tempting treat, heralding Hollis Brown immersing themselves in the essence of Rolling Stones sound. This is the song re-imagined and formed by Holiis Brown sound and approach to music. The vocals curl around the lyrics whilst the band plays underneath. Creating a waterfall of sound a melodic melange of delicious musical delights. The full album review appearing here soon…..

Coming on the heels of their most successful studio album to-date – 2019’s Ozone Park, which earned rave reviews from Rolling StoneBillboardPaste MagazinePop MattersRelix, and Goldmine – ‘In The Aftermath’ was an artistic inevitable for Hollis Brown. Previously, Hollis Brown issued, ‘Gets Loaded,’ saluting Velvet Underground’s ‘Loaded.’  The five-piece band enjoyed doing the VU album so much they began to joke about doing a “Hollis Brown presents…” series, covering formative records in their artistic continuum.

‘Aftermath’ became the Stones album to dive into for a myriad of reasons. For one, it’s become something of a lost classic as it’s the first album to contain all Stones originals, including the defining track, “Paint It Black.” Also, many of the songs are concise ultra-catchy rock n’ roll rave-ups that mine similar blues and country roots to Hollis Brown’s own signature aesthetic.

Yet, on ‘In The Aftermath,’ Hollis Brown doesn’t try to out-Stones the Stones. Instead, they find clever ways to salute the Stones legacy. For the first album single, “Under My Thumb,” they distill the track down to a punky snarl inspired by the lean and mean ‘Some Girls’ albumHollis Brown turn in a faithful reading of “Dontcha Bother Me” replete with Muddy Waters-approved slide guitar, seething vocals, and lonesome harmonica. The guys bravely tackle “Paint It Black,” and harness the ominous power of the track through swapping its classic, world-music perspective for a muscular guitar-rock approach. Here, the drums are essentialized down to an infectious garage-rock beat that perfectly aligns with the burly guitar riffage.

New Yorkers’ Hollis Brown new album, In The Aftermath

Track Listing
1. Paint it Black
2. Stupid Girl
3. Lady Jane
4. Under My Thumb
5. Doncha Bother Me
6. Think
7. Flight 505
8. High and Dry
9. It’s Not Easy
10. I Am Waiting
11. Goin’ Home

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