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News to brighten September’s First Monday Morning

News to brighten September's First Monday Morning new music and lots of tours celebrating the chance to hear music live on stages once again

Othello’s Round-up of Bluesdoodles fun

Othello invites you to explore the music catching his ears, words that makes him sit up and take notice. He will also he will be sharing any news that comes his way – None of this is possible without the help from his hooman team … We hope you enjoy the selection this week and every Monday.
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Bank Holiday Monday 30th August Music plays on

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Selctions from Doodle-zine: Issue 1

Review: Trev Turley shares those he will Cherish Ever

Review: Trev Turley shares those he will Cherish Ever by Tom Dixon – Bluesdoodles rating: a wonderful album that crosses styles and genres but always delivers quality.
As this is a Trev Turley album, I could have gone into great detail about the tone, the skin and the inherent feel he injects into every bass performance…just take it as read that that does indeed apply across every track. Read the full review HERE

Short Story: Five Times Round

Short Story: Five Times Round by Karenne Griffin
With one eye still on the road, Dave glanced at his twelve-year-old daughter in the rear vision mirror. ‘Cheer up, Nat. Don’t you want to spend the day on the beach?’
She shrugged.
‘I’m going to build a big sand castle,’ crowed her noisy little brother. ‘Leave her be, Dave,’ said his wife. …
Read the full story HERE

Flash Fiction: The Reliability of Norman

Flash Fiction: The Reliability of Norman by Rebecca Kinnarney
In the days after Daddy left, darkness became the enemy. Darkness had swallowed Daddy up. I’d gone to bed one night and when I woke the next morning, Daddy was gone. Darkness had swallowed everything of Daddy’s too: his clothes, his books, every photo of him. If darkness could swallow the giant that was Daddy, I wouldn’t even touch the sides as it gulped down the tininess of me.Read the full story HERE


The Kris Barras Band have taken their gloves off and are steamrolling into the end of the year with their anthemic brand new song, Dead Horses. The songs’ foundation-shaking roar is them at their towering best. They will also be joining Kentucky heavyweights Black Stone Cherry on their upcoming 16 date September tour, followed by their biggest headline tour to date in March 2022.

Title track from Kris Barras Band
forthcoming album ‘Dead Horses’

The video was shot in his home county of Devon and the vast expanse of the moors of Dartmoor. “We managed to get hold of a beautiful 69′ Chevy Camaro,” he says. “I actually jumped in on camera duties for a few scenes, including one hanging out of the back of a car flying through the moors to get some of the driving shots.”
Bluesdoodles thoughts: With the growling reving of a chevy with intent the band blaze a trail for the vocals of Kris to curl, and growl over. This si a video of a band hungry to ply their trade live on stages across the land. This is a strong guitar lead rocking anthom that has the stamp of Barras and his band at their best. as they are let of their leash with the title track Dead Horses. Definitely a track and video to whet the appetitie for more….

Talking about Dead HorsesBarras explains, “It’s about the acceptance of a relationship that’s just run its course.” The song is co-written with Johnny Andrews (Three Days Grace, Halestorm, Buckcherry, Fozzy). Talking about the collaboration Barras continues, “this was the first complete song that I had ever properly co-written, and it was an awesome experience working with a guy like Johnny, even if it was done over Zoom during lockdown!”


Sari Schorr back in the UK Autumn 2021

Hurrah! echoes around the land as fans excitedly wait to hear the scorching vocals of Sari Schorr and the band that makes her vocals and lyrics sing with Blues and passion.Buy Tickets Here

News to brighten September's First Monday Morning

Gin Annie are proud to announce their UK headline tour, The Next Chapter: “11 dates, 11 cities, 11 venues

The tour runs from the 23rd September to 10th October.

Black Country-born, bred and based, Gin Annie are a five-piece powerhouse hard rock band: David Foster (vocals); Byron Beej’ Garbett (guitars); Brian Green (guitars); ‘Hammer’ Burrows (bass); Lewis Turner (drums).

The hard rocking outfit started 2021 by releasing their one-off single ‘Devil in Me’ which charted at #1 on the Amazon Bestsellers & the Hot New Releases Rock Chart!

News to brighten September's First Monday Morning

Bad Touch with Special Guests Piston
Get Tickets Here

News to brighten September's First Monday Morning
News to brighten September's First Monday Morning
News to brighten September's First Monday Morning



Bluesdoodles Reviews & Interviews August 2021

News to brighten September's First Monday Morning

Dig Lazarus say Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time- a great listen for an album packed with energy, riffs, energy and riffs! It does have some great twists and turns to explore too and I am sure their next one will be even better. – Read Tom Dixon’s review HERE

Brian Setzer – “Gotta Have the Rumble” A wonderful album. The collection is slicker than the tail fin of a freshly waxed chevvy and, rarer than a mint condition Gretsch Silver Jet from ’58, full of excellent songs that reflect the drive and style of the golden era of rock’n’roll. – Read Simon Green’s review HERE
Blind Lemon Pledge packs A Satchel Full Of Blues a wonderful album and each listen will uncover more layers than a very large onion! It is clever, complex, varied and impeccably played. – Read Tom Dixon’s review HERE
Blind Raccoon Nola Blue Collection Volume 3 a great listen with some wonderful artists but, as with all compilations, its value depends upon how many of the songs you possess elsewhere – Read Tom Dixon’s review HERE
Halley DeVestern Band on The Lake Geneva shoreline with Money Ain’t Time is a great listen for a live set that showcases a talented vocalist and band giving the audience (and themselves) a good time in the process. – Read Tom Dixon’s review HERE
Mark Harrison travels The Road To Liberty a great listen for anyone who likes impeccably played resonator and twelve-string mixed with superb lyrical craft. – Read Tom Dixon’s review HERE
Krissy Matthews delivers Pizza Man Blues a wonderful album that takes a few listens before the depth and dexterity on this album shine; plenty of blues and lots of quality guitar…need I say more? Read Tom’s Full Review HERE
Chantel McGregor Shed Sessions Volumes 1 and 2 a stupendous couple of albums by such a talent that, although not blues or blues-rock, are essential listening for anyone that likes music for every played and sung beautifully. Read Tom’s Full Review HERE
Chris Tapp Talking Heavy Shoes – Lyrics and Superstition as The Cold Stares latest album is released on Friday 13th 2021
Read the conversation between Liz & Chris HERE
Mick Pini looks forward on Backtrack a wonderful album revealing, a genius of the blues guitar with such feel and ability that should elevate him to the status he deserves. Read Tom’s Review HERE
A Sweet Relief Tribute To Joey Spampinato let’s party a great listen for the diverse and fascinating readings of NRBQ and Joey’s legacy with the added befit of contributing to the Sweet Relief cause. Read Tom’s full review HERE
The Joy of live Music at The Waterloo Bar Blackpool as Ange Cobham relish live bands and the joy of capturing the moment. atmosphere & energy – HERE
Robert Jon and the Wreck Shine a Light on Me Brother a great listen on an album of blues, the 60s and 70s rock all fired up with southern whiskey shot through its veins. Read Tom’s Review HERE
Mark Germino joins the Midnight Carnival a great listen for all and an absolute winner for country lovers across fifteen tracks. Read Tom’s Review HERE
Lea McIntosh is on the money with Blood Cash a great listen with variation and skill pouring out of the speakers. Only seven tracks but plenty of positives and an exciting promise for the next album. Read Tom’s Review HERE

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