Kentucky Headhunters prove …That’s A Fact Jack!

How Could I asks Kentucky Headhunters today!

How Could I asks Kentucky Headhunters today! as they release a single from the forthcoming album The Kentucky Headhunters

The Kentucky Headhunters’ line-up fields: Richard Young (rhythm guitar, lead and backing vocals), Fred Young (drums, backing vocals), Greg Martin (lead guitar, backing vocals) and Doug Phelps (bass guitar, backing vocals).

The Heads’ international success spans multiple genres. The band has been credited for creating a unique, evolving blend of honky-tonk, blues, and southern rock that appeals to both the toughest music critics and listeners of all kinds.

The band had a particular reason for choosing ‘How Could I’ as the first single to spearhead ‘That’s a Fact Jack!’: an album that they put together just for the love of performing together, playing good music as a band. That reason was because the song was co-written with their good friends, hard rockers Black Stone Cherry.

Close family and practical connections exist between The Kentucky Headhunters and Black Stone Cherry via BSC’s drummer, John Fred Young (who’s a founder member of the band and the son of Kentucky Headhunters’ very own Richard Young, not to mention nephew of The Heads’ drummer Fred Young).

There’s another strong link too: back in his teens, John Fred started to play music with his friend Chris Robertson, with Ben Wells and Jon Lawhon joining them, becoming the founding line-up of Black Stone Cherry. In 2001, the then-newly formed group took over the practice house which had been used by The Kentucky Headhunters since 1968 and began to record tracks.

The Kentucky Headhunters haven’t survived this long by being a flash in the pan. Their ability to evolve and reinvent themselves and their sound — year after year — continues to hold their fans and gain them new ones around the globe. As Billboard magazine acknowledged, “Somewhere along the way, amid personnel changes, heart attacks, and label shifts, the Kentucky HeadHunters have evolved into the great American rock’n’roll band.”

Check out ‘How Could I’, released on all digital platforms today, Friday 24th Sept  and watch out for ‘That’s a Fact Jack!’ The forthcoming album is unique in that after 14 album releases for The Kentucky Headhunters, in their decades-long career, this is the first album to ever be released, as a standalone release, from their own label: Practice House Records, via BFD Distribution.

“The Kentucky Headhunters paved the way for that Southern sound that we’re still continuing to see coming out of the commonwealth,” fellow Kentuckian Kyle Daniel told Rolling Stone magazine, acknowledging the band’s trailblazing achievements and influence, “They opened the gates for new country folks from Kentucky like Tyler Childers, Chris Stapleton, Sturgill Simpson and younger acts like myself. Now it seems that it’s the cool hip thing to be from here.”

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