Highlights for Your Monday Words & Music 19th July

Highlights for Your Monday Words & Music 26th April

Highlights for Your Monday Words & Music 26th April - Competitions, Book releases, New music and tours promising stages and live music again
Highlights for Your Monday Words & Music 19th April

Othello invites you to explore the music and that is catching his ears, also he will be sharing any news that comes his way…

Thank you for the coffee and treats. Liz needed hot drinks to warm her up as the mornings have been chilly a frosty April seems to be problematic for her. You can buy the hoomans coffee or treats for me by clicking the cute mauve coffee cup Thank you very much in advance.

This week’s highlights include – Music Highlights & News including Climbing Trees, Joe Bonamassa, J. Lee and the Hoodoo Skulls, Oliver Wakeman, Walter Broes and so much more read on plus all the April Reviews



Stories inspired by the prompt FOOL have been written and submitted. They have now winged there way anonymously to be judged. The top three stories and Two Highly Commended will be part of a digital book.


Climbing Trees Single Troubled Times Released 30th April.

Highlights for Your Monday Words & Music 26th April

Climbing Trees from Pontypridd, South Wales are releasing single Troubled Times 30th April 2021 – available of all Digital Platforms
Recorded in isolation at Mwnci Studios in Hebron, Carmarthenshire – the setting for the band’s critically-acclaimed albums  Hebron  and Borders – Troubling Times marks the Trees’ first studio material since 2018’s Borders: Acoustic B Sides EP, released at the end of an eventful few years.
Bluesdoodles – recommend you immerse yourself in this exciting new release from Climbing Trees. A band that has been silent for too long. This is music that flows with melodic rhythms to explore and the perfect anthem for Summertime in Wales as we explore the coast and mountains again. Climbing Trees is a band that makes music that excites and your blood soars through you veins in harmony with the folk fuelled rock beats they capture perfectly.

Highlights for Your Monday Words & Music 26th April

Includes re-issues of Jabberwocky & The Hound of The Baskervilles
23rd April 2021: OUT NOW Oliver Wakeman reunites with Clive Nolan after 20 years to issue a 3CD Box Set – Tales By Gaslight featuring remastered versions of their ‘future prog classics’ Jabberwocky and The Hound Of The Baskervilles along with a new disc Dark Fables.
The Tales By Gaslight box set, comprising 3CDs each with a 16-page booklet and 3 individual Art prints of the three covers, is out now through Burning Shed and available to buy here: https://burningshed.com/store/oliverwakeman

J Lee and the Hoodoo Skulls unleash their new single ‘Let Your Hair Down.’ Out Now on All Platforms . Watch the hip swinging video from their album ‘Beggars Soul’ which is due for release this summer via CD now.
Bluesdoodles says – Let Your Hair Down has a retro feel with a modern twist that gets the feet tapping, your hip swinging and the dancing beat makes you smile.

Photo credit – Rob Blackman

Highlights for Your Monday Words & Music 26th April
 Joe Bonamassa – “Now Serving: Royal Tea – Live From The Ryman”.

It’s released on June 11th by  Provogue/Mascot Label Group and will be available on CD, 2-disc clear vinyl, DVD and Blu-ray

Royal Tea spiced up with live action from Joe Bonamassa blistering Blues guitar combined with his voice that just gets better.
Highlights for Your Monday Words & Music 26th April

Sideline is a pedigreed six-piece powerhouse whose style has set the pace in Bluegrass for over two decades.
‘Miss Charlotte’s Game’ is the very first band original for Sideline,” notes guitarist Skip Cherryholmes. “When Gibby [Zack Arnold] went out with us on his first trip, we sat up late talking and singing, and he played this lonesome love ballad for us.

Listen to “Miss Charlotte’s Game” HERE.

Walter Broes is one of few Belgians in the Roots music world who’s name isn’t unheard of outside Belgium. Why? For over 25 years, his music has consistently occupied the shady space somewhere between Rockabilly and Rhythm and Blues, with a punky rock and roll middle finger firmly held up.
Just like you, Broes hasn’t had the most riveting, happy or productive year. Does he have a bunch of ideas, stories, and….opinions… about all the things our wonderful society has had to endure in the course of the last year?  Absolutely, but he really doesn’t want to bother you with those.
What he does want to bother you with is “Nice and Neat”, the new single by Walter Broes & The Mercenaries, his steady trio of the last few years, supplemented with Niels Verheest’s piano for the occasion.


‘Oh Love’ opens the beautiful atmospheric indie-folk record, with decadent vocal harmonies creating a vast, expansive sound.
The video was shot as singer Paul Butler was writing the song, showing him at work during lockdown and his moments of frustration and sadness form a metaphor for missing loved ones during this time.

The Dublin duo Elgin is completed with Anthony Furey and the pair came together having travelled the breadth of the globe as the acclaimed collective The Young Folk and now they continue their musical journey under the name Elgin.

Bluesdoodles Reviews & Interviews April 2021

Steve Cropper is incendiary on Fire It Up

Steve Cropper is incendiary on Fire It Up A Wonderful album featuring a phenomenal musician supplying his trademark guitar craft enveloped in very high quality soulful R ’n’ B collection that will appeal right across the genres. Read the Full Tom Dixon Review HERE

Tomislav Goluban is harping on Express Connection

Tomislav Goluban is harping on Express Connection. A Wonderful album of quality, varied blues that is filled but not swamped by Tomislav’s masterful harp.
Read the Full Tom Dixon Review HERE

Ben Poole and Guy Smeets are the Acoustic Duo Live a Wonderful album that will entertain even if you aren’t guitar centred like wot I am. Great songs, fabulous playing that will send shivers of pleasure down any spinal column…guaranteed. Read the Full Tom Dixon Review HERE

The Hungry Williams show their Brand New Thing for the true (50s) Rhythm and Blues lover, this has it all, jump, swing & the occasional meow! Read the Full Tom Dixon Review HERE

Mary Stokes Band are Comin’ Home featuring Sarah Michelle – A Wonderful album of varied and classy blues that isn’t new, but is fulfilling. Read the Full Tom Dixon review HERE

JR Harbidge flows on Long Black River A Great Listen for Americana lovers that want quality, structure and perspicacity. Read the Full Tom Dixon review HERE

50 Years of Dr Feelgood Celebrated with Forty-One tracks on Greatest Hits…and it does feel good. A collection of era and genre defining R’n’B by one of the best bands of recent years to embrace this high energy and passionate kind of music. Read the Full Tom Dixon Review HERE

Gary Moore commemorated on How Blue Can You Get A Stupendous album marking the tenth anniversary of Gary Moore’s sad death…but now we can remember what a genius of the guitar he was and this collection of songs prove that beyond a doubt. Read the Full Tom Dixon Review HERE

Jimmie Bratcher cooks up I’m Hungry – A Wonderful album of food based blues fit for carnivore and vegetarian alike a true feast for every taste. Read the Full Tom Dixon Review HERE

Rise Up with music from Ronnie Earl Today – sadly missed the mark as an album. Songs played within a playlist many tracks will light up your ears. Read the Full Simon Green Review HERE

David Rotundo Band cause So Much Trouble on a strong bluesy album David, is a class harp artist, backed by some superb musicians. Read the Full Tom Dixon Review HERE

Tim Woods is caught in a Vortex of his own making A Wonderful and varied blues based album with added rock but always skilful playing. Read Full Tom Dixon Review HERE

Joe Bonamassa Guitar Captivates Austin City Limits Live and streamed across the world helping to fund The Fuelling Musicians program – Read Liz Aiken’s Review of Streamed Concert HERE

Anthony Gomes shares his Containment Blues a Wonderful album. With ten original tracks explore the many, many layers that unfold with every listen. Read Full Tom Dixon Review HERE

Celebrating When Rivers Meet We Fly Free A Stupendous collection of original, varied and exquisite takes on our beloved blues with just the right amount of quality rock injected to great effect. Read Full Tom Dixon Review HERE

Hitman Blues Band in denial on the latest album … It’s Not My Circus, Not My Monkey A Wonderful album of varied blues with something for everyone within – great guitar solos (not enough), strong vocals and excellent backing from a powerful and accomplished band. – Read Full Tom Dixon Review HERE

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