Highlights for Your Monday Words & Music 19th July

Highlights for Your Monday Words & Music 19th April

Highlights for Your Monday Words & Music 19th April - Competitions, Book releases, New music and tours promising stages and live music again
Highlights for Your Monday Words & Music 19th April

Othello invites you to explore the music and that is catching his ears, also he will be sharing any news that comes his way…

Thank you for the coffee and treats. Liz needed hot drinks to warm her up as the mornings have been chilly a frosty April seems to be problematic for her. You can buy the hoomans coffee or treats for me by clicking the cute mauve coffee cup Thank you very much in advance.

This week’s highlights include – Bluesdoodles Flash Fiction Competition, Music Highlights & News including Susan Earlham, Jessica Lynn, Caitlin Koch and so much more read on plus all the April Reviews



Bluesdoodles – set the task to write in 400 words or less and entertaining story from the prompt FOOL. Massive thanks to all the writers who have sent there work in and beat down the door of technical glitches.

Technology has made Liz over at Bluesdoodles become hot, bothered and feeling a trifle foolish… – SO there is still time to enter the bothersome gremlin has been vanquished our doors remain open unto Midnight Saturday 24th April. Email your story over to liz@bluesdoodles.com – FULL DETAILS regarding submission HERE


Jaime Kyle Shares Her Single ‘Untangled’

Highlights for Your Monday Words & Music 19th April

Reflecting on her song, Jaime herself believes “’Untangled’ feels like a private conversation with myself that others get to witness: The moment between going and gone.

“The video is set in a beautiful meditation labyrinth that lies in a secret location in Northern California. This means that I get to invite the listener/viewer into my personal world.”

LEVARA and Mascot Records present Automatic, the lead single from the band’s debut studio album coming May 14, 2021.
Trev Lukather, Jules Galli and Josh Devine are LEVARA.  Their songs offer an escape, as all music does, with points of reflection that relate to any listener’s life. The collective hope is simple. To be the catalyst for each and every person who comes across the music to find revelations through the experience of hearing these songs.

 Their union merged in Los Angeles, one The World’s epicentres of musical creativity. Singer Jules Galli emigrated from France, while drummer Josh Devine chose L.A. as home versus his native United Kingdom following success behind the kit with One Direction. There they found common vision with Trev Lukather (guitar), son of Toto’s Steve Lukather, one of SoCal’s most successful ensembles to ever emerge from the city.


Arielle is pleased to announce the release of her new Fleetwood Mac-flavoured single ‘Inside & Outside’

 Arielle’s highly anticipated new album ‘Analog Girl In A Digital World released Friday May 7, 2021. The new single is available to stream, and
signed copies of the album can be pre-ordered on vinyl and CD HERE 

READ Full Review from Simon Green HERE

Highlights for Your Monday Words & Music 19th April

Arielle announces live streaming sessions Tickets available from www.noonchorus.com/arielle

Highlights for Your Monday Words & Music 19th April

Afton Wolfe, genre-defying Mississippian singer-songwriter announces debut album ‘Kings for Sale’, produced by Grammy-winner Oz Fritz (European Release Date: June 18 2021)

Afton Wolfe is Mississippi. Born in McComb, and growing up in Meridian, Hattiesburg, and Greenville, Mississippi, the roots of American music are in his DNA. Mississippi is the birthplace of at least three American art forms: country music, blues music, and rock and roll. Afton spent his musically formative years in and around New Orleans, where the humidity of the Mississippi combined with the Cajun seasonings, the jazz, zydeco, creole, and gospel music and his Mississippi roots coalesce to add resonance and depth to his blues/country/rock influences.

The first single from the EP, Petronius’ Last Meal.

Bluesdoodles Reviews & Interviews April 2021

Highlights for Your Monday Words & Music 19th April

Ben Poole and Guy Smeets are the Acoustic Duo Live a Wonderful album that will entertain even if you aren’t guitar centred like wot I am. Great songs, fabulous playing that will send shivers of pleasure down any spinal column…guaranteed.
Read the Full Tom Dixon Review HERE

The Hungry Williams show their Brand New Thing

The Hungry Williams show their Brand New Thing for the true (50s) Rhythm and Blues lover, this has it all, jump, swing & the occasional meow!
Read the Full Tom Dixon Review HERE

Mary Stokes Band are Comin’ Home

Mary Stokes Band are Comin’ Home featuring Sarah Michelle – A Wonderful album of varied and classy blues that isn’t new, but is fulfilling.
Read the Full Tom Dixon review HERE

JR Harbidge flows on Long Black River A Great Listen for Americana lovers that want quality, structure and perspicacity. Read the Full Tom Dixon review HERE

50 Years of Dr Feelgood Celebrated with Forty-One tracks on Greatest Hits…and it does feel good. A collection of era and genre defining R’n’B by one of the best bands of recent years to embrace this high energy and passionate kind of music. Read the Full Tom Dixon Review HERE

Gary Moore commemorated on How Blue Can You Get A Stupendous album marking the tenth anniversary of Gary Moore’s sad death…but now we can remember what a genius of the guitar he was and this collection of songs prove that beyond a doubt. Read the Full Tom Dixon Review HERE

Jimmie Bratcher cooks up I’m Hungry – A Wonderful album of food based blues fit for carnivore and vegetarian alike a true feast for every taste. Read the Full Tom Dixon Review HERE

Rise Up with music from Ronnie Earl Today – sadly missed the mark as an album. Songs played within a playlist many tracks will light up your ears. Read the Full Simon Green Review HERE

David Rotundo Band cause So Much Trouble on a strong bluesy album David, is a class harp artist, backed by some superb musicians. Read the Full Tom Dixon Review HERE

Tim Woods is caught in a Vortex of his own making A Wonderful and varied blues based album with added rock but always skilful playing. Read Full Tom Dixon Review HERE

Joe Bonamassa Guitar Captivates Austin City Limits Live and streamed across the world helping to fund The Fuelling Musicians program – Read Liz Aiken’s Review of Streamed Concert HERE

Anthony Gomes shares his Containment Blues a Wonderful album. With ten original tracks explore the many, many layers that unfold with every listen. Read Full Tom Dixon Review HERE

Celebrating When Rivers Meet We Fly Free A Stupendous collection of original, varied and exquisite takes on our beloved blues with just the right amount of quality rock injected to great effect. Read Full Tom Dixon Review HERE

Hitman Blues Band in denial on the latest album … It’s Not My Circus, Not My Monkey A Wonderful album of varied blues with something for everyone within – great guitar solos (not enough), strong vocals and excellent backing from a powerful and accomplished band. – Read Full Tom Dixon Review HERE

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