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Happy Doodle Monday with lots of music and fun

Happy Doodle Monday with lots of music and fun, and Othello shares there are changes afoot over at Doodle towers

Othello’s Round-up of Bluesdoodles fun

Othello invites you to explore the music catching his ears, words that makes him sit up and take notice. He will also he will be sharing any news that comes his way – None of this is possible without the help from his hooman team … We hope you enjoy the selection this week and every Monday.
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Othello speaking… I apologise on behalf of Liz the Editor my Human mentor – this is a tiny Monday selection. Why? Not really sure, if I am honest. As I sit near her writing desk there has been sighs and lots of conversations with herself! All above my head. She is so distracted she keeps feeding me biscuits. So that is a personal result.

Anyway, all I can share with you is there are exciting changes ahead – this leaves here the time she needs to write a novel whatever that is.

So until next Monday…. and watch out there will be other Doodle posts during the week … and the submission date for Doodle-zine is now 30th September…


Bank Holiday Monday 30th August Music plays on

Bluesdoodles is looking for readers to consider the stories being submitted to Doodle-zine – for more information on how to volunteer your precious time email Liz our editor-in-chief at liz@bluesdoodles.com

Doodle-zine – the home for Creativity

Submissions for Issue 2 Are open – lots of new and exciting opportunities for your creativity

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Selctions from Doodle-zine: Issue 1

Flash Fiction: Black Coffee with Lavender Honey by Caroline Gonda
Sugar’s not sweet enough for you. Read the full story HERE
Flash Fiction: I’m With The Band by Fiona McKay
The song finishes and the needle searches the empty grooves for hidden memories, unreadable in static. Read the full story HERE


‘Cheats and Liars’ Beware!
Elles Bailey Premieres The New Video for Her Impressive, Heartfelt Single
Bristol-based, multi-award-winning, genre-crossing Elles Bailey is releasing the video for her single ‘Cheats and Liars’ written with Ashton Tucker: the very first single to drop from her forthcoming album ‘Shining in the Half Light’, due for release early, 2022.
Shot at White Noise Studio, the video shows Elles lit by candlelight and dangling Edison-style lightbulbs, in autumnal hues, performing this bewitching, almost mesmeric, yet powerful song.

Bluesdoodles thoughts: Foot tapping moody opening then Elles distinctive vocals purr out with intent – ‘Running on empty – Ploughing desolate lands – Well ran dry – Still we drown in the silence‘. Elles has something strong to sing about. The chorus is huge building the power drawing everyone in as we relate to every emotion and word Elles sings on our behalf. This has to be the single of the year and Bluesdoodles don’t lie! The nail is hit hard and driven home through the power of music, the arts and the strength of a woman who calls the road her home..

“Testify is taken from new album “Saving Grace” released November 19, 2021

Bluesdoodles thoughts: The power of the vocals, guitar and flow of the first single Testify from their Sophomore album Saving Grace is stratospheric. You are hooked from the off – this is anthemic blues that rocks your soul. The duo, Grace and Aaron continue to deliver what was promised on their debut album Now the wait begins for the whole album….

An accomplished producer, Jaime produced and engineered her recording of ‘Wild One’, as well as giving the song that she co-wrote the power vocals and rock presence for which she’s famed.

’Wild One’ is a true story about my childhood and the spirit of every girl,” Jaime explains, “It’s about not being afraid to follow your own dreams and believing in yourself in the face of adversity.

Jaime is delighted to release both the single and its accompanying video and is rightly proud of the album of new material 

Bluesdoodles thoughts: Turntable turning and we are launched into a song that hooks you. Pop vibes toughened by Rock. The lyric video explores psychedelia. This is a visual and aural delight, pacy, with the energy to rev up any day. Wild One entertains.

Stepping into the brand-new Marshall Studio with legendary producer Chris Sheldon (Foo Fighters, Gun, Feeder), Bad Touch have recorded a rocking cover of Edwin Starr’s soul classic Twenty-Five Miles. Bad Touch’s lead singer Stevie Westwood said ‘This was one of the most fun song’s we have recorded, putting a rock spin on such a classic Motown track we felt like we had a bit more freedom with where we could take it. It’s loud, it’s funky and most importantly; it’s got soul.”

Released ahead of their “Better Late Than Never” UK tour in November and December 2021

Bluesdoodles thoughts: Bad Touch create their own excitement wherever they lay their hats! This is true as they deliver Twenty Five Miles. Mowtown is rocking as they spin the vibe 360 degrees. It works. The rocking energy is the antidote to the shoes we have been walking in over the last eighteen months. This is a track you want to hear live and loud.

Iconic singer, songwriter, guitarist, and Alice In Chains co-founder Jerry Cantrell today announces the release of the title track from his new LP Brighten. The full album will be released on October 29th, 2021 and is available for pre-order and pre-save. HERE
Talking about ‘Brighten’, Jerry says, “Pretty early on, I knew ‘Brighten’ was the cornerstone track of the album, and it seemed to fit the body of work as a title. There’s plenty of darkness and edge, but there’s also some light, space, and good vibes.”

Bluesdoodles thoughts: The video is awesome, artistic and clever invoking ‘Lotus Eaters’ from Homer’s Odyssey. We see a man devouring flowers – then the psychedelic experience. Combined with the hit of the energy of the live performance. Oh! the music is a delight. Everyone is having fun and the tune will be the soundtrack of your day. This is pure indulgence, forget about the practicalities of a Monday sit back, switch off reality and enjoy the hedonistic rush.

Guitarist and singer-songwriter, Troy Redfern, dubbed as Britain’s “King of Slide Guitar,” Stone is the fourth single taken from Redfern’s new album The Fire Cosmic. It follows hot on the heels of his previous singles SanctifyGhosts, and Waiting For Your Love.  

Troy is on the road this Autum

Opening for Robert Jon and The Wreck – Tickets available from AltTickets or Planet Rock
With the Quireboys – Tickets available from Gig Cartel

Bluesdoodles thoughts:  “Stone” closes Troy Redfern latest album and builds slowly to a huge, anthemic wall of sound, that dies away at the death with just the sound of a piano playing.  Stone is full of tones of light and shade. A perfect reminder to catch Troy on Tour this Autumn


Music Videos and Tour Dates to Kick Start your week!
Music Videos and Tour Dates to Kick Start your week!

Gin Annie are proud to announce their UK headline tour, The Next Chapter: “11 dates, 11 cities, 11 venues

The tour runs from the 23rd September to 10th October.

Black Country-born, bred and based, Gin Annie are a five-piece powerhouse hard rock band: David Foster (vocals); Byron Beej’ Garbett (guitars); Brian Green (guitars); ‘Hammer’ Burrows (bass); Lewis Turner (drums).

The hard rocking outfit started 2021 by releasing their one-off single ‘Devil in Me’ which charted at #1 on the Amazon Bestsellers & the Hot New Releases Rock Chart!

Music Videos and Tour Dates to Kick Start your week!

Bad Touch with Special Guests Piston
Get Tickets Here

Music Videos and Tour Dates to Kick Start your week!
Music Videos and Tour Dates to Kick Start your week!
Music Videos and Tour Dates to Kick Start your week!



Samantha Fish will be joined by Wille & the Bandits

Gigantic or Alttickets or Samantha Fish
KK’s Steel Mill Tickets Here

“It was strange (and ambitious) announcing a tour because we were all locked down fighting this virus. We’re still fighting! We’ve had to amend some dates along with a couple of new shows for our January and February 2022 UK tour, in some amazing venues. I can’t wait to get out there and play for you all.”– Samantha Fish

Bluesdoodles Reviews & Interviews September 2021

Joanne Shaw Taylor The Blues Album

Joanne Shaw Taylor Spinning Blues on The Blues Album a Stupendous album that may be covers, but one that also illustrates how perfect a musician Joanne is and how she continues to grow and brings the blues bang up to date by using her smoky vocals and stunning techniques to brilliant effect earning her 5 Doodle Paws. – Read Tom’s review HERE

Five Points Gang have an APB on Wanted

Five Points Gang have an APB on Wanted a great listen for an album of quality blues with a few other flavours mixed subtly in. It may not be earth-shatteringly new but they feed their influences and write new old songs: that is very difficult to do and they do it very well.- Read Tom Dixon’s review HERE

Big Daddy Wilson shares his Hard Time Blues

Big Daddy Wilson shares his Hard Time Blues a great listen; varied, skilled instrumentation and vocals with blues aplenty and some soul shining through on a couple of tracks. – Read Tom Dixon’s review HERE

Eric Bibb’s Letter starts Dear America beautiful musicianship combines with lyrics that are times are difficult. This is a true love letter for 2021 as Eric Bibb delivers tough love with charm earning him 5 Doodle Paws. – Read Liz’s review HERE
Joe Louis Walker plays Eclectic Electric a great listen that delivers the promise of the title: it is eclectic and JLW’s mastery of the guitar (with a few stellar guests) provides the beguiling electric side.- Read Tom Dixon’s review HERE
Samantha Fish shows her guitar licks on Faster – a Wonderful album of hybridised blues-rock that works and works very well indeed with Samantha’s trademark guitar sound still preserved and her vocals stronger than ever…buy it and listen multiple times to appreciate the many and varied levels this ‘new direction’ reveals; then sit back and enjoy. – Read Tom Dixon’s review HERE
Starlite Campbell Band playing The Language of Curiosity a great listen for an album full of excellent musicianship delivering a new nostalgia.- Read Tom Dixon’s review HERE
Fabrizio Grossi blends Soul Garage & Experience together With help from his friends on his debut album Counterfeited Soulstice Vol 1. Soul blended with love is the summation of this contemporary genre-bending debut from Fabrizio Grossi & Soul Garage Experience. – Read Liz’s review HERE

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