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Bringing you Musical Highlights Monday 22nd Feb 2021

Bringing you Musical Highlights Monday 22nd Feb 2021- New singles & albums announced, making February the listening zone for music lovers
Bringing you Musical Highlights Monday 22nd Feb 2021

Othello invites you to explore the music that is catching his ears, also he will be sharing any news that comes his way…
We are excited to share with you the ‘New Look’ Bluesdoodles site we hope you enjoy exploring this week’s posts.

This week’s highlights include – Jessica Lynn, Joanna Connor, Molly Karloff, JR Harbidge, FIREKIND, Greta Van Fleet, New Pagans & February Album Reviews and Interviews

Country crossover sensation Jessica Lynn releases a brand-new lyric video for her latest hit single ‘Getaway Car’.

Listen to the track and you’ll find Jessica’s voice full of enthusiasm and joie de vivre, and the song full of infectious exhilaration. Starting with a well-baited, tasty guitar hook and harmonious vocals, ‘Getaway Car’ brims with positive energy, playing on the free-roaming driving experience that so infuses American dreams and culture. It’s imagery that feels even more vivid and liberating in these grey, locked-down months in the UK!

So how does the lyric video give that visual form?

“Getaway Car is such a feel-good song that it required a fun, fast, and colorful video. As we are in the middle of cold winter here in New York, I didn’t feel that shooting a traditional music video would suit the track!  Instead, for now, we can take a fast-paced, virtual ride through love.” Jessica Lynn

Joanna Connor releases her new single “Destination” produced by and featuring Joe Bonamassa and Josh Smith, on Friday February 26th; on the same day she releases her new album “4801 South Indiana Avenue” via Bonamassa’s new record label KTBA Records (Keeping the Blues Alive).

To celebrate the new single, Joanna has just premiered the official music video watch here

Get the album now

“Destination is a real house-rocking tune written by a somewhat overlooked band called The Assassins, led by Jimmy Thackeray. It was made sweeter by the soulful background vocals of Jimmy Hall. Joe and Josh joined on as well. It’s a great showcase for my frantic and frenetic guitar work.”  says Joanna

Joanna Connor’s new single “Destination” and her album “4801 South Indiana Avenue” are released by KTBA Records on Friday, February 26th.  
Stream the single/pre-order the album from – www.jbonamassa.com/albums/2021/joannaconnor/4801

British three-piece rock‘n’roll band Molly Karloff release their new single “She Said” (Romesh Mix) and its accompanying full-length music video in aid of mental health charity Oxfordshire Mind.

The new single is remixed by Grammy-Award nominated producer Romesh Dodangoda.  All proceeds from the single are in aid of the mental health charity Oxfordshire Mind
Due to lockdown, many people suffering from anxiety and depression, and some are at the end of their tether.  COVID19 restrictions are affecting so many, particularly their mental health.

“Lockdowns are bad for mental health,” says Molly Karloff’s frontman Simon Gee. “Mental health is a serious issue. That’s why we’ve decided to raise money to help those people who are suffering most by donating all proceeds from the single to Oxfordshire Mind.”

‘Break The Spell’ J.R. Harbidge Releases His New Single and Video

If you’re hankering for some fresh Americana talent, with depth and edge, look to the work of UK-homegrown multi-instrumentalist  J.R. HARBIDGE. His brand-new album ‘Long Black River’ is due to drop on 30th April, 2021 whilst the second single to drop from the album — ‘Break The Spell’ Check out the video to ‘Break The Spell’

“When I was growing up,” reflects Harbidge, “There was a saying: ‘Don’t believe everything you read in the newspapers’.  It was a given, even then, that some headlines that got passed off as ‘news’ and ‘fact’ had to be taken with a large pinch of salt.  
“It feels like a spell has been cast over the public by the media, corporations and governments: an almost unbreakable mesmeric enchantment that is luring the population down a rabbit hole that leads straight into the shadow puppet show of Plato’s Cave.


Bringing you Musical Highlights Monday 22nd Feb 2021



Firekind have released their latest single, ‘Cry For Help’ in a strictly to 100 Limited Edition CD EP with two bonus tracks and on all digital platforms.

The signed and numbered CD, and digital release, boasts B-Sides of an alternate, heavier version to the album of ‘No Stone Unturned’. A heart wrenching, Jeff Beck tinged ‘Have I Been Living’ alternative is also served with aplomb. Both tracks were arranged/recorded remotely in the current UK lockdown, with an erstwhile friend of the band Matthew Fisher who mixed and mastered the bonus tracks. 

Frontman Jas Morris states, “Nothing much stirs more emotion in me than seeing someone helping another person, especially when there isn’t anything in it for the person helping.” Jas continues passionately, “In times when you are at your end and you think all is lost, then that one person is brave enough to jump in to save you out of the blue. That’s what I tried to capture with this track.”


Greta Van Fleet releases single ‘Heat Above’ from Forthcoming album

Greta Van Fleet presents a brand-new music video for the song ‘Heat Above’, from the band’s upcoming second album, The Battle at Garden’s Gate, produced by Greg Kurstin (Paul McCartney, Foo Fighters, Adele) and due out April 16 (Lava/Republic Records). According to the band:

“‘Heat Above’ is theatrical, eloquent, and exaggerated. This is a dream in the clouds, a moment of peace in the storm. Thematically, we are dead centre in the cult of Heaven, surreal, strange, alive and free.”

Acclaimed Belfast band New Pagans have released their brand new single ‘Harbour’, taken from their upcoming debut album The Seed, The Vessel, The Roots and All, which will be out March 19th via Big Scary Monsters. The track was premiered with Stereogum yesterday alongside an in-depth feature as part of their ‘Band To Watch’ series. Read the full article here.
Throughout the debut album, the band use their creative influence to challenge past and present issues surrounding relationships, equality, history, and gender, all wrapped up in their alternative, post-punk, indie rock style.

‘Harbour’ is a gritty and passionate example that fits their mantra to a tee. Written about lead vocalist Lyndsey McDougall’s pregnancy with her daughter, it captures the experience of childbirth from all angles – the sickness, the joy, the frustration and the resilience and strength of women.

Bringing you Musical Highlights Monday 22nd Feb 2021

Latest Single –  ‘HARBOUR’

The band comment, “Rather than pregnancy and birth making Lyndsey feel vulnerable, she felt the opposite, like a warrior preparing for battle. Lyndsey has never felt more connected to her body and the earth than she did at this period of her life.
“Pregnancy and birth are often feared and presented as unnatural and terrifying experiences, indeed in the bible birth is announced as a form of punishment for women. Of course, not all pregnancies or births go to plan but it is important that women feel empowered and informed to make the right decisions for themselves and their babies. Hopefully ‘Harbour’ will give the band the opportunity to demonstrate how natural and empowering pregnancy and birth can be.”

Bluesdoodles Reviews & Interviews February 2021

Katie Bradley and Pete Farrugia open up their Soho Heart

Katie Bradley & Pete Farrugia Soho Heart: Bluesdoodles Rating: 4 Doodle Paws; a Wonderful and varied album that may stray regularly from blues, but still has enough to satisfy all. Checkout Bluesdoodles Review HERE

DeWolff Wolff Pack:4 Doodle Paws: a Wonderful album that gets better every time you listen and will be welcome in any rock lovers collection…or blues, or soul, or funk…so everyone’s then. Checkout Bluesdoodles Review HERE

Avey Grouws Band The Devil May Care: 4 Doodle Paw Rating a Wonderful and varied album that will satisfy lovers of music across the genres. Check out Bluesdoodles Review HERE

Lisa Mills – The Triangle: 4 Doodle Paw Rating – Lisa Mills helps us get lost in The Triangle A Wonderful album soulful blues packed with quality performances not surprisingly Lisa that shines through. – Check out Bluesdoodles Review HERE

Troy Redfern – This Raging Heart: 5 Doodle Paws rating – Troy Redfern shares This Raging Heart – 5 Doodle Paw blues-rock, slide driven masterpiece that will never fail to lift the spirits. – Checkout Bluesdoodles Review HERE

Joanna Connor in Conversation with Clive Rawlings – with the forthcoming release of 4801 South Indiana Avenue is released by KTBA Records – February 26th – Checkout the Chatter HERE

Félix Rabin – Pogboy: 4 Doodle Paw rating – Félix Rabin puts the pedal down on Pogboy Félix is an absurdly talented guitarist – wonderful bluesy rocky addition that will satisfy many tastes; well worth listening to for blues, rock and even AOR lovers – Checkout Bluesdoodles Review HERE

John Blues Boyd – What My Eyes Have Seen: 4 Doodle Paw rating – a slice of blues, blues history, the shortcomings of mankind & undying love for someone close… lovely stuff! – Checkout Bluesdoodles Review HERE

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