Bringing you Musical Highlights Monday 29th March 2021

Bringing you Musical Highlights Monday 1st March 2021

Bringing you Musical Highlights Monday 1st March 2021 This week's check out When Rivers Meet, Dave Arcari, Sweet and Wheel, & February reviews
Bringing you Musical Highlights Monday 1st March 2021

Happy St. Davids DayDydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus

Othello invites you to explore the music that is catching his ears, also he will be sharing any news that comes his way…

This week’s highlights include – When Rivers Meet, Dave Arcari, Sweet and Wheel, & February Album Reviews and Interviews

Critically acclaimed British blues rock duo When Rivers Meet releases their third single “Walking On The Wire” from their debut album, ‘We Fly Free’ and follows hot on the heels of their previous singles “Battleground” and “Did I Break The Law.”

The new single is accompanied by a stunning music video filmed in Brightlingsea in the North Essex countryside utilizing breath-taking aerial drone footage. The cinematography is gorgeous.

When Rivers Meet is comprised of husband and wife, Grace and Aaron Bond. Grace sings lead vocal on most of When Rivers Meet’s hit album, “We Fly Free”, showcasing her impressive range while adding distinctive slide resonator mandolin and fiddle. Aaron plays the guitar and adds rich vocals.
On “Walking On The Wire”, the band take a heavier blues-rock approach. The vocal harmonies soar while Aaron’s hypnotic slide guitar takes flight.  Grace’s resonator mandolin sounds amazing, whilst the rhythm section of pounding drums and walloping bass sticks everything together like glue.

Dave Acari announces a new full-band arrangement Cherry Wine is set for release on Friday 19 March. It’s one of a series of tracks I put down with my lockdown recording collective, Faultlines.
If you pre-save on Spotify now(not sure if pre-save/pre-order is available yet on any other servicesthere’s a chance to win a leather-bound Dave Arcari’ hip flask.
Monday Nigh catch Dave Live on Facebook – Tonight check him out HERE

‘Love is Gonna Win’ — So Says Elles Bailey!

Check out this brand-new track from Elles Bailey. Enjoy its message of optimism and perhaps think who, or what, your own ‘Lockdown Hero’ nominations might be! For more info about the Single check out the news HERE

New single from Sweet.  It’s called Set Me Free and it will be released for the very first time on Friday March 5th.

“Set Me Free” has never been released as a single before, and it has been re-recorded for the band’s current album “Isolation Boulevard” which features lockdown re-recordings of the original songs that appeared on the U.S. edition of the band’s 1975 album “Desolation Boulevard”.

“Isolation Boulevard” features all the Sweet’s classic hit singles and was recorded with the new line-up during lockdowns between September and October 2020.  The latest single “Set Me Free” is taken from the album.

Although it is one of the most covered songs in the band’s repertoire, this marks the first time Sweet has released it as an official single. Over the years, the song’s been covered by Saxon, Vince Neil of Motley Crue, and Steve Stevens (Billy Idol).

“Recording an album separately in different locations throws up a myriad of technical problems,” says Andy Scott. “It’s impossible for everyone to play at the same time, so all parts are performed the “old” way and then data transferred back to base camp where the magical digital stuff takes over.” Continues Andy, “Sweet would usually record all together in the studio with a performance rather than individually but the pandemic dictated the ways and means. The result is a mind-blowing set of tracks, all the hits and a barrage of heavy-duty glam rock.”

Finnish Prog Metal band Wheel have announced their new album, the follow-up to their 2019 album Moving Backwards will be released on March 26th, 2021.



“The title was inspired by a form of long-distance space travel in the Dan Simmon’s series Hyperion Cantos,” explains vocalist and guitarist James Lascelles. “In the books, cryogenic fugue allows individuals to enter a form of stasis that enables them to cross vast cosmic distances; the convenience of this suspended state presents major risks, however, such as brain damage.
Over the last year, many of us have been confined to our homes as the pandemic has continued to spread through our societies; alcohol consumption has increased and current data indicates that the mental well-being of many has suffered. Broad trends like these made me think of how despite the risks, many would choose to take a gamble with something as risky as cryogenic fugue, rather than continue to endure the radical changes COVID-19 restrictions have imposed upon all of us. In lieu of the possibility of suspended animation, many of us are choosing to sedate ourselves at home with substances and distract ourselves with the media at our disposal; to weather the storm as best we can and to wait for whatever is to come next.

Bluesdoodles Reviews & Interviews February 2021

Bringing you Musical Highlights Monday 1st March 2021

Joanna Connor 4801 South Indiana Avenue Bluesdoodles rating: 5 Doodle Paws – I cannot fault this album as it addresses the blues (albeit with a Chicago tint) so damned well. The playing is impeccable, inventive and a delight from start to finish and Mr Bonamassa’s presence guilds a high-quality lily perfectly.

Bringing you Musical Highlights Monday 1st March 2021

New Single – Ashes delivered by the Rainbreakers released 26th Feb as the band returns to the fray with a promise of a new album to follow in 2021

Bringing you Musical Highlights Monday 1st March 2021

Layla Zoe has Nowhere Left To Go – 4 Doodle Paws: A truly Wonderful album that crosses the genres and the ages to deliver an engaging, professional and entertaining album.

Katie Bradley & Pete Farrugia Soho Heart: Bluesdoodles Rating: 4 Doodle Paws; a Wonderful and varied album that may stray regularly from blues, but still has enough to satisfy all. Checkout Bluesdoodles Review HERE

DeWolff Wolff Pack:4 Doodle Paws: a Wonderful album that gets better every time you listen and will be welcome in any rock lovers collection…or blues, or soul, or funk…so everyone’s then. Checkout Bluesdoodles Review HERE

Avey Grouws Band The Devil May Care: 4 Doodle Paw Rating a Wonderful and varied album that will satisfy lovers of music across the genres. Check out Bluesdoodles Review HERE

Lisa Mills – The Triangle: 4 Doodle Paw Rating – Lisa Mills helps us get lost in The Triangle A Wonderful album soulful blues packed with quality performances not surprisingly Lisa that shines through. – Check out Bluesdoodles Review HERE

Troy Redfern – This Raging Heart: 5 Doodle Paws rating – Troy Redfern shares This Raging Heart – 5 Doodle Paw blues-rock, slide driven masterpiece that will never fail to lift the spirits. – Checkout Bluesdoodles Review HERE

Joanna Connor in Conversation with Clive Rawlings – with the forthcoming release of 4801 South Indiana Avenue is released by KTBA Records – February 26th – Checkout the Chatter HERE

Félix Rabin – Pogboy: 4 Doodle Paw rating – Félix Rabin puts the pedal down on Pogboy Félix is an absurdly talented guitarist – wonderful bluesy rocky addition that will satisfy many tastes; well worth listening to for blues, rock and even AOR lovers – Checkout Bluesdoodles Review HERE

John Blues Boyd – What My Eyes Have Seen: 4 Doodle Paw rating – a slice of blues, blues history, the shortcomings of mankind & undying love for someone close… lovely stuff! – Checkout Bluesdoodles Review HERE

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