Bringing you Musical Highlights Monday 9th Feb 2021

Bringing you Musical Highlights Monday 18th Jan 2021

Bringing you Musical Highlights Monday 18th Jan 2021 new music and Bluesdoodles reviews and thoughts with videos to excite

Othello invites you to explore the music that is catching his ears, also he will be sharing any news that comes his way…

Bringing you Musical Highlights Monday 18th Jan 2021

An exciting new album, 4801 South Indiana Avenue from Chicago slide guitarist Joanna Connor.  The album produced by and released on Joe Bonamassa’s new record label “KTBA Records” on Friday, February 26th.
Joe Bonamassa’s is a big fan of Joanna’s music.  In February 2020, he recorded her album at Ocean Way Studios in Nashville, Tennessee.  Joe handpicked non-derivative Chicago blues classics for Joanna to cover.

The album was recorded using a lot of Joe’s vintage guitar amps from his personal collection, resulting in a guitar sound that is energetic, raw and authentic. Joe is featured on several tracks playing guitar, and the album also features Reese Wynans on keyboards.

An aggressively edgy and highly innovative blues-rock guitarist with a tight groove that encompasses jazz and funk. Joanna’s new album reflects a new experience from the way she has recorded in the past. “This album is a homage to the blues school that I attended in Chicago,” says Joanna. “We attempted to capture the spirit of tradition and inject it with raw energy and passion.”

The new album is released on CD and digital and is available to pre-order – Stream Single HERE and CD HERE

Bringing you Musical Highlights Monday 18th Jan 2021

J R Harbidge Announces New Album and Releases the First Single and Video

Hailing from Cannock in the UK, J.R. HARBIDGE is a talented, multi-instrumentalist and master musician. His brand-new album ‘Long Black River’ is due to drop on 30th April 2021 whilst its debut single ‘Wrong Side of the Fight’ drops on 15th January.

Speaking of ‘Long Black River’, J R admits, “This album was both a joy and a chore at the same time.  I loved writing and recording the songs, I loved getting some fantastic musicians playing on the album and I loved collaborating with a new collaborator on one of the songs.  I also loved getting loads of my FB and Instagram friends to sing on the ‘yob chorus’ at the end of side-by-side: all great experiences!

Bringing you Musical Highlights Monday 18th Jan 2021

New Orleans funk powerhouse Dumpstaphunk announces their new album Where Do We Go From Here, set to release on April 23, 2021 (via Mascot Label Group / The Funk Garage).
The album is now available to pre-order HERE.

The band’s arsenal of classic and modern influences can be heard throughout the new album, a distinctive mix of genuine New Orleans funk, old school R&B and guitar-fueled modern rock; From the slap-bass rave “Make It After All” to the band’s contemporary renderings of NOLA R&B rarities (the 1975 Blackmail gem “Let’s Get At It”) and early Seventies classics (Sly and the Family Stone’s “In Time”). One song with an unexpected genesis is the band’s urgent cover of Buddy Miles’ 1973 Hendrix inspired “United Nations Stomp,” which features searing guitar solos from special guest, rising blues guitar phenom Marcus King.

“We hope people can hear the new songs and are inclined to dance, and inspired to think at the same time,” says Ivan, speaking to the new album’s delicate balance between topic material and dance-floor rockers.

Georgia van Etten brings impact and authenticity with the release of her new single “Deep Black Water,” the title track of her upcoming album. The track’s dark, brooding undertones masterfully interact with the reflective lyrics, sharing a thought-provoking message close to Georgia’s heart.

“‘Deep Black Water’ is a powerful reflection of life as a young person today. Inspired by the stories I have collected from students I have taught in London’s poorest areas and that of my own experiences in a money-driven, elitist world,” says Georgia

Bluesdoodles Reviews January 2021

Bringing you Musical Highlights Monday 18th Jan 2021

Layla Zoe sharing her Retrospective Tour 2019 – An essential record for Layla Zoe fans and a wonderful addition to anyone’s blues collection…hear her live and on top form with a band of real quality making it all seamless.
Read full Bluesdoodles review HERE

Alabama Slim invites you into The Parlor

Alabama Slim invites you into The Parlor On first listen, this album may not seem to have anything new to offer…but careful repeated listens will unveil a goldmine full of blues traditions given a lovely twist and also reveal a talent.
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Trevor Bolder invites you To Sail The Rivers

Trevor Bolder invites you To Sail The Rivers a 5-doodle paw album. If you like Uriah Heep, this is a must. If you are a fan of quality melodic rock this is a must. If you’re not a fan of either, then you should still listen to this and do not be surprised when it converts you.
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Journey Under A Mediterranean Sky with Steve Hackett a perfect 5 doodle paw album – Steve Hackett on repeat will be a constant pleasure and perfect virtual travelling companion as we are locked into the tiny landscapes we find ourselves at the moment.
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