Bringing you Musical Highlights Monday 9th Feb 2021

Bringing you Musical Highlights Monday 11th Jan 2021

Bringing you Musical Highlights Monday 11th Jan 2021 video's, news and more from Steve Hackett - Mike Ross - DeWolff - Gaeya - styles are different but the beat goes on. Thank you for the music

Othello invites you to explore the music that is catching his ears, also he will be sharing any news that comes his way…
He also on behalf of Team Bluesdoodles Healthy music filed 2021…

Bringing you Musical Highlights Monday 10th Jan 2021

Journey Under A Mediterranean Sky with Steve Hackett a perfect 5 doodle paw album – Steve Hackett on repeat will be a constant pleasure and perfect virtual travelling companion as we are locked into our tiny landscapes we find ourselves at the moment.

Steve Hackett’s first acoustic solo album since Tribute (2008). Under A Mediterranean Sky is released 22 January – The album will be available as a Limited CD Digipak, Gatefold 2LP + CD + LP-booklet (with etching on Side D) & as Digital Album. For autographed editions, order directly from Steve Hackett STORE

The Tale of Taller Than — Mike Ross’ Legendary ‘Lost’ Album
Back in 1998, Mike’s band Taller Than recorded a 12-track album which, for various reasons, was never mixed or properly finished. For over twenty years, the original 2″master tapes were hidden away and all hope of finding either the time or finances to complete the project had long since been abandoned.
Enter COVID and the extreme disruption the pandemic has brought to touring (and most other aspects of ‘normal’ life).  Attention turned from the road to the tape vault and a decision was made to reach out to the public to help restore, remix and release the forgotten Taller Than classic.

Pre-order packages, along with a selection of other merch and memorabilia items, are available from 

The first track to emerge, rescued from the oubliette, is Mike’s freshman treatise on addiction, the thundering ’Nicotine Placebo’, featuring machine-gun drum flurries from Mike Kelly (latterly of The Mission) and the razor-slice bass work of Mike’s brother Graeme.

Check out ‘Nicotine Placebo’

Bringing you Musical Highlights Monday 10th Jan 2021

In their studio bunker in the Medieval town of Utrecht, The Netherlands, during the global lockdown, brothers Pablo and Luka van de Poel and Robin Piso have created another majestic record. Experimenting with hazy soundscapes, fizzing riffs, marauding organs, infectiously free-roaming melodies, and all tied in with an undeniably DeWolff sound.
Psychedelic trio DeWolff return with their new album, Wolffpack, which will be released on 5th February 2021 via Mascot Records.  Watch the first video release below of  “Yes You Do.” or listen on Spotify HERE

You can Pre-Order the album HERE

Swedish world beat artist Gaeya has released her debut EP Awakening.  Today 11th January 2021Alongside the release she has also revealed a stunning video for the new song ‘Tide For The Change’.

‘Tide For The Change’ builds from a delicate piano introduction into a huge anthemic glacial pop gem, while Gaeya’s beautiful vocals look forward to a more positive, forward-thinking view in safeguarding the natural world. The latter is displayed in the brilliant self-made video created during lockdown.

Regarding the video, Gaeya explains, “In these special times, a lot of things have changed. In many ways, it can feel heavy and challenging. But we always have the choice to make something creative out of every challenge in our life. It doesn’t have to cost you more than your imagination and creative force. To always be flexible and take challenges as opportunities to grow. I never before worked with video and filming, but last year made me want to learn, and with what I had been creative.  “This music video is a result of that. The song is written and performed by me and Anders Rane and the music video I filmed with an iPhone 10S and together with my friend Olof Berggren we edited the video. Thanks to Olof’s great skill and our common creativity this is the result.”

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