Attention Catching Music on a Monday Morning – 19th October

Attention Catching Music on a Monday Morning a round up of a music that has caught our ear on today and what we published over the weekend

Sitting overlooking the garden at the kitchen table the sun trying to break through the layered grey clouds. October is following the routine of ‘At Home 2020’, in Wales and across the world. The restrictions vary but they all have one thing in common they have stopped us in our tracks old routines have been trashed, a thing of the past. Having been confined within Caerphilly County Borough borders for most of the time since March 2020 has made me realise:-
1. In the old pre-March 2020 world for the vast majority of the live music I enjoy meant traveling beyond these imposed boundaries.
2. My horizon has shrunk and this has had an impact on the music I listen to. The familiar felt like a comforting hug. We all needed comfort wherever we could find it.
3. Caerphilly needs more culture, more diversity of shops availability, independent music, food shops, etc; if once the restrictions are lifted, we are not to go back to old routines of traveling far and wide to find live music there needs to be accessible music here. I am sure this resonates with many of you as you realise your local is not that close, once easy access is denied.
Music opens up a world closed down thank you to all the musicians that have kept playing virtually so we can hear the sound that connects to our souls.
Wales is locked-down again a ‘firebreak’ of seventeen long days we all hope this works while we turn up the volume and stay at home. Stay safe everyone.

Bluesdoodles Weekend Posts

In Case you missed these Bluesdoodles Postings over the weekend!
Get On The Boogie Train with Snowy White Interview – Clive Rawlings Interview with Snowy White

Blues- rock guitarist Shawn Pittman Does It Right – a Tom Dixon CD Review

Ayesha Pontin – If I Loved You

From her second album Nocturne

Check Out ‘An Introduction to Mike Ross’

Attention Catching Music on a Monday Morning

ke Ross is also releasing a specially-made short documentary Today: ‘An Introduction to Mike Ross’ giving an intimate insight into his history, roots, career, and creative process; also, the truly crucial, literally life-saving, role that music has played for him. This biographical feature extra is sure to please and fascinate his fans and will also be a valuable watch for other musicians and lovers of rock.
Mike explains why he made the documentary: “I’ve always loved watching music documentaries as I really enjoy finding out my favourite artists’ backstories. My own career has spanned over 20 years but not all of it is in the public domain so I thought I’d create my own short history lesson for fans:‘An Introduction to Mike Ross’. Originally conceived as a series of 15 short videos to run on social media, this compilation version has brought all of the original episodes together to make one complete work. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed making them: it was really cathartic and interesting to revisit my past in this way!”

photo credit Adam Kenedy

‘An Introduction to Mike Ross’ on his YouTube channel  for a an honest, revealing, insight into the man and his music, and The Clovis Limit Pt.2′

Join Mike Ross for his Album Launch online show – Thursday 29th October – 7pm EST. Streaming details will be provided after Purchase.
The launch show will be the first full performance of the whole of the new album with special augmented line-up, featuring Jade ‘Like the Stone’ Williams on BV’s AND Stevie ‘Keys’ Watts on organ plus Darren Lee on drums and Dan Lyons on bass. Mike will be broadcasting the whole show using multiple cameras as well as pre-recorded video footage to really make the most of the streaming format. The show will be opened by Brighton heavy rockers ‘The Dead Reds.
Tickets available here 

Deb Ryder – Single Get Ready Out today have a listen…

Release of the Legend of Bent Roads Tavern Volume 5

Brent Roads Tavern collective comes out of the woodwork once again to update its definitive catalogue with a confident, expansive atmosphere in a recording environment stripped down to the studs.

“This five-volume collection, along with its companion, Hard Reset, represent our history and our contributions to Canadian music to date,” reflects frontman, Collen. “We are so proudly Canadian and we are excited to share this music with fans of Indie Folk around the world.

“This five-volume collection, along with its companion, Hard Reset, represent our history and our contributions to Canadian music to date,” reflects frontman, Collen. “We are so proudly Canadian and we are excited to share this music with fans of Indie Folk around the world.
The first track, single ‘Rainstorm’, showcases the maturity of the BRT’s songwriting under 2004 to 2007 frontman, Jim Riecken. The second highlight track ‘Every Intention’, originally written by Collen during a period of isolation from the BRT minstrels in 2006, has been completely rearranged and re-recorded exclusively for the Volume 5 release.  
Fans of Mumford & Sons, Dan Mangan, Tim Baker, Elliott Brood, and Neil Young will appreciate this release as BRT sets the tone for brand new recordings in 2021.

Official Lyric Video for “Rainstorm”, the first single from The Legend of Bent Roads Tavern Volume 5.

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