Join the Blues Party with Zoe Schwarz Blue Commotion

Join the Blues Party with Zoe Schwarz Blue Commotion

Zoë Schwarz has been a big name on the blues scene for a few years now, with her live performances particularly lauded by fans and the press. Now with her band, Blue Commotion comes an album that should lift all of them to the heights they deserve. The band got together in 2012, and this is their 5th studio album in six years; that is quite an output in a short space of time. Fortunately, there has been no sacrifice in quality, and The Blues And I Should Have A Party, has class and high production values by the bucket load. It is also a generous album with 13 tracks clocking in at over an hour.

The band is packed with talent and, even though there is no bassist listed, there are some fantastic bass lines behind some of the tracks and the sound they all achieve throughout fills any room with warmth and paints pictures with the sound they conjure.

Please Don’t Cheat On Me has a great bouncy riff and typical classy guitar from Rob. To my ears, this track is the only (very) minor disappointment on such a strong album; the lyrics and the vocals feel a bit disconnected. All is forgiven when the 6 minute plus masterpiece and title track, The Blues and I Should Have a Party kicks off. Majestic is the word…vocals, guitar and Hammond combine to give an object lesson in what blues is and should be. The guitar solo is simply superb, with notes all across the fretboard; no histrionics just sheer class. You’ve Changed is ‘Bassey does the blues’… in a good way. Zoë should do the next Bond theme, in fact, the singing is so powerful, they should write a movie to fit this song! It has an enigmatic, harmonic quality that is fleshed out by great Hammond backing and a solo of such depth and simple skill. The drumming is ingenious too; fills and flourishes you wouldn’t think would fit.

Way Down in the Caves is a true story of an unlikely venue, with lyrics written by blues promoter and broadcaster Pete Feenstra. Chislehurst Caves are actually old mine workings and, in the 1960s, provided a major music venue. The song tells of acts that appeared there “Hendrix, The Doors, David Bowie too”. That must have been one hell of a venue and here, the tale is conveyed in the lustrous tones of Zoe with Rob playing up a storm on a Marshall fuelled Les Paul. It starts off like the Stranglers had put blues into their repertoire. It also manages to evoke a flavour of some of the bands they name check in the lyrics, particularly the Yardbirds. Don’t Worry Blues has a conventional structure with an oft-forgotten appreciation of space. Rob again showing he knows how and when to play the right note and not go for unnecessary filling. With the expressive keys and subtlety throughout, I can’t help but think of Purple’s When A Blind Man Cries in the song’s atmosphere. Next comes a lovely guitar/bass/keys piece of interplay introducing Shout. This is pure 60s blues boom refined. A sort of slow progressive blues feel echoes through You Don’t Live Here Anymore. This is a beautifully sung recounting of a “hollow space where once a warm embrace”. A guitar solo of such thoughtfulness backs this emotion-laden song. We are quickly back in the groove, literally, with My Handsome Man. This has an infectious, catchy 60s poppy feel to it and will make any toe tap.  A great up-tempo swing introduces Tell Me, the only sub 3-minute track here. The three musicians are obviously having a ball and you can’t help but be caught up in the fun. Zoe’s “pulse is way too high” as she mirrors the energy with a great melody.

Don’t Hold Back is next, and, although a slow paced blues, they don’t hold back! Unexpected key changes keep the song on the edge, reflecting the steamy blues behind the melody and lyrics. Although rooted in sadness, the next song was written after the loss of Zoë’s Mother, In Memory of You has an impetus behind the fascinating chord sequences. The genius behind this is the up-tempo beat that illuminates the words, where the subject matter would suggest something much slower. The solos again are pure fascination. The mood is lifted with Pete Feenstras lyrics providing the inspiration for Time Waits for No One. If like me, some social media applications leave you cold, then the theme will surely resonate… “Changing values with different peers, digital living with new ideas”. The music takes these words and makes them real. Beautifully sung and with the instrumentation utilising an oblique time signature, it just flows out of the speakers and transfixes. It has an early psyche feel at times with echoes of a very velvety Velvet Underground. Final Track, Thank You, is just that. The band thanking all of us lovers of music be it recorded or live. This song is so clever in its composition; expansive guitar, heavy Hammond, a drum kit tour and a wonderful vocal. This listener reciprocates those thanks. Zoë, Rob, Pete and Paul have supplied an album which delivers everything a blues lover could wish for. Zoe’s vocals are always striking, but the real revelation is the breathtaking playing by the band. Every song has clear demonstrations of skills so subtle and yet so damned effective. The first track remains a weak point for me, but the album is so strong overall, frankly who cares?

NINEpawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN …


  1. Please Don’t Cheat On Me
  2. The Blues and I Should Have A Party
  3. You’ve Changed
  4. Way Down In The Caves
  5. Don’t Worry Blues
  6. Shout
  7. You Don’t Live Here Anymore
  8. My Handsome Man
  9. Tell Me
  10. Don’t Hold Back
  11. The Memory Of You
  12. Time Waits For No One
  13. Thank You

All songs written by Rob Koral & Zoë Schwarz except on tracks 4 & 12 lyrics by Pete Feenstra


Zoë Schwarz – vocals
Rob Koral – guitars
Pete Whittaker – Hammond organ
Paul Robinson – drums & percussion

Recorded at Superfly Studios by Andy Banfield, Nottingham on 9th to 14th October 2017

Mixed by Wayne Proctor & Steve Wright at Y Dream Studios, Wales
Mastered by Jon Astley at Close To The Edge Mastering Design


Join the Blues Party with Zoe Schwarz Blue Commotion

Zoe Schwarz Blue Commotion Talks about 2017 Blues Challenge

Zoe Schwarz Blue Commotion Talks about 2017 Blues Challenge

Zoe Schwarz Blue Commotion Talks about 2017 Blues Challenge

Zoe Schwarz Blue Commotion Talks about 2017 Blues Challenge

 BD: firstly, thank you for taking the time out to chat about participating in the 4th UK Blues Challenge, Blues, your music and more.

ZSBC: It’s our pleasure… it’s going to be a new experience for us, and we are determined to enjoy the whole occasion, performing and listening to the other bands… we don’t normally think of music as being a competition… but it’s going to be a great night.  A big Thank you.

 BD: 2017, sees the fourth UK British Blues Challenge.  This year the UKBlues Federation are “Bringing The Blues back to The cavern 60 years on..” Tell us what it means to Zoe Schwarz Blue Commotion to have been nominated to participate in the challenge with the chance of representing the UK in Hell, Norway and Memphis U.S.A in 2018?

 ZSBC: Firstly, the fact that the number of our peers nominating is so large gives real credibility to the artists involved, so we are also proud about that.    We are also proud to be nominated as we see it as a recognition of our original music, concept and style.  We don’t write the songs to any kind of formula or to fit in with any cliche or pre-conceived ideas of what defines blues in 2017.

BD: What are the Blues to Zoe Schwarz Blue Commotion? Do you feel British Blues has a different feel to what is being currently produced in Europe, United States and elsewhere in the world?

ZSBC:  Being born and raised here in the UK, the Blues to us the germ and seed planted by the British pioneers of the 60’s Blues Boom.  However, our influences have not stopped there, and we have just blended all our collective experiences into what we believe is OUR personal sound and concept.


Zoe Schwarz Blue Commotion Talks about 2017 Blues ChallengeBD: Your latest album is This Is The Life I Choose, to Zoe Schwarz Blue Commotion, tell us a bit about the album, and is the title a reflection of your own feelings being a musician in Britain today?

ZSBC:  The title ‘This Is The Life I Choose’ talks about the fact that our current way of living which does not accommodate the existence of live music at all, it is simply not valued by a bureaucratic system that does not accommodate ‘art’.  However, we have no choice, it’s a desire and passion that overrides all else.  The song describes the hardships of making enough money to live on, but on the other hand describes the joy of making music no matter what.   Typically, the songs for this album are very diverse because once again we imposed no artistic restraint or prejudice to the way we felt like writing.


BD: What do you feel The UKBlues Federation can bring to the UK Blues what would you like the Federation to be doing for Blues artists on the circuit in Britain today?

ZSBC:  Firstly, work towards unifying all elements of British Blues, bringing cohesion and unity, breaking down destructive and unproductive factions working against each other.  From what we hear, and understand, this very element ultimately fragmented and undermined the Blues Boom of the 60’s.

Perhaps the UKBlues Federation can apply for funding with a view to helping bands tour/record/promote.

Provide a central database of information, re venues, festivals, musicians directory, recording studios etc..

 BD: If you were putting together the perfect band with members from across the years (dead or alive) who would you have playing?

ZSBC:  We are very lucky that within our band, that the guys are not only personal friends of many years, but also have CVs so immense that they cant help but bring colour, experience, diversity and finesse into the melting pot.   Chemistry within a band is a huge factor.

Rob’s heroes include, Stevie Winwood, Jack Bruce, Ginger Baker, Robben Ford, Matt Schofield.


BD: Thank you for your time. The challenge at The Cavern on 10th September will be an amazing night of live music as we hear the five bands – LaVendore RogueElles BaileyZoe Schwarz Blue Commotion The Rainbreakers and the winner of the Jessica Foxley Unsigned to be decided at the 2017 Great British Rhythm & Blues Festival at Colne. Buy Your ticket here and be part of a great night HERE.

Zoe Schwarz Blue Commotion Talks about 2017 Blues Challenge

Bluesdoodles Album Picks First Quarter 2017

Bluesdoodles Album Picks First Quarter 2017



What a start to 2017 – two festivals and some fantastic live gigs, memory box of 2017 filling up fast. Adding to the mix of delights is a cascade of albums arriving through the letterbox both the electronic format and the traditional front door.

First thirteen weeks, I have listened to many and thirty-three have been reviewed Bluesdoodles keyboard warrior loves the listening, enjoys the typing. The hard part is deciding the number of doodle paws for the superb musicianship and variety of styles we listen to. At the end of the first quarter of 2017 from the 1st of January through to 31st March 2017: EIGHT albums shone bright, thus ten doodle paws were stamped on the cover.

Clicking the album cover takes you to the review:-

Bluesdoodles Album Picks First Quarter 2017

Bluesdoodles Album Picks First Quarter 2017

Bluesdoodles Album Picks First Quarter 2017

Bluesdoodles Album Picks First Quarter 2017

Bluesdoodles Album Picks First Quarter 2017

Bluesdoodles Album Picks First Quarter 2017

Bluesdoodles Album Picks First Quarter 2017

Bluesdoodles Album Picks First Quarter 2017











Hurricane Ruth – Ain’t Ready For The Grave – Hurricane Ruth Records  “Hurricane Ruth delivers blues with gritty determination. She sets the music going and raises the tempo and heat until a perfect storm is created, with energised, swirling blues that are fueled with high-octane rock.  ….  The album is delivered with passion and determination the lyrics are set free by Hurricane Ruth’s vocal interpretation.” Read the rest of the review HERE

Zoe Schwarz Blue Commotion – This is The Life I Choose – 33 Records: “With three studio albums under Zoe Schwarz Blue Commotion’s belt the fourth is definitely not running out of steam, it is full throttle blues. The blues are stylish, a mix of pathos and humour, reflections and looking forward, sadness and hints of joy”  Read the rest of the review HERE

Thunder Rip It UpearMUSIC: “Rip It Up will never be a boring listen.  Why? … Thunder’s eleventh studio album they a have definitely roared out of the studio with Rip It Up. An album for Thunder fans who have followed them over three decades and for those discovering them at today. …..  Rip It Up as new fans come under Thunder’s rock spell.”  Read the rest of the review HERE

Erja Lyytinen – Stolen Hearts –  Tuohi Records.  “The only answer as the last notes fade is listen and explore Stolen Hearts again. Why? Stolen Hearts is an album of musical maturity that will remain a firm favourite for years to come in collections of lovers of contemporary blues without boundaries.” Read the rest of the review HERE

Jo Harman – People We Become – Independent:The ten track, superbly crafted album closes out with piano and voice as Lonely Like Me with deep melody and a song that is timeless as we feel the hurt of loneliness and understand the begging for forgiveness as it is part of our own life’s journey. It is why we are the People We Become”. Read the rest of the review HERE

Catfish – Broken Man – Independent:Broken Man is definitely not Broken giving contemporary British Blues that resonates curling around your speakers with sparkling class. …  an album early on in the year that has to be a contender for Blues Album of 2017. This is a blues gem that is multi-faceted and a prism of blue hues that hits you from every direction.” Read the rest of the review HERE

Matt AndersenHonest ManTrue North Records: … The music has a freshness, with a twist of retro and crosses across genres if you love a good song, superb vocals and interesting melodies then Honest Man will be a much-loved addition to your collection of music that is personal and political.” Read the rest of the review HERE

Thorbjorn Risager & The Black Tornado – Change My Game – RUF: “…a studio album that sets down clearly the intent that Thorbjørn Risager & The Black Tornado have once again picked up the baton of creativity and the game has changed for them building on their previous catalogue …. full of freshness as all the skills, dexterity and feel of the eight musicians are used to maximise the blues, rocking funky sound that flows through the album.” Read the rest of the review HERE


Check out the albums reviewed by Bluesdoodles by clicking  Recorded Music Link


This Is The Life I Choose Says Zoe Schwarz Latest Album

This Is The Life I Choose Says Zoe Schwarz Latest Album


 This Is The Life I Choose Says Zoe Schwarz Latest Album



With three studio albums under Zoe Schwarz Blue Commotion’s belt the fourth is definitely not running out of steam, it is full throttle blues. The blues are stylish, a mix of pathos and humour, reflections and looking forward, sadness and hints of joy.

With hundreds of gigs notched up on the road, the miles piling up all shows on an album that reflects the lifestyle of the band This Is the Life I Choose, making music that pleases and makes you sit up and listen. Zoe and the band are getting noticed, the blues is distinctive, fresh and modern without gimmicks and bells but some excellent guitar work from Rob Koral, The pairing of Pete and Paul on Hammond and Drums respectively providing the deep grooves that allow Zoe’s vocals to sparkle. The whole album has a fiery energy and the addition of Sax from Ian Ellis and Andy Urquhart on Trumpet on some of the tracks makes those three tracks pop with a burst of brass power.

Zoe opens with Hold On, and yes we will as she and the band are going to take you on a musical high-ride experience blending blues, jazz and soul into an explosive musical experience.  The whole album has a relaxed feel of a singer and band in harmony with the music they are playing.  The music has a freedom and sense of purpose from the off with the instrumental breaks a listening delight and then the sultry distinctive vocals that are Zoe pulls the track together with lyrics that have something to say.

The second track has a cheeky acoustic beat with lyrics delivered with ironic humour as Zoe sings “high-ho life is sweet because my baby said so” despite being broke, no money to get to a gig, the sax adds to the feeling of desperation of swimming against the tide but we will get there with the support of people we love. The infectious beat and movement through the music continues with People with a dancing/marching beat as the percussion drives the melodic vocals forward with purpose. Every track has a nuanced turn of phrase the fun of delivering the music comes through with the up-lifting I Wanna Get Something Started With You, blues shuffling adds textures and optimistic tones fitting in with the lyrics that ‘Today Is going to be a good day’.

The title track is a reflection of the life of artists, the drive and dedication required to make a success with your own artistry in a corporate environment. Zoe Schwarz Blues Commotion have chosen the blues they want to play, remained true to it and this is an album that delivers. No song is constrained by a set length some are shorter others longer depending on the feel of the music. The feel for me is very very good.

The album has a deep connection with all sides of humanity the eleven originals drawing lyrics from in the main the winning partnership of Zoe Schwarz & Rob Koral with others written by other sources including Pete Feenstra, with his words shaping No Money In My Pocket and Call Of The Night. The mood changes with a harder edge, the riffs are strong raw with anger reflected in Zoe’s snarl as she spits out the lyrics. This number may be surprising for some but as Zoe says “but they shouldn’t be; I was a big Clash and Stranglers fan”…  The poetic shaping of the Call Of The Night is reflected in the stripped down acoustic tone. The poem is allowed to be the star as a hypnotic melody pulls you deep into the night. Stunning.

The album closes with two bonus tracks, first Jack Bruce’s We’re Going Wrong and closing with Feeling Good, summing up perfectly how you feel having listened to Zoe Schwarz Blues Commotion. A commotion everyone will enjoy.

Zoe Schwarz Blue Commotion – This is The Life I Choose – 33 Records


TENpawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

  1. Hold On
  2. My Baby Told Me So
  3. People
  4. Broken
  5. I Wanna Get Something Started With You
  6. Free From You
  7. This is the Life I Choose
  8. Exit
  9. I Can’t Live like That
  10. No Money In My Pocket
  11. Call Of The Night
  12. We’re Going Wrong
  13. Feeling Good

This Is The Life I Choose Says Zoe Schwarz Latest Album

Livewire describing Zoe Schwarz Blue Commotion

Livewire describing Zoe Schwarz Blue Commotion

Livewire describing Zoe Schwarz Blue Commotion

The depth of material available at Zoe Schwarz’s fingertips is demonstrated in Livewire building on the 2015 live album I’ll Be Yours Tonight. Recorded at Chaplin’s Bar, Boscombe, Livewire is alive with passion and emotion as Zoe Schwarz Blue Commotion deliver twelve tracks a mix of covers and songs written by Koral and Schwarz. We are in for a treat as we can share the evening with an audience obviously thrilled to be in the presence of a band that will always entertain.

The energy kicks off as Zoe and the band reveal that The Blues Don’t Scare Me. As on previous outings a true statement, Zoe Schwarz vocals give the blues a textural tone distinct and pure whilst the Blue Commotion harmonise around the lyrics. The two Pauls combine to give the album rhythm and punctuation that acts as a springboard for Zoe’s vocals and Rob Koral’s stellar manipulation of the six-strings. We are in for a treat as an original number gives ways to applause and a Portishead cover Glory Box. The reworking is stylish, accomplished slowing down as stripping back the number and re-forming with the tone of the blues and Zoe’s voice suits the re-working. The other covers have been carefully selected, fitting in with the tone of Livewire and showcasing Zoe’s instantly recognizable voice that purrs, growls and hits the top notes on Jay Hawkins’I Put A Spell On You. This is seductive, alluring and spellbinding. Into the mix we Move Over for Zoe as she takes on the mood and inflections of Janice Joplin, whilst not slavishly copying. The reworking of Bobby Parker’s Blues Gets Off My Shoulder, is slower more considered and suits the Commotion’s style. Into the live mix we have eight originals, penned by the partnership that is at the heart of the band Rob Koral and Zoe Schwarz. The songs all reflect the sound and shaping of the blues to their own unique style. Blues that has a feel of jazz and the clubs that were smoky and down some stairs, mysterious and a hint of something naughty. This though is not blues of the past the lyrics and delivery are contemporary and the fans just love what they do to the Blues. The audience and listeners are definitely In The Mood to sit back and enjoy the music that is grooving all night long. The beat picks up and the feet join in as Rob’s guitar introduces Heartbreak Tears and the vocals that are sung with sultry sadness by Zoe, compelling listening and a clever track drawing the album to a close. Not like all live performances we have an encore, in the shape of a bonus track. They say you can have Too Much Of A Good Thing, well not in the case of Zoe Schwarz Blue Commotion, this is blues that doesn’t rock with electric overkill, it is smooth and has a style that has one foot in a bygone age and the other foot firmly in the here and now. The closing track has humour and a sense of playfulness as Zoe’s vocals plays tag with guitar and we know there is more of this good thing to come. Zoe once again moulds her voice to suit the tempo, pitch and feel of the blues they love to perform and share with the audiences.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD EIGHT pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Zoe Schwarz Blue Commotion – Breaking and Entering – 33 Records

Track Listings

  1. The Blues Don’t Scare Me (Koral/Schwarz)
  2. Glory Box (Portishead)
  3. There’s Only You (Koral/Schwarz)
  4. I Put A Spell On You (Hawkins)
  5. Move Over (Joplin)
  6. I’m In The Mood (Koral/Schwarz)
  7. Come Home Sweet Baby (Koral/Schwarz)
  8. Blues Get Of My Shoulder (Parker)
  9. You Knock Me Out (Koral/Schwarz)
  10. I Won’t Cry Over You (Koral/Schwarz)
  11. Heartbreak Tears (Koral/Schwarz)
  12. Bonus Track – Too Much Of A Good Thing (Koral/Schwarz)

CD Review: Zoe Schwarz Blue Commotion ~ I’ll Be Yours Tonight

FolderThe live album opens with verve with a distinctive and instantly recognisable sound and then Zoe’s vocals hit the airwaves and you can only be listening to the Blues Commotion’s jazz, funk and soul inspired blues that has hints of rocky fire as on the opening number Your Sun Shines Rain. The band creates a sound that zings and every instrument has a role to play creating a carpet of tonal textures for the vocal clarity that is Zoe with a voice that caresses the music making it bend to her emotional will. This is their fourth album, and to ring the changes a live album recorded by Richard Dunning at Tuesday Night Music Club; was this the result of months of careful planning… no it was a snatch opportunity so this lively performance can be enjoyed by the many rather than the lucky few who were at the London club on a November night.

As with any live performance we hear songs that have been recorded in the studio and tonight is no different with Angel Of Mercy, Smile, Let Me Sing The Blues from the acclaimed Exposed album and Liberated Woman, Your Sun Shines Rain, I Believe In You from The Blues Don’t Scare Me.

There is no argument and this album nails it Zoe and the band adore playing live and there is a fluidity in the delivery that can be missed when being recorded in the studio. The rendition of Billie Holiday’s Fine and Mellow; the arrangement by Zoe and Rob Koral slows the pace and adds the jazz to the proceedings that suits Zoe’s approach to singing. Not one of the tracks is just about the vocals the interludes from Peter Whittaker on Hammond are wonderful lightening up the verve as seen on many of the tracks then another layer of six-string magic from the stylish guitar tones from Rob with Paul Robinson on Drums laying down a deep groove that allows everyone to explore the musical map they are creating and have fun. The addition of Si Generao on harmonica ad tenor saxophone from Ian Ellis and trumpeter Andy Urquhart means that around every musical bar there is a gem of sweet blues.

This is Zoe and The Blue Commotion sharing the music they love and connect to and the crowds enjoyed every moment we know because the warm applause can be heard reflecting the warm deep emotional tone that Zoe brings to every song she sings coming towards the end of a balanced live album is Beatitudes that is full of gospel soul driven emotion that will always make you sit up and listen.

Live music has that special edge and you can have Zoe and her band playing live where ever you go with this album that captures the heart and soul of the blue Commotion.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD EIGHT doodle paws out of TEN ….pawprint half inch

Zoe Schwarz Blue Commotion ~ I’ll Be Yours Tonight – 33 Records
Track Listing

1. Your Sun Shines Rain (Koral/Schwarz)
2. Fine and Mellow (Holiday arr. Koral & Schwarz)
3. Let Me Sing The Blues (Koral/Schwarz)
4. Smile (Koral/Schwarz)
5. Angel of Mercy (Koral/Schwarz)
6. Liberated Woman (Koral/Schwarz)
7. We’ll Find A Way (Koral/Schwarz)
8. Say It Isn’t So (Koral/Schwarz)
9. I Believe In You (Koral/Schwarz)
10. I’ll Do Anything (Koral/Schwarz)
11. Beatitudes (Koral/Schwarz)
12. Take Me Back (Koral/Schwarz)

Zoe Schwarz & Blue Commotion ~ Exposed – CD Review

exposed-fcZoe Schwarz Blue Commotion
33 Records

This is an album crossing the genre river and flows with quality as the band and Zoe dip into Jazz, Blues, Soul and Rock. It is Zoe’s voice that drives the shape of every track, this she is able to do as the musicians that surround her can up the beat, slow it down or just give a subtle accompaniment. This is demonstrated in the opening track Angel of Mercy – where Zoe’s voice is that of a loving kitten and then with the flick of the drum stick the volume and passion rises as she shapes the music around the lyrics.

This is an album that like all fine music gains another dimension every time you listen to it and you hear another shade, or appreciate the hidden majesty of the harp playing on Let’s Explain, this because the first time you are captivated by the lyrical story being told as Zoe gives almost a perfect response to Billie Holiday’s Don’t Explain. Rob’s guitar playing gives this track a real Blues-Jazz edge that leaves you swirling with emotions. .. Formidable & So Strong Zoe sings a description of her own vocal talents.

This is an album where Zoe and her Blue Commotion have honed their immense skills to produce an album that has a mixture of a soothing hand on a hot forehead on You’re Not Alone through to the dragon’s fiery vocal breath when Zoe opens up her voice and delivers on tracks such as Let Me Sing The Blues.

I’m Glad is full of soul and is a party tune that gets you up and dancing and will bring a smile to your face as the instrumentation drives the vocals along.
You Knock Me Out has an amazing mix of organ and harp that sets the feel of an imp up to mischief that is followed through by Zoe and then finishing the album with a stylish clap along live blues number Broken Heart Blues. Zoe is queen of the vocals and the Blues Commotion build up the stylish and at times stormy accompaniment making Exposed an album where they all want you to have a fantastic time while listening to their shaping of the blues in delivering thirteen stylish tracks, their most accomplished yet.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD EIGHT doodle paws out of TEN ….pawprint half inch

Zoe Schwarz – Vocals
Rob Koral – Guitar
Pete Whittaker – Hammond Organ
Si Genaro = Harmonica/Backing Vocals
Paul Robinson – Drums/Percussion

Ian Ellis – Tenor Saxaphone
Andy Urquhart Trumpet (Tracks 5, 7, 10 & 11)
Carl Chamberlain – Backing Vocals (track 3)

Track Listing
Angel Of Mercy – (Koral/Schwarz)
Smile – (Koral/Schwarz)
Let Me Sing The Blues – (Koral/Schwarz)
Let’s Explain (Blues For Billie) – (Koral/Schwarz)
You Knock Me Out – (Koral/Schwarz)
Heroes – (Sue Hawker/ Rob Koral)
If I had Wings – (Koral/Schwarz)
I No longer Feel Blue – (Koral/Schwarz)
You’re Not Alone – (Koral/Schwarz)
I’m Glad – (Koral/Schwarz)
I Wonder Who My Next Man Will Be – (Koral/Schwarz)
Fifteen Days – (Koral/Schwarz)
Broken Heart Blues – (Koral/Schwarz)