Static In The Wires Purrs Harley & Kimbro

Static In The Wires Purrs Harley & Kimbro

Static In The Wires Purrs Harley & Kimbro



New album for the New Year from the Americana singer-songwriter Martin Harley and bass player Daniel Kimbro. A winning combination as they twist the blues through the Americana roots acoustic music they play with aplomb.

The album is breathtakingly beautiful as they cast the spell of music emotionally charged, played with style creating Static In The Wire that sends shivers of connectivity through your spine. The winning combination starts with strong lyrics, the power of telling a story through a song and Martin’s guitar with the distinctive sound of the Weissenborn and added to the mix is the double bass blossoming with an array of sounds and tones under the skilful guidance of Daniel Kimbro.

Opening with One Horse Town, a perfect introduction for the next fifty minutes of music that simply delights. Sit back breath slowly and relax as the eleven tracks have a special quality the music static that makes the hairs stand up to attention at the back of your neck. One Horse Town has a country fair feel that something exciting is going to happen around the corner with its jaunty beat of a juke joint piano.

The dynamic sound the duo creates for the album that was tracked live at Wow & Flutter studios in East Nashville filled out with a selection of guests adding their shades to the static Harley & Kimbro create. The guests includes Jerry Douglas, Derek Mixon and Micah Hulsher and they add extra depth to the sound. The drums which sounded great in the kitchen, listen very careful and the sound of the freight train synonymous with the blues can be heard in the background.

With the music as lush and as precious as this roots delight it’s not surprising to find Gold. They reach deep into your emotional soul to root out gold that doesn’t glitter, is not cold metal but a moment of golden opportunity.

The album speeds up with the spinning and weaving of a melodic tone with Eastern allure as we are found Dancing on The Rocks. Another story the lyrics are the soul the melody the beating heart as we trace our fingers along the static wire. The pathos of This Little Bird that I tired of singing is reflected in the stark melody sharp and cruel as Martin’s vocals explore the feeling of the bird. A sad and poignant number with a chorus that pulls you deep into the song’s lyrics, this could be about any of us when tired of all that life throws at us.

Closing with Daniel Kimbro’s deep bass strings reverberating and Martin Harley intoning the vocals the song is dark deep and full of blues as in the Mean Old City – part 2.  The track is full of rhythmic tones and the guitar interrupting with a purity and a lighter feel. An album full of good solid lyrics and shapes of music from people this is folk that sings the blues.

Static In The Wire is proof perfect that slow, carefully formed acoustic music picking up traditional styles is not boring. It is full of deep emotions, coloured by experience, using the tones inherent in the instruments and engaging with the listener. Static In The Wires is timeless and for now and forever, Like  A Postcard From Hamburg will always be treasured by the owner.

Static In The Wires Purrs Harley & Kimbro

Martin Harley & Daniel Kimbro – Static In the Wires – del Mundo Records

EIGHTpawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

  1. One Horse Town
  2. Feet
  3. Don’t Fail Me (feat. Jerry Douglas)
  4. Postcard From Hamburg
  5. Gold
  6. Sweet & Low
  7. My Lover’s Arms
  8. Dancing On The Rocks
  9. Trouble
  10. This Little Bird
  11. I Need A Friend
  12. Mean Old City

Static In The Wires Purrs Harley & Kimbro

Martin Harley ~ On Tour in UK 2015

Martin Harley and Daniel Kimbro - 'Live at Southern Ground' - cover (300dpi)MARTIN HARLEY AND DANIEL KIMBRO

With the wonderful album LIVE AT SOUTHERN GROUND Out now on CD, Vinyl & DL Read what Bluesdoodles said HERE this is just a snippet – “The whole album is as perfect as a sun ripened peach full of juicy musical snippets and lyrics that keep the music rooted in the blues”

Martin Harley is a supremely talented acoustic roots and blues guitarist, singer and songwriter with a burgeoning global reputation.

Live at Southern Ground, his eagerly anticipated new album, was recorded in Nashville in collaboration with Daniel Kimbro (Jerry Douglas, Larkin Poe) on upright bass.

As Martin explains “I wanted to make something representative of where I’m at musically at the moment with an album that reflects on the last year solo and duo touring. Daniel and I met in Knoxville through a mutual friend… he handed me his card which read… ‘alright guitar player… good upright bass player’ … an understatement on both parts!”

A mixture of retrospective solo and duo arrangements recorded during an afternoon at the esteemed Southern Ground studio in Nashville, Live at Southern Ground features Martin on Weissenborn… a traditional Hawaiian acoustic guitar played across the lap, resonators and archtops, and of course Daniel Kimbro on upright bass.

“It’s a simple, honest and direct album with no overdubs in a warm sounding room with some great microphones and two new friends playing a few songs over a cold beer or two” says Martin. “There’s a great feeling when you click with someone. It frees you up to experiment with the arrangement and the dynamic of a song.”

Live at Southern Ground follows on from Martin’s five previously acclaimed albums, most recently Mojo Fix in 2012. Along with many years of international touring and countless festivals Martin has built a strong international fan-base across the globe.

Renowned for his prowess as a slide guitarist, Martin is almost unique in the UK in his playing lap slide. During year-round worldwide touring he’s absorbed a plethora of diverse influences, honing his craft into the classic songwriting style he possesses today.
Martin Harley · Solo UK Tour November-December 2015

Martin will be touring solo across the UK during November and December and a duo tour with Daniel is scheduled for March 2016.

Martin Harley Solo UK Tour – Winter 2015


Thursday 12th Blue Sky Café, Bangor N. Wales
Friday 13th The Atkinson, Southport
Saturday 14th The Independent, Sunderland
Sunday 15th The Met, Bury
Tuesday 17th Komedia, Brighton
Wednesday 18th The Convent, Stroud
Thursday 19th Ropsley Village Hall, Ropsley, Lincs
Friday 20th Rolleston Village Hall, Rolleston, Notts
Saturday 21st Treswell Village Hall, Treswell, Notts
Sunday 22nd Victoria Hall, Settle, N. Yorks
Monday 23rd Henry Tudor House, Shrewsbury
Tuesday 24th Junction 2, Cambridge
Thursday 26th Octagon Chapel, Norwich
Friday 27th Fairkytes Arts Centre, Hornchurch
Saturday 28th West End Centre, Aldershot
Sunday 29th Chapel Arts Centre, Bath


Thursday 3rd The Railway, Winchester
Friday 4th The David Hall, Barnstable
Saturday 5th Barnstable Guildhall, Barnstable
Sunday 6th The Old Grammar School, Truro
Thursday 10th River Cottage, Axminster

Rag Mama Rag – Review @ Barry – March 2013

Rag Mama Rag - Barry -  March 2013 - _0045l

Another evening of Acoustic delights at West End Club Barry, local acoustic artist Cal Newman got the proceedings going and the atmosphere warm before ‘Rag Mama Rag‘s’ set which promised from the off to be a little bit different as there was an array of instruments on the stage and a pair of musicians. Ashley Dow, (Henderson Acoustic Guitar, National & Dobro Resonator Bottleneck Guitars, Weissenborn Acoustic Lap Steel, Ukulele and Vocals) with Deborah Dow, (Harmonica, Washboard, Percussion, Spoons and Backing Vocals); they utilised the full plethora of instruments during the two set show demonstrating their skills and how each instrument adds something to the party of Country Blues or Back Porch Blues. This duo takes you back to a period when music was played to entertain without a myriad of effects and is Americana from the 1920’s and 1930’s with their mix of Mississippi Blues, East Coast Ragtime, White Country, mixed in with other regional styles delivering a mix of covers and their own compositions.

This accomplished duo did a great version of Skip James’ ‘Hard Time Killin’ Floor Blues’ along with a range of songs from their wide ranging repertoire. The enthusiastic audience participation during a real sing-a-long number ‘No Matter How She Done It’ helped to create a great atmosphere. The second set opened with a Hawaiian Guitar 1860’s instrumental, ‘Rally Round The Flag’, displaying the intricacy of this instrument played with a steel bar creating its own unique sound. All the songs were performed with enthusiasm wit and passion but like their name ‘Rag Mama Rag’ was ragtime tunes which suited their instruments and voices so well as demonstrated in ‘The Hesitation Blues’ by Rev Gary Davies and the great audience participation by the very willing crowd at The West End Club who definitely had fun during the well known and much loved ‘Jitterbug Rag’. The set was very interesting and thoughtful & well structured with a mix of Americana styles including an Appalachian tune, hill music often gets neglected in many musicians set lists, the great dance number ‘Little Liza Jane’; was such fun to listen to and more acoustic acts should explore this rich vein of songs and tunes.

Once again Mike Duggan achieved a great live music event, with a packed room, great act, good choice of beers at the West End Club looking forward to the next gig already – Derrin Nauendorf with Rick Foot at The West End Club on Friday 19th April – contact Mike or on 07561143114.

A preview of what you can enjoy on the 19th April 2013:-