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A reminder that there are just two weeks left to make sure that you have had your say in deciding who are the winners in the inaugural FORM UKBlues Awards.

Already many thousands of votes have been cast. UKBluesFederation thanks, everyone who has shown their support for what the UKBlues Federation is doing with these new Awards.

UKBlues Federation is delighted to say that by and large, people have been playing by the rules, we even sorted out the anomaly mentioned in our last Newsletter and confirmed that the votes were genuine and that they have been counted!

There are those who have suggested that they have been over-zealous with our security measures but they would, almost certainly, be the first to cry foul if our system was less robust.

Overall the UKBluess Federation is delighted that so many people have complimented us on the robust steps we have and are taking to ensure that the Awards have integrity and credibility. We also congratulate the management of some of the finalists for mobilising their teams and fanbases.

It has taken a great deal of work to set up a bespoke voting system and to keep a watchful eye on the voting process and our thanks go to the Board members, and others, undertaking this. When voting closes we will be carrying out a major data analysis and, we will be contacting those whose entries are flagged up as potentially suspicious to verify them, or otherwise!

If you have already cast your votes, thank you. Both we and the finalists appreciate your support.

If you have yet to join in, then you should be aware that there is a simple, two-step process to do so.

First, you must register and you can do this by visiting where you will be asked to create a username, a password and supply your first and last names and e-mail address. You will then be asked to prove you are not a robot and, assuming your registration is accepted, will be taken to the voting page.

If you have any problems with this process, there is a help e-mail address shown on the Registration page which you can contact for assistance.

All the finalists in the 17 categories are detailed on the Finalists page  – where you will also find links to their websites and, where appropriate, video of the artists/acts so that you can familiarise yourself with all the finalists.

Share Valentines Love VOTE Today FORMUKBlues Awards

But remember, voting closes at midnight GMT 28th February 2018

Share Valentines Love VOTE Today FORMUKBlues Awards

UKBlues Awards Venue & Club Nominations Are Open

UKBlues Awards Venue & Club Nominations Are Open

UKBlues Awards Venue & Club Nominations are OPEN!

As an integral part of the UKBlues Federation inaugural Blues Awards, celebrating Blues across the UK have one category open to anybody to nominate. The category is The Blues Club/Venue of The Year Award. This is your opportunity to nominate the club or venue that regularly provides you with the opportunity to hear quality Blues. Without these special places live music would not be able to thrive, audiences would not be able to share their love of Blues with friends, fans and often to meet the musicians that bring so much joy. How do you do this? A summary that describes why you are nominating the club/venue this should not be more than 150 words.




The nomination period for the inaugural UKBlues Awards runs through to midnight on 15th January 2018.

The Blues Club/Venue of the Year Award is open to nominations from anybody – and this is your chance to nominate your favourite place that you visit to see and hear great blues in 2017 for a UKBlues Award.

Nominations for this award are being invited from blues lovers at large and must be accompanied by a summary, not exceeding 150 words, describing why you are nominating the club/venue, the contribution it makes to the blues in the UK, the people that run it, the exceptional ambience, etc.

Before submitting your nomination, please ensure that you read the following notes:

1. The submission must also be accompanied by the name, address, telephone number and e-mail address of the person making the submission.

2. All nominees must be within the UK

For fuller details and to make sure that your nominations meet the eligibility criteria of the UKBlues Awards, please visit the Rules page of the Awards website – where you can also check out the full rules etc.

You should submit your nomination to us at and if you have any queries or difficulties, please do not hesitate to contact us at the same address.

Your nomination can only be submitted during the nomination period 18th December 2017 to midnight 15th January 2018. Any nominations submitted outside this period will not be considered.

You may only submit one nomination for this category. Any attempt to submit nominations more than once will lead to your nomination being disallowed and you being excluded from nominating for the UKBlues Awards.

Find out more about the UKBlues Awards Check out the Website UKBlues Awards


 UKBlues Awards Venue & Club Nominations Are Open