2nd Hereford Blues Festival Announced November 2017

2nd Hereford Blues Festival Announced November 2017


2nd Hereford Blues Festival Announced November 2017

Building on the success of the inaugural Hereford Blues Festival held in 2016, the event is back for its second year at The Left Bank, Hereford on Saturday 18th November 2017.



The music will be full of  British Blues from bands & artist who delight the crowds whenever and wherever they play as Hereford Blues Festival firmly plants itself on the Blues Calendar.

The 2017 line-up is full of energy  with the bands making sure this will be a day of music from the beginning to the end. One thing for certain the crowds will not want the music to stop!

The acts playing for your delight from 1:00 pm – 12:00 pm are:

Red Butler
Kyla Brox Band
Tommy Allen’s Trafficker
Della Grants
The Rainbreakers
Troy & Violet Redfern

Advance tickets are £15 and are available here



2nd Hereford Blues Festival Announced November 2017

Join Troy Redfern With A Dirt Blues Ritual

Join Troy Redfern With A Dirt Blues Ritual


Join Troy Redfern With A Dirt Blues Ritual


Opening with a raw driving beat with the signature slide cruising with a gritty determination across Ain’t No Judgement Day. Troy Redfern is a powerhouse of blues that forces you to look up listen and enjoy you are in for a ride full of swerves and fast exciting chords as you sit back and let Dirt Ritual Blues flow out of the speakers and connect with your musical radar.

Cold Light Of Day follows The Brave and the fortune of the album builds with a Southern-infused slide from Troy combined with his gravel tones as the words spit out in perfect harmony with the raw guitar and rhythm section. Jelly Roll opens with a cascading flow of notes with a Rock n’ Roll beat that gets the feet tapping and dancers dancing like the whole album the lyrics are strong and this is a welcome addition to Troy’s rollercoaster, driving the album.  It the midst of the mayhem, Troy slows it down with a country whirl of the guitar with On The Skin, with the guitar reverberating in what feels like a vast open space; reflecting that many of the guitar parts were recorded in a World War Two water tower to capture the vast reverb that space has, with a 1958 Harmony Stratotone being the guitar of choice for 80% of the record.

With a harmonic of guitar strings, with a feel of early cowboy films, wide spaces and two antagonists as Revelator opens. Then the instruments are pulled in with Troy’s vocals and we are on a ride through biblical proportions.

The album is a welcome outing after the 2015 release of Backdoor Hoodoo. Stays true to the high-octane slide driven blues that Troy is renowned for. Pure Raw Blues with its mix of slide and boogie shows a musician maturing with stronger lyrics and a swagger of confidence from performing the material live. The album is anything but homespun despite being written, recorded and produced by Troy in his home studio in the Radnor hills up on the Welsh border. It is a recording with a live sound of a musician who believes in the music he and the band are creating. What band? – Why Troy Redfern who played Drums, Bass and Guitar this is a solo enterprise with a band’s heart.  Troy is in total control. Must be Sign Of The Times… no not that one, a true Troy track. Closing with Walls Are Falling, we are left with one certainty, walls will not be collapsing around the raw blues the Troy plays, it will be the doors opening to welcome him in to perform live, raw and definitely a dangerous and exciting ride with Troy and his guitar.

Fifteen original tracks, raw as whisky straight from the still, kicking open the speaker to fill the void with blistering slide, gritty guitar and vocals that growl and spit out lyrics with and intensity that creates the fifteen track listening experience that is Dirt Blues Ritual. Make it your ritual to turn it up loud and play often.

Troy Redfern – Dirt Blues Ritual

EIGHTpawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

  1. Ain’t No Judgement Day
  2. Born to Lose
  3. The Brave
  4. Cold Light of Day
  5. I See Love
  6. Jelly Roll
  7. The Line
  8. My Time Ain’t Long
  9. On the Skin
  10. Ray Gun
  11. Revelator
  12. Shine Your Light
  13. Sign of the Times
  14. Time’s Gonna Wash You Away
  15. Walls are Falling

Troy Redfern Band ~ Backdoor Hoodoo

819nxt6bzsL._SY355_This is an album the hits the speakers loud and running fast this is no chugging freight train of a sound it is a “Speedy Locomotive” as the words say on the opening track It Stacks; this is a blues song with a train theme that rocks with a driving full blown energy. That said the lyrics are not lost in the maelstrom of kicking guitar and can this momentum run throughout Backdoor Hoodoo or will the quality displayed in the first four minutes run out of steam? The album is a celebration of raw slide guitar. Mean and no backdoor gentleness this is playing for the twenty-first century as the guitar slides over the blues spectrum and the vocals sear with emotion bottled and spat out. This is a band that wants to set their mark as being contemporary; Troy’s vocal cadences growl with a distinctive range that melds with guitar, the rhythm section with Alex Bridge drumming and bassist Stuart McDonald gel together creating a whole sound that you want to listen to. Salvation the third track allows you to take a breather the paces slows but this is nothing pedestrian as you hear the tonal power of his voice and you certainly do not want saving from the music that is rocking good blues as What Goes Around demonstrates. The album is not dominated by slide the guitar howls as the six-strings reverberate the emotion that Troy pours in to the music on War Cry, it just connects to your music radar. As so often it seems that one of my favourite tracks on the album is the shortest, this is a cut down Lamb Of Zion Troy, and guitar full of flair and style and no place to hide. Contrasting with the title track that preceded it add the tonal texture and change to an album that needs to make a listener take notice. We are back flying down his trade mark helter-skelter break-neck speed playing with Back Home; that just doesn’t have the verve of other tracks perhaps it is just the train gathering up its energy. And the last four tracks are spot on as the album drives to the finale This Raging Heart that has twisted the blues with rock and created an industrial sound that will shock many and delight those who want music with attitude and something to say.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD EIGHT doodle paws out of TEN ….

Troy Redfern Band ~ Backdoor Hoodoo – Blues Boulevard Records.

Track Listing

1. It Stacks Fast
2. The Other Side
3. Salvation
4. Wildfire
5. What Goes Around
6. War Cry
7. Backdoor Hoodoo
8. Lamb of Zion
9. Back Home
10. Running With Ghosts
11. Survive
12. Cold Day In Hell
13. This Raging Heart