Live Music Came Outta The Swamp to Play The Louisiana

Live Music Came Outta The Swamp to Play The Louisiana, Bristol.

Live Music Came Outta The Swamp to Play The Louisiana



Live Music Came Outta The Swamp to Play The Louisiana, Bristol.Live Music Came Outta The Swamp to Play The Louisiana. Who came outta the swamp? It had to be Big Boy Bloater and the Limits bringing Luxury Hobo to Bristol tonight. Opening the Friday live music delight was Ruzz Evans, flying solo tonight. His rockabilly guitar-fueled the energy. Creating that end of the week vibe. As he showcased numbers form his two albums with some spicy instrumentals.  Ruzz set the scene for Big Boy Bloater with his energetic mix of Rock n’ Roll, Bo Diddley and a twist of Country.

The room was full with a dark and atmospheric upstairs at The Louisiana, Bristol. Nothing subtle about these hard-edges hard-hitting blues. Bog Boy really got the crowd going with his unique interaction with the audience full of smiles, stories and the raising of his can with a hearty cheer.  A real gruff voice with lyrics that were as clear as a bell booming out. The Limits supporting provided a rhythmic base for the melodies of his guitar to fly. Creating a harmonious and heady mix of British R & B.

Live Music Came Outta The Swamp to Play The Louisiana, Bristol.Live Music Came Outta The Swamp to Play The Louisiana, Bristol.The drumming was superb from Matt Cowley, with a different drum set creating a distinctive and contemporary sound even with judicious use of a cowbell on the nearest thing to a title track of the current album Luxury Hobo Blues. The bassist Steve Oates add a throaty growl and rhythms that shaped the sound that was being created building the tension. Every note curling around the guitar of Big Boy Bloater.

Big Boy Bloater has a distinctive style. He exudes confidence as he explores the darker side of thinking. Never dampening the mood whether singing about murder or neurosis. This is due in no small part to his easy conversation with the audience sharing insights behind the numbers. With another song from Luxury Hobo. I Got The Feeling Someone’s Watching Me. He instills the gothic horror movie, with tension and the feeling that something is just about to happen. Great song, fantastic vibe live music that excites, intrigues and energises.

Live Music Came Outta The Swamp to Play The Louisiana, Bristol.

Now he may have a new album out early this year but the heart of the set was five new numbers. Forewarning his fans that another album is around the corner that is if these songs are representative going to be exciting with more Big Boy Bloater stories to be told.

A true story kicked this part of the set-off. Love and betrayal explored on She Didn’t Even Buy a Ticket. The drugs that keep us going are explored on Pills and on Unnaturally Charming a deep and heavy number with the slide that adds to the mood as we look into a murder’s mind. Then a highlight of the evening a wonderful shuffle with The Saturday Night Desperation Shuffle.

Time we were now deep in the clutches of the music. With Rocket Surgery a perfect way of addressing some technology gremlins we moved on to Robot Girlfriend.

Yes, Friday night we were Insanely Happy listening to the music that made you want to dance and smile. Far too soon it was the last song. Few minutes silence and then the encore It Came Outta The Swamp. What a highlight to leave us with. What a night of music to kick-start the weekend.

Now, this is live music and sometimes the band brings gremlins into the venue. Tonight BBB was beset with technology gremlins including his vintage amp deciding it needed a rest. The consummate professional, keeping the vibe going with quips and working through the issues. This did not dim the enthusiasm of the audience. This is live music we like the unexpected. Tonight, everybody went home happy having heard some brilliant contemporary blues-tinged R n’ B.

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Live Music Came Outta The Swamp to Play The Louisiana, Bristol.

Big Boy Bloater On Tour Arrives at The Louisiana Bristol

Big Boy Bloater On Tour Arrives at The Louisiana Bristol

Big Boy Bloater On Tour Arrives at The Louisiana Bristol

Some say he came out of the swamp. The truth is; the number is  It Came Outta The Swamp.  Check out this clever video below.  It Came Outta The Swamp is just one of the superb tracks on Big Boy Bloater & The Limits album Luxury Hobo. Bluesdoodles has listened and agrees this is a soundscape of what many of us feel but do not have the talent to encapsulate in a 4-minute display of blues that may not be pure but is definitely mean dirty and very good. Read more to find out why the album was a perfect TEN – HERE


Now you have read the review of the album, watched the video. Next move os to go and hear Big Boy Bloater and The Limits LIVE! The Band is out around the country September & October.

22nd September SHOREHAM Ropetackle Arts Centre
23rd September GRAVESEND: Bluesrock Fest, Red Lion
29th September BRISTOL: The Louisiana
30th September NEWBURY: Arlington Arts Centre
5th October NOTTINGHAM The Maze
6th October GLASGOW Stereo
7th October PRESTON The Continental 18th Beer Festival****
7th October BIRMINGHAM The Dark Horse
12th October SHEFFIELD The Greystones
13th October DARLINGTON The Forum
14th October HULL New Adelphi

**** Continental *** change of gig *** NOW headlining the Beer Fest – if you have a ticket already you will receive a refund of the difference on the door.

Looking forward to Big Boy Bloater at The Louisiana in Bristol on 29th September 2017 – Check out the Event, buy a ticket it will be so much fun – HERE

Bluesdoodles reviews & INterview with Big Boy Bloater:

Luxury Hobo CD review HERE

Interview with Big Bot Bloater HERE


Big Boy Bloater On Tour Arrives at The Louisiana Bristol



Bristol – Trio of Bands, Women, Punk Revival and Politics

Bristol - Trio of Bands, Women, Punk Revival and Politics

Trio of Bands, Women, Punk Revival and Politics

Opening the proceedings of a night organised by Victoria Bourne of Husky Tones are a young band Drunken Butterfly. The trio is retro punk with modern lyrics. At times it was so retro it was nostalgic, bring back memories (well for the older members) of a diverse audience at The Louisiana tonight.

Tonight the trio bought energy as they performed their own numbers form current EP and a cover of PJ Harvey a big inspirational force on Darcie, bassist & vocalist, Alice guitarist & Katie on drums summing up the power behind them with the slogan Girls Unite. The band is raw and youthful as they open tonight’s proceedings; With Sister, Not all Men and Socialist in The City, title track of the EP with confidence they played a new number performing it live for the first time tonight,; Good Bye Union, reflecting on Brexit. Drunken Butterfly with hints of many bands from the past including Poly Styrene have the potential to make a noise that will be long appreciated on the music scene.

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Bristol Trio of Bands, Women , Punk Revival and PoliticsNext Husky Tones, a duo that re-defines what combining  vocals, guitar and drums can achieve. Tonight the music was loud, punk-blues fitting in with the evening. Victoria Bourne & Chris Harper have a wide catalogue, always shaping the music to the audience.  Opening with Round The Wrekin from the inspirational album Who Will I Turn To Now. The title track a salutary tale of the reality of the UK benefits system in 2017.  The music fell out of the speakers with spirited, raw attitude from the power of the sticks and the sublime edgy and raw licks of the guitar. . Momentum; one of the highlights live with the combination of Victoria’s drumming, vocals, strong lyrics and  deep chugging rhythm from Chris’ guitar.  The upbeat party vibe lifted the mood These Hips Are Made For You, fast furious and still angry hence ‘punk-blues. Short set, including to celebrating living in Bristol for six-years a Portishead cover, Glory Box they may have sung the lyric-‘ I’m so tired, of playing’, truth is we never tire of listening to the duo that is never afraid to stretch the blues with punk and fun.

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Bristol Trio of Bands, Women , Punk Revival and PoliticsClosing the night, the legendary Rita Lynch. Rita has sung punk since the days in London with her own band in the 1980’s. He fame rose as  bassist in Bristol band Blue Aeroplanes. Her music is always edgy politically motivated and so much more. Rita creates sonic imaginary as she explores social, philosophical thoughts and sexuality . Music with a clear message.  Closing with an authentic true Punk Rock sound with hefty chords, great rhythm guitar from Rita tonight augmented her voice as she stood on tip toes to deliver here recognizable sound.  The set was accomplished weaving in tones of Patti Smith, Pat Rook and The Kinks. A very infectious sound played by a top-notch performer.  The set list was full of numbers and we were left wanting to hear more; opening with Tied To You , with hope and losing included this was a set where the lyrics covered the hurt and never-ending cycle of life, at the heart Hope. We all say thank you Pandora for leaving that in the box.

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Tonight, we heard three bands united by feminist lead attitude. Led by three strong musicians who happen to be women and for once women on the stage outnumbered the men.  A great night of local music celebrating beliefs, hope and above all punk inspired entertaining sounds and lyrics that cut through to the heart of the issues. Long live music and welcome the day when fairness and equality is a reality not a hope.

Duke Garwood @ The Louisianna, Bristol

San Duke Garwood -Louisiana  Apr 2015- _0031lDuke Garwood
The Louisiana Bristol

The evening was sunny and bright full of hot April sunshine, but before the music time to sit and have a conversation with Duke about his music, influences and ambitions.

Duke Garwood, a musician to the core from Kent is a bluesman who delivers in the studio with solo albums and through many collaborations.

Currently finishing a tour, tonight is his penultimate show and onwards to London to finish this road trip promoting his latest album Heavy Love, that is full of musical artistry blues with an edge and receiving critical acclaim – read Bluesdoodles Review here.

Bluesdoodles asked: <strong>What is your inspiration when writing and playing your music?
Duke: I listen to loads of stuff, I hear lots of snatches spoken words, overheard conversations, and this all distils and turns around in my head. I then, when in the right place, sit down in silence and the music comes to the guitar. So it is the melody first? Yes, often in a way it is doodling of sound and the words that fit.

B: How do you define yourself?
Duke: That is difficult, not as a Singer/songwriter, nor do I want to be boxed into a genre. I have a high ambition of being a Music Maker. I have to work hard to create as it is easy to get lazy, hence different projects’ all helping to create a sound and style that define who I am and the philosophy I live by. I do have to work hard and that keeps me motivated and not falling into a style that is safe but not pushing my own and musical boundaries.
B: Tell the readers a little bit about your guitars?
Duke: On the road I have two loyal hollow body guitars a Gibson and a Harmony; when I am recording any that are around will do! I have nothing special in terms of pick-ups using P90 pickups and heavy gauge strings, pedals, I keep special effects limited with four pedals including my favourite Reverb.

B: How do you keep motivated on the road?
Duke: I like to travel, see different towns and cities, road closures and traffic can be hard work but the high point is the music, doing the show every time. Music is what it is all about and travel is part of being a musician you have to accept.

B: Who were your original Musical Inspirations?
Duke: I loved the early blues musicians and when I was 17 years old I heard Jimi Hendrix again and I was inspired to pick up and play the guitar. Why? Because Jimi Hendrix orchestrated with the guitar he made the music ‘classical’, gave it a wide-angle view in a sense it was a cinematic sound. Definitely from the blues guitarists, for example John Lee Hooker played the world creating a world, sending a chill down the spine, but the music was as an accompaniment to the words. I already played piano, and was at that time bored by stuff and this energised me. Then there were wordsmiths like Tom Waits. I was also inspired by music heard elsewhere, I loved movie music, it tells a story, I found an advert inspiring when at the Cinema in Bromley, Kent it was an advert for Pepe Jeans, visual a mix of Jeans and beautiful people but the guitar intro, with no words at the time I didn’t know it was The Smiths, How Soon Is Now; with the Cinema sound it was an amazing sound; I wanted to make music with the same scope with massive space.

B: Your latest Album Heavy Love; is there a track or tracks that you really pleased with?
Duke: The album I was delighted with every track they all worked well together creating an album, Disco Lights is the track I would pick out as being especially pleased with. There is no filler track, it took time to put together in fact I have eight more tracks, good enough to be included on another record.

B: You have an album you are delighted with, receiving great reviews and a tour nearing the end what plans have you got?
Duke: I would love to tour USA and have that as a goal and Europe is a definite and to write another album with Mark Lanegan. There are dates organised during the summer and festivals including Latitude and Red Rooster either with the band or solo. I have projects in the pipeline with other people and then there are always the jam sessions with other musicians this keeps you musically sharp as you may play the same tune it is refreshed. When playing your own songs are important they are kept fresh. In the immediate future, complete the tour and re-charge the batteries.

B: Thanks for your time looking forward to the show later this evening.

Duke Garwood @ The Louisiana, Bristol

San Moritizz -Louisiana  Apr 2015- _0002lOpening the show tonight was San Moritzz, a solo artist behind his leopard skin draped keyboards, the sound began with layers of electronics and the track never ended – was it one tune, in which case I could see the elements, or more than one track strung together? This keyboard dominated electro-music using a synthesiser and pedals had a very 1980’s sound, tinges of Human League Unlimited Orchestra. There was an atmosphere created and he was appreciated by many in the audience. For me it was music that almost connected but after a searing anthem, there was discord something for me is missing vocals or even a projected backdrop to give the sounds a visual context. For me I didn’t get the music it was instrumental and mute, not a word was spoken introducing the music giving a track explanation and then he left the stage without a word I was definitely confused; though the music was definitely played well and experimental.

San Duke Garwood -Louisiana  Apr 2015- _0026lQuick, break and Duke Garwood and his band stepped onto that stage and the anticipation went up as many had heard his music on previous visits to Bristol. The crowd in the room over the bar filled and the guitars struck the first note, with Duke up front with vocals and guitar and Paul V. May on Drums and John J. Presley on guitars, this touring trio understood each other and the music being delivered; and we had talking communication between stage and audience and the vocals; much more my sort of music.

San Duke Garwood -Louisiana  Apr 2015- _0007lDuke’s guitar with the heavy gauge strings means that the lack of a bass guitarist is not an issue as the range of tones needed to create balance were present. The music was stripped down, creating an earthy sound rich in the heritage of blues, folk, and given a modern cutting edge that suited the vocal tones that reminded me of Jim Morrison.
Tonight was about showcasing tracks from his latest album; Heavy Love; this is not done with a hard sale, as there is a humbleness about Duke, he wants you to enjoy, relate to and understand his music far more than doing a sales pitch for the music for sale. He is a singer/songwriter that knows how to deliver his music so that the eclectic demographic in the crowd could all enjoy the music being performed, it made a change to see such a wide range of ages at a live music venue; all enjoying the same music. The title track Heavy Love works well, live in an intimate venue delivered by this trio of modern musical troubadours, Dukes vocals have power, not through shouting but the way his voice curls around the words and are delivered with a whispered intensity. We have audience harmonious Woow and then the track Disco Lights given an outing that again added to the mood of the venue and created a full musical delight. Interspersed through the set are tracks from previous albums and the link between Duke and the audience gets stronger, the guitar at times sweet, other times mystical and even creates a feeling of the desert, there is nothing dry in the delivery full of tones and textures that enchant every listener who collectively create a silent backdrop for Duke to play against. The guitar delivered by Duke is recognisable as he lingers and hangs on the notes then creating space for the reverb pedal to feel the room. The guitar of Duke with its heavy reverb filled the space and vibrated its musical essence around the venue imitating the chilled laid back overtones of Duke’s vocals. I loved his rendition of Hawaiian Death Valley and the collection of songs just kept going. With a demand for an encore we were rewarded with more time in Dukes’ company and then the stage lights went dark and the Duke roadshow moved on. So until the next time.

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