Dan Patlansky Stunning Guitar Returns to The Globe

Dan Patlansky Stunning Guitar Returns to The Globe

Dan Patlansky Stunning Guitar Returns to The Globe



Back in Cardiff town again South African, guitar wizard, Dan Patlansky who invited Ash Wilson to join the May party as his special guest. A definite winning combination full of textured, tasty guitar that exploring the Blues.

Dan Patlansky Stunning Guitar Returns to The GlobeBy the number of Dan Patlansky T-shirts on display in the audience at The Globe; they had come to be entertained by the renowned guitar spectacular that is his trademark. Before, that Ash Wilson and his band took to the stage, to a venue that was slowly filling up. For the majority Ash was an unknown, the audience didn’t know what to expect. The result was a happy crowd, who enjoyed the opening numbers that gave justice to his debut album Broken Machine. Ash is a great performer letting the guitar and lyrics tell the story. It was a shame that the acoustic dampened the vocals. Ash did not disappoint with a rhythm section that set the shape of the blues he was displaying. On bass Steve Amadeo stepping into Roger Inniss shoes and Tristan Poole on drums. With a short strong set five songs from Broken Machine and closing with a Michael Jackson workout. Every number had persuasive listenability, with strong lyrics it is a dramatic slow blues ballad, domestic abuse through the eyes of a woman. It was the stand out moment.  The Wilson machine is definitely not broken the guitar delivering across the six strings.



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The Globe was buzzing with the hum of contentment; they had heard blues shuffle, slow blues and those with a rocky edge. Now for the main event.

Dan Patlansky Stunning Guitar Returns to The GlobeIn a few words. Majestic, scintillating jaw-dropping good, describes an Patlansky tonight. Tonight was a celebration for the acclaimed album Introvertigo. On the last few nights where this album will be centre stage. AS, on his return to South Africa it is back in the studio for another helping of studio work from Patlansky. A mouth-watering prospect, along with and promising to be back this time next year with album in hand.

Back to the live music being played tonight. With a trio of immensely musicians from Hamburg, joing Dan tonight in Cardiff. Smiling, Felix Dehmel with his imaginative and stylish drumming; Johnathan Murphy with his rhythmic bass and adding chords with hidden depths on the keys Tom Gatza and supplying tasty backing vocals.  Dan Patlansky is a blues-rock plays phenomenal guitar on his trusty 1962 Dan Patlansky Stunning Guitar Returns to The GlobeFender Strat ‘Old Red’ joined tonight by a guitar specially made for Slide from California with the maker Michael Couling in the audience to hear his masterpiece played live. Bright blue and cutting a sliding dash.

Opening with a  guitar driven instrumental jam, starting quiet Drone builds, holding the audience spellbound a we all listened in silence, then wham as his he exploded with all guitar cylinders firing, with his latest single from Introvertigo; Sonova Faith. Dan never plays the guitar with just his fingers, his whole body bends into the guitar with the energy flowing into the instrument. It is a workout of mind and body and add into the mix vocals that are strong full of emotional depths. A wonderful rendition of Jimmy Reeds Bright Lights Big City, as we floated on the reworking of this classic blues number. Into this mix we heard Stop The Messin’ and Heartbeat that had the crowds whooping with delight. The slow blues, which as he says is a must on every Dan album tonight was Introvertigo’s Still Wanna Be Your Man. So Dramatic and quite beautiful, clever use of silence then the build up to add drama. The dueling with Tom on keys was just one of the many highlights from this super-talented guitarists. He is one of the most innovative on the circuit.

Dan Patlansky Stunning Guitar Returns to The GlobeWith Backbite and My Chana from the wonderful Dear Silence Thieves album be wanted more. The guitar acrobatics, use of feed back, the power of the whole guitar is no party trick it is an artistry as Dan manipulates every inch of ‘Old Red’ who obliges every time. The band came back for two extended numbers we were awestruck in the presence of a virtuoso on the fender.

Dan Patlansky’s reputation and popularity continues to grow, reflecting the talent grown out of a true infinity with the guitar. All that is left to say Thank-you Dan for the blues and come back to Cardiff very soon.



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Dan Patlansky Stunning Guitar Returns to The Globe

Celebrating St David’s Day The Globe Finds The Answer

Celebrating St David’s Day The Globe Finds The Answer

Celebrating St David’s Day The Globe Finds The Answer


The wind was biting and vicious as we waited for doors to open at The Globe in Cardiff on St David’s night. The Queue was excited The Answer were in town as the long white tour bus parked outside confirmed. Before the mighty Answer would take to the stage with their distinctive blending of rock, with Irish folk to have us rolling with delight in the aisles, (we all wanted to hear our favourite tracks from Solas performed live for us), and to warm us up and build the rock vibe we had not one but two rock acts. First was young guns Calling Apollo.

Celebrating St David’s Day The Globe Finds The AnswerCalling Apollo, a Cardiff-based band certainly made a positive impression. A young band with something to sing about with Christian Neale’s vocals power combined with powerful rhythms and guitars that add a layer of rock chords full of colour and textures. With tracks from the EP they recorded in a bedroom Great Depression Act 1 created an atmosphere as they harnessed their inner placebo.  They certainly woke Celebrating St David’s Day The Globe Finds The Answerthe room up, we were waiting for The Answer and having fun. Then a short change over, the small stage was definitely packed and an Ebbw Vale based alt. rock band, Scarsun strode on the stage with Jessica Irvine’s vocals flowing with a swish of her hair. They were loud, at times the tempo was off and the timing lost. The loudness meant Jessica’s vocals were drowned out and yes we want our metal loud, but it needs tonal shape and balance this was missing tonight. Sadly, did not rock this doodles metal soul.

Celebrating St David’s Day The Globe Finds The AnswerNow for a clearing of the stage, and we waited as the crowds built for the act we wanted to celebrate St David’s day with. The Answer hit the stage to a loud welcoming cheer, and the audience response got louder and even warmer as the show progressed.  Cormac Neeson was on fire as we started the evening with the title track of their epic album Solas; we were now being bathed in the rock magic the answer to tonight’s need for a slug of live music.  Combining this a lucky few shared a slug of Jack Daniels handed out by Cormac as the Northern Irish band from Down Patrick joined in the celebrations on St David’s Day in the capital city of Wales. Accepting a flag from a renowned “gigpig”, Charley Farley we were Celts in celebratory mode.

Celebrating St David’s Day The Globe Finds The AnswerTonight, the music was the celebration as the set list was populated with the new direction The Answer have taken with the latest offering Solas;  intertwined with hooks back to the past so we heard the boogie rawer sound as well.  As we stepped back to the debut album Rise with Never Too Late, as Cormack quipped, you remembered that! The opening chords of Beautiful World captivated the audience who were held in the hands of the band whose music connected us all. The power of boogie was harnessed with the energy and slide guitar of Paul Mahon on Demon Driven Man we were rocking and if there was more space we would all have been dancing.  The night was not all about the combination of the six stringed guitar and bass line as the mandolin was played by Paul and Michael Waters put down the bass to play the six strings on In This Land, a smattering of Celtic-infused magic. Then Cormac introduced The Globe to The Balalaika, a Turkish instrument popular for some reason in Irish music in Being Begotten.

The crowd was loud and harmonious when asked to join in and when Coramc stepped off the stage into the crowd he was engulfed with delighted fans who wanted to get close. All too soon it was time for the final song, as they took up Battle Cry from Solas leaving us happy, humming the music we love to hear. The infectious power of live music won the award for the answer to What entertainment on St David’s Day? – it was most definitely The Answer at The Globe we rocked with you.  With a shout out for Steelhouse a festival they love to play I am positive they will get another invite to climb the mountain and play once again.


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New Year New Bands to see at The Globe

New Year New Bands to see at The GlobeNew Year New Bands to see at The GlobeNew Year New Bands to see at The Globe

King King with support from
Broken Witt Rebels


Cardiff! Your New Year resolution should include checking out the acts playing at venues across town. Go see bands that you may not have heard of but once you have you will want to again and again. Start your musical voyage of discovery at The Globe, Albany Road on Friday 13th.  Considered unlucky by some, but for everyone who walks into the venue will leave feeling lucky. Why? You will have heard music that will rock your socks off. Full of melodies, guitar licks and vocals that leave ear-worms of delight. Friday 13th sees King King and Broken Witt Rebels hit the town with rock full of soul and blues licks and a large dollop of charisma and star shine.

New Year New Bands to see at The GlobeThis is not the first or last trip to Cardiff for King King, they always delight with the swirl of Alan Nimmo’s kilt amidst the cascade of Hammond keys and a rhythm section that lays down the beat. King King’s first-ever live album King King – Live was recently voted #1 at Blues Rock Review’s  “ Top 5 Best Live Albums of 2016” polls. The live album triumph follows King King’s recent win of five awards at the British Blues Awards including Best Male Vocal (Alan Nimmo), Best Bass Player (Lindsay Coulson), Best Song (Rush Hour), Best Album (Reaching for the Light) and Best Songwriter.  October 2016 saw the release of King King’s first live album “King King Live” which hit the No.1 spot in Amazon’s Best Sellers Blues Chart. This is music you want to be part of the listening experience.

First time in Cardiff, the young exuberant band from the Midlands Broken Witt Rebels are building on the success of debut EP Georgia Pine with the two singles gaining airplay on Planet Rock. This Feeling said “One of the best new live bands in the country, it’s a matter of time before they explode onto the big stages.”  Winning the Best Rock Act at the first unsigned Music Awards putting the quartet on the must see live road map of 2017.

Get your tickets and do not miss out on the chance to buy vinyl copies of music you will want to take home with you.

Friday 13th 19.30 The Globe, Cardiff 

 Buy your tickets HERE.


All images copyright and photo credit Laurence Harvey

Mitch Malloy plays live at The Globe Cardiff

Mitch Malloy plays live at The Globe Cardiff

Mitch Malloy plays live at The Globe Cardiff

Saturday night, The Globe Cardiff the promise of Mitch Malloy and special guests. The guest turned out to be not one but two bands.

Mitch Malloy plays live at The Globe Cardiff


Up first, Pilgrim a loud in your face rock band from South Wales who have been gaining attention for all the right reasons the rock the play. With hefty rhythms contrasting the high energy performance of vocalist and frontman David Corfield. They certainly raised the anticipation with a rocking set on their own numbers and some Hendrix.


kaato-wm-9780kaato-wm-9745Quick change time for everyone to catch up with friends in a venue that was getting hotter by the moment as KAATO Stepped onto the stage. As a 16-year old recording in post-earthquake Japan, the Japanese pronounced his name Kah-toe, meaning Kurt and the band name followed in 2015 With Australian Rocker Kurt Lowe up front in long coat the feel was vintage of a different age. The music was tinged with Bowie vibe. Supporting Kurt was a band that played tight and obviously were loving every moment they were playing together, Tristan Avakian on lead guitar added stylish riffs and lead breaks that were electrifying. The rhythm section were full of controlled power providing a foundation that the band could build on as bassist Mika Nuutinen keeps the rock groove. The music was played loud very loud and they helped to build the excitement before the main act Mitch Malloy hit the stage.

mitch-malloy-wm-9852Joining Mitch Malloy on stage were KAATO members, with frontman Kurt sitting the set out. With a dazzling smile and a flick of his hair Mitch took control as he asked the people to come up close. He was delighted to be back in Wales and Cardiff. He was very complimentary about the city having spent a couple of days exploring the sunny city. This was definitely a crowd pleasing set as he did a tour of tracks from past albums. His vocals were pure, loud and had an intuitive empathy with the lyrics as he rolled out rock mitch-malloy-wm-9809that was pure entertainment. Opening with Rock N Roll the crowd was on side, though the persistent noise from those who want to chat was an irritant. Especially for the beautifully sung number Our Love Will Never Die, this stripped down simply delivered song was full of emotional intent. This was lost with the constant buzz of chatter, If you want to talk to your mates why go to a Rock gig which is loud is always beyond my understanding. This did not put Mitch and the band off they delivered a professional set and the interaction and understanding between guitarist Tristan and bassist Mika was obvious. They enjoyed playing music together, as they bounced of each other’s energy. The rock n roll vibe had people dancing and rocking out in appreciation. Mitch who auditioned for Van Halen included two number associated with this time It’s The Right Time and the closing number of the evening I’m The One.

The highlights of the set for me were Cowboy and The Ballerina, Forever and Our Love will Never Day. The set was rocking out to the world of romance and relationships. With a new album out Making Noise, we heard the first single Therapy. The track was positively musical therapy! Plus the opening number Rock n Roll the certainty from tonight is Mitch has the formula that rocks the crowd and sings their tune it is the music that shines through once again The Globe brings quality music to the heart of the capital.

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Set List

Rock n Roll
Rodeo Girl
It’s The Right Time
Mission Of Love
Over The Water
Nobody Wins This War
Love Song
Cowboy and The Ballerina
Our Love Will Never Die
My Therapy
Anything At All
I’m The One



Sept. 13 – Yardbirds Rock – Grimsby, UK
Sept. 14 – Bannermans Bar – Edinburgh, UK
Sept. 15 – The Boulevard – Wigan – Wigan, UK
Sept. 16 – The Box-Crewe – Crewe, UK
Sept. 17 – Corporation Sheffield – Sheffield, UK
Sept. 18 – The Underworld Camden – London, UK
Sept. 20 – Hard Rock Cafe Oslo – Oslo, Norway
Sept. 21 – Asylum, Pub Anchor – Stockholm, Sweden
Sept. 23 – Rebel Live – Malmo, Sweden
Sept. 24 – Portalen – Greve, Denmark
Nov. 22 – MODU – Athens, Greece
Nov. 23 – RCA CLUB – Lisbon, Portugal
Nov. 25 – Moondance – Madrid, Spain
Nov. 26 – Rockfabrik – Ludwigsburg, Germany

Robben Ford Guitar Fills The Globe Tonight

Robben Ford Guitar Fills The Globe Tonight

Robben Ford Guitar Fills The Globe Tonight


Midweek made glorious thanks to the stupendous guitar playing of Robben Ford to a packed house in Cardiff tonight. The anticipation was high and everyone was rewarded with a showpiece of blues with the chimes of jazz rather than dilution of blues guitar by rocky riffs. Robben and his rhythm section delighted the audience at The Globe, a full venue is a delight the energy pings between artist and audience and back again. Robben has a unique take on the blues, exploring a whole gamut of styles with sublime and scintillating lead guitar breaks, whilst maintaining real authenticity with each number. The set list was a mix of music comprising old from his extensive back catalogue; something new with tracks from his last album Into the Sun; lots of Blue and even something borrowed Freddie King’s shuffle.

Opening with Same Train from, Into The Sun we stepped onboard a journey of guitar magic that sets Robben out from the crowd. The blues with jazz chords interspersed with tasty licks were spellbinding, you could spot the guitarists in the audience by the steely fixed gazes of amazement. Cannonball Shuffle proved a fitting tribute to bluesman Freddie King, and throughout the influence of Freddie’s guitar work was evident. We needed something funkier and Robben obliged with High Heels and Throwing Things, raising the temperature with his guitar solos, into the mix we heard a great percussive bass solo from Brian Allen and not to be left out Wes Little explored his drum kit to great effect in his solo.

The whole evening was a masterclass in guitar control, with depth and glittering brilliance, Fool’s Paradise was a beautiful blues/jazz fusion to add to the mix. The music is not about control of his hands as in every track there is a deftness of touch and relaxed approach as if Robben is choosing the path the songs are taking. This is exemplified on Bird’s Nest Bound, the solo is startling its crystal clarity contrasting with the lyrical vocals, the combination was totally mesmerizing.

With a salute to the adoring crowds the band left the stage, but we had one more moment in the sun with Robben Ford’s guitar as he came on and did an Encore Thoughtless. Tonight the concert went too fast for many and we all wanted to hear some more but as Robben sang earlier in the set Midnight Comes Too soon, just like the final note from the guitar it was just too soon. Here’s to the next time Robben Ford visits Wales.

Set List

Same Train
Midnight Comes To Soon
Howlin’ At The Moon
Rainbow Cover
Rose Of Sharon
How Deep In The Blues
Bird’s Nest Bound
Cannonball Shuffle
High Heels and Throwing Things
Cut You Loose
Please Set A Date
Fools Paradise
Lovin Cup


Album Into The Sun – released on Mascot Group Label – Purchase HERE

Cardiff Globe Shining Hot With Guitar Magic

Cardiff Globe Shining Hot With Guitar MagicDan Patlansky-2371

Cardiff Globe Shining Hot With Guitar Magic




Tonight Cardiff is in for a treat a double helping of scintillating guitar work over two different complexions. Opening with lyric driven blues/roots Tristan MacKay with his percussive acoustic. Tristan lays down a blues riff on the guitar, melded in with folk and roots. The short set exploring Wire and Wood both the guitar and his latest critically acclaimed album. The title track was included, it being an homage to the salvation he found in his guitar during his teenage years. He is a busker that has found his vocation and the third album he promises will be really special.
Tristan and Dan are like a British Summer – the calm, warm cloudless skies with Tristan’s lyrics the clouds that always appear on the horizon. The tension rises, the humidity rises and then the violence of the power of a thunderstorm and lightning flashes of brilliance that is Dan Patlansky full of electric energy. Wow what an array of sounds the manipulation of wood and wire makes in the hands of these skillful practitioners.

Dan produced a set of full-on hefty blues-rock of the highest quality. The guitar work was breathtaking from the first note to the last, highly charged, emotional one-hundred percent full-on that excited enchanted and amazed the crowds at The Globe tonight. Everyone present was hot, the room was sweltering and the guitar and vocals made the temperature rise even higher. Tonight we were treated to an object lesson in how to manipulate the six-strings whilst maintaining the perfect shape and control for hefty blues-rock.

Opening with an instrumental Drone which builds the tension as it leads into Sonnava Faith from the superb album Introvertigo. The vocals soared above the guitar and the band adding textural contexts to the power of Dan’s lyrics. The set wasn’t all about hefty chords as Dan adds Loosen The Grip a ballad that cools the heat down and Dan’s gruff, emotionally charged vocals take centre stage with ‘Old Red’ his trusty guitar playing to the voices tune. His battered, bruised and beautiful guitar is given a rest as he moved onto the slide-dominated Heatbeat on his shiny white Strat. Dan has the capacity to squeeze every ounce of energy, emotion and power out of every single number, making the hairs on the back of your neck stand out.

Back to “Old Red” with a slow blues number the music shows that there is nothing introverted about Introvertigo. Stop The Messin’ is superb, no wonder it is having lots of radio play on Planet Rock, and then as the set reaches its climax we dip into Dear Silence Thieves with Backbite and Fetch Your Spade. Dan is delighted that we have turned out to hear his music thanking us, the appreciation is all from us. Completing the set My Channa, those who are seeing Dan live for the first time had no idea what guitar antics they were in for. Dan manipulates every part of the guitar; his fingers explore every part his right-hand dancing up and down the frets in a complex choreographic amazing ballet. Whilst, his left-hand was an acrobatic display then, the left and right joined together high on a fret in a gavotte of modern rock. There was more to come visually absorbing and tonally charged Dan was in control as the set closed with one finger holding the guitar high, but not as loud and high as the applause and cheers of an audience that wanted more. The encore of two more amazing numbers closed a night where Dan turned guitar playing into a pure art-form.


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Sheepdogs Round Up Excited Les Paul’s Tonight

Sheepdogs Round Up Excited Les Paul’s Tonight

Sheepdogs Round Up Excited Les Paul’s Tonight



My gig reviews normally start at the beginning and take you on a journey that you could have experienced if you had been at The Globe in Cardiff on Wednesday 6th April. Not this time!

What an encore as The Sheepdogs enthralled the audience with their version of the iconic Allman Brothers’ Whipping Post. The finale was the crowning glory of a magnificent night of live music come back to Cardiff very soon your music made Wednesday the new Saturday night. Now back to the beginning how did we arrive at this magnificent musical high?



Sheepdogs Round Up Excited Les Paul’s TonightWarming up the venue for The Sheepdogs tonight were local band The People The Poet. With new material from recently released EP Paradise Closed, and the excellent vocalist, Leon Stanford his confidence spills across the venue with quips as he engaged with the audience. The People The Poet, play their own style of Rock with Welsh undertones.  Their confidence reflected that they were just back from performing in the USA at SXSW in Austin Texas.  The music connects with lyrics that have something to say and the indie number Happy Being Miserable is an ironic observation of the British nation. The music though did the most of the talking as the quartet from Pontypridd delighted the crowds and once again showing this young band is one to watch.

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Sheepdogs Round Up Excited Les Paul’s TonightThen with the stage re-organised and it was quickly time for The Sheepdogs rocking Cardiff once again, out of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada with the keyboard draped in the state’s flag. The rock is full of deep riffs and a compelling mix of blues, boogie and southern rock. In reality, The Sheepdogs are a special mix of Canadian Rock authentic, melodic and a harsh edge that demands to be noticed. Tonight the set list allowed us to hear the music live from their current critically acclaimed album Future Nostalgia and a dip back into their extensive back catalogue.  The Sheepdogs are brothers Ewan and Shamus Currie; Ryan Gullen, Sam Corbett and completing the quintet Jimmy Bowskill.  The resplendent harmonisation of the twin lead guitars as Ewan and Jimmy entertained and shaped the melodic chords is the band’s signature. The guitarists were given the freedom to explore the textural shapes and tones of the six-strings thanks to the resounding work from the rhythm section Ryan on Bass and the drumming from Sam.  Adding into this rock n roll mix is the keys from Shamus adding that deep tonal layer. The quintet of Sheepdogs deftly herded the Cardiff crowd into order and then in response a set list opening with I’m Gonna Be Myself, Really Wanna Be Your Man Tonight and One You Belong raised the tempo the excitement was growing with every note played and sung.  The excitement and happiness kept growing with Who from their Five Easy Pieces album, full of vocal harmonization and the music curled around The Globe, music again weaving its magical effect.


Sheepdogs Round Up Excited Les Paul’s TonightThe guitar riffs were classic rock, the solos full of deft intricacies with the  rough intimacy of a jam and then on top of the melodic textures rose Ewan’s vocals who at times reminded me of Rich Robinson of The Black Crows combining to create the honest sound that defines the band. Good time rollickin rock, entertaining and fun. Southern Dreaming from JUNO-winning platinum album Learn and Burn. A lyrical ditty with the twin leads captivating, you just didn’t want the music to stop. The rock tinged with country blues, southern charm and the tracks kept pouring out of the speakers with subtle changes in textures and form this is live music at its best.  Onto the stage a pedal steel, and Jimmy charmed us with the sound that is evocative of country music with hints of Hawaiian. This was not shallow music the lyrics at times were dark and created from life’s tragedies as with Jim Gordon. Paying tribute to the drummer who played with Little Richard and many more; often not remembered for the power of drumming for the greats it is the murder of his mother and undiagnosed schizophrenia.  The Pedal Steel in this stripped down number was the perfect foil for the lyrics. The Sheepdogs delivered tonight.

Sheepdogs Round Up Excited Les Paul’s TonightWith the chat of Shamus, he step from behind the keyboard, picked up his trombone. Brother Ewan took over keyboard duties. So now we had the unusual and delightful mix of harmonised trombone and lead guitar. The Les Paul’s were swapped for matching Gibson Firebirds giving them a Southern rock edge.  Both the tracks from their self-titled album How Late, How Long and I Don’t Know raising the tempo higher we wanted more! Country roughed up with mighty boulders of rock, crammed with melody ad vocal harmonization this is the power of music. Another magnificent gig worthy of the title ‘gig of the year’.  No signs of shepherds, The Sheepdogs don’t need any controlling they are the power of music unleashed to entertain and enjoy.

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Circus, Charm and Tracer a Trio at The Globe

Circus, Charm and Tracer a Trio at The Globe


Everyday Circus WM-7484Three bands on a Wednesday night had the crowd ready to party in Cardiff tonight. Night of debuts for Everyday Circus, first time touring in U.K. and opportunity to showcase Mirror their new album. The set consisted mainly of tracks from a debut album and when joined together would be a thematic for a song – Falling, Sharing, Round and Round, Light, I’m Your Anchor and closing with Moving Along. This is a quartet that wants you to rock and at times had the feel and tone of early Nirvana. Everyday Circus the German band that was certainly warming up the stage with rock that engaged.


Federal Charm WM-7504Short break and the stage was re-set for the Mancuanian blues inspired rock band Federal Charm on their third visit to The Globe, having opened previously of for The Hoax and Rich Robinson. They certainly know how to pick entertaining acts to support on tour.  Federal Charm are excellent the foursome are fabulously tight weaving the essence of blues textures and tones into a rocky base. Tonight we heard a set that spiraled through their self-titled debut album and the latest album Across The Divide. Stand out tracks tonight were Hercules the first single from the album and Silhouette.  Federal Charm, once again charmed The Globe and Cardiff with their distinctively British sound. A band that always pleases and entertains with a compelling mix of two guitars, the clever use of slide and the interspersing of harmonica. Federal Charm rocks up the blues once again.


Tracer WM-7638Now for what we had been waiting for young Australian trio Tracer.  Water For Thirsty Dogs tour has seen Tracer delighting fans and making new followers at every venue they play, Cardiff tonight was no different. The boys from Adelaide’s first visit to Cardiff was an opportunity to hear the recorded sound we love, up close, personal and live. The lead vocals and guitar of Michael Brown is compelling, as he plays tracks that define Tracer and allow him to play a myriad of guitars opening the proceedings with a Gibson Flying V. The rhythm section gives him the base to soar, with Jett Heysen Hicks on bass and drummer Andre Wise taking the opportunity for moments in the spotlight.  The set list took us on a tour of the albums as we heard tracks from the current album Water For Thirsty Dogs and previous studio delights of Spaces In Between and Pistolero. There is a real synergy between the album’s tone and rocking energy that makes Tracer identifiably good. Yes there are influences a hint of Foo Fighters, Autoslave and Sound Garden, above all they are true to their own style of  rock with a grungy edge and occasionally weak lyrics. They are above all a rock band that invigorates, entertains and knows how to please the crowd. They had no problem in getting the Welsh crowd to sing the chorus on Only Animals and a couple more. Favourites Dead Garden, Wolf In Cheap Clothing and Devil Ride were included that the fans just never get tired of hearing, and tonight live at The Globe there was a rawness that galvanized the band on stage and had everyone loving the rock vibe that cut through the venue. All too soon it was encore time and closing with Astronaut and like all good gigs leaving you wanting more.  Tracer you are welcomed back in Cardiff anytime, with your brand of heavy metal that hits the spot. You all nailed it tonight, an affirmation once again recorded is very good but live a band will give you something more.


My only plea is for the Globe to get the sound right for the bands it is so loud that the bass and drums especially echoed with the sound dissipating into the rafters. Thus, the subtleties of the playing is lost somewhere in the rafters and some more lighting would ensure band members are not left playing in the dark.

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The Globe Reaching For The Light with King King

King King WM-7284

The Globe Reaching For The Light with King King



Opening tonight to a sell-out crowd at The Globe in Cardiff was Laurence ‘call me husky’ Jones, carrying on like the trooper despite a sore throat. It was a warm welcome from the many Laurence fans who still remember the young boy who played and delighted Cardiff many years ago. With a new drummer Phil Wilson and bassist Roger Innis this was going to be blues all the way from the dim blue light semi-illuminating the stage (The Globe is currently having the lighting updated). The set saw Laurence opening with a baritone guitar adding another weapon to his guitar driven blues armoury. This was a short set in which Laurence fitted a basket full of blues vibes. Within the set we were treated to All I Need off his current CD, What’s It Gonna Be. Good Morning Blues, a legendary Leadbelly number that Laurence played earlier in the year on stage at Carnegie Hall for the Leadbelly festival was the stand-out number for me, and the set was closed with a tribute to the late great BB King. Less singing tonight and more guitar blues breaks was welcomed by many and definitely warmed the atmosphere ready for the mighty King King.

It was richly deserved that King King who have travelled many miles and played at gigs when a few dozen people have loyally turned up, know that the fruits of their valiant efforts have been rewarded they are a name that people travel to see not once but as often as possible on a tour. The cheers were warm and full of delighted King King WM-7268anticipation as the jammed-to-the-rafters venue welcomed King King on stage. We were delighted that the kilted scot Alan Nimmo and his band of musical boys were back in town. We have the albums but King King live have a verve and an irresistible charm of rock that kicks the blues out of your soul.

Opening with Lose Control, the audience may have been at fever pitch King King just played on with controlled passion that filled the rafters of The Globe with a warm sound. Alan Nimmo out front throughout the evening displayed the twin talents that make him such a superb front-man. His guitar playing was at times raw, then gentle and always sweet. Then he opens his mouth and his tenor delights as the words are caressed and formed by his silvery tongue. The emotion is added to lyrics that make you want to rock n’ roll. Cry and sigh he nailed every song tonight. His confidence is high having been opening with the band for among others Thunder and John Mayall; this he uses to great effect. The crowd warms to his cheeky smile and tales he had the Welsh audience singing loudly and with delight he even said we had the job. King King like all great bands is more than the sum of the total parts. To Alan’s left is the mighty Bob Fridzema on keys and Hammond C3 he produces a wall of sound that adds another tonal layer of chords. His playing can be intense and then on other tracks gentle, a subtle whisper, adding hidden depths. To his right Lindsay Coulson, with his trademark dark blue bass and King King embellished strap; an evergreen presence who has shared every moment of King King’s journey. Sitting behind his Ludwig drum kit sits the awesome pivotal force Wayne Procter and his drumming. He adds a deep beating tone and texture to King King. What a quartet! With each year a new signature arises from the set list and at the moment it is Rush Hour from their current album Reaching for The Light. The whole set was a standout – Frankie Miller’s Jealousy full of emotional control as Alan combines guitar work that zings and his vocals purr and curl around the six-strings. Tonight, You Stopped the Rain was dedicated not to his older brother Stevie Nimmo, but his mother who is poorly in hospital. Everyone at the Globe sent speedy recovery wishes. Rather than go through the set list which is below it was the atmosphere that King King live creates that is what makes them a must see band in 2016. The instrumental included in the set was a fantastic addition. King King WM-7343Having Bob to open and lead the tempo adding some funky chords, subtle jazz interludes then back into rocking good blues. All four had fun following the path Bob was musically leading them and gave the instruments a moment to shine above Alan’s vocals. Live music will always have a special frisson of energy and emotion. King King delivers this live energy that is plugged directly into your musical antenna and sends shivers of delight up your spine and deep into your soul and memory. They manage to make you dance, laugh and cry and have a thoroughly great time.

As King King’s reputation grows and the expectation of the audience before a note is struck rises they have to continue to grow and showcase the music that will keep everyone coming back for more. Tonight King King surpassed expectations they were on fire, the selection of tracks from across their career fitted the bill, leaving us wanting more and counting down the days when they are back on a stage so we can hear King King live, sparkling and full of blues in their soul that has the edge of rock to spice it up.

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Set List

Lose Control (King King Album – Take My Hand)
Wait On Time – Thunderbirds
Waking Up (King King Album – Reaching For The Light)
Rush Hour (King King Album – Reaching For The Light)
Long History of Love (King King Album – Standing in the Shadows)
More Than I Can Take (King King Album – Standing in the Shadows)
You stopped The Rain (King King Album – Reaching For The Light)
Jealousy (King King Album – Standing in the Shadows)
Crazy (King King Album – Reaching For The Light)
All Your Life (King King Album – Take My Hand)
Stranger Love (King King Album –
Reaching For The Light)
Encore – Let Love In (King King Album – Standing in the Shadows)

Disappointed to have missed King King well they are back on tour soon with special guest Dan Patlansky

– get your tickets fast they are selling like the proverbial hot cakes..

Dan Pat King King Tour

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