Starlite Campbell Band Baking Up Tasty Blueberry Pie

Starlite Campbell Band Baking Up Tasty Blueberry Pie

Starlite Campbell Band Baking Up Tasty Blueberry Pie


New band seasoned with British Blues experience. Starlite Campbell Band formed January 2016, features Suzy Starlite’s deep bass grooves and joining her is husband Simon Campbell on guitar and vocals. Filling out the sound is Danny Boy Sanchez on Harmonica, Steve Gibson drums and keyboard wizard Johnny Henderson on Hammond and Wurlitzer.

Expect blues steeped in the British tradition with grooves that would fit into the soundtrack of Carnaby Street of the 1960’s given the modern twist. Vintage Contemporary Blues with a bite like a well-baked pudding this Blueberry Pie has the right balance of sweet, sharpness, crunch and mellow softness. And we have eleven original slices of this Pie.

Opening with Walkin’ Out The Door the sixties vibe is present as the Johnny Henderson fingers walk majestically over the keys. The bass line has power, the vocals pour out as Simon sings with a steely determination that he is going see you baby walk out of the door.  One thing is for certain the listener will not be walking out they will want to have another slice of this Blueberry Pie! Suzy’s bass line opening to I Need Light shines a light of the deep groove intensity of her bass and the mix of vocals and drums with overtones of jazz this is music that transcends genres. We are transported back with these opening numbers, yet, there is an originality in the understated performance of the band where timing is more important than flashy fast playing. This is a pie that fills your musical hunger. The musicianship is spot-on, there is complexity in the layering of styles and mixing with Campbell Blueberry juice so the mixology is as intriguing and surprising as a well-crafted gin.

The album changes shape with blues that is slow, considered full of flavours as we Cry Over You, the vocals reflect the leisurely playing of the keys combined by guitar that cuts through the ballad with its purity. Simon may sing about mediocrity but there is definitely nothing mediocre about this pie.

The title track is not saccharin sweet, it is a stripped back number with a hometown country feel, of certainty that some things stay the same just like Grandma’s Blueberry Pie.  This is Simon delivering acoustic with timing and a deft touch. Reflecting back to his 2014 album The Knife.  We have another change as the album heads to the last slice of pie on the plate as Suzy takes over vocal duties on guilty full of soulful angst that suits her style.  Then the album hots up again with a rocking and rolling number Empire full of sassy licks and driving riffs that re-energise the music pleasure of an album that will always sound fresh.

All too soon we are down to last two tracks instrumental Shimmy, that slithers from the speakers as jazz fuses with blues add layers of stinging guitars and Hammond that swells with a rhythm that keeps the Shimmy in shape.  Closing out with Thrill Me, full of blues a walk into Chicago and around the block this is a tasty Pie filling you with blues shaped and sweetened by the musicians who ensure this is an album that may not be breaking the mould it certainly is filling a gap on the shelf with blues that entertains and you want to listen to again. This is a perfect Blueberry Pie comfort food for your musical soul.

 Starlite Campbell Band – Blueberry Pie – Supertone Records

EIGHT pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

  1. Walkin’ Out The Door
  2. I Need A Light
  3. You’re So Good For Me
  4. Cry Over You
  5. Say What You Want
  6. Blueberry Pie
  7. Guilty
  8. Empire
  9. Don’t Get Me Wrong
  10. Shimmy
  11. Thrill You

Simon Campbell and Suzy Starlite ~ Live @ The Convent

Simon Campbell andn Suzie Starlite - The Convent - Sept 2015_0027l

Simon Campbell & Suzy Starlite
@The Convent 25th September 2015



Simon Campbell andn Suzie Starlite - The Convent - Sept 2015_0049lBluesdoodles is back for the second time in a week to this unique and very special venue, the welcome and warmth from the moment you step in to The Convent, through to the show where the sound has a depth that you would not expect from an old chapel sound that resonates with echoes of the stone and vaulted ceilings. Tonight in Stroud and across the world via Netgig we have Simon Campbell & Suzy Starlite a duo who create music with a wealth of skill on guitar and bass, and joining them on the stage was Danilo Adriano Argenti Gener completing the rhythm section on drums and Christian Madden on Hammond and Grand Piano filling in the sound so that the audiences were drawn in to every varied rack offered tonight.

Simon Campbell andn Suzie Starlite - The Convent - Sept 2015_0067lSimon is definitely upfront with guitar playing that ranges from controlled blues, melodic acoustic, Rock n’ Roll energy and the exploration of the strings in the style of Prog Rock, in his white suit and straw hat he grasped your attention; and, more importantly, it was retained throughout the gig. He would not have the freedom to explore his music if he did not have a rhythm section that was that rare combination solid but not staid, the drumming from Danilo was inspiring sometimes showing that it can be more effective to do less with well-timed drum beats augmenting the full sound being delivered by the guitar keyboard combination. Danilo’s little half-shuffles and the use of sticks, standard, percussive mallets and brushes often with more than one type of stick in one hand there is a tonal texture and subtlety not normally heard from the back. Supporting Danilo in creating a rhythm section with hidden depths is Suzy Starlite whose bass playing engaged and was the perfect foil for the enthusiastic playing from Simon; it is amazing that she has being playing Bass for just eighteen months as she has a natural feel for creating the bass tone that compliments the tracks that varied across the set. The keys from Christian were sublime from full organ crescendos through to gentle notes he wrapped the third layer of chords around Simon’s guitar adding shape and texture to the lyrics as the story unfolded. This was a quartet that wanted to talk to you through their eclectic mix of tones on tracks including a collection from their current album The Knife, including the title track, Dreamer and Affairs of the Heart re-affirming the quality of the songs included. We also had an early listening opportunity for their anticipated forthcoming album The Coat; the title track saw Suzy leaving the bass and sitting behind the majestic Grand Piano, her vocal prowess had already been confirmed with some stylish Harmonising with Simon and she now sung a song very special to her and for everyone who has lost someone important or they are not there and was dedicated to her mother who has early onset-Alzheimer’s an thought-provoking and emotionally stirring number. The last song of the night Hello, which is also on the forthcoming album, had five distinct movement and, is definitely more Prog Rock than blues but worked so well with Suzy’s vocals, clever guitar solos. Each movement had its own distinctive shape and tonal character and for me full of interest and the pick of the set for me.

Simon Campbell andn Suzie Starlite - The Convent - Sept 2015_0062lThis was an exciting, intriguing at times challenging set stretching across all the styles of recorded modern music and it worked, they are certainly worth checking out as they will surprise and the musicianship is spot-on. Listen to what you missed from Simon Campbell and Suzy Starlite via The Convents Netgig; Bluesdoodles will and we were there on the night…

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