Ash Wilson Played Broken Machine Live To Perfection

Ash Wilson Played Broken Machine Live To Perfection

Ash Wilson Played Broken Machine Live To Perfection


Ash Wilson played Broken Machine Live To Perfection at The Tunnels, Bristol. Grabbing the opportunity to thrill the audiences with live versions of the acclaimed debut album, Broken Machine.  Half of King King on Stage, Bob Fridzema, on his mighty Hammond enjoying playing live the music he recorded with Ash. Wayne Proctor of Drums who produced the album brings the power of his drumming and in-depth understanding o the structure and shape of the songs Ash wrote. Replacing Roger Inniss on bass we had the talents of Steve Amadeo completing the dream trio around Ash Wilson’s super blues guitar playing and crooning vocals.

Ash Wilson Played Broken Machine Live To Perfection

Ash’s guitar powered by his dexterous fingers, skillful use of his pedals and the amplification through his 633 Amp.

Ash has an innate understanding of the tonal shape and depth of blues. His blues are a mix of the calm before and after the storm and the wild full on fury and energy at its heart. It is his guitar that captures the excitement of an electric storm. Flashes of lightning a clap of thunderous sound and the cleansing of rain as he captures the blues ballad to perfection.

Opening, with Peace and Love, Ash came to The Tunnels offering a night rich with the power of lyrics and vocals wrapped up in stunning guitar skills. This trio of delights would have been left wanting something else and the bad he has surrounded himself with tonight did that with skill and clever twirls of Hammond chords, deep bass riffs and drumming the drove the number to the climax.

Everyone listening tonight knew that we were in for a musical treat making Tuesday in Bristol something rather special. Those that were there will tell friends and in future years everyone will wish they were in Bristol when Ash Wilson played Broken Machine. Live reinterpreting the tracks into full stage productions.  The title track of the album came alive. The extra lead breaks from Ash and Bob adding layers of texture and tonal interest that definitely got the attention of the ears.

The set was strong as there were no fillers on the ten strong tracks of Broken Machine. The Ash Wilson Tuesday machine drove on interspersing the set list with a couple of covers. The rendition of Howlin’ Wolf’s Killing Floor, he would have been delighted to have joined in the jamming take on this classic.

Ash Wilson Played Broken Machine Live To Perfection

No Ash Wilson set is complete without the powerful number Words of a Woman.  A great re-arrangement, adding a live sense of drama to this cracking number – it was a number you just didn’t want to end. Closing the first half we were treated to a Steve Amadeo bass solo and we were not Out of Time, there was a second helping of this intoxicating music.

Dividing the evening into two sets worked. A short interval gave everyone time to draw breath, and reflect on the music they have just heard live.  The conclusion was phenomenal, wow! Brilliant your ears must have been burning.

The second set kept the tempo and vibe electric. Opening with Hold On Now, we were we didn’t want to miss a single note being played.  The Hitcher has to be one of the stand-out tracks, epitomizes British Blues taking us on a road trip we all understand and can relate to. Like all the music tonight. The songs have a story personal with ghostly memories of hurts, frustrations, and joys from the past.

Holding Hands, gave Bob and Ash another opportunity to play a duet tonight they were relaxed as the evening was drawing to a close, having fun and entertaining.  What a night of live music, hints of Rolling Stones, oozing with haunting memories of bluesmen from the past and the electric draw of Hendrix. All wrapped up by Ash creating his own distinctive British sound. His voice has the power, can then be gentle, beguiling crooning just for you. On another number tempestuous with the guitar working overtime to reflect the song being sung. This was a Tuesday that will shine brightly in everyone’s musical memory box. The night Ash Wilson came to Bristol and played for us. In a personal way as he connects with the whole audience.  The only disappointments were the venue should have been packed with fans of quality live music and the music had to stop.

If you have an influence on festival lineups or venues, I recommend that you demand Ash Wilson before he becomes a British blues phenomenon that will be expensive to hire.


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Ash Wilson Played Broken Machine Live To PerfectionRead Bluesdoodles review of Broken Machine. Vocals and Lyrics are the winning combination.  Added to this is the production which is crisp and the focused intent to take you on a musical journey of blues, contemporary and reflecting styles and textures through the Ash Wilson guitar. Another gem from Superfly Studios. READ MORE…

What  did Ash & Liz over at Bluesdoodles talk about when they had a chat early in 2017 READ HERE


Ash Wilson Played Broken Machine Live To Perfection

Aynsley Makes YOU Listen with Eyes Wide Open

Aynsley Makes YOU Listen with Eyes Wide Open

Aynsley Makes YOU Listen with
Eyes Wide Open


The excitement among the phalanx of Aynsley Lister’s loyal fans has been growing ever since the news that a new album following the critically acclaimed Home was going to be out in 2016. With this much anticipation, all too often the hype and expectation turns to disappointment. Not so with Eyes Wide Open – Mr Lister has done it again with an album of thirteen tracks oozing with assured confidence. The approach is open your ears and connect to Eyes Wide Open from the eye-catching album artwork an original by Anthony Greentree through to the last notes of Aynsley’s delectable guitar work and the undeniable power of the song. The presentation is meticulous, stylish with a vista that beckons you with a booklet that is full of the spirit of Aynsley and his band. Now for the main event the music with twelve self-penned tracks it is a delicious A La Carte of Blues, rock and rocked up blues.

Aynsley’s guitar playing is immense, as any fan would expect, as he digs deep into the emotional groove of his six-strings, bending the notes to his will as he shapes his own signature Blues-rock. Opening with All Of Your Love, we dive straight into a deep pool of Ainsley’s magic with the addition of Bennett Holland on keys adding a deep fruity vein of chords for Aynsley to play with as the deep riffs underline the urgency portrayed in the lyrics.

Building on the opening track is an effortless step for the maestro as joining his trusty rhythm section are horns that just add a full on blues sound.   The drums of Boneto Dryden and Steve Amadeo’s bass always lay down rhythms that hold onto the mood driving the track with that frantic ticking panic when time is rushing by relentlessly. This is a blues mood and message that connects to the real world we spin round in.

Third track in and this has to mentioned gangsters and guitars meld in a track with an ear catching intro defying being fitted into an Aynsley box. The music darkens and we hear that he is taking us down a path to a world that is deep, dark and murky. The door is opened by the lyrics into a world of gambling, dirty money and danger this is a captivating dirty number.

Then we are back to the vintage Aynsley we love to hear recorded and live melding lyrical vocals with guitar playing that just makes your eyes spring wide open with pure delight at the power of the riffs and the subtle beauty of the licks of Time.  He picks up a Freddie King mood and style as we are at the half way point this is thoughtful smoky blues. There is nothing Dishevelled about this number.

The instrumental that is an intro that leads into Kalina stands on its own as guitar playing that makes you weep for this troubled soul. Kalina, with a slower introspective beat hides a secret like the women at the heart of the song. Is this a rock ballad masquerading as something else. Who cares, this is a ballad that unfurls a story of mental health, misery and loss. The melodic simplicity is a mirror in the complexity of a woman bought low and lost behind that happy smile.

Now we are back rocking with the blues as we are Right As Rain with a stinging guitar as he slips in a Tommy Castro number that fits the space perfectly as the album heads for the closing bonus track.  The album is an exploration of relationships, moods self-doubt and hurt as he pairs songs of opposing thoughts and feelings. The Other Part of Me is about completeness and Stay about falling apart the two sides of human relationship constructive and destructive.

Then do you want one more yes, well unlucky for some the thirteenth track is Hold You To It – bass driven vibe this is a stand alone number with horns and a song that will always bring a smile to the face and a spring to your step. The perfect bonus track the unexpected that is rather good.

Approach, Eyes Wide Open with caution! Listening once is not enough there is a new side of Aynsley that is asserting its place on the album. We like it.

Aynsley Lister – Eyes Wide Open – OUT Friday 7th October

Bluesdoodles gives this CD TEN pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

    1. All Of Your Love
    2. Everything I Have To Give
    3. Il Grande Mafioso
    4. Won’t Be Taken Down
    5. Time
    6. Dishevelled
    7. Troubled Soul (intro)
    8. Kalina
    9. Handful Of Doubt
    10. Right As Rain
    11. Other Part Of Me
    12. Stay
    13. Bonus Track

    14. Hold You To It

    Eyes Wide Open
    Produced by Aynsley Lister
    Recorded at Superfly Studios (UK)
    Engineered by Andrew Banfield
    Mixed by Adam Ellis and Aynsley Lister at Deadline Studios (UK)
    Mastered by John Webber at Air Mastering (UK)

    aynsley-eyes-wide-open2016 UK TOUR DATES

    Tickets available HERE

    Thursday 22nd September 2016 CHISLEHURST, BEAVERWOOD CLUB
    Ticket Price: £12 adv / £13 door Venue Box Office: 0208 761 9078 / 0788 865 7952
    Friday 23rd September 2016 SUTTON, BOOM BOOM CLUB
    Ticket Price: £12 advance / £13 door Venue Box Office: 0208 761 9078 / 0788 865 7952

    Saturday 24th September 2016 SKIRLAUGH, CORNUCOPIA FESTIVAL
    Ticket Price: £45 day / £99 weekend Venue Box Office: 01377 217406
    Wednesday 28th September 2016 MILTON KEYNES, THE STABLES
    Ticket Price: £16.50 Venue Box Office: 01908 280800
    Thursday 29th September 2016 CHESTER, TELFORDS WAREHOUSE
    Ticket Price: £13 Venue Box Office: 01244 390090
    Friday 30th September 2016 BURNLEY, MECHANICS
    Ticket Price: £14 advance / £15 door Venue Box Office: 01282 664400

    Saturday 1st October 2016
    Ticket Price: £14 Venue Box Office: 07815913981

    Friday 4th November 2016 BLAKENEY, HARBOUR ROOM
    Ticket Price: £10 Venue Box Office: 01263 741666
    Thursday 1st December 2016 PUTNEY, HALF MOON
    Ticket Price: £14 advance / £16 door Venue Box Office: 020 8780 9383

    Friday 2nd December 2016 ST. HELENS, CITADEL
    Ticket Price: £12 Venue Box Office: 01744 735436
    Saturday 3rd December 2016 DERBY, THE FLOWERPOT
    Ticket Price: £12 Venue Box Office: 0844 412 4642
    Sunday 4th December 2016 NEWCASTLE, THE CLUNY
    Ticket Price: £14 advance / £16 door Venue Box Office: 0191 230 4474
    Thursday 8th December 2016 KENDAL, BOOTLEGGERS
    Ticket Price: £12 advance / £15 door Venue Box Office: 01539 723824

    Friday 9th December 2016 DARLINGTON, RHYTHM ’N’ BLUES CLUB
    Ticket Price: £15 Venue Box Office: 01325-363135
    Saturday 10th December 2016 NORWICH, THE WATERFRONT
    Ticket Price: £14 Venue Box Office: 01603 508050

    Sunday 11th December 2016 LEICESTER, THE MUSICIAN
    Ticket Price: £12 advance / £14 door Venue Box Office: 0116 251 0080 / 07970 529 760
    Monday 12th December 2016 FARNHAM, MALTINGS
    Ticket Price: £15 Venue Box Office: 01252 793430

    Thursday 15th December 2016SOUTHAMPTON, THE BROOK
    Ticket Price: £14 advance / £16 door Venue Box Office: 023 8055 5366

    Friday 16th December 2016 SHEFFIELD, THE GREYSTONES
    Ticket Price: £14 advance / £16 door Venue Box Office: 0114 266 5599
    Saturday 17th December 2016 MANCHESTER, ACADEMY 3
    Ticket Price: £14 Venue Box Office: 0161 832 1111

    Sunday 18th December 2016 EDINBURGH, THE CAVES
    Ticket Price: £13 Venue Box Office: 0131 510 6969


    Tickets available HERE

    Wednesday 5th October 2016 RANKWEIL ALTES KINO (AUSTRIA)
    Venue Box Office: +43 05522/45387

    Venue Box Office: +41 62 871 04 44

    Venue Box Office: +41 900 325 325

    Venue Box Office: +41 55 643 26 86

    Sunday 9th October 2016 HABACH VILLAGE (GERMANY)
    Venue Box Office: +49 8847 725

    Monday 10th October 2016 HAIMING GEWOLBE (GERMANY)
    Tuesday 11th October 2016 MUNICH GARAGE DELUXE (GERMANY)
    Venue Box Office: +420 605 960 357

    Venue Box Office: +420 7206 29045

    Saturday 15th October 2016 Venue Box Office: +420 7206 29045

    Sunday 16th October 2016 Venue Box Office: +49 9188 3321

    Monday 17th October 2016 Venue Box Office: +49 7834 47639

    Wednesday 19th October 2016 Venue Box Office: +49 7123 959132

    Thursday 20th October 2016 Venue Box Office: +49 711 505 2001

    Venue Box Office: +49 157 8594 1438
    Saturday 22nd October 2016   BRASSERIE LE NEUMUNSTER (LUXEMBOURG)
    Venue Box Office: +00 352 26 20 52 981

    Venue Box Office: +49 0541 2001 831

    Friday 18th November 2016 OLDENBURG CHARLYS (GERMANY)
    Venue Box Office: +49 441 2171 630

    Saturday 19th November 2016 HAMBURG DOWNTOWN (GERMANY)
    Venue Box Office: +49 4027 5056

    Venue Box Office: +31 55 578 5014

CD Review: Aynsley Lister ~ Home



Aynsley Lister
Straight Talkin’ Records


Opening with the title track, you are immediately cocooned in all that makes Home a safe warm haven with a mix of Aynsley’s guitar, vocals and the keys that weave through the whole track that defines the tone of this mighty fine blues album; his tenth and award-winning and you can hear why in every note. Another sparkling track is one of the clutch of single word titles Insatiable, this has an upbeat driving guitar with lead breaks that curl and create a paisley pattern of tone and pinpricks of light and shade to the vocals that are spat out by Aynsley; this is an album that is full of unquenchable heat that excites. The piano intro and guitar is lightly influenced by jazz and sits well as they interact picking up on each other’s inflection of tone that opens up with the clash of drum sticks the guitar is heavy and full as Aynsley sings “Well you taste so sweet Babe, You are like chocolate covered cake”; it is so full of controlled playing with a rhythm section that is heavy with sweetness. This is a Sugar overload but never sweetly sick it is perfectly balanced and has a sharp edge to the guitar that cuts straight through. This is an album that like a plain front door hides the wonders of the highs and lows, the quiet and noisy times and the more personal items that create our own distinctive home and shape who we are. Possession is just such a number standing out because the musicians give Aynsley the perfect platform for his intricate guitar work and rich mellow vocals that display an urgency, none of the other instruments dominate they are the warmth to Aynsley’s spice. His vocals connect on Impossible and send an emotional thrill down your spine on this slowed down easy number that you get lost on and the world diminishes to the space where Aynsley and his music exist. The final number is Straight Talkin’ Woman and this is a track that is straight talking great music the perfect finale to Home.
The album entertains throughout and will delight the phalanx of Aynsley Lister fans throughout the world; if you haven’t checked out his delivery of blues then it is a must and this is an album that opens the door to the guitar and vocal Home that is Aynsley Lister.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD TEN doodle paws out of TEN ….pawprint half inch

1. Home
2. Broke
3. Insatiable
4. Inside Out
5. Free
6. Sugar
7. You Make It Real
8. Feeling Good
9. Possession
10. Hyde 2612
11. Impossible
12. Straight Talkin’ Woman

Aynsley Lister – Guitar & Vocals
Steve Amadeo – Bass
Andre Basing – Keyboards
Wayne Proctor – Drums & Percussion

Produced by Aynsley Lister & Wayne Proctor
Mixed by Steve Wright & Wayne Proctor at Y Dream Studios
Recorded at Superfly Studios
Engineered by Andrew Banfield

CD Review: Ben Poole ~ Live At The Albert Hall

ben pBen Poole
Live At The Albert Hall
Manhaton Records

There is no doubt the The Bluesfest at The Albert Hall 2014 has spawned a range of top quality BBC recordings that allow fans of artists to hear them live in their own rooms. Having a live album is still no substitute for going out and seeing the artists you admire in a venue; this album once again shows what a superb blues guitar player Ben is and should raise his profile further.

Ben’s distinctive voice and approach to the lyrics make him stand out from the crowd when combined with his tasty lead breaks on guitar which fizz with rock tinged blues, this is not the ‘sitting on the front porch’ sort of blues. It is a British interpretation of electric blues that has been in the ascendency since the 1960’s. His version of Otis Redding’s Mr Pitiful and Freddie King’s Have You Ever Loved A Women are good illustrations where the silence of the audience is a testament to the quality of the guitar solo that holds your attentions as he sets his stall out with versions that have his own style embedded into the arrangements. Ben definitely adds layers of tones to every track with twirls of funk and soul as musical strands underlying the sound he produces. These tones are further embellished by the rhythm section, Craig Bacon on Drums and Matt Beable on bass they understand what is required on every track ensuring that the vocals and guitar have centre stage, confident in the knowledge without their bedrock of tone the sound would be hollow, so deftly demonstrated on It doesn’t Have To Be That Way.

The album has eight live tracks that span the years Ben has been touring Europe & U.K so gives a real flavour of the style and approach to the blues Ben will deliver to a live audience anywhere whether a gig or festival; though with a live set you hear more tracks so more of a delight. Plus a bonus of a studio track Starting All Over Again, with Wayne Proctor on drums & Bob Fridzema on keys, these two quality artists are normally associated with King King, and Steve Amadeo on bass leaving you spell-bound and wanting to hear more of Ben Poole and his band.

Ben Poole and his band are touring Europe and U.K. – TOUR DATES

Bluesdoodles gives this CD EIGHT doodle paws out of TEN ….pawprint half inch

Track Listing

1. Intro
2. Let’s Go Upstairs
3. Love Nobody No More
4. (I Know) I’m Losing You
5. Mr Pitiful
6. It Doesn’t Have To Be That Way
7. Leave It On
8. Have You Ever Loved A Woman
Bonus Studio Track 
9. Starting All Over Again