Black Stone Cherry Bringing Kentucky To Cardiff

Black Stone Cherry Bringing Kentucky To CardiffBlack Stone Cherry Bringing Kentucky To Cardiff

St David’s Hall was infused with the essence of Rock Music with Black Stone Cherry Bringing Kentucky To Cardiff tonight opening their anticipated tour An Evening With Black Stone Cherry. This is a new venture for BSC as they opened for themselves as Chris Robertson announced and he admittedly they were nervous acoustic with people sitting down was a first! The second half would be typical electric heavy rock mayhem was promised after the break.
Black Stone Cherry Bringing Kentucky To CardiffFor everyone in the audience who had experienced Black Stone Cherry in stadia, it all felt rather strange, stepping on a road not travelled with BSC, up close, stripped down and personal. The stage represented a front porch with bright lights like fireflies caught in a jar decorating the stage to make it look pretty for us. The songs were magnificent demonstrating that underneath the amps and electric are numbers that have the power, intensity working so well as acoustic numbers. Demonstrating the deep roots of rock in folk, bluegrass mountain music and country this is music that evokes Kentucky every bit as much as bluegrass, horses and Kentucky Whiskey. The opening set of forty-five minutes held the rock audience’s attention as they opened with In Our Dreams from their latest album Kentucky and later in the set Rambler and perfect for the acoustic setting; we may be a million miles from Kentucky but tonight Cardiff was an extension of the bluegrass state.  The poignant singing of Things My Father Said, completed what was never finished earlier in the year when in Cardiff when the emotion of the number was too much for Chris. With help from the Cardiff audience  who never ever need any encouragement to participate and they were happy to join in, the atmosphere was electric throughout the acoustic set as they sung “Big city lights don’t shine for me no more” we knew the lights of the city were shining on BSC tonight. Closing with All I’m Dreaming Of we sat back and thought what  a great way to open let’s bring on the main course BSC loud, bright and electric.

Black Stone Cherry Bringing Kentucky To CardiffWith the stage reset and the lights changed Chris Robertson, vocalist strutted on stage complete with a blue PRS guitar, which Chris was delighted with.   Chris joined by power drummer John Fred Young, Dancing, leaping guitarist Ben Wells and bassist as solid as the rock they play Jon Lawhon. The four who are Black Stone Cherry needed no introduction as the lights lit up the stage the roar of delight went up and everyone stood to enjoy the Kentucky rock they have come to hear.

Black Stone Cherry Bringing Kentucky To CardiffThe audience throughout were ready to party have fun and a great time listening to music that blasted away any cobwebs lurking in the far high corners of St David’s Hall. Up first in the  electric set to cheers and the audience standing Devil Queen blasted away the chill of the acoustic the auditorium was hot. Rock that puts fire in your belly and good vibrations in your ears and a feel good factor this is what Saturday nights are made for.  The set list toured their albums with Kentucky’s  Soul Machine raising the heat we were now cooking on ten surely we would get to eleven before the night was over. With a live airing for the first time since 2009 from Folklore and Superstitions Please Come In, we didn’t need to be asked twice. We were being absorbed deep into BSC deep, dark lyric driven rock. The band were full of energy with Ben striding from one side of the stage to the other in a few steps his leaping acrobatics added to the fire as the rhythm guitar pulled the sound together. How many drumsticks were broken battered or bruised as Fred Young powered through the numbers? I lost count, some lucky people caught them as they were hurled into the audience. The bass line of Killing Floor adds to the tension as we hit the dark groove of Killing Floor snarling with menace. Two favourites had the  audience high and ecstatic as  White Trash Millionaire and Me and Black Stone Cherry Bringing Kentucky To CardiffMary Jane creeping round the backdoor like a groundhog  were aired across St David’s Hall. as the light show flashed and danced reflecting off the walls as strobing to the driving beat of BSC rock.  A true if lonely statement Cheaper To Drink Alone full of Southern heat and verve as Chris’s vocals curled around the lyrics, spitting them out, live there were George Thoroughgood riffs and licks in the intro this is what makes live music so special you have to be at the gig to get the full drama, quips and that up close and personal feel. The drum solo with Fred taking control of the stage gave the rest of the Black Stone Cherry Bringing Kentucky To Cardiffband a breather before  the last three songs. The Guitar changed now in Chris hands was a red electric lent to him by Luke Phillips of Newbridge band Everyday Heroes; 2016 Steelhouse band winners who opened the Steelhouse Festival.  Fantastic to hear the latest single, from Kentucky album Shake My Cage, played live the riffs are just huge as the reverberated around the auditorium. With  Blame It On The Boom Boom giving Cardiff another chance to raise their voice, finishing off the second half of the chorus despite the band stopping, Chris apologised live “…we get it wrong sometimes! Let’s do a chorus again if you will join in”.  All too soon, it was the last or twenty-fourth Black Stone Cherry number of the night Lonely Train. But there was more, the scale of eleven was now definitely reached with a  tribute to Lemmy at the end with a BSC version of Ace of Spades! No one went home lonely filled with the party vibe of An Evening With Black Stone Cherry.

black-stone-cherry-wm-2558Chris Robertson thanked the Cardiff audience for enjoying the music and how delighted they were to be starting a U.K. tour once again in the Welsh Capital. As they left the stage to Queen’s We Are The Champions encouraging Cardiff to raise their voice once more and shaking hands with as many of the audience as possible.  We knew that Black Stone Cherry Bringing Kentucky To Cardiff was a reality, great fun and superb Rock n’ Roll.



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In Our Dreams (Kentucky)
High & Hell Water (Black Stone Cherry)
Like I Roll (Between the  Devil & the Deep Blue Sea)
Rambler (Kentucky)
Things My Father Said (Folklore & Superstition)
Stay (Between the  Devil & the Deep Blue Sea)
Big City Lights (Black Stone Cherry)
All I’m Dreaming Of (Between the  Devil & the Deep Blue Sea)


Devil’s Queen (Folklore & Superstition)
Soul Machine (Kentucky)
Soul Creek (Folklore & Superstition)
Please Come In (Folklore & Superstition)
Darkest Secret (Kentucky)
Killing Floor (Between the  Devil & the Deep Blue Sea)
White Trash Millionaire (Between the  Devil & the Deep Blue Sea)
Cheaper To Drink Alone (Kentucky)
Me and Mary Jane (Magic Mountain)
In My Blood  (Between the  Devil & the Deep Blue Sea)
Blind Man (Folklore & Superstition)
Change (Between the  Devil & the Deep Blue Sea)
Shakin’ My Cage (Kentucky)
Blame It On The Boom Boom (Between the  Devil & the Deep Blue Sea)
Lonely Train (Black Stone Cherry)

Black Stone Cherry Bringing Kentucky To Cardiff


Mary Coughlan Songstress holds St David’s Hall Enthralled

Mary Coughlan WM-7167

Mary Coughlan Songstress holds St David’s Hall Enthralled




The stage was set, Grand Piano and a microphone. Tonight was entertainment from the first to the last dying note. The music interspersed with waspish anecdotes about ex-husbands, alcohol, drugs, and life in all its darkest glories.

Mary Coughlan sings with a husky voice that pulls every ounce of emotion from the lyrics from songs that are an ethereal mix of blues, folk and jazz. This is ethereal of real Fearie not those with gossamer wings but of dark tales. Ancient folklore often portrayed as powerful beings who could wreak havoc on the lives of humans. These and other ancient mysteries Mary seamlessly connects with and turns into modern day living nightmares. Here conversation flows through the night giving context to the sadness and heartbreak of the songs chosen tonight. We hear about her five children ex-husbands alcohol abuse as she sips water and says her last drink was in 1993. The combination of blues fuelled jazz is delivered with a mix of ironic amusement and at times a feeling that everything that happened was just ordinary. The result was an evening of a devastatingly engaging musical journey as she sung about betrayal, love lost and taboo subjects including child abuse, sex trafficking the dark underbelly of life that breathes emotion and gritty realism into the blues.

The selection of songs were shrouded in misery with some happier numbers as she explored her back catalogue and latest studio album Scars on the Calendar a collaboration between Mary Coughlan & Erik Visser. The music covered Billie Holliday and Joy Division and so much in between. Her version of Love Will Tear Us Apart is a re-working of the music stripped down raw and, like everything her tonsils curl around, is rasped with raw emotion. Every song was special and life-affirming Ancient Rain fell across an audience absorbed in the deep silence of appreciative listeners.

Mary is back with new projects including a musical of her album The House of Ill Repute, singing the title track and a couple of numbers from the album that explores life in a brothel there is no glitz, glamour or plush red velvet. This is hard, gritty and the reality of what women’s lives in a house of ill repute is like. The highlight was the emotional a cappella delivery of Antarctic, this is vocal purity as she sings of a “rotten, stinking cheat” her ex-husband.

The encore was her slap at the world as she sings Ain’t Nobody’s Business What I Do. Having conquered many demons through her life, her delivery and choice of songs are of a woman with powerfully views on the role of women throughout society. Roots Unearthed once again delivered an evening of musical delights as Mary Coughlan Songstress holds St David’s Hall Enthralled.

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Joe Satriani on UK TOUR 2015 with special Guest Dan Patlansky


o2 Apollo Manchester                                                       November 1st
Symphony Hall Birmingham                                         November 2nd
Royal Concert Hall  Glasgow                                          November 3rd
City Hall Sheffield                                                              November 4th
St. David’s Hall Cardiff                                                     November 5th
Cliffs Pavilion  Southend                                                  November 7th
Colston Hall Bristol                                                            November 8th
Guildhall  Portsmouth                                                       November 9th
 Eventim Hammersmith Apollo London                    November 10th

U.K. Dates:- Ticket hotline: 0844 888 9991, Book online: Tickets

Joe Satriani featuring singer-songwriter and guitarist Dan Patlansky as special guest starts  the UK stage of   Shockwave Tour 2015 on 1st November.  Patlansky has support Satriani since October 9th   across 25 shows in 10 countries, and over the course of 33 days, taking in Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Switzerland, as well as the UK from 1st NOVEMBER!.

Patlansky filmed a special announcement video for the extended tour

 Says Patlansky; “Joe Satriani has been a massive inspiration in my life and to many others. He is the most forward-thinking and most inspirational guitar player of our time and I am extremely honoured and excited to be on the road with him.”

Dan Patlansky latest album Dear Silence Thieves the first single, “Backbite” received 14 weeks of radio play rotation on Planet Rock Radio and the station has invited Patlansky to perform as one of the headliners amongst artists such as Rival Sons, Joanne Shaw Taylor, The Darkness at Planet Rockstock Festival on December 4th, followed by an intimate concert at London’s The Borderline with special guest Aaron Keylock.

Joe Satriani latest album Shockwave Supernova has recieved widespread acclaim.


About The Album

It would be easy to call Shockwave Supernova a “masterpiece” or “the last word on guitar” from the world’s most commercially successful solo guitar performer. Satch, however, sees it much more personally. He has consistently advanced the artistry of the instrument; an effort he dedicated himself to on 18th September, 1970, the day his idol Jimi Hendrix died.

Photo Credit: © Stephen Fourie
Photo Credit: © Stephen Fourie

Read why Bluesdoodles gave Shockwave Supernova a perfect 10 HERE


photo rights Bakkes Images
photo rights Bakkes Images


Read why Bluesdoodles gave Dear Silence Thieves a perfect 10 HERE



Martin Simpson & Dom Flemons Live @ St David’s Hall

- Martin Simpson and Dom Flemons - St David's Hall - Oct 2015_0050lMartin Simpson & Dom Flemons
@ St Davids Hall Cardiff
13th October 2015

Tonight delivered everything that this show, as part of the Roots Unearthed on the 3rd Floor of St David’s Hall, promised to be; two hours of superb musicianship the blending, and mixing of British traditional music and blues in many guises and the common heritage of themes, lyrics and melodies the two traditions share. Above all this was the joy of listening to two musicians who devour the stories and share the joy with the audience with nuggets of information about the songs, the history, the narrative and emotions creating the perfect music experience.

- Martin Simpson and Dom Flemons - St David's Hall - Oct 2015_0136lWe heard nineteen delicious songs that spanned country, vaudeville and delta blues with folk songs from the English lexicon we had ballads, sauciness and infectious guitar licks and the percussive quality of bones the ethereal piping of the quills and harp playing and the joy of banjo tunes played with skillful dexterity. Tonight like all of the gigs on the second tour of this duo was recorded with the tantilising and exciting promise of a CD celebrating the bond of common love of the songs they play and the mutual respect they have for each other’s talent as they uncover and share with us the power of tunes and lyrics that need to be heard and remembered.

- Martin Simpson and Dom Flemons - St David's Hall - Oct 2015_0052lOpening the show Martin delivered St James Hospital a traditional song and in reply Dom brings the ‘over-the-pond’ rendition of St James Infirmary the songs are similar rooted deep in musical memory but the translation and changes reflect the two nations. Like so much music nothing stands still the tunes and lyrics develop and modify to reflect audiences and the times in which they are sung. Music is an organic form nothing is set in aspic once musicians add their own interpretation and arrangement it is what keeps live music vibrant and the pure pleasure it brings to everyone in their seats tonight.

- Martin Simpson and Dom Flemons - St David's Hall - Oct 2015_0111lTonight for many we were introduced to the Quills as part of the multi-instrumentalist repertoire that is Dom Flemons, the first outing for this pipe-like instrument was Bulldose Blues, inspiration for Canned Heat’s Going Up Country this combined with his vocals that have an authority and intensity as he spans the octaves with a purity and a mighty fine holler when required. Added into the mix is the superb finger work, finger picking and slide guitar of Martin Simpson as the music just rolled from their fingers and lips. We had a parody of Stephen Foster’s 1850 Hard Times Come Again No More, not the American Civil war soldiers re-writing Hard Tack Come Again No More; this is an English song during the Cotton Famine in the 1860’s due to blockades of Confederate ports during the Civil War and rename Short Times, found by the Martin & Dom when visiting Cecil Sharpe House, the archives of English Folk songs and dance. All too soon the first half was finished with a flurry as they delivered Leadbelly’s Poor Howard and Champagne Charlie with its links to the music hall tradition across the UK and Europe.

- Martin Simpson and Dom Flemons - St David's Hall - Oct 2015_0016lOpening the second installment with My Money Never Runs Out, Dom plays banjo on this Gus Cannon number. We heard about Minstrel shows and how their popularity spread across the world, segregation Vaudeville and the difficulties of early black musicians and and how blues changed and adapted. The wealth if historical knowledge was as deep and immense as the music they were playing. Stealin’ a jug band number featured a St David’s Hall Jug/Carafe and added another layer of tonal experience the evening bought. The evening closed far too soon with a rousing version of Little Liza Jane and enthusiastic singing from the audience, this was an evening that has that special element that you all get if you were sitting in the audience.

Every song they sung deserves a mention and the story that went with it but to get that go and see them live they are still on tour see below you will not be disappointed. They are touring extensively throughout October, November and December check out the dates and venues HERE

Set List

St James Hospital
St James Infirmary
Bulldose Blues
Little Sadie
Short Times
Old Folks At Home
Poor Howard
Champagne Charlie
My Money Never Runs Out
If I Lose
Coalman Blues
Too Long/I’ve Been Gone
John Hardy
Buckeye Jim
Little Liza Jane

Bluesdoodles in the Press – March 2015

Blues In Britain

Skegness 2015

BIB Skeg1 mar 2015

BiBSkeg2 Mar 2015

Stevie Nimmo Trio with support from Ali Clinton Band

@ The Flowerpot

Stevie Nimmo BiB Mar 2015

Chris Rea @ St David’s Hall
Chris Rhea BiB MAr 2015


Aynsley Lister Band with support from Rita Payne

@ The Flowerpot

Ayns List BiB Mar 2015

Paul Carrack @ St David’s Hall ~ January 2015

Paul Carrack - St Davids Hall - Jan 2015 - DSC_4838lPaul Carrack
St David’s Hall
22nd January 2015


Elliott Morris - St Davids Hall- Cardiff - Jan 2015 - _0008l

Supporting Paul Carrack on the tour is Elliott Morris, a young solo acoustic artist who delivered a stylish set. His voice is powerful and he engaged with the audience with funny tales and setting the context for his songs which were a mix of folk and country tinged with blue. The numbers were self-penned full of clever lyrics, this is a songwriter who understands the power of the story, he has been influenced by Michael Hedges and Eric Roach which shone through with his percussive acoustic guitar playing. He delighted the audience they were charmed and entertained the perfect warm-up act for Paul Carrack, with his charismatic approach as he delivered songs which included Courting For Pleasure and Something’s Got To Give and if you see him playing live locally check amiable Elliott Morris out; he has a new E.P. It Seemed to Make Sense at the Time; release date 2nd March 2015.
Paul Carrack stepped onto the stage with a resounding cheer from a full house who were looking forward to hearing the man once again deliver the music they love whether from his long career from Mike & The Mechanics to Squeeze and beyond including in his latest album Rain or Shine tonight in Cardiff.

Paul Carrick - St Davids Hall- Cardiff - Jan 2015 - _0049lOpening with Satisfy from behind the keys on his Hammond C, Paul and his band captivated the audience and collectively they knew it was going to be a magical and musical carpet ride tonight at St David’s Hall, just the upbeat sound we all needed to hear on a dark January night. Then, picking up his red acoustic, Paul delivered Walk in the Room, with pieces of chatter we were now sitting back in our seats and enjoying the event. One in a Million from his Rain or Shine album was followed by a story inspired by his daughter setting off travelling All That Matters, these little personal insights make the evening so much more than a few songs delivered it is what makes live entertainment real and special. With his six-piece band adding layers of sounds, with guitar, saxophones, keys, bass with the two drummers making different but harmonising into a complimentary percussive beat that never drowns out the vocals. This worked so well on Time Waits For No One with the delightful solo’s adding texture and tone and on the track The Eagles covered Love Will Keep Us Alive. As the songs and music kept rolling through the auditorium the reception grew more excited as they heard or hoped for the numbers special to them from Paul’s extensive discography. It would not matter how many great musicians Paul Carrack had around him it is always about the songs at a Carrack concert and he always delivers with the right emotions and delivering the words so they have their hidden depths revealed. The lighting tonight had the musicians in darkness making them meld into the background creating an atmospheric platform for Paul to perform in the spotlight.
We were all treated to a fantastic rendition of one of my favourite Mike and The Mechanics numbers, Living Years with the added bonus of quality backing vocals. The number the musicians seemed to enjoy playing the most was Make your Mind Up with plenty of instrumental interchange almost creating the feeling of a jam with the keyboard player taking the lead on the vocals and the audience had a chance to participate and they did this with enthusiasm.
Brenda Lee’s; I’m Losing You was showcased tonight with Paul’s unique warm tones adding layers of feeling his vocals sparkle and shimmer it is why people will always return to a Paul Carrack concert seeing him perform live is an event where every emotion is explored but you know you will go home uplifted even if this time your personal favourite is not on the set list. Ending with Life’s Too Short, should be the motivating call for people who love music to get out and see live music whenever they can; because the atmosphere if tonight is a litmus test is electric and energising.

Play List
Walk In The Room
One In A Million
All That Matters
Eyes OF Blue
Love Will Keep Us Alive
Time Waits
I’m Losing you
You Don’t Know Me
Don’t Dream
Steppin Stone
If I should Fall Behind
I Think It’s Gonna Rain
Living Years
When My Little Girl
Make Your Mind Up
How Long
Life’s Too Short

Show Of Hands – St David's Hall Cardiff

Show Of Hands - St Davids Hall - Nov 2014_0032lShow Of Hands With Miranda Sykes
St David’s Hall
20th November 2014

Show of Hands the Devon-based English folk band comprising Steve Knightley the songwriting tour-de-force and Phil Beer were joined by Miranda Sykes with her double bass and searing harmonies who has added this depth of tone to the duo since 2004. This was an evening filled with musical tones delivered with a clarity and precision that reflected the emotions being portrayed by the lyrics of every song.

Show Of Hands - St Davids Hall - Nov 2014_0052lWe had fiddles, guitars and mandolins but above all we had vocals and harmonies thanks to Phil, Steve and Miranda. The classic English Folk number The Blind Fiddler provided an opportunity for Phil to display his talents on the fiddle and then the chance for audience participation and natural harmonies from the audience as they joined in the chorus Hallows Eve Is Here Again. Each song was described by frontman Steve Knightly giving a context and a reason that gave the set list substance, we had The Preacher about Portland in Dorset and some excellent Mandolin playing that built the atmosphere. Despite being steeped in British folk traditions we had a bluesy number Let Me Go To; Budleigh Salterton which was their take on Rock N Roll. The end of the first set was a dramatic medley of songs from their new album Century with a celebration of WW1 poets which was truly Poetry with Music.

Show Of Hands - St Davids Hall - Nov 2014_0011l

The second set was an opportunity for all three musicians to display their solo talents and added different texture to the sound and worked so well and then they came back together an delivered Santiago, followed by a protest song of arrogance, ignorance and greed AIG which had real passion an anger. Closing a marvellous evening of live music was Cousin Jack – an emotional outpouring of the Cornish Diaspora as the miners left Cornwall to mines across the world knowing they would never come home again.
Tonight was wall to wall Show of Hands folk with two sets and no support the audience were delighted to immerse themselves in a quality and emotionally driven delivery of English folk and lots more this is truly acoustic roots music immersed in history and traditions delivered with a freshness that is The Show of Hands.

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King King supporting John Mayall @St David’s Hall 22nd October 2014

King King - St Davids Hall Cardiff - Oct 2014_0194 Opening with More Than I Can Take King King filled St David’s auditorium with their mix of keys, guitar and Alan’s vocals and the theatre was entranced; for many this was their first experience of this award-winning modern British blues band. It was great to see the band performing on a large stage with the warm sound that St David’s Hall produces every time. With only a shortish set they hit the ground running as they delivered a selection of songs from their two albums, Take My Hand and their latest Standing In The Shadows. The rendition of Frankie Miller’s Jealousy was Wow!! the sound was just fantastic the perfect song to showcase the band and Alan’s emotion-driven vocals. Every time Bluesdoodles see this band we are continually blown away by the quality, they just get better and better as they hone their skills and deliver the songs we love with a mixture of passion and controlled musical skills as the sound from Lindsay Coulson on Bass and Wayne Proctor on Drums creating a rhythm section that is solid and adds a depth off tone, and Bob Fridzema (Hammond & Piano) and that sound that makes King King stand out from the crowd and then out front Alan Nimmo with his distinctive vocals and guitar sound. Tonight I did anticipate something special and King King delivered ending the set with Old Love the hall fell silent as the version captured their attention as the guitar got lower the silence deepened and then when turned up there was a roar of appreciation, all too soon they were leaving the stage to a standing ovation .. Want to see them again they are back in Cardiff on 8th March 2015 at The Globe in Albany Road.

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John Mayall - St Davids Hall Cardiff - Oct 2014_0005lJohn Mayall strode onto the stage, took up his position behind the keys and opened with All Your Love a great classic number for a legend, tonight he was accompanied by Rocky Athas (Guitar); Greg Rzab (Bass) & Jay Davenport (Drums) who provided the perfect musical foil for John Mayall when singing, on keys, guitar or blowing the harp. This was going to be a night full of memories as St David’s Hall collectively celebrated with John Mayall on his 80th Anniversary Tour. The energy that flowed from the stage belied the fact that John has been touring for over fifty years, the fans were re-living every moment with songs like Gimme One More Day; John created a party feel with his easy-going stage style chatting with audience as if they were part of his inner circle. That’s All Right by Jimmy Rogers a more traditional blues delivery more laid back and less energetic than King King giving the audience time to take a deep breath and get back into this groove being delivered by the God Father of British Blues. His version of Sonny Boy Williamson’s Help Me was sublime a great stretched traditional take on this classic. We were brought into the eighties with a John Mayall funkier number ‘Natures Disappearing’ as relevant today as when it was first released on the USA Union album, with its powerful and meaningful lyrics played with heart and passion this song mattered.

The delivery of T-Bone Walker’s Stormy Monday was full of layers of tones and textures full of blues breaks and licks no wonder this is a classic many bands deliver but few with the class it was played tonight.

Jay Davenport’s drumming was spot on full of blues emotion combined with some classy bass twist and turns delivered by Greg, and the guitar playing whether lead breaks or as rhythm from Rocky was full of Texan magic as displayed when all three had the opportunity to do solo spots as the set drew all too quickly to a close.

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Tonight we heard and saw two dynamic forces of British Blues King King with a rock/funk twist and John Mayall with his 45 Albums spanning the decades of the British Blues scene. What made the evening such quality entertainment was the distinct contrast between King King and John Mayall, demonstrating what a diverse and interesting genre British Blues is and always has been. The crowds were captivated and thoroughly enjoyed the quality walk through memory lane that John Mayall took them tonight as we all celebrated his 80th Anniversary tour.

John Mayall with King King Supporting


24th Princess Theatre Torquay
25th The Anvil, Basingstoke
26th Colston Hall, Bristol
28th Bridgewater Hall, Manchester
29th York Barbican, York
30th Buxton Opera House, Buxton
31st Venue Cymru, Llandudno


1st Cadogan Hall, London
2nd Norwich Theatre Royal, Norwich
4th City Hall, Sheffield
5th Symphony Hall, Birmingham
6th Cliffs Pavilion, Southend
7th Pavilion Theatre, Bournemouth
8th Cheese & Grain Frome
9th Corn Exchange, Cambridge
11th Sage Gateshead, Gateshead
12th Southport Theatre & Convention Centre, Southport
13th The Victoria Theatre, Halifax
14th Alhambra Theatre, Dunfermline
15th Caird Hall, Dundee
16th Aberdeen Music Hall, Aberdeen
17th Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow
18th L’Auditori, Barcelona, Spain
19th The Hawth Theatre, Crawley
20th Portsmouth Guildhall, Portsmouth
21st De Montfort Hall, Leicester
22nd Swan Theatre, High Wycombe
23rd The Orchard, Dartford
25th Ronnie Scotts, London
26th Ronnie Scotts, London