Ride Or Die Sings Devon Allman’s Latest Masterpiece

Ride Or Die sings Devon Allman’s Latest Masterpiece

Ride Or Die Sings Devon Allman’s Latest Masterpiece


Ride Or Die, is a journey full of colour and texture in the tone. With flashes of blue and twists of granite rock and country green woven into a musical tuned magic carpet. The fabric of the album is the winning and beguiling combination of Devon Allman’s triumvirate of power in equal measure Songwriting, guitar and those vocals. Adding to the fabric that creates a sound that across the whole album is full of emotional outpourings that shape each song are the superb tones and textures from his band and guests on the album. The phrasing of every instrument adds a musical emotion, there are no unnecessary layers every instrument compliments each other and are servants to the heart of the lyrics telling a powerful story.

Deep bass driven rhythms are laid down, setting the individual tone and tempo of each track is the combination of Tom Hambridge on drums and bassist Steve Duerst. They set the groove that is dynamic, exciting and certainly never static they are the warp and weft of the fabric that is Ride or Die. The fabric of the music is stretched, turned and reshaped with the addition of Saxophone, violin, and keys augmenting the message when required. Then the main pattern of this magical musical carpet, reflected in the wonderful cover design full of colour from Pepe Paras, capturing the integral heart and complexities as Devon sings the songs you want to hear again and again.

The dozen tracks all have a place on the album and add to the Ride Or Die journey, from the opening track Say Your Prayers through to the last notes of A Night Like This. Instantly recognisable as a Devon Allman melody and driving riffs that pull in the vocals that just curl around the lyrics is the opening number Say Your Prayers.  The judicious us of the wah-wah pedal adds to the low down dirty howling tempo of the opening number. The beat changes as we Find Ourselves, with an underlying Latin dance vibe; this is found again later in the album with Pleasure and Pain. Demonstrating the deep links within whole roots scene of American music from the Blues to Southern Rock of influences from steamy Latin dance moves from the Rumba to the Tango.

The tempo changes with the acoustic guitar of Lost, and a country feel as Devon’s vocals speak directly to you with a simplicity of the melody line contrasting the poetic depth of the lyrics.  The wah pedal is again used as an effect that says more than a thousand words the hurt and pain of this beautiful number.  As Devon sings “ Your clocks are all spinning, Your compass is bleeding now, Your Maps are all burning baby, You couldn’t be more lost”. If I had to listen to just one track from the album this would be it.  There is a feeling of another place and time, yet Lost is completely grounded in the now, with experiences, hurt and feeling of being lost we have all experienced.

Watch What You Say, has a foot tapping tempo where guitar and vocals are underpinned with drumming that give the lyrics a sense of purpose and momentum this is music which rocks and rolls it is emotionally poetic, this is experiences of life that is more about tears than laughs.  Vancouver gives a time and place a location where we can re-set the journey. Melodic violin and Devon’s voice has a lighter tone, the lyrics though are full of yearning that the saxophone reflects. As we live a love story and how we could have done things differently if you only had a time machine.

As Ride Or Die’s musical journey only has three more stops, the acoustic is picked up again for Live From The Heart, a philosophical song ‘look to your heart look to your soul’. The keys give the track shades that make it glisten and stand out in a crowd of beautiful numbers. The reflective sound continues with Butterfly Girl, his voice deepens in a Country feel. Another song about relationships with a searing violin as Devon gives advice that is so difficult to enact. Giving people the freedom to fly while caring from them.  The melody has a looseness, a freedom that allows you to fly and look down on the emotional journey the album takes you on.
An imaginative cover of The Cure’s A Night Like This closes the album, that mixes the influences of modern music, blending them into a textural tonal carpet that you want to ride on forever.

Ride Or Die Sings Devon Allman’s Latest Masterpiece, with ten of the tracks written or co-written by Devon he captures the sound that defies boundaries of genres that has the freedom to be itself. Full of strong lyrics and heartfelt melodies.  This is an album that takes you on a journey full of anguish, hurt, pain and the pleasures of living life where you Ride or Die whatever your journey remember hope will be present.

Devon AllmanRide or Die – RUF Records

Release Date 16th September 2016

Bluesdoodles gives this CD TEN pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

  1. Say Your Prayers
  2. Find Ourselves
  3. Galaxies
  4. Lost
  5. Shattered Times
  6. Watch What You Say
  7. Vancouver
  8. Pleasure and Pain
  9. Hold Me
  10. Live From The Heart
  11. Butterfly Girl
  12. A Night Like This

Bury Me In My Boots with Cadillac Three

Bury Me In My Boots with Cadillac Three

Cadillac Three
Bury Me In My Boots
Big Machine Records

Bury Me In My Boots with Cadillac Three,

An album celebrating country, rock and the influences of the Southern States – The Drawl, Whiskey, Sun and so much more. Embedded in a cultural hot spot with the sun and swampy it is every shade of light and dark good and bad life that ends with the Cadillac Three stating Bury Me In My Boots.

Three standouts on the album: the musical twists and turns delivered by Jaren Johnston, Neil Mason and Kelby Ray; foot-tapping whisky sipping riffs; and lyrics that tell an engaging tale. Opening with the title track, we have the painted image of boots, whisky and black roses, the lyrics whine and curl around the guitar raw in your face this is the Cadillac Three the fans flock to hear.

The album, then goes up three gears as the songs change and the slide caress your eyes, fast furious and fun, the country rock n’roll is up and running new tracks that just raise the adrenalin along with Hot Damn. Drunk Like You, with a melodic intro, then quietly sung by a laid back Jaren Johnston, like the lyrics this is intoxicating as Jaren sings ‘Nothing gets me drunk like you’; the moment a girl has more power that whiskey is dangerous!

This is an album to sit back, relax and listen to as in the lines there are hidden gems, in every song including Ship Faced, so glad they kept this to record (Others were looking to record this song!). It demands an undeniable stamp of country rock with attitude.

With fourteen songs you would expect a couple that are weaker, not Bury Me In My Boots, some just have an extra dollop of southern moonshine-fueled magic dust. The Accent stands out the opening is full driving melodic beat and then a moment of hesitation and Jaren joins the party dark, deep and beguiling. Jaren’s vocals are in complete control driving the track as he ponders looking back full of heartfelt emotive nostalgia the beat slows but still has an urgency. Bringing the album to a close like an encore, at a show you never want to end, Runnin’ Red Lights has a more urban feel a gentle urgency and will undoubtedly be a hit as the melody lingers on your ear leaving a tingle that means Cadillac Three May Want to be buried in their boots but not for a long time yet. We need to see you live, lots of times up close, a little bit dangerous and always entertaining. Cadillac Three are full of southern charm and the whip-cracking assertive rocking vibe spicing up southern country.

Cadillac Three, have written fourteen tracks of energised rocked up country steeped in southern delights, which work as a narrative within and album. For everyone who have had the joy to see them live, Graffiti, Party Like You , White Lightning and Peace Love & Dixie take you straight back to steamy, hot pack live music venues.

Cadillac Three – Bury Me In My Boots – Big Machine Records

Bluesdoodles gives this CD TEN pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

  1. Bury Me In My Boots
  2. Slide
  3. Drunk Like You
  4. Graffiti
  5. Buzzin’
  6. Party Like You
  7. Ship Faced
  8. Soundtrack To A Six Party
  9. White Lightning
  10. The South (Feat Florida Georgia)
  11. This Accent
  12. Peace Love & Dixie
  13. Hot Damn
  14. Runnin’ Red Lights

Whiskey Tour – U.K & Europe November 2016

5th Manchester O2 Ritz
6th London O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire
7th Cambridge Junction
9th Glasgow O2 ABC
10th Birmingham O2 Academy
11th Bristol O2 Academy
14th Dublin Whelans
15th Berlin Franz Club
16th Cologne MTC
17th Hamburg Nochtspeicher
18th Munich Backstage Hall
20th Amsterdam Melkweg Sugarfactory
22nd Madrid Chicago Club

Nashville Rocks New Single from Cadillac Three

Nashville Rocks New Single from Cadillac ThreeNashville Rocks New Single from Cadillac Three

Drunk Like You

Nashville Rocks New Single from Cadillac ThreeThe signature Cadillac mix launches you into Drunk Like You with a tap of your feet and a smile on your face as your ears curl up with aural delight.
The rocking Southern-infused country rock is instantly recognisable. The melody curls and crackles around the lyrics, with Jaren Johnston’s vocals sealing this as a real-deal single. It hits the mark leaving you wanting more. Easily resolved with a bit of patience:-

Firstly, BURY ME IN MY BOOTS, scheduled for release on August 5th via Big Machine Records. Pre-order available HERE

Secondly, they are touring UK & Europe in November!

The Cadillac Three are; Jaren Johnston (lead vocals), Neil Mason (percussion) and Kelby Ray (lap steel); the friendship creating a chemistry that is electric, intense and deep while ensuring everyone has fun listening to the Cadillac sound. The fusion of textures, tones and musical style has found a ready home in the UK, where they’ve built a loyal following with multiple sold-out headline dates. They are back in the U.K.For Ramblin Man – 24th July 2016 and back for Headline tour in November.


Their raw and gritty sound has won them fans on both sides of the Atlantic with its rocking vivacity and universal appeal. Chicago Sun-Times explains it thus, “…the majority of today’s so-called country rockers are simply trying to emulate what The Cadillac Three has been from their very beginning.”

Cadillac Three hit the mark at The Tramshed in Cardiff – read what Bluesdoodles thought HERE

On Tour Jared James Nichols Highwayman with A Guitar

Jared James Nichols by John Bull_2_London The Black Heart_June 23 2015Following the European tour with Zakk Wylde, the Wisconsin-bred guitar gunslinger returns to the UK this month for a series of headlining live concerts in June, followed by an extensive October UK tour supporting legendary blues guitarist Walter Trout.


To coincide with Jared’s return to the European stage, Listenable Records will release the Highwayman EP as an exclusive limited edition orange coloured 10 inch vinyl (500 copies). Read what Bluesdoodles said about Highwayman HERE


On June 3rd, Jared digitally released a brand new single, Don’t You Try, accompanied by an official music video with a homage to the bikers of the 60s and 70s. “We’re really excited about the brand new kick-ass single,” says Jared. “I’m positive it’ll kick-start the shows into high gear.”

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/Ui5wMsEuv6M” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

Written by Jared and producer/engineer Anthony Perry Jr., Don’t You Try was recorded at Swing House & Unison Music Group Studios in LA, and will appear on Jared’s next album in spring 2017.

Basically, the song is about belief,” reflects Jared.  “In all aspects of life. About, what you’re told when you’re young and how it has an impression on you. How strong other people’s words can be. How there is always something in the back of your mind, kind of chasing you. At the end of the day, you have to believe in what you want.”

The official music video is a celebratory homage to bikers. But how did Jared come up with the idea?

Says Jared – “It sounds crazy, but the idea came up when I was drifting to sleep! I remember the dream so vividly, I was cruising in my old Ford when all of the sudden I was taken over by a biker gang.  We worked with L.A. Director Ben Strang and decided to make it a ‘homage” or “parody” if you will. It turned out funny as hell and undoubtedly a throwback to the classic exploitation Biker films of the late 60s early 70’s. We plan on opening our European shows with the song.”



Jun 18 Stone Free Festival – London, UK

Jun 19 Notes Café – Southampton
Jun 21 The Cellar Door – Birmingham
Jun 22 Yardbirds – Grimsby
Jun 23 The Live Rooms – Chester
Jun 24 Duck & Drake – Leeds
Jun 25 Craufurd Arms – Milton Keynes
Jul 23 The Apex – Bury St. Edmunds

Oct 17 Rock City – Nottingham
Oct 18 Manchester Academy 2
Oct 19 Sage Gateshead – Newcastle
Oct 21 The Lemon Tree – Aberdeen
Oct 22 The Queens Hall – Edinburgh
Oct 23 Holmfirth Picturedrome – West Yorkshire
Oct 25 The Brook – Southampton
Oct 26 Exeter Phoenix
Oct 27 Tramshed – Cardiff

Jared James Nichols Touring Video Don’t You Try

Jared James NicholsJared James Nichols Touring Video Don’t You Try


New Single says Don’t You Try – listen but definitely go and see Jared James Nicholes live – it is awesome. Read what Bluesdoodles said about his opening set at Robin 2 last year – HERE

“Don’t You Try” is the new single by Jared James Nichols Released digitally June 3rd on Listenable Records.
Written by Jared and producer/ engineer Anthony Perry Jr. Recorded at Swing House & Unison Music Group Studio’s in Los Angeles. Blueprint Motion Pictures Ltd.

The official music video is a celebratory homage to bikers. But how did Jared come up with the idea?

Says Jared – “It sounds crazy, but the idea came up when I was drifting to sleep! I remember the dream so vividly, I was cruising in my old Ford when all of the sudden I was taken over by a biker gang. We worked with L.A. Director Ben Strang and decided to make it a ‘homage” or “parody” if you will. It turned out funny as hell and undoubtedly a throwback to the classic exploitation Biker films of the late 60’s early 70’s. We plan on opening our European shows with the song.”

Jared James Nichols on Tour 2016
Jared James Nichols Touring Video Don't You Try


Jun 03 Wytwornia – Lodz, Poland
Jun 04 Metalfest Open Air Pilsen – Czech Republic
Jun 06 Kino Siska – Ljubljana, Slovenia
Jun 07 Tvornica Club – Zagreb, Croatia
Jun 09 Teatro degli Arcimboldi – Milano, Italy
Jun 10 La Belle Electrique – Grenoble, France
Jun 11 Le Rocher de Palmer – Cenon, France
Jun 13 La Riviera – Madrid, Spain
Jun 14 Sala Barts – Barcelona, Spain
June 17 Azkena Rock Festival – Spain
Jun 18 Stone Free Festival – London, UK


Jun 19 Notes Café – Southampton
Jun 21 The Cellar Door – Birmingham
Jun 22 Yardbirds – Grimsby
Jun 23 The Live Rooms – Chester
Jun 24 Duck & Drake – Leeds
Jun 25 Craufurd Arms – Milton Keynes
Jul 23 The Apex – Bury St. Edmunds


Oct 17 Rock City – Nottingham
Oct 18 Manchester Academy 2 – Manchester
Oct 19 Sage Gateshead – Newcastle
Oct 21 The Lemon Tree – Aberdeen
Oct 22 The Queens Hall – Edinburgh
Oct 23 Holmfirth Picturedrome – West Yorkshire
Oct 25 The Brook – Southampton
Oct 26 Exeter Phoenix – Exeter
Oct 27 Tramshed – Cardiff
Jared is looking forward to showing UK and European audiences what his new live show is made of. He’s also can’t wait to get on the road supporting Zakk Wyle.

“When I was growing up and learning how to play guitar, I had posters of Zakk taped on bedroom wall,” reminisces Jared. “Zakk, without a doubt, was, and still is, one of my biggest guitar heroes. The fact that I will be supporting him on a European tour is a dream come true.” Adds Jared, I also have some very special Southern Rock cover songs in store. We’re going to mix it up, and every night will be special and different. I’ll give you a hint… A little ol’ band from Texas, and a badass group from Jacksonville, Florida. Can you take a guess? It’s time to raise some hell. See you out on the road soon!”

Need more convincing not sure why? Check out what we said about
Jared James Nichols Debut album Old Glory And the Wild Revival – HERE and EP – Highwayman HERE

Friday Night Gov’t Mule Kicks Ass in Bristol

Govt’ Mule Kicks Ass in Bristol

Friday Night Gov’t Mule Kicks Ass in Bristol

Friday nights do not get better than this. Sunny Bristol, excited queue outside O2 Academy all waiting for the door to open and Gov’t Mule to step on stage and let the music take over. First time in twenty years of kicking ass Gov’t Mule arrived in Bristol, to bring their own special brand of live music. With a huge repertoire the set list was going to be a magical journey unfolding the musical magic of Warren Haynes on guitar and vocals, Matt Abts Drum, Jorgen Carlsson  on bass completing the rhythm section and Danny Louis on organ and keyboards. These four musicians create a crescendo of sounds as they jam and move around the music never chaotic, the journey is wild and exciting and they always know the route home. The electrifying mystery and delight for fans is what will they pick from the albums that preserve the sweetest Mule jams. Will tonight be the night I hear the tune I want. Gov’t Mule is like British weather the on certainty is you are not going to know what weather front they will be blowing in on next.

Govt’ Mule Kicks Ass in Bristol

The tour celebrating twenty years mixes skillful covers with a selection of tracks from a myriad of albums. Opening with 32-20 Blues Gov’t Mule takes Bristol back to Robert Johnson and the dawning of the recorded blues. The slide is slipping over the strings the fingers play the fret Warren Haynes is in my opinion one of the best guitar players around today. He makes the guitar talk to the audience, as his voice harmonises and the lyrics are deep and full of storyteller delights. The next two tracks have a common theme ‘Child, Wandering Child from Live… With A Little Help From Our Friends returned to a few times throughout the set. As the last phrase of the chorus fades, help me now, save the wandering child; merges seamlessly into Child of the Earth another album checked off there is nothing miscellaneous about the playing it is sharp and fun.

Never pigeon-hole a band who turns jamming into a professional art form. They mix in the styles yes, there’s rock with echoes of the south, with country, pop, blues all merging creating an artist palette of tonal textures and shapes. Snippets of tunes we recognize are incorporated like a tasty tease, including, Manhattan Transfer’s Birdland in Game Face and Beatles I Want You (She’s so Heavy) ending Monkey Hill. The crowds whooped with delight, clapped and cheered when a song they want to hear was live in Bristol tonight and the cowbell added to the party feel. The crowd sung back louder and louder with each successive chorus on Humble Pies 30 Days in the Hole, this was heating up the venue to fever pitch.
The encore was extra time with Gov’t Mule we were delighted taking us straight into the deep end… the guitar once again was silky sexual tension that fed off the keys of Danny, drumming from Matt and the bass line that purrs from Jorgen. Beautifully Broken was holding everyone in Bristol tonight enthralled with Beautifully Broken. Could it get better, was there anything else unexpected in the melting pot of the band. Of course there was as the tempo changed and the Beatifully Broken eloquently merged into When Doves Cry. Wow oh wow! what a tribute. Closing out the night that will be long remembered and talked about, the gig of 2016 for many with Railroad Boy a traditional Celtic folk song underlining the immense breadth the band has and the majesty in which they play every song.

Govt’ Mule Kicks Ass in Bristol

Bristol tonight were mesmerized by over two and half hours of spine tingling music, live and dangerous’ This is music that connects with your backbone, and like a drug plays straight into your nervous system. Exciting, thrilling and is a roller coaster of riffs, chords medleys and power, the power of live music that is priceless. The Mule came to Bristol and conquered the city come back again we want to hear more of you.

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Gov’t Mule Releasing Archival album The Tel-Star Sessions

Gov't Mule Releasing Archival album The Tel-Star Sessions’
Legendary rock torchbearers Gov’t Mule
Releasing a new archival album – The Tel-Star Sessions
August 5, 2016 via Provogue/Mascot Label Group.

Gov't Mule Releasing Archival album The Tel-Star SessionsThe album consists of the band’s very first, and never-before-released, demos made in June 1994 at Tel-Star Studios in Bradenton, Florida. These newly mixed and mastered recordings feature the original line-up – Warren Haynes, Allen Woody and Matt Abts – and capture the rawness and excitement of the earliest days of Gov’t Mule.  The ten tracks intended to be Gov’t Mule’s band’s debut album, but  shelved gathering dust until now. Out of the 5th August the debut album will be heard for the first time – check out the video below. The 10 songs will be available digitally, as a single CD, as well as 180-gram double-vinyl set including a limited edition version with different artwork and splatter vinyl.

Recorded during the infancy of Gov’t Mule, the demos heard on The Tel-Star Sessions are from a time when Mule was an adventurous side project, formed during a year when Warren Haynes and Allen Woody had some down time from their work with the Allman Brothers Band. Becoming one of the most enduring, respected and active bands in the world was the furthest thing from the band’s imagination; the plan was to record a low-budget album and play a few shows. Two decades later, it’s now clear that they had stumbled upon something special, but at that point Mule was an experimental rock trio: Haynes, Woody and drummer Matt Abts, who Haynes brought in after playing with him in the Dickey Betts Band. Fans will love the chance to hear their early improvisational interplay, an impressive skill that has since become a signature of Gov’t Mule’s albums and live shows.

Collaborating with Allman Brothers sound engineer Bud Snyder, and taking legendary producer Tom Dowd’s advice to record all instruments simultaneously live in a room, Gov’t Mule holed up in Tel-Star Studios and sought to bring back the rock power trio and “dirty up” the bass guitar – a style that had been a marker of rock music prior to the ‘80s. Their influences leaned heavily on the likes of Cream, Jimi Hendrix Experience and ZZ Top, but Mule’s search to bring back a familiar sound is mingled with grunge and alt-rock influences that had just emerged in the early-mid ‘90s. Little did they know that the magic created during these sessions would spark such a prolific musical journey. It is undeniably enthralling to go back in time and experience how it all began.

The Tel-Star Sessions – Released 5th August 2016 – Provogue/Mascot Label Group
Track List

Blind Man In The Dark
Rocking Horse
Monkey Hill
Mr. Big
The Same Thing
Mother Earth
Just Got Paid
Left Coast Groovies
World Of Difference
World Of Difference (alt.version)

Pre-order your copy: HERE

Check out ‘Blind Man In The Dark’ here:


Sheepdogs Round Up Excited Les Paul’s Tonight

Sheepdogs Round Up Excited Les Paul’s Tonight

Sheepdogs Round Up Excited Les Paul’s Tonight



My gig reviews normally start at the beginning and take you on a journey that you could have experienced if you had been at The Globe in Cardiff on Wednesday 6th April. Not this time!

What an encore as The Sheepdogs enthralled the audience with their version of the iconic Allman Brothers’ Whipping Post. The finale was the crowning glory of a magnificent night of live music come back to Cardiff very soon your music made Wednesday the new Saturday night. Now back to the beginning how did we arrive at this magnificent musical high?



Sheepdogs Round Up Excited Les Paul’s TonightWarming up the venue for The Sheepdogs tonight were local band The People The Poet. With new material from recently released EP Paradise Closed, and the excellent vocalist, Leon Stanford his confidence spills across the venue with quips as he engaged with the audience. The People The Poet, play their own style of Rock with Welsh undertones.  Their confidence reflected that they were just back from performing in the USA at SXSW in Austin Texas.  The music connects with lyrics that have something to say and the indie number Happy Being Miserable is an ironic observation of the British nation. The music though did the most of the talking as the quartet from Pontypridd delighted the crowds and once again showing this young band is one to watch.

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Sheepdogs Round Up Excited Les Paul’s TonightThen with the stage re-organised and it was quickly time for The Sheepdogs rocking Cardiff once again, out of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada with the keyboard draped in the state’s flag. The rock is full of deep riffs and a compelling mix of blues, boogie and southern rock. In reality, The Sheepdogs are a special mix of Canadian Rock authentic, melodic and a harsh edge that demands to be noticed. Tonight the set list allowed us to hear the music live from their current critically acclaimed album Future Nostalgia and a dip back into their extensive back catalogue.  The Sheepdogs are brothers Ewan and Shamus Currie; Ryan Gullen, Sam Corbett and completing the quintet Jimmy Bowskill.  The resplendent harmonisation of the twin lead guitars as Ewan and Jimmy entertained and shaped the melodic chords is the band’s signature. The guitarists were given the freedom to explore the textural shapes and tones of the six-strings thanks to the resounding work from the rhythm section Ryan on Bass and the drumming from Sam.  Adding into this rock n roll mix is the keys from Shamus adding that deep tonal layer. The quintet of Sheepdogs deftly herded the Cardiff crowd into order and then in response a set list opening with I’m Gonna Be Myself, Really Wanna Be Your Man Tonight and One You Belong raised the tempo the excitement was growing with every note played and sung.  The excitement and happiness kept growing with Who from their Five Easy Pieces album, full of vocal harmonization and the music curled around The Globe, music again weaving its magical effect.


Sheepdogs Round Up Excited Les Paul’s TonightThe guitar riffs were classic rock, the solos full of deft intricacies with the  rough intimacy of a jam and then on top of the melodic textures rose Ewan’s vocals who at times reminded me of Rich Robinson of The Black Crows combining to create the honest sound that defines the band. Good time rollickin rock, entertaining and fun. Southern Dreaming from JUNO-winning platinum album Learn and Burn. A lyrical ditty with the twin leads captivating, you just didn’t want the music to stop. The rock tinged with country blues, southern charm and the tracks kept pouring out of the speakers with subtle changes in textures and form this is live music at its best.  Onto the stage a pedal steel, and Jimmy charmed us with the sound that is evocative of country music with hints of Hawaiian. This was not shallow music the lyrics at times were dark and created from life’s tragedies as with Jim Gordon. Paying tribute to the drummer who played with Little Richard and many more; often not remembered for the power of drumming for the greats it is the murder of his mother and undiagnosed schizophrenia.  The Pedal Steel in this stripped down number was the perfect foil for the lyrics. The Sheepdogs delivered tonight.

Sheepdogs Round Up Excited Les Paul’s TonightWith the chat of Shamus, he step from behind the keyboard, picked up his trombone. Brother Ewan took over keyboard duties. So now we had the unusual and delightful mix of harmonised trombone and lead guitar. The Les Paul’s were swapped for matching Gibson Firebirds giving them a Southern rock edge.  Both the tracks from their self-titled album How Late, How Long and I Don’t Know raising the tempo higher we wanted more! Country roughed up with mighty boulders of rock, crammed with melody ad vocal harmonization this is the power of music. Another magnificent gig worthy of the title ‘gig of the year’.  No signs of shepherds, The Sheepdogs don’t need any controlling they are the power of music unleashed to entertain and enjoy.

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Grafetti video from Cadillac Three and more

Graffiti video from Cadillac Three and more

Filmed a few weeks ago in the familiar urban-scapes of London during their successful Night Life Religion Tour, The Cadillac Three now reveal the final portrait of ‘Graffiti’ a brand new music video for their latest UK single. The “smouldering mid-tempo rocker polished with arena-stomping gloss” (Entertainment Weekly), lays a template for their forthcoming album later this year.

We have had such a warm welcome from our fans in the UK and with the Night Life Religion Tour, we thought it would be really cool to film the video in London with all of the unique street art everywhere,” said TC3 drummer Neil Mason, who wrote ‘Graffiti’ with Nashville songwriters Corey Crowder and Luke Dick.

Scenes capture The Cadillac Three following a masked street artist through the capital’s back-streets in Brick Lane, South Bank and Shoreditch, as the band’s lyrics and logo are tagged on every available surface before taking refuge in a dimly lit East London dive bar. Director Lyle Lindgren conceptualized the literal and unique video.

During a frequent visit to the UK late last year, The Cadillac Three was invited by Sofar Sounds to play at one of their secret, intimate gigs. The session included a performance of their hit single ‘White Lightning,’ a staple on the BBC Radio 2 playlist all summer long.


Grafetti video from Cadillac Three and moreThe raucous Nashville trio has found a welcome home here in the UK with their vibrantGrafetti video from Cadillac Three and more shows eliciting word-of-mouth appeal from British fans that has ensured bigger crowds – with last month’s tour being no exception – across the country at a phenomenal rate.
Cardiff was no different with a packed Tramshed. White Lightning was a highlight when Bluesdoodles saw them live at Tramshed in Cardiff Read what we said HERE

Catch The Cadillac Three this summer Ramblin’ Man Fair – 23rd & 24th July

Southern Rock bought to Derby Courtesy of Devon Allman

Southern Rock bought to Derby Courtesy of Devon Allman


Kev Andrews WM-6767The heat was rising on a cold February evening as the anticipation grew for live music tonight Southern style. Before, Devon, the local acoustic guitarist Kev Andrews warmed the stage with his recognizably deft guitar work. Kev made the six-strings zing especially with his acoustic re-working of Voodoo Chile. With a mix of authentic blues, slide playing that entertained using a glass from The Flowerpot bar we were musically warmed for the main act of the evening Devon Allman.

Southern Rock bought to Derby Courtesy of  Devon AllmanA grand entrance to a packed Flowerpot, and as usual Devon Allman dazzled everyone with his glorious guitar playing. No gimmicks, no pedal board just straight into the amp and his magical ability to manipulate the six strings of his Gibson; producing a mixture of tones from deep with the blues and the energy of Southern Rock this was a spellbinding set from Devon and his band.  Opening with Wash in A serving as the invitation to enjoy Devon Allman and his band on a whirlwind of notes that shaped the mood and we were ready for the party. Leading into the first of three tracks off his current album Ragged and Dirty; including Half The Truth, this is a track that curls around the manipulation and shaping of the fret board. Tonight adding to the honey dripping vocals was Bobby Schneck Jr on guitar taking the lead often his playing is monstrous what a pairing plus great harmonizing on and backing vocals. The rhythm section that sounded like they had been playing together for years. The reality was so very different joining regular drummer Anthony Nanney was bassist, Carl Stanbridge on his second gig with Devon. We were treated to Devon doing a Devon Allman Honeytribe cover Mahalo. The music was scorchingly hot with No Woman No Cry via Bob Marley and The Wailers heard in Derby. This was the perfect time for audience to join in on the chorus; the absolutely delicious licks and riffs contained within Back To You within the great blues undercurrent. The music of Devon and the band hits you deep in your music solar plexus, massaging your soul creating that huge smile of delight of hearing stunning live music unfolding in front of you.

Many remembered the last time Devon was at the Flowerpot with Royal Southern Brotherhood so the inclusion of Left My Heart in Memphis was thoroughly enjoyed. The blues that chugged and coursed around the venue, the wonder of Checkin On My Baby from Sonny Williamson via Junior Wells hit the spot.  Midnight Lake Michigan from Ragged and Dirty closed the set the lights dimmed they left the stage. We collectively drew our breath and then in harmony yelled for more.

Encores can be a number or two added to the set list. No Devon and the band hit the stage as if starting again rather than drawing the evening to a sedate close this was Rock n’ roll at its best. We were treated to a triple caress of the power of Devon Allman. The title track of his latest album led into a medley of music, colouring book of pop, rock blues and everything in between. The fastest version of Stairway To Heaven with the audience joining in the fun. This was a riff medley of huge proportions, a jam that had energy shape and a purpose. I think I picked out Sweet Home Alabama. Whole Lotta Love and Smells Like Teen Spirit many more I missed, when you are that enthralled by the sound your brain forgets to take note of tiny details. Closing an evening we would like to have just continued was One Way Out an Allman Brothers Number that we all loved and left Southern Rock and the legacy of Allman’s family talent resonating in the venues air and seeping into the walls as part of The Flowerpots DNA.

A magnificent ending to a fantastic gig – WOW! – this was certainly going to be one if not the Bluesdoodles gig of the year.

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