Jo Harman People We Become Tour 2017

Jo Harman  People We Become Tour 2017

Jo Harman People We Become Tour 2017

(Full/extended band show)


Thursday 2nd February 2017* EXETER PHOENIX, DEVON


Thursday 9th February 2017 PARADISO, AMERSTERDAM

Saturday 11th February 2017* DORCHESTER ARTS, DORSET

Tuesday 14th February 2017* JUNCTION 2 CAMBRIDGE

Thursday 16th February 2017* MUSICIAN LEICESTER

Sunday 19th February 2017* JAZZ CAFE, LONDON


Thursday 23rd February 2017* BAND ON THE WALL, MANCHESTER


Friday 3rd March 2017 1865 SOUTHAMPTON HAMPSHIRE

Thursday 9th March 2017* APEX, BURY ST EDMUNDS, SUFFOLK

Tuesday 28th March 2017 JOE’S PUB, NEW YORK, USA


*With support from very special guest ELLES BAILEY

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Jo Harman  People We Become Tour 2017

Long Awaited  Jo Harman Album People We Become

Recorded in Nashville, at Sound Emporium and other noted studios, with acclaimed producer Fred Mollin (Billy Joel, Jimmy Webb, Carly Simon, Joe Cocker, Johnny Mathis and many more) the album features Michael McDonald on the first single ‘When We Were Young’.

Award-winning Soul and Blues singer-songwriter Jo Harman announces a 3rd February 2017 worldwide release date for her much-anticipated second studio album, People We Become, the follow-up to her critically acclaimed and commercially successful 2013 debut ‘Dirt On My Tongue‘. 


An Evening With Todd Rundgren – Live At The Ridgefield

An Evening With Todd Rundgren – Live At The RidgefieldAn Evening With Todd Rundgren – Live At The Ridgefield

Live At The Ridgefield, the first thing  you notice on this fourth live album from Todd is the cinematography is not the quality expected from a live professional shot DVD. BUT the most important part, the sound is excellent and captures the energy, enthusiasm that is Todd Rundgren. The appeal of the DVD is also the under production, this is who I am Todd Rundgren while he moves from Rock to Soul, it is his eclectic take on music the fans love the individuality, energy and connection with the audience. The show they chose to film was December 2015 at The Richfield Playhouse in Connecticut.

With a back catalogue that spans the decades from the1960’s up to now, as Todd adroitly says the evening is not long enough to fit the set list in. The set reflects the journey Todd has taken with his guitar and vocals and the set list moves from one song to another including his early days with The Nazz. The fans will love the choice yes, some favourites will not be there but he has ensured fans from all and any era will have the sound they love. From funky through to rock.
Picking out highlights as Todd puts down the guitar and funky drives the theatre, Love Science with some smart footwork as the band takes over. Following from funk Buffalo Grass a complete contrast with its luscious harmonies and a guitar that sings. The twenty-five tracks show the scope and range that Todd has delivered, melodic soulful ballads through to lead breaks that are understated letting the guitar strings do the talking. He has performed live songs not heard for decades and if you love music from both rock and soul genres this DVD/CD has it all delivered with verve and an intent to entertain with quality music.
As ever, the DVD has those extra nuggets that no CD or vinyl will ever have, this is no exception with band members interviewing each other.
The DVD/CD combo, An Evening With Todd Rundgren – Live At The Ridgefield is one for the fans, this is a Todd Rundgren trip down memory lane. Every fan will remember the first time they saw Todd live, heard the number played creating a visual and aural treat to revisit the music that defines Todd Rundgren and the band.


An Evening With Todd Rundgren – Live At The Ridgefield

An Evening With Todd Rundgren – Live At The Ridgefield – Cleopatra Records

The CD/DVD package comes in a special 6-panel digipak.
Also available on limited edition vinyl.
To purchase “An Evening With Todd Rundgren – Live At The Ridgefield”:
Vinyl: HERE
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CD: Track Listing:

1. I Saw The Light
2. Love Of The Common Man
3. Open My Eyes
4. Sometimes I Don’t Know What To Feel
5. Black And White
6. Buffalo Grass
7. Determination
8. Lost Horizon
9. Bang The Drum All Day
10. Kiddie Boy
11. Black Maria
12. Drive
13. Secret Society
14. Love In Action
15. Couldn’t I Just Tell You
16. Can We Still Be Friends
17. Hello It’s Me
18. One World


1. Intro / I Saw The Light
2. Love Of The Common Man
3. Open My Eyes
4. Remarks
5. Sometimes I Don’t Know What To Feel
6. Black And White
7. Love Science
8. Buffalo Grass
9. Determination
10. Lost Horizon
11. Bang The Drum All Day
12. Soothe
13. Kiddie Boy
14. Black Maria
15. God Said
16. Drive
17. I’m So Proud
18. Ooh Baby Baby
19. I Want You
20. Secret Society
21. Love In Action
22. Couldn’t I Just Tell You
23. Can We Still Be Friends
24. Hello It’s Me
25. One World
26. Credits

Beth Hart Fire On The Floor

Beth Hart Fire On The Floor

Beth Hart Fire On The Floor


The mood is set sultry, melodic, moody with Beth at her Piano  and her vocals that cajole you to get into the jazzy swing with Jazz Man. Opening Fire On The Floor is intimate setting the next forty-five minutes, it is a journey exploring the interaction between words, vocals and melodic lines underlying the texture of every song. The shape of the number changes, with a landscape created with the feel of a cinematic film score. This is a vocal painting of Love Gangster with a flinty edge and the driving instrumentation that never overpowers but adding layers of textures and tonal pathways. Throughout the album it is Beth’s vocals that are the lead breaks and the mixture of musicians carefully selected by acclaimed producer Oliver Leiber that are the foil for the majesty of Beth, the singer, songwriter extraordinaire.

Fire on The Floor is scorching hot as the range of genres are explored creating at the heart of the sound Beth, the reason the album exists. The mix of styles, reflects the vagaries of fire, white heat then cooler blue flames, the emotional wrenching of the red and orange flames that lick around the boots of the songs the lyrics.

The energy is both raw and controlled, rocking and reflective as Love Is A Lie, full of dark and deep undercurrents. Half way through and the path of Beth’s fire changes again with Fatman, with a rocking full on sound we are full of Beth’s energy.  The title track is ringing with western country vibe, the soundscape is huge and then the intimacy of Beth’s vocals. She is singing to you as an individual controlled and full of her own self-determination. We feel her pain and understand the journey as a relationship fades into the Fire On The Floor every emotion is smoldering with a purpose.

The whole album has a feeling of a solo album, yet it is the instrumentation that punctuates and adds shadows and colouring to Beth’s words. The band is superb empathetic to the feel Beth is creating with a carefully chosen mix of keys, guitars and percussion at times stripped down other times a fuller sound.  We feel for the emotions of a Good Day to Cry and Picture In the Frame captures a moment in time forever, the simplicity of the music lets the words shine like a fiery halo. Closing with No Place Like Home the piano and vocals are in perfect harmony they are as one as you are pulled deep into the lyrics.   We all can celebrate the wonders of home a place of love, warmth and dreams where we can be ourselves.

Beth, growls, cajoles, yearns is angry and sad these infections are the components. In this follow up to Better Than Home, we have an album that crosses genres celebrating the power of the song and the singer. Every track works there is a logic to the order. This is a personal album that is more than an introspective self-indulgent project, it is an album you will want to hear from beginning to end. The listener will cry, sigh and chuckle with Beth and throughout will have the  pure unadulterated pleasure of being in the company of Beth Hart an amazing artist.

Beth Hart, on Fire On The Floor has garnered together a dozen tracks that flow and warm up the speakers with a raw, charismatic and open delivery of intensely personal emotionally driven lyrics.  Fire On The Floor is a majestic album and will burn brightly long after 2016 fades into a memory. Must be a real contender for album of the year.

Beth Hart – Fire On the Floor – Mascot Label Group:

Release Date: 14th October 2016

TEN pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

  1. Jazz Man
  2. Love Gangster
  3. Coca Cola
  4. Let’s Get Together
  5. Love Is A Lie
  6. Fat Man
  7. Fire On The Floor
  8. Woman You’ve Been Dreaming Of
  9. Baby Shot Me Down
  10. Good Day To Cry
  11. Picture In A Frame
  12. No Place Like Home
© Greg Watermann
© Greg Watermann


Sunday 13 November – Gateshead Sage
Monday  14 November – Glasgow O2 Academy
Thursday 17 November – Bristol Colston Hall
Saturday 19 November – Bournemouth Solent Hall
Monday 21 November – Manchester Bridgewater Hall
Wednesday 23 November – London Royal Festival Hall

Dan Bubien New Album Keeps Grinding These Gears

Dan Bubien New Album Keeps Grinding These Gears

Dan Bubien New Album Keeps Grinding These Gears

Following a debut album can take time, three years has passed since Dan Bubien’s debut Empty Roads. Choosing to self-produce again, Grinding Those Gears is a rootsy fueled album of Ten original songs. The album has an easy listening traditional feel with the tracks seamlessly flowing with changes of tempo never grinding on your ear.

Opening with Palest Rider, the wide open spaces of a cowboy painted across the opening guitar chords and relentless drumming. The music expands with key and vocals and the undercurrent of blues structure the emotional feeling runs through the vocal delivery and underpinned by the music. The closing track, The Struggle Is Real pulls the albums exploration of roots together with an industrial sound that evokes the Chain-gang blues of the past. The bass drum once again used again to powerful effect by Andy Taravella a constant tour-de-Force throughout the album.

The title track picks up the beat, with the driving force of melodic rock, the piano from Joe Munroe makes the track pop with an energy fueling the guitar to rock. The fine solo from Eddie Manion’s saxophone sets this as a track that rocks at a different level to many. Three tracks in and the Grinding Gears take us in a different direction now we have soulful Dan with a hint of blue we are in the heart of Detroit with his vocals full of yearning. The chorus picks up the mellow tones that cuddle your souls and soothes the tired spirit with Forever Yours

The album is a journey that never grinds the gears of musicality. The slide guitar used to great effect for a stripped back number Dark Hearted Woman. The underlying tone is Soul but the stamp of Bubien’s guitar and vocals make this darker number explore misery.

The opening of Second Hand Man makes you think another soulful track, but no we have some funky beats added to this up-tempo number full of horns and widens your horizons.

Blues comes in many colours and forms, the whole album dips into the blues of many shades. Memphis Murder Blues goes deep into Texas. We can boogie the night away, tap our feet as the blues deepen and we sit back a listen with delight as he bends the genre with honkie tonk and a relentlessly driving rhythm. The penultimate Coming Clean is a mix of sultry, emotional vocals and keys from Joe Munroe once again adding a royal blue texture. The album never grinds, perhaps never quite sets you on fire the promise of his full potential is yet to come from Dan a fine singer and songwriter.

The cover is industrial grey, with Dan Bubien’s name in muted beige. He looks lonely, thoughtful sitting on a bench. He should never be lonely but a musician with his band in high demand, way beyond the borders of his native Pennsylvania. Dan has no need to be pensive he has surrounded himself with fine musicians, powerful songs, and the album has a real listenability.

Dan Bubien – Grinding Those Gears – Dan Bubien Music

Bluesdoodles gives this CD SEVEN pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

  1. Palest Rider
  2. Grinding Those Gears
  3. Forever Yours
  4. Vagabond
  5. Dark Hearted Woman
  6. Second Hand Man
  7. Memphis Murder Blues
  8. I will Take Care Of You
  9. Coming Clean
  10. The Struggle Is Real

Royal Southern Brotherhood presents The Royal Gospel

Royal Southern Brotherhood presents The Royal Gospel

Royal Southern Brotherhood presents
The Royal Gospel



Royal Southern Brotherhood are back with their signature mix of funky roots driven by a percussive platform overlaid with vocals that tell a compelling and lyrical story. RSB excel in that special hot and spicy funky southern soul and blues that hit your musical radar with a tasty thump. Royal Southern Brotherhood presents The Royal Gospel their fourth studio album. The Gospel hasn’t changed, despite the change in band members with only Cyril Neville & Yonrico Scott of the Royals remaining from their great Heart Soul Blood album.

The reason is the music chemistry is still strong reproducing a swampy, tasty and rich cocktail of The Royal Gospel. Joining Cyril, Yonrico and guitarists Bart Walker and Tyrone Vaughan for this album is Darrell Phillips on bass and guest Norman Caser with his B3 Hammond adding chords of depth and textural contrast. “As far as the men making the music and playing the songs,” says Neville, “the mission of the band has never changed.” It is the collaboration the essence of a brotherhood that makes the sound deep and strong so it is unsurprising that the songwriting is a partnership between band members, yes Cyril as ever is the beating pulse within many of the tracks. The connection between Cyril and Bart is strong and songwriting collaboration happens despite the distance of 800 miles between their respective homes in New Orleans and Nashville. There is a telepathic link between them Cyril says “I kinda laughed, because Bart was getting ahead of what I was thinking” technology is the new way with phone conversation and the exchange of ideas. The lyrical gumbo created is very, very tasty on The Royal Gospel.
The shimmering guitar and percussive power laid down with the opening of Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire. Their guitars are hot, smoking with raw energy and an impatience to get the album on the road, pouring out of your speakers. Then joining in the fun is Cyril whose vocals are distinctive and harmonising with the deep percussive beat laid down by Yonrico. Royal Southern Brotherhood still full of strong soulful, blues southern comforting music. The lyrics develop from this common or garden saying that we all use. The lyrics co-written by Neville and Vaughan pull on the underlying meaning and shape the soul of the melody. This writing partnership pops up on the penultimate track, with Can’t Waste Time. The hooks are spiky as we meet a “Girl, you’re like a ship without a rudder” as we hear all about her behavior as a two-faced lover.

A collaborative album, the grooves are deep and the brotherhood-wide and held in the deep understanding of each other. Royal Southern Brotherhood, definitely not a rudderless collective. They are a band of brothers, a band of musicians who pick up the vibe and the rhythms flow and gather energy as the lyrics unfold. The beat powers through Blood Is Thicker Than Water where Cyril’s vocals are pure and full of emotion that proves the strength of family. The blues vibe is strong on Everybody Pays Some Dues, with Bart and Tyrone playing off each other, once again the lyrical story holds your attention as the moral of the story everybody pays some dues, restated by backing singers so we know what the song is all about. There is no escaping, but no one wants to escape from the guitar breaks the licks curl around and paying your dues is a light price to pay!

RSB as ever change the tempo and the soulful, gentler Face Of Love half way through gives a gentle repose as the instruments interplay and weave through the trellis of the vocals. Sit back and let the song cascade over you music as the deep bass and crack of drum beat adds a deeper groove to the guitar which has a bluesey feel with a touch of Spanish flamenco – wow compelling listening. Then upping the tempo for the ride with the brotherhood home with funky keys and the trademark percussion we visit the Land Of Broken Hearts. Spirit Man is a classic RSB take on the blues, rocky, swirling and deep with blue emotions and clever shading of tone and texture. The album closes with a happy clapping along foot tapping melody as we Stand Up and praise in true gospel fashion the joyous power of RSB. Yes, we Stand Up and salute you. The Royal Gospel spreads the word. Power and glory of roots music full of southern heat and swampy spice.

Royal Southern Brotherhood – The Royal Gospel – Ruf Records 

Bluesdoodles gives this CD NINE pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing 

  1. Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire
  2. I’ve Seen Enough To Know
  3. Blood Is Thicker Than Water
  4. I Wonder Why
  5. I’m Comin’ Home
  6. Everybody Pays Some Dues
  7. Face Of Love
  8. Land of Broken Hearts
  9. Spirit Man
  10. Hooked on Plastic
  11. Can’t Waste Time
  12. Stand Up

Royal Southernbrotherhood are:-
Cyril Neville: percussion vocals
Bart Walker: electric & acoustic guitars vocals
Tyrone Vaughn: electric guitar vocals
Darrel Phillips: Bass backing vocals
Yonrico Scott: drums percussion
Norman Caesar: Hammond B3

Kaz Hawkins Band Created a Warm Red Musical Glow

Kaz Hawkins-5032

Kaz Hawkins Band Created a Warm Red Musical Glow

Tonight, at The Convent, Kaz Hawkins Band Created a Warm Red Musical Glow. Her music is wrapped in the blues but never shrink wrapped in conformity. Her music embraces you with open arms embracing the spirit and soul captured in the power of words and true emotions. The Convent Altar stage was bathed I a warm, enticing red glow as her Band of men picked up their instruments and then started to play, her entrance was bold, loud and a swirl of a deepest red dress. The Black gloves were soon disposed of as this was a night of rejoice. Her vocals have a spectacular range, full of power and they colour each lyric with its own musical tone. Kaz Hawkins is the business, her music is the real deal. Songs are all written from the heart that connects with the hopes, fears and disappointments we have all experienced on life’s journey.

This is a night where we explore her life, inspirations, and her two studio albums. The Feelin’ Good Tour, is promoting her latest album, and building on the loyal following she has around her, and then opening with Don’t Make Mama Cry, from the Feelin Good album. With the gig being streamed live across the world via the magic of The Convent’s Netgig; Kaz with her huge heart dedicated the number to Paul Gallagher who is about to graduate as a mature student and is really ill back home in Belfast. Once a friend of Kaz she is your friend for life, Kaz relishes the joy her music brings as she connects with her fans. Picking up her acoustic guitar adding another guitar tone to those of the electric Dr Nick to her left, the music is empowering with This Is Me, an anthem that celebrates the joy of presenting yourself to the world. Combined with I Saw A Man, affectionately known as Norman’s song in honour of the homeless man who was the inspiration behind the music of a moving track from her debut album Get Ready.

Kaz Hawkins Band Created a Warm Red Musical GlowKaz creates an aura that absorbs everyone around her into a bubble that is ruled by music, including one of the Convent cats, not sentimentally sweet but full of the realities of life. Nina Simone’s classic Feelin Good is given the Kaz treatment as she re-works the number with the energy and electric sparks that is Kaz. Her rhythm section affectionately known as the Slovakian Army are brothers who have settled and made Belfast their home. On Bass, Mr Janny and drumming out the beat that drives the song is Mr Pete, who was joined by Kaz at one point. The music flows with a live vibrancy reflected in the red glow and swish of Kaz’s petticoats and flutter of her fan. Highlights are impossible to pick out as every track is superb. Touching my soul tonight is the wonderful song written for her daughter Because I Love You, and the celebratory feel good sing-a-long energy of Hallelujah Happy People. During Hallelujah, Kaz does her own thing once again, leaving the stage to sit in the audience, yet without missing a beat takes time to apologise to camera as she intuitively decides she wants to sit with us. Closing with her very special re-arrangement of Willie Dixon’s I Just Wanna Make Love; the re-shaping of a classic takes guts and Kaz has the confidence to make the song work for her and more importantly for the audience. It is like hearing the song for the first time and I am positive that Willie Dixon approves. This was a night where everyone’s energies raised we felt the music flow through our veins and deep into our collective souls.

The encore Shake, may only be four minutes on Get Ready, tonight we have a jam and weaving of tunes and songs as we have a very special extra fifteen minutes and that wasn’t enough. A marvelous animated set of great music celebrating the glorious vocals of Kaz as she delivers her commanding lyrics.
Once again, The Convent has created a vibe of miraculous proportions as Kaz Hawkins and Her Band, do more that entertain she invigorates, empowers sending joyous shivers of happiness through our bodies. Tonight is what memories are made of!

If you missed the show and want to hear the music then the Good News! You can stream the show via The Convent’s netgig HERE

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Bristol sunshine and music thanks to JJ Grey & Mofro

Bristol sunshine and music thanks to JJ Grey & Mofro

Bristol sunshine and music thanks to JJ Grey & Mofro


JJ Grey WM-2149The sun shone on JJ Grey & Mofro as the tour bus rolled into Bristol and parked up outside The Tunnels, under Temple Meads Gothic Railway Station in the second of the three towns he is visiting on this trip to the UK. JJ Grey likes quirky, last night a Chapel in London tonight a club under the Arches, very contrasting locations. A good sign was a queue forming before the venue opened, the sun shone and the buzz was that of excitement to see JJ Gray live and close tonight, a Sunday night that for many meant a lie-in on a Bank Holiday Monday.

JJ Grey WM-2031Tonight, the expectation was high we wanted soulful, heavy blues infused Rn’B from JJ Grey & Mofro. The Mofro are always a band that builds in a layered and textured tone that shapes around the vocals, guitar, harp or tambourine playing of JJ Grey himself. The combination of Bass, Keys and Brass proving an entry level of sound that defines JJ Grey before he has set foot on the ground and opened up his superb vocals for The Tunnels tonight.

JJ Grey WM-1979The set list flowed and the feel of a band that were determined to enjoy playing in The Tunnels tonight with some fantastic free-form singing, lead-breaks from not only the expected guitar including slide from Zach Gilbert but keys and the ever smiling happy bassist Todd Smallie. JJ Grey & Mofro, were tonight no common or garden strawberry jam they were creating premier preserves with music as sweet as honey. The effect was live music that had a buzz, lightness of touch and melodic medleys and harmonies that zipped through the audience who were getting hotter and hotter with the excitement the music was producing. With tracks from his current album as would be expected, Ol’ Glory is fantastic from your speakers at home, but the tracks live have an added dimension. The reason why live music every time has a unique tone and shape created for your ears and pleasure. With his deep back catalogue we tasted numbers from various albums it was music that healed your soul and made the broken-hearted feel rays of hope in life again.

Opening with a perfect song for a Sunday evening gig, 6 Ways From Sunday off the album Lochloosa gets the tunnels vibe jumping we were up for a party tonight. Throughout the set we had entertaining anecdotes from JJ Grey, he knows how to connect with the audience so they feel an integral part of the show. The audiences at any live gig are never bystanders tonight we were welcomed into the band’s space. JJ Grey was enjoying playing close to the audience. The melodic Bristol sunshine and music thanks to JJ Grey & MofroEvery Minute from his current album held us all enthralled with its very powerful lyrics. We were entertained with Hide & Seek; Everything Good; and Ho Cake it was all so very tasty. The set was an object lesson in how to use the power of silence within tracks capturing that snap moment when the venue is swathed in deep silence before the drum cuts in the voice picks up the story or the guitar powers the moment forward. The effect is the added drama of great feel and the shading of volume and silence. Light A Candle was the ballad of the evening and then the encore with a double helping opening with I Believe and the title track of Ol’ Glory. Tonight we all believed in the magic of JJ Grey & Mofro.



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Enjoy The Ride, Debbie Bond instructs with blues and more

Enjoy The Ride, Debbie Bond instructs with blues and more

Enjoy The Ride, Debbie Bond instructs with blues and more

Debbie Bond is taking you the listener on a musical mystery tour, with travelling companions the blues, soul, rock and Americana. The album is Debbie’s fourth album. Eleven originals full of soul and traditional Alabama Blues. The Blues pay homage to some of Debbie’s mentors Willie King, Eddie Kirkland, and Jody Williams.

The album opens full of confidence with the title track her vocals and slide guitar combine to ensure you want to hear much more. Enjoy The Ride has a flow like a journey that is planned but the surprises keep popping up the piano and harp in Wishbone and Muscle Shoal and a horn sound as gospel vibe is the stop off point as we Find A Way to love again with Debbie Bond. Building on the firm foundations laid down with her previous album That Thing Called Love, Debbie surrounds herself with musicians who understand the sound that this journey has been constructed around. On Harp once again is Radiator Rick Anderson, who adds textural tone and depth and mirrors her love and respect for Willie King who they both played with. This is underpinned by a classy cover of King’s I Am The Blues, which is given the Bond treatment and the back vocals curl in behind Debbie’s vocals this is a stopover on the journey that is worth staying a while and listening again. Throughout the album, we have stopovers that explore the hurt and pain of love the despair of Jodie Williams in Left Me In the Dark. The guitar is deep with melancholy and the vocals defiant. The pensive Start With Love is country infused blues that has a percussive drive as the world keeps turning as love is explored. Humble Pie is up-tempo with luscious organ, horn section, and Debbie’s vocals that sear through the orchestration a track that certainly engages. Closing with The Train Song, the excitement, movement and motion of the train is conjured up with harp and guitar and this is the perfect final track for an album, Enjoy The Ride Debbie Bond instructs with blues and more. And we did.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD EIGHT pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Debbie Bond – Enjoy The Ride, Shoal Sessions – Blues Roots Productions
Track Listings

  1. Enjoy The Ride
  2. Rainbow
  3. Love Vibration
  4. Left Me In The Dark
  5. Find A Way
  6. I Am The Blues
  7. Humble Pie
  8. Wishbone
  9. Remedy
  10. Start With Love
  11. Train Song

Kaz Hawkins Band – ‘Feelin Good’ Album and UK Tour


Kaz Hawkins Band: ‘Feelin Good’ Album Release and UK Tour May/June 2016

Multi-award winning Kaz Hawkins is Northern Ireland’s very own blues and soul darling.

Kaz Tour

The Belfast born singer-songwriter’s high energy, original shows, her 1950’s style swing-dress-meets-Dr Martens look and her ability to closely connect with the audience, make Kaz one of the most popular blues artists in the UK…

Underground for years as a secret songwriter, Kaz Hawkins is now established as one the biggest performers to come out of Northern Ireland. Locally called “a vocal force” on stage, she envelops the fighting spirit of a true powerhouse singer.
Kaz is much-loved for her deep, powerful voice, original songwriting and down to earth attitude; she brings fun to every performance & is loved not only by her fans, but anyone who meets her. She has lived and sung ‘The Blues’, yet has much more to offer across differing genres – soul, rockabilly, folk & more.

Kaz’s new album ‘Feelin Good‘ more than a collection of songs; it’s a progression of Kaz’s work, it is power and the passion that is Kaz Hawkins.

Feelin Good‘ will be officially launched on Saturday 28th May at Belfast’s iconic Empire Music Hall, before the band head out across the UK for their biggest tour to date.
‘Feelin Good’ albums will be available for sale via the band’s website after 28th May 2016, with digital downloads to follow.

Sa t 28th May , Empire Hall, Belfast
Sat 4th June , Ardrossan Music Experience, Ayrshire
Thurs 9th June , Danny Boy Blues & Jazz Festival, Limavady
Fri 10th June, John Peel Centre, Stowmarket
Sat 11th June, Coolham Village Hall, Near Horsham
Sun 12th June, Devizes Festival, Devizes
Tues 14th June, Tuesday Blues, 100 Club, London
Wed 15th June, Vonnies Club, Charlton Kings
Thurs 16th June, Hanger Farm Arts Centre, Southampton
Fri 17th June, The Met, Abertillery
Sat 18th June, Westcoast Bar, Margate, Kent
Mon 20th June, The Haven Club, Oxford
Thurs 23rd June, The Murderers Club, Norwich
Tues 28th June, Bottleneck Blues Club, Rochester
Wed 29th June, Worthing Pier’s Southern Pavilion, Worthing
Thurs 30th June, The Convent, Stroud (with live steam – Netgig)
Sat 2nd July, Church Stretton Blues & Roots Festival, Shropshire
Sat 9th July Fuse Festival, Lichfield (1pm slot)
Sat 9th July Sisters of Blues & Soul Festival, Todmorden


Mojo Found With Kaz Hawkins Full-On Soulful Blues

Mojo Found With Kaz Hawkins Full-On Soulful Blues

Mojo Found With Kaz Hawkins Full On Soul and Blues

Mojo Found With Kaz Hawkins Full-On Soulful Blues. How? The mesmeric power of Kaz’s tubes and a band that just understands her every nuance.

We are definitely ready after the amazing debut of Get Ready and having listened to Feelin Good Kaz raises her game and her second album is a triumph. With two covers the other eight tracks come straight from the big heart of Kaz whose emotional soul runs deep. Live the darling from Belfast mashes up the styles blending 1950’s swing dress with Dr Martens. The music is the same with the granite edge of rock with thick veins of blues, soul and a twist of gospel running through she moves you with her music. This is not Kaz Hawkins but Kaz Hawkins Band and the band fits around her attitude like a glove augmented with classy licks and bass that drives the tension through the album. Her band is a rhythm powerhouse, brothers Pete & Jan Uhrin originally from Slovakia have made Northern Ireland home for over 10 years. The synergy and natural initiative of understanding is a result of playing together since childhood. Guitarist Nick McConkey who has been with Kaz for over four years remains in the mix and joined by his cousin Deanne Jones on backing vocals. The band is tight and the controlling reins are firmly in Kaz’s hand as she shapes the music around her vocals and the lyrics that have deep meaning and are always personal.

No track is more personal than the official single and video release from the album a statement This Is Me. Opening with Kaz at piano and her voice deep with soul and emotional and then the words they are spell-binding. Stop what you are doing and listen this is a soulful philosophy for life This is Me and all I wanted to be. The guitar and drums add tonal textures as they take up the melody. Wow it is powerful yet never swamps the other nine tracks it fits into the flow. Opening with background studio you first hear Kaz saying she has lost her mojo. Oh no she hasn’t Pray is gospel A-Capella that draws you deep into the velvet complexity of Kaz’s vocals from the high to the low notes. The Drum joins with a pounding beat and we are off on a rollercoaster of emotions of Kaz Hawkins Band. We have a change of tempo with Don’t Make Mama Cry as the band sweeps Kaz along on a waterfall of rhythmic tempo. The title track nestled in the middle, is a sumptuous cover of a Newley & Bricusse number. Opening with chords from Nick’s guitar we wait for Kaz’s voice and now we have a gentle reflective tone and you are left moved as she sings the well-known refrain It’s a New Life a New Day.
How to follow that? Put some funk into the mix, with a deep opening bass as the instruments join in Kaz joins the party. Don’t Run Away, you won’t this is an album that beckons you to keep returning to. Closing with a Willie Dixon Classic I Just Wanna Make Love the circle closed and blues the strongest vein of shining blue is captured in the supremacy that is Kaz Hawkins.

On every listen there is another gem of instrumentation that you missed on the first, second and third listen. Every track has a different approach that needs time to explore and you will make the time to explore Kaz Hawkins and her band on this outstanding album Feelin Good.
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Bluesdoodles gives this CD TEN pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Feelin Good – Kaz HawkinsIndependent – Release Date 25th May 2016

Track Listing
1. Pray (Hawkins)
2. It Ain’t You (Hawkins)
3. Don’t Make Mama Cry (Hawkins)
4. This Is Me (Hawkins)
5. Belfast Town (Hawkins)
6. Feeling Good (Anthony Newley and Leslie Bricusse)
7. Don’t Run Away(Hawkins)
8. Because You Love Me (Hawkins)
9. Soul Superstar (Hawkins)
10. I Just Wanna Make Love to You (Willie Dixon)

Feelin Good albums will be available for sale via the band’s website after 28th May 2016. Digital downloads will not available for the foreseeable future. The only other place to get a hold of the album will be from the Feelin Good UK Tour venues of which there is a comprehensive list on the band’s website.