Beth Hart Announces First-Ever Solo Concert


photo credit Liz Aiken
photo credit Liz Aiken

Beth has excited audiences across the U.K. on her recent U.K. tour during May, and following Following the release of her critically acclaimed album “Better Than Home”, Grammy nominated singer-songwriter, Beth will perform solo at Union Chapel in Islington, North London on Monday 14th December.

Tickets, priced £35.00, will go on sale Friday May 15th – BOOK ONLINE: HERE
24 HOUR BOX OFFICE: 0844 871 8819

photo credit Greg Wartermann
photo credit Greg Wartemann

“Beth Hart has a blues-rock voice so ballsy it could pin you to the wall.”
– The Times *****

Beth Hart is a phenomenon.” – Rockshot

“Anyone who was at the London Barbican last night will know just how special Beth Hart’s performance was and will probably not see a better one this year.” – Music News

“The numbers kept coming it was a deluge of vocal and musical glory … Beth refuses to be categorised, fenced in or tied to a style … there is a blending of tones from artists that have also shone in the limelight a mix of Billie Holiday; Eartha Kitt; Amy Winehouse and many divas who have wooed and enchanted audiences but these are just part of the complex distillation of texture, tones and range that is The Voice that defines Beth. Bluesdoodles

“Hart was part Tina Turner, part Bonnie Tyler-like pop powerhouse with a side-serving of county. Whether playing acoustic guitar or piano or rocking out with her fantastic four-piece band, Hart was a force field laying bare her rollercoaster ride of a life.” – The Times *****

“With Beth Hart, you get a versatile, genre-defying powerhouse of a vocalist and one of the great female singers of our time.” – National Rock Review

Beth Hart creates an atmosphere of fun and laughter as well as emotion and sorrow. She can go from looking like she’s having the best time in the world, to experiencing heartbreak and anguish all over again. She takes the audience with her on emotional journeys and experiences.” – Alpha Beata

Beth Hart is at the top of her game. The new material fits perfectly, the older chestnuts sparkle and she illuminates some well-chosen covers with a mix of raunch, passion and simply the joy of singing. It doesn’t get much better than this.” – Get Ready To Rock

This is an exciting opportunity to see Beth Hart perform a rare, first-time solo concert in the intimate surroundings of the Union Chapel in Islington, North London on Monday 14th December.

Tickets, priced £35.00, will go on sale Friday May 15th – BOOK ONLINE: HERE
24 HOUR BOX OFFICE: 0844 871 8819

Devon Allman -Turquoise CD Review

turquoise-300x245Devon Allman
Turquoise – Released February 12, 2013
Ruf Records

Sometimes, a gem of an album you keep listening to fails to make it to the top of the review pile and this is what happened to Turquoise, which is definitely Devon Allman’s solo project so open your ears listen with no pre-judgement as this is a distinctly different sound and style to his current band Royal Southern Brotherhood, Honeytribe. The album is part of the musical evolution for Devon as he is creating a musical tree full of interesting branches bearing very different fruit. Turquoise is eleven classy tracks which tell their own story; they all have real meaning to Devon and are on the album for a reason and not just as time fillers. The production is class as you would expect from Jim Gaines, letting the songs shine through, with strong backing from Yonrico Scott on drums and Myles Weeks on bass and some rather special guest appearances including Luther Dickinson with his own distinctive guitar sound and who, like Devon, is carrying the weight of being a son of a musical great, and Samantha Fish. Throughout the album it is Devon’s voice and guitar skills that shine through, but for me the album is about the song and his melodic voice. Each track has a unique feel, despite this the album flows beautifully with none of the tracks jarring with the previous or the next to come. Opening the album with a rockier number Into The Darkness is a gentle introduction to Devon flying solo as it is in a style you would expect. This also makes picking out highlights almost impossible as every time you listen a different track is fixed in your mind. Key Lime Pie, makes you smile with its homage to Devon’s favourite dessert, has a holiday feel and definitely bought the sun with its shuffle into the room on this cold winter day. Stop Dragging My Heart Around, sees the perfect blending of Devon’s voice and Samantha Fish as a new, slower, bluesier approach to this Tom Petty tune delights the listener and a little bit of country cannot be ignored as found on When I Left Home and then the beautiful Latino feel of There’s No Time, reflecting Southern Texas Latino influences. This is without doubt a polished début solo album that has a confidence about itself that comes through Devon focussing on what is important to him demonstrating this young man has the voice and sound and authentic talent of his own. Devon has deftly woven styles of southern music together blending country rock, latino creating an album full of emotion and soul this is a singer/songwriter that will continue to deliver; very much looking forward to following Devon Allman on his musical journey.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD out of NINE doodle paws a doodle rating of

TEN ……… pawprint half inch

Album Listing
When I Left Home (Devon Allman)
Don’t Set Me Free (Allman / Zito)
Time Machine (Devon Allman)
Stop Draggin My Heart Around
There’s No Time (Allman / Stokes)
Strategy (Allman / Zito)
Homesick (Devon Allman)
Into the Darkness (Devon Allman)
Key Lime Pie (Devon Allman)
Yadira’s Lullaby (Devon Allman)
Turn Off the World (Devon Allman)

Ian Siegal @ The Garage, Swansea April 2014

Ian Siegal - The Garage - April 2014 - DSC_0071l
Ayesha, opening tonight whilst the packed crowds at The Garage were eagerly awaiting Ian Siegal (a daunting prospect for anyone…), Ayesha - The Garage - April 2014 -DSC_0008lmanaged it well as the crowd listened and enjoyed the music being shared with them. This rising singer song writer from Swansea opened with Doors; Ayesha, loves the blues but is a country girl at heart; Cherry Pie, her vocals and keys worked in perfect harmony her songs told a story with every word being sung with empathy ensuring emotions rose and fell colouring this simple tuneful country ditty.
Off album ‘Hunger for the Taste of Country’ lilt suiting the timbre of her voice followed by the more bluesy Goodnight Mr Jones especially the lyrics. Her final song was first public performance of a mournful melody suiting the tale of love lost… Sweet Dreams Darling. Only cover of the night was the Eagles number ‘Wasted Time’ the varied set demonstrated the depth of this talented artist who has been recognised by BBC’s Whispering Bob Harris. Ayesha tonight was minus her band showing a different reflection of her songs cut down versions, and has the stage presence to make this a really intimate and full live music experience.

Short break with anticipation rising and the club filling Ian Siegal – A man and tonight two guitars step onto the stage to warm applause before a note was struck. Ian Siegal - The Garage - April 2014 - DSC_0051l Opening with Silver Spurs a favourite to open is solo set, then whilst re-tuning an opportunity for Ian to thank Ayesha and chat with audience. He describes himself as more country than blues, let’s not bother with genre and setting this musical talent in aspic, we love his playing, storytelling, a stylish raconteur Ian Siegal is a superb musician his live performance whether solo or with a band is superb.. Tonight showcasing tracks from his live solo album recorded by The BBC at The Albert Hall; in between tracks from Man and Guitar including ‘Mary Don’t You Weep’ and a solo version from swagger of ‘Mortal Coil Shuffle’. We were treated to a Big George Tribute reflecting on a year since the passing of the big man himself Ian’s self-confessed mentor including ‘Take A Walk in The Wilderness‘. The Garage and the audience were introduced to guitar named Charlie; after Charlie Patton and a great version of ‘Pony Blues’ an example of Ian’s wit with a version of the sound heard on the original recordings of this early bluesman.
Whilst tuning ‘because I care’; we were treated to lots of tales from the road and about another forthcoming album due out in the Autumn and recorded over a couple of days with friends from Mississippi has in Ian’s words been crudely recorded with one microphone in centre room including a talking blues track written in the cabin shared with Alvin Youngblood Hart which was played for the first time tonight – ‘Talking Overseas Pirate Blues‘ (Overseas is Ian’s nickname in Mississippi) if this is an example, I’m already looking forward to his second recorded offering of 2014.

His farewell encore song was ‘Flyaway‘ a wonderful song and no-one wanted Ian to fly away but play on into the night; but as ever the gig came to a close. What a troubadour, he sings, plays, tells a mean tale, and above all Ian is a superb entertainer. Never trapped in an iron box of genre but free as an artistic bird he melds and crosses styles to make them Siegal’s own.

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Ian Siegal is on tour Solo and with the band – he is a class act not to be missed – to get a feeling of a live performance then his latest album Man & Guitar fills the bill.

CD Review – Ian Siegal ~ Man & Guitar

Ian SiegalIanSiegal_ManGuitar_pcksht300dpi-400x400
Man & Guitar
Nugene Records – Release date 12th May 2014 (Available at Live Shows from April 2014)

Man & Guitar the follow-up album to “The Dust” his last solo album has been long-awaited and oft ask for and here we get solo and live what a double bundle of delights; the combination makes you feel as you are almost at a live gig thanks to the witty interludes and with the lights down low and the speakers turned up it is if Ian is in your living room playing for you this album 43 minutes of pure joy.The title is a perfect description of this award-winning multi faceted musician, since it says everything you need to know or understand about Ian Siegal, he is a Man with guitar (multiple guitars in fact) who delivers his heart and soul to make every note and word have the tonal inclination so that you fall deep into the song and caught in the mesmerizing musical talent that is Ian Siegal.

The opening tracks can be found on Ian’s last solo album, “The Dust” but these are a different fresh and re-worked ‘Silver Spurs’ and ‘Mary Don’t You Weep’ which is a favourite of audiences across the land when this traditional song is given the Siegal treatment. The interludes between the songs are full of stories and Ian Siegal’s own self-deprecating cynicism, his strong opinions and the little comments about tracks being country! that make his solo shows so special. The solo re-working of ‘Mortal Coil Shuffle’ (Swagger 2007) and ‘Falling on Down’ (Meat & Potatoes 2005) with its emotionally charged storytelling. The British Blues Awards 2013 Best song – ‘I Am The Train’ is given a solo outing from British Blues Award winning album Candy Store Kid (2012) which was also nominated for Best Contemporary Blues Album in the 2013 Blues Awards and the 2013 Blues Blast Awards is a country rhythm driven track which works so well live and I am loving this solo version. The re-working of classics intertwine between his own composition demonstrating the depth, skill and versatility of a true 21st century troubadour that will not be caged in by a genre but attracted to the lyrics and makes the songs his home. ‘Pony Blues’ by Charlie Patton is played beautifully and despite his modesty… ‘Ah, I goofed it Already’ is a true demonstration of his often underrated guitar skills as this slippery open is performed with love, respect and passion a true tribute to the great blues guitarist Charlie Patton. Personally I am delighted to have the superb, stellar storytelling track of Tom Russell’s blues song ‘Gallo Del Cielo’; the rendition takes you each step of the way through the highs and eventual low of this wonderful fighting cock and then … well listen to the album go see Ian Siegal sing the song live for the ending… one day it will be happy ..

There is no doubt that “Man & Guitar” will be played often as a complete album Why? It is the next best thing to going and seeing Ian Siegel live – he is never simple a man and guitar as he brings warmth, wit and mirth combined with a tear to your eye as he delivers wonderful songs with empathy.. he is a true talent

In the words of Ian “This is all the songs from start to finish imperfections and all. I hope you like it.” – we do it is authentic Ian Siegal.. honest and true long may you continue to produce quality songs for all of us to sit back and enjoy the artistry…

Bluesdoodles gives this CD out of five doodle paws a doodle rating of
pawprint half inchpawprint half inchpawprint half inchpawprint half inchpawprint half inch


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