Lewis Watson New Album Midnight Simply Pops

Lewis Watson New Album Midnight Simply Pops

Lewis Watson New Album Midnight Simply Pops



The clocks change in March, but Midnight is still the witching, hour, mysterious dark or starlight with a hint of romance and forthcoming days.  Lewis Watson is back with a powerful new album Midnight, following on from his acclaimed debut The Morning. Midnight cements him firmly as a talented pop orientated singer/songwriter with hints of melancholy and shafts of joy running through the album.

Midnight has a fresh feel, nothing is over produced and there is a lightness of touch reflecting that the Oxford based musician recorded the entire album in a fortnight with a live band, under the watchful guidance of producer Anthony West.

The influences are present but with the lightest of touches as the voice of Lewis Watson is the dominant force combined with his acoustic power. Opening with reverb underneath the vocals adding to a mixed reaction that of uncertainty and the power of the music it has a force that makes a pop song stand out as it fizzes with energy. The dominance of the simplicity of the form of singer/songwriter with the acoustic guitar is apparent in When The Water Meets The Mountain, the sound fills out with melodic and harmonising backing vocals. The number has a sense of purpose within its elegant searing musical beauty.

The short and catchy Forever is a catchy number leading into Run with its ear catching opening of movements in a room a record player and clicking clock, with a harder edge of grand piano and strumming guitar picking up the melody. Then Lewis’ vocals picking up the lyrics sad and questioning as the nights are getting longer. Counting in for Slumber featuring Lucy Rose, the acoustic guitar is strummed and the two voices harmonise with a simplicity as a lullaby sinks you into sleep.  The closing track is the title song, Midnight again the simplicity of a piano as the intro adds rather diminishes the power as we visualize the cold and Northern Lights and a feeling of contentment.

This is a pop album with the added elements of songs with depth of feeling and interesting layering of tones and effects so that the listeners ears remain focused on the music at Midnight.  Lewis Watson, is beguiling and a songster who uses the idiom of pop to deliver his songs. Lewis Watson new album Midnight Simply Pops!


Lewis Watson – Midnight – Cooking Vinyl

SEVENpawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

  1. Maybe We’re Home
  2. Little Light
  3. Deep The Water
  4. La Song
  5. When Water Meets Mountains
  6. Hello Hello
  7. Forever
  8. Run
  9. Give Me Life
  10. Slumber feat. Lucy Rose
  11. Midnight (hidden track)


New Single ‘Deep The Water’

Lewis Watson New Album Midnight Simply Pops

Sneaky Preview and Video Thea Gilmore The Counterweight

Sneaky Preview and Video Thea Gilmore The Counterweight Sneaky Preview and Video
Thea Gilmore The Counterweight




Thea Gilmore who is back with her brand new album The Counterweight, which will be released on June 2nd through Cooking Vinyl.

Check out the brand new single ‘Sounds Good To Me’ here and would love to know your thoughts and if Thea is someone you would consider for some coverage around the release.


“I like to think of it as a bit of an anarchist’s polka…” says Thea of the single. “Calling the dispossessed, the downtrodden, the weary to arms. Lighting a fire… remembering there’s more than one way to live and who wants to walk when you can dance!”

It’s been 13 years and eight albums since Thea released Avalanche, her critically acclaimed fifth release and the album deemed to be her breakthrough record. The then 23-year-old was writing with a fire inside her post 9/11 about global anxiety and the increasingly vacuous celebrity culture.

Calling upon the spirit of this predecessor, Thea is back with the album she feels follows it. Having never entirely lost her voice of protest, on subsequent albums Thea was looking inward more, singing songs about the depression she had been diagnosed with, love songs in uncertain times and songs about parenthood.

Now though, she is back with The Counterweight, an album full of passion and fire inside to protest, and an album that echoes the rapid change in our social and political landscape that 2016 brought with it.

When finishing the album in September, Thea was forced to look back at the spring and summer recording period and the tumultuous times that happened throughout the year including working on ‘Reconcile’ as Britain voted to leave the EU, and recording ‘Johnny Gets A Gun’ three days after the Orlando shooting.

That day was also most harrowingly of all, the day when the world was watching the tragedy of Jo Cox’s murder unfold and at the very eleventh hour became the inspiration for the final track ‘The War’, with the first and last verses directly referencing her.

Thea quotes “I was throwing a cautionary message in a bottle into the shifting tide, but also singing a reminder that acts of kindness and humanity are never in vain: ‘You can cut that stem, but wild flowers grow again, all you can do is just tend to them and know that you tried’”

“I’d finished the album pretty much. All the shit that had gone down in 2016, the world changing moments… everything had shifted and this song fell out of me on one of the last mix days. The first and last verses directly reference Jo Cox and in between. I like to think it shines a light on these dark days, but also offers hope.”

The track is also possibly the mission statement of the album, going to war on the negativity and bleakness of the current world mesmerized by fake news and futility.

The Counterweight tries to be exactly that. A redressing of the balance, a tool of pressure, an exertion of opposite force and as such, a flag of hope.

Thea Gilmore will be heading out on a UK headline tour to support the album, with full details to be announced soon.

“The best British singer-songwriter of the last ten years – and then some” Uncut          “The best wordsmith of her generation” The Independent


Sneaky Preview and Video Thea Gilmore The Counterweight


Thea Gilmore – The Counterweight, released on June 2nd through Cooking Vinyl.

Flood & Burn Stylish New Recording By Sean Taylor

Flood & Burn Stylish New Recording By Sean TaylorFlood & Burn
Stylish New Recording By Sean Taylor

A beautifully crafted album before a note of music played Flood and Bur states it is quality as the pleasure of exploring the cover. With its insightful and thoughtful haiku

A thumbprint of moon – Impressed into a corner – Of cold turquoise sky

Sean Taylor the master of modern folk is a talented singer/songwriter. Flood & Burn is no different. The folk vibe reaches across the Atlantic and adds a touch of Country, punch of Blues and creamy swirl of Jazz. This is the history of roots music pulling together cultures and melding the new tone to create the sound that reflects the now in a journey that music has culturally undertaken back through the mists of time. Music is a river of sand picking up tones and colour from every pebble it flows over.

Opening with Codeine Dreams, we are floating on a cushion of Joe Morales Saxophone, the song holds you transfixed in its mellow haunting and at the same time the disturbing beauty of dreams. From the first track the album is full of confidence and by the time the last notes fade it is no wonder that Sean Taylor says “Flood & Burn may be the best thing I have ever done,” We definitely have no argument with that statement. The tempo changes and the sound filling out with Troubadour and special guest Leonard Cohen’s band leader Roscoe Beck’s Double Bass. We are wandering with a troubadour of many songs and tunes with its country vibe and winding roads we have no idea what is around the corner a foot tapping number. Following this is Run To The Water which is full of blues hues making the water shimmer and a place you would definitely want to run to. Sean’s vocals throughout have a distinctive cadence, rough, and travel wearied with more than a hint of Tom Waits in lyrics and delivery.  Sean is a singer-songwriter that explores each word and placing it carefully within the lyrical tale unfolding.  As we pass the half-way mark on a musical and emotional journey no one wants to rush the album is definitely one to sit back and savour as we have the title song with its percussive guitar reflecting Sean’s vocal tones.

Back with country blues we have A Bad Case Of The Blues as Waits meets Townes Van Zandt. Hana Pirhana’s violin adds a bittersweet tone, with the hints of Eastern European folk music running through as Sean’s vocals pick up the sadness.

The penultimate track is the only cover that Sean has slipped in as a personal favourite, Heartbreak Hotel, featuring Eliza Gilkyson on backing vocals and slide from Andre Moran. Closing out with Better Man, written by Danny Thompson full of the power and majesty of his chosen instrument the double bass that squeaks, hums and vibrates behind Sean Taylor’s vocals. The perfect ending to an album whose chords and lyrics linger as the speakers fall silent.  Flood and Burn – an album with different styles and tempos ensuring the listener’s interest is maintained from the first to the last note with his stunning guitar playing. Sum up the album – The guitar sings and the vocals growl simply intoxicating!

Flood & Burn Stylish New Recording By Sean Taylor

EIGHT pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

  1. Codeine Dreams
  2. A Good Place To Die
  3. The Cruelty of Man
  4. Troubadour
  5. Run To The Water
  6. Life Goes On
  7. Flood and Burn
  8. Beautiful Mind
  9. Bad Case Of The Blues
  10. Until The End Of Time
  11. Heartbreak Hotel
  12. Better Man



UK Tour Dates


11th Holbeach Hurn, Garden House
17th Belper Queens Head
25th Oxford Old fire Station
26th London Green Note (Band Gig)
3rd Worth Mantravers Square & Compass
4th Wooton Under Edge Under The Edge Arts Centre
11th Saltburn Saltburn Blues Club
17th Bangor ( Wales) Blue Sky Café (Band Gig)
18th Peterborough Shakedown Blues Club
24th Gatehouse of Fleet 9Scotland) The Mill

8th Chesham The Drawingroom
22nd Barry (Wales) Barry West End Club (Band Gig)

People We Become Sings Inspirational Jo Harman

People We Become Sings Inspirational Jo Harman


People We Become Sings Inspirational Jo Harman


The People We Become is the long-awaited follow-up to the acclaimed 2013 album Dirt On My Tongue. Worth the wait, YES in one simple word. Is it the same, a variation on Dirt On My Tongue NO. Jo Harman has deepened her musical framework the album is considered artistry of sound, tone and lyrical textures.

The album opens with a crackle and the distant voice of Jo as singing from the past. Quiet then thirty seconds in the tempo hardens with drum and bass we are in the now as Jo’s vocals come forward and take control. No One Left To Blame, opens the album with spine-tingling emotional power and if you don’t listen on you only have yourself to blame.

As the album unfolds, this is Jo Harman being herself full of poignancy and personal. As ever the vocals are smoky, smooth and/or pure depending on the tone and shaping the lyrics around her tongue adding joy or bitter-sweetness. This is the seductive power of Jo Harman’s voice, once heard never forgotten.  Jo has been described as a blues singer; that is just a part of the full musical equation of Jo Harman as she weaves in gospel, soulful Motown, and the angst of a singer-songwriter exploring personal hurts.  Jo is a singer who understands the power of using her exceptional voice as the focal instrument throughout the album.

The percussive forces on tracks reflect the intensity of Jo’s voice.  Then as in a perfectly balanced black and white photograph, the shadows and greys say more. Lend Me Your Love the piano and vocals give the track a simplicity so the soaring lyrics sung capture your attention. The percussion gives the track tonal texture and the underlying hurt and anger. Energy is added with Reformation and its tribal, urgent percussive intro, harking back but not copying a holler. The clapping adds a sting as we stomp to the number influenced by her work with Amnesty International.

Recorded in Nashville, at Sound Emporium and other noted studios, with acclaimed producer Fred Mollin (including Billy Joel, , Carly Simon, Joe Cocker and Johnny Mathis more) the album features Michael McDonald on the first single ‘When We Were Young’. With its up-tempo fun beat lightening the album blending in a song that will definitely be getting radio play with its easy listening dance rhythm and smooth backing singer it is a hit.



The ten track, superbly crafted album closes out with piano and voice as Lonely Like Me with deep melody and a song that is timeless as we feel the hurt of loneliness and understand the begging for forgiveness as it is part of our own life’s journey. It is why we are the People We Become.

Bluesdoodles believes this is an album that will delight her phalanx of fans and bringing many more into the Jo Harman camp, they will relate to the album for its timeless majesty and it fearless uncompromising delivery of songs. Songs that Jo wanted to write and sing not because they are a particular musical style.

TEN pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

  1. No One Left To Blame
  2. Silhouettes Of You
  3. Lend Me Your Love
  4. Unchanged and Alone
  5. Reformation
  6. Changing of The Guard
  7. Person of Interest
  8. When We Were Young
  9. The Final Page
  10. Lonely Like Me

Eric Johnson in Conversation Albums, acoustic and guitars

Eric Johnson in Conversation Albums, acoustic and guitars

Eric Johnson in Conversation Albums, acoustic and guitars

Eric Johnson, Grammy award-winning guitarist took time out to talk to Bluesdoodles about his first solo acoustic album EJ released on Mascot Group Label.

BD: What were your first musical influences growing up in Austin, Texas and beyond?
EJ: Lots there are some great bands and music in Texas. Johnny Richardson was a huge influence but there is just so much great music. I listened to all sorts of styles and players out there including Chet Atkins, Jerry Reed, Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck, John McLaughlin, Eric Clapton Bill Conners, styles vary but always quality.

BD: How did you get into music were you from a musical family?
EJ: My brother and three sisters we all had piano lessons, learning classical music my parents were not musical but supported my playing. Then I had guitar lessons. I took up the guitar because everyone I was listening to was playing the guitar. I listened to all types of music not defined by genre The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, The Ventures. There were so many great dudes to listen to. The crossover with Ravi Shankar playing with Janis Joplin and others mixing it up, it was not about genres it was all about good music that excited.

BD: Having reviewed the Album, can you tell us Why a Solo album now having won countless awards and peer recognition is the acoustic another branch of the Johnson Guitar Tree
EJ: Well, I have always included one acoustic number on all my records. I have always enjoyed playing acoustic it is different from my solo electric guitar in a band. The essential in acoustic is a very good song that can stand on its own the words have to be very good. There is an immediacy in acoustic playing it is always a challenge to capture the song so it has a potency. The album is another voice of my guitar the album has an intimacy that only acoustic achieves.

BD: How did you choose the covers, especially deciding on opening with an instrumental version of Mrs Robinson
EJ: Well, Mrs Robinson came about fiddling with the tune on my own it sounded great and I was searching for a song to start the record. The realisation came that it might be the right way to start the album with the guitar getting the listeners attention. The other covers fitted in with my own tracks.

BD: I have always been interested in the lyrics of a song. Where do you get your inspiration for your songwriting?
EJ: Inspiration is everywhere. I have to allow the thoughts to unfold intuitively they evolve naturally. I have to stop the brain from interfering as too soon it clinches the lyrics so that they do not have time to develop naturally. The brain part is good to give the words a final polish but not too soon, you need to leave your creative window open for words to be descriptive painting a full picture. You need to be able to let your thoughts wander so there is a freedom in the construction of the lyrics. It was great fun to record a solo acoustic record, the simplicity there is an innocence in the process with a feel of naturalness with lyrics that can be obtuse like Wrapped In A Cloud.

BD: You have a big supporter in Joe Bonamassa. He and many other younger guitarists have named you as an influence…. Have you found this has been a boost to your own career?
EJ: Big admirer of what Joe Bonamassa does and it is very flattering that Joe and other guitar players respect and admire what I play. The reality is all guitarists learn from everyone else. I am genuinely honoured the other guitarists feel that way about my guitar playing.

BD: Did you always plan to be a musician and what advice would you give to budding professionals
EJ: Music was what I wanted to do my career developed I just kept playing with bands making original music. Kept rehearsing and working with different people. It was a step by step progression lots of practice and determination hard work eventually led to record deals and where I am today. The answer is if you want to achieve success it is about talent and hard work there is no easy simple route.

BD I am sure you have many plans for 2017 and beyond are you planning a UK/European Tour?
EJ: Now that is funny you should ask that question, we were discussing just that today a tour of Europe and the UK. Would love to visit the UK and tour all over especially like to see Eastern Europe.

BD: If you were putting together the perfect band with members from across the years (dead or alive) who would you have playing
Bass: Billy Rich or James Jamerson… No I will have two bass players
Guitars: Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck and Wes Montgomery
Drums: Joe Morello
Vocals: Paul Rogers

Guitar Tech – Me When asked to jam I will say no I am listening to you guys that is enough for me!

Eric Johnson in Conversation Albums, acoustic and guitars
Photo Credit Max Crace


Eric Johnson –  EJ–  Release Date: 7th October 2016
Label: Provogue/Mascot Label Group

Read why Bluesdoodles said “EJ is an acoustic album that has an intimacy between performer and listener not often achieved on a studio album. The light and dark shadows and moody intensity all keep your attention on the lyrics and above all the melody.” HERE



Listen to Wrapped In A Could here:

Listen Now – Dan Owen New Single Moonlight

Listen Now - Dan Owen New Single Moonlight

Listen Now – Dan Owen
New Single Moonlight






Rising star Dan Owen has announced his brand new single ‘Moonlight’, celebrating the release of his latest EP Open Hands and Enemies out today through LAB Records.

The single premiered with The Independent who said, “Shrewsbury-born singer-songwriter Dan Owen is one to watch… Owen has a voice quite beyond his years, is a versatile guitarist, and judging by his opening performance for Birdy at the Eventim Apollo he’s an electrifying live act as well.”

‘Moonlight’ is a distinctly intimate insight into Dan’s stunning songwriting and jaw-dropping vocal abilities. It’s one of the most touching moments on the Open Hands and Enemies EP, a haunting love ballad that finds Dan at his most effortlessly smooth.

http://bit.ly/2dg70UkBluesdoodles reviewed the album  –  The only complaint I have and it is a big one, Open Hands and Enemies is immense for an E.P. but Bluesdoodles wants a full-blown twelve track album so that we can get to know all the intricacies that makes Dan Owen such a marvelous musician. The E.P. Open Hands and Enemies from the man with the velvet smooth vocals that packs a punch. Four tracks a teaser of a full album We are waiting Dan get the message we want more! READ what we said HERE

He can be caught live again at his forthcoming headline show in The Waiting Room, London on November 15th. Dan will follow this with a nine-date headline tour of Ireland in December, starting at Dublin’s Ruby Sessions on December 6th and finishing upstairs at Whelan’s, Dublin on December 16th. Full Dan Owen tour dates can be found HERE

Beth Hart Touring With Fire On The Floor


Beth Hart Touring With Fire On The Floor




Tickets will go on sale on Friday, December 18th from the 24-hour ticket box office: 0844 871 8819 and from Alt-Tickets . Very special guest will be announced in the coming weeks.

Dates include Birmingham Symphony Hall (Friday 11th November), SOLD OUT Gateshead Sage(Sunday 13th November), SOLD OUT Glasgow O2 Academy (Monday 14th November), Tickets still available. Book online from Ticketweb.co.uk Bristol Colston Hall (Thursday 17th November), SOLD OUT Bournemouth Solent Hall (Saturday 19th November), SOLD OUT Manchester Bridgewater Hall (Monday 21st November), SOLD OUT and London Royal Festival Hall (Wednesday 23rd November) SOLD OUT.


Beth Hart Touring With Fire On The FloorBeth Hart continually delights audiences with her live shows  and her recorded music is stunning. Her latest album Fire on The Floor  builds on her depth of musical knowledge. The lyrics curl around the beat –  Read why we gave it a resounding TEN 

The latest album builds and develops where her critically acclaimed studio album Better Than Home left the music. Now back on tour a 2016 live music show not to be missed


Watch the brand new Official video for ‘Love is A Lie’ here:

Beth Hart Touring With Fire On The Floor


BOOK ONLINE: www.alt-tickets.co.uk
24 HR BOX OFFICE: 0844 871 8819


Tickets: £32.50/£28.50
24 Hour Box Office:
0844 871 8819
Book Online: Alt-Tickets 
Venue Box Office: 0121 345 0600


Tickets: £32.50/£28.50
24 Hour Box Office: 0844 871 8819
Book Online: Alt-Tickets 
Venue Box Office – 0191 443 4661


Tickets: £32.50/£28.50
24 Hour Box Office: 0844 477 2000
Book Online: Gigs In Scotland 
Venue Box Office: 0844 477 2000


Tickets: £32.50/£28.50
24 Hour Box Office: 0844 871 8819
Book Online: Alt-Tickets 
Venue Box Office: 0844 887 1500


Tickets: £32.50/£28.50
24 Hour Box Office: 0844 871 8819
Book Online: Alt-Tickets 


Tickets: £32.50/£28.50
24 Hour Box Office: 0844 871 8819
Book Online: Alt-Tickets 
Venue Box Office: 0844 907 9000


Tickets: £37.50/£32.50
24 Hour Box Office: 0844 871 8819
Book Online: Alt-Tickets 

It is an Excellent Day sings Lizanne Knott

It is an Excellent Day sings Lizanne Knott

It is an Excellent Day sings Lizanne Knott



The album spins a silky tapestry of luxurious blends of Americana, country, shades of blues and wisps of folk all held in place by the roots of memory. The skill and dexterity of singer-songwriter Lizanne Knott’s skills are the heart, soul and takes us on a winding trip to the Excellent Day we all dream off.

The curving country twang opens up the journey towards the closing title track Excellent Day! The opening is dark described as Americana-noir the drumming pounds out the atmospheric beat from Erik Johnson. Setting the shape of melodic mood of the album, her fourth studio release and the inspiration flowed during a period of reflection following the unexpected death of guitarist Jef Lee Johnson a long-time friend three years ago. The album flows with shimmering textures, a lightness of touch even Josh Lawrence’s trumpet is muted, sad as it blends into the atmosphere on melancholic Goodbye.

The words sway and pull you into a lyrical narrative, sometimes joyous, often sad. Throughout, Rainbow Crow the music is sublime and the story is loose as a blackbird lives in a rainbow sky showing that we can all fly. The guitar is sweet and the vocals once again full of gentle tenderness, with the hardened edge of reality. The cover of Stolen Car, a Bruce Springsteen number is tinged with wistful shading by Lizanne, whilst Gershwin’s Ain’t Necessarily So is blues that is full of full-flavoured intent, every note is given a smooth edge that flows in a cascade of blues. A song gifted by a fan, Sometimes, a ballad of gentleness from Janis Ian. In between to softest silk and glistening nuggets of gospel folk on Lay My Burden Down. This is an album to chill out too, letting stress be diluted by the tender melodic tones of Lizanne Knott. Closing with The title track the beat picks up the sun is out and the music leaves your feet tapping to Excellent Day.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD EIGHT pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Excellent Day – Lizanne KnottProper Music

Track Listing
1. Come For The Kill
2. Why You Wanna Break My Heart
3. Goodbye
4. It Ain’t Necessary
5. Rainbow Crow
6. Tennesse
7. Not This Time
8. Lay My Burden Down
9. Stolen Car
10. Someday Love
11. Sometimes
12. Excellent Day

Adam Norsworthy singer-songwriter Showcasing Soaring Rainbird

Adam Norsworthy singer-songwriter Showcasing Soaring Rainbird

Adam Norsworthy singer-songwriter Showcasing Soaring  Rainbird

This is an album that shines a new light on the talents of Adam Norsworthy, for many the front man of The Mustangs.  Rainbird is a collection of thirteen tracks that have a purity and shine as emotions and personal interactions are explored. This is not a man, guitar and angst singer-songwriter type of album it has an energy and driving purpose. Why? Adam’s guitar and vocals are joined by King King’s Wayne Proctor on Drums and on Hammond organ Bob Fridzema. Joining them to keep the rhythm in check is Nimmo Brothers Bassist Mat Beable then the searing beauty of acclaimed violinist Anna Brigham. The album’s production by Adam and mixing by Wayne and Steve Wright ensure that the songs remain centre stage at all times centre.

Take thirteen self-penned numbers, mix up the tempo and the colours of the music tones and sprinkle liberally with infectious beats. Marinade in a rich mix of lyrics with relevance and something to tell you. Then shake, rattle and roll all the ingredients together and you have Rainbird never captured in a genre flying high and free.

Opening with Leave a Light you instantly know the journey is going to be one of interest with the sonic distortion and then a driving Rock n Roll beat that furls around whilst your musical light is switched on and shining bright. Every track is different, buy the album and explore. I’d Rather Spend My Time With You, is slower, reflective as the deepest pool, the exploration of the lyrics are expressive with Adam’s warm vocals adding another layer of texture and mystery to this beguiling number.  Then out from the shadowy glade and back into the sunshine Rainbird brings you a happy sunny song Da Vinci’s Eyes, with driving drums and guitar that is the perfect punctuation for the lyrical poem. If you fancy to up the tempo and Shores of Heaven with a heavier beat and the feel of crashing waves and distant memories of folk tunes combined with clash of Bowie and Petty with the dominate drive of Norsworthy is for you. The Stradivarius Tree, has a gentle melodic classical feel, as Adam sings about the violin maker a true storytelling lyrical poem, music at the very soul of this song.  A clever track that is full of magic and of course the beauty of Anna’s violin sears through the story where magic, nature, artisan skills combine to create the violin to make music.  We are off to a land of country folk with Corner of Rosedale and toe tapping dancing round the maypole style of song that makes you smile. The lyrics are redolent of happy times of youth and carefree days.

The piano is used to add a solemnity and seriousness to the closing track Just A Weary Soldier, a timeless song of reflection and melancholy relevant today and all our yesterdays.

As the album is listened to you hear and glimpse influences and styles. Above all Rainbird is true to the work Adam wants to create as sound that connects as the instrumentation works around the lyrics unfurling emotions, contemplations and above all a connectivity through the music.

This is Adam’s second solo album for Trapeze with a has a special dimension. Adam Norsworthy singer-songwriter showcasing Soaring Rainbird, has created an album that will be a go to album and is another success from the recording studio Superfly. Rainbird screams quality from the first note to the last, great thought has been given to tone and shape and how the album looks and feels. Attention to detail is the driving force including the album cover’s photograph from photographer Nigel Davies captures the heart of the album.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD NINE pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….


Adam Norsworthy – Rainbird – Trapeze Music – out 24th March 2016

Track Listing

  1. Leave A Light On
  2. No Point Talking
  3. I’d Rather Spend My Time With You
  4. Da Vinci’s Eyes
  5. Something to Say
  6. Shores Of Heaven
  7. A Night In The Bolney
  8. Ready For Me
  9. She Didn’t Want To Know
  10. The Stradivarius Tree
  11. Corner Of Rosedale
  12. Loving Could Be So Easy
  13. Just A Weary Soldier

Benjamin Bassford’s Songs From The Blue Door

Benjamin Bassford's Songs From The Blue Door

Benjamin Bassford’s Songs From The Blue Door

What is behind Songs From The Blue Door? Seven acoustic driven country blues songs.  The orginal songs are carved out of the experiences of Benjamin’s 21 years on the planet; creating an acoustic album that has the compelling mix of stripped back melodic guitar and a voice that is strong and warm curling around the lyrics that have something to say. If Acoustic blues is for you then everything from Songs from the Blue Door will meet your approval. So open the Blue Door and step inside Benjamin’s world.


Opening with Storms, this is not a crash of rocking blues. Benjamin’s Storms is a more laid back look at stormy weather. The intro is influenced by Spanish guitar and is strummed with a tempo that makes you want to hear more. His vocals are deep and warm fitting in with the six strings creating an acoustically pleasing harmony.  This is storm at sea and yes this is acoustic but would be good to hear a build-up of energy, emotion and a crescendo to reflect the storm rolling in. Intrigued by the second track Leaf Blower Tango, love the quirky intro of a leaf blower and the tango beat works well. The vocals are lighter and reflect the song. Howlin’ Wolf’s Backdoor Man is the inspiration for the next blues harp guitar number Ain’t No Backdoor Man. The vibe of Howlin’ is captured in this re-vamped acoustic song. A country feel adding another textured dimension to Benjamin Bassford’s E.P. again a long intro for a short track before the vocals kick in. As he realizes he no longer belongs in his home town the bitter-sweet melody takes control one again. Finishing with Backroom Friend, it has been an enjoyable peak and listen to what is happening Behind The Blue Door.

Often the tracks have a super acoustic vibe, and Benjamin has woven in some different textures to the music. There is though something lacking not enough emotional connection acoustic sometimes need to feel raw and a little bit unsafe. That said all seven tracks show that there is not much not to like about the acoustic playing of Benjamin Bassford, Behind The Blue Door.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD SEVEN pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Benjamin Bassford – Songs From The Blue Door

Track Listing

1. Storms
2. Leaf Blower Tango
3. 90 Proof
4. Ain’t No Backdoor Man
5. Snake Eyes
6. Hometown
7. Backroom Friend.