Dan Patlansky ~ Live @ The Borderline

Dan Patlansky Stephen F
photo credit – Stephen Fourie

Dan Patlansky
Live @ The Borderline
27th April 2015

Tonight was launch night and a chance to hear Dan Patlansky playing live in London before his mini UK tour, at The Borderline, London a new venue for Bluesdoodles. First though we must not neglect the charismatic acoustic performance of Tristan MacKay, a performance juxtaposed to the rocked up blues to follow. This was an opportunity for Tristan to give us an insight into his current album Wire and Wood. The chatter quietened as Tristan picked up and struck his acoustic guitar and the evening’s live music began with You Win Again, with the lines “…love is a game, only the foolish play…” – and just like quiet at a gig is a wistful dream no wonder Dan Patlansky’s album was called Dear Silence Thieves! This short opening set Tristan used effectively chatting with the audience about his motivation and inspiration for his lyric driven modern acoustic blues and the music certainly sold the album as one that will be at the top of the blues charts for a while. We heard Million Little Things – about those things you shouldn’t love about a partner featuring his skills as guitarist and the wonderful use of the percussive sound that can be created using the wood of the guitar combined with his vocals and stage presence this was a great warmer for the act to come as the last notes of Lullaby For Layla faded away. The anticipation was now high as the crowds continued to file down the stairs and find a space in the crowd in front of the stage.

Opening with Drone, the sound that his guitar makes is full of fizz, clarity of notes there is nothing drone-like about his playing that from the off was mesmerizing and as the evening progressed it was a demonstration of blues infused rock guitar playing as he used every part of the his Stratocaster to shape, bend and move the notes to a different sphere Dan Patlansky hits the borderline running.

Photo Credit - Stephen Fourie
Photo Credit – Stephen Fourie

Tonight though was about the launch of Dear Silence Thieves in the U.K. so the set list was dominated by the tracks from this fantastic studio produced album. Dan THE a guitarist, proved he is one who can produce the goods live as well, making the sound full of the emotional charge gained from performing in front of a crowd under the hot lights the band were steaming. Backbite that many will of heard courtesy of YouTube, was the first to be given the live treatment and the volume went up and the guitar licks bite you between the ears, yes there were hooks for the lyrics that Dan’s gruff vocals to create a whole sound. It was the guitar that was king as he made those strings dance to his tune this was blues foiled with boulders of rock that gave them that heavy feel that lingered on the air and gave the rhythm section the space to reinforce the depth of the sound Dan can create with his six strings and a few pedals.

photo credit – Stephen Fourie
photo credit – Stephen Fourie

Dan introduced Pop Collared Jockey and the interaction between the stage and the crowd was assured as he told the background to this track, but it was Dan who showed us the real depth of this dirty blues track that starts off with its sweet opening riff luring you into the edgy lyrics as the guitar gets dirty and moody, augmented by a simple but effective rhythm section that added to the texture and tone of this almost acoustic style that is in fact electric rock/blues. That then opens up to full on electric with a driving riff. This clever manipulation of tempo and volume is a trademark of Dan who uses it effectively on a number of his self-penned tracks tonight. We had slow blues, wild blues, rock and an acoustic Feels Like Home giving the boys a chance for a breather; and clever blues on Only An Ocean which was first recorded in 2006 but fits snuggly in this album, the guitar creates the movement of the ocean the ever-changing currents, swell and mood sometimes benign others full of stormy anger. The tonal shapes and colours were created by turning the guitar volume down to a whisper the tide has receded, the volume goes up and up the ocean returns with a discordant howl almost like a the song of a Whale , the guitar and rhythm section pick up the pace and the ocean is back in all its glory.
The solid rhythm section provided the rock upon which Dan could let everyone know just what he is capable of with his Stratocaster in his hands. This was further underlined with a display of guitar fireworks on his take on Voodoo Chile that Jimi Hendrix would have sat back and admired, playing with one hand no hands and the guitar at arm’s reach this was a showman in action we wanted more and he obliged with a two-track encore finishing with a reprise of Backbite. Everyone here tonight were definitely bitten by the guitar and vocal talent that is Dan Patlansky, a guitarist that eats his guitar and spits it back out and one not to be missed.

The only minor dampener on the evening was that the “Silence Thieves” who the album launch was all about were all around the borderline tonight.

Set List
1. Drone
2. Backbite *
3. Taking Chances *
4. Pop Collar Jockey *
5. Your War *
6. Hold On *
7. Only An Ocean *
8. Feels Like Home *
9. Hash Place / Bubble
10. Madison Lane *
11. Voodoo Chile

Fetch Your Spade *
Backbite (Reprise) *

*Tracks from Dear Silence of Thieves



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Joe Satriani November 2015 UK Tour – with special guest Dan Patlansky

 Manchester o2 Apollo                                                   Sunday November 1

Birmingham Symphony Hall                                       Monday November 2

Glasgow Royal Concert Hall                                        Tuesday November 3

Sheffield City Hall                                                           Wednesday November 4

Cardiff St. David’s Hall                                                  Thursday November 5

Southend Cliffs Pavilion                                               Saturday November 7

Bristol Colston Hall                                                         Sunday November 8

Portsmouth Guildhall                                                    Monday November 9

London Eventim Hammersmith Apollo                 Tuesday November 10


Ticket hotline: 0844 888 9991, Book online: ticketline.co.uk

Listen to the single Backbite … catch him live now or later this year as Joe Satriani’s special guest on his November Tour

JOE SATRIANI confirms Special Guest on 2015 U.K. TOUR


Legendary artist and performer and the hardest working guitarist in the business, Joe Satriani, is proud to announce that Award-winning South African guitarist and singer-songwriter Dan Patlansky will be special guest on his Shockwave November 2015 UK Tour.

The news follows the UK release Dan Patlansky’s new album Dear Silence Thieves Bluesdoodles rated the album read the REVIEW on April 27, the same day he performs a special album launch showcase concert at London’s The Borderline, followed by dates at Sheffield Greystones (April 28), York Fibbers (April 30) and Poole’s Mr Kyps (May 7).

To celebrate the news, today Patlansky launches the official music video for Backbite, the first single taken from the Dear Silence Thieves album.

Watch the official video for Backbite here


In December 2014, Dear Silence Thieves was voted #1 in Blues Rock Review’s Top 20 Blues Rock Albums of 2014 online poll. Earlier that year, Patlansky opened for Bruce Springsteen at FNB Stadium in Johannesburg in front of 64,000 people.

Joe Satriani November 2015 UK Tour with special guest Dan Patlansky

Sunday 1st Manchester o2 Apollo
Monday 2nd Birmingham Symphony Hall
Tuesday 3rd Glasgow Royal Concert Hall
Wednesday 4th Sheffield City Hall
Thursday 5th Cardiff St. David’s Hall
Saturday 7th Southend Cliffs Pavilion
Sunday 8th Bristol Colston Hall
Monday 9th Portsmouth Guildhall
Tuesday 10th London Eventim Hammersmith Apollo

Ticket hotline: 0844 888 9991, Book online: Tickets

CD Review : Dan Patlansky ~ Dear Silence Thieves

danpatlansky cdDan Patlansky
Dear Silence Thieves

This is an album that has stylish design and a clever theme of sound reflecting the album’s title Dear Silence Thieves – encapsulating what so many of us feel when audiences chatter rather than listen; and is dedicated to two Silence Thieves who left a venue embarrassed when an artist stopped his music and said “You two need to shut the F#@K up or get out!” This is an album you will want to listen to and remember to challenge next time someone steals your silent space as it opens as it means to continue delivering quality music with a rock whacked with solid blues licks and riffs the sound just endears itself so that you find yourself putting the album on repeat, that way you get to hear all the nuances that Dan Patlansky incorporates into the guitar playing and delivering his self-penned lyrics.

The opening track of his seventh album; Backbite is full of power, charisma and soul as he makes the six-strings of his fender bend to his command and the gruff vocals are the perfect foil for the music line on this track with its catchy licks; this is rock-blues that deserves your attention.
Pop Collared Jockey is dirty blues that draws you in so that you want to know all about the jockey and the echo effect of the vocals gives another layer of interest of depth and then the cymbals clash and the tempo is upped and the rocky Dan is unleashed.

We have a change of tempo now that you are hooked Hold On is more laid back with gentler lyrics reflected in the vocals and guitar breaks that are so emotionally drenched it feels like you are being pulled into the vibe and is one of the stand-out tracks of this deservedly critically acclaimed album.
With Windmills and the Sea, the mood calms down and we see the acoustic talent as he delivers a song full of intimacy and emotion and back to electric with another salty water inspired track; Only and Ocean and his vocals show a lyrical side as he switches from a Tom Waits growl to a vocal range that could front any Prog Rock Band.

We have the wavelength of Gary Moore with attitude on Our War the strongest track for me on this album with Tom Waits style delivery of the lyrics, a balanced shining gem on an album that has a balance of tempos and style but keeping shape and with every track recognizably Dan Patlansky.
There is no doubt that Dan Patlansky’s name in the UK will be recognized as this South African singer-songwriter and guitarist knows how to release quality exciting music. It is not surprising that Bruce Springsteen personally chose him to open for him at the FNB Stadium in Johannesburg, it is more amazing that he is an unknown on the British circuit.
Buy the album and enjoy Blues-Rock that is sublime and wonder why you have never heard of the talented 30 year-old guitar slinging maestro – better still see him live at The Borderline London, Monday April 27th 2015

Bluesdoodles gives this CD TEN doodle paws out of TEN ….pawprint half inch

Track Listing
1. Backbite
2. Pop Collar Jockey
3. Fetch Your Spade
4. Hold On
5. Taking Chances
6. Windmills And The Sea
7. Only An Ocean (Reprise)
8. Your War
9. Feels Like Home
10 Madison Lane

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