Bristol Lantern shining on Singing Divas Northsyde & Sari Schorr

Bristol Lantern shining on Singing Divas Northsyde & Sari SchorrBristol Lantern shining on Singing Divas Northsyde & Sari SchorrBristol Lantern shining on Singing Divas Northsyde & Sari Schorr


Colston Hall, returns with the Bristol Jazz & Blues Festival. The venue is awash with music, a chance to catch up with friends and chill in the foyer with an array of free spectacular shows. Tonight The Lantern shone bright as Lorna took the vocal lead for Northsyde and their distinctive blending of blues, funk twisted with the free flow of blues jam tradition weaving in the Allman Brothers and a rocky edge.

Bristol Lantern shining on Singing Divas Northsyde & Sari SchorrTonight, Lorna was resplendent in Black Top Hat and flowing wig, by the end of the set both were dispatched to the wings and the cropped urchin beauty was revealed adding a vulnerability that is counter intuitive to the strong vocals. With a collection of Northsyde defined numbers the set list played to the combined strengths of the band, Lorna up front with vocals that curl and turning lyrics into an angst-ridden journey through the melody. The grounding of the melodies are defined by the powerhouse of a rhythm section, Hayden Doyle on drums and the distinctive bass lines of Ian Mauricio. Yes, you were right left-handed Ian has the stringing on his bass upside down. Pulling the rhythm together and building complexity is the wizardry of Jules Fothergill’s guitar explosions of licks, and hooks for Lorna’s vocals to build on and exploit using her vocal range from growl to pure soprano. With an outing of Mr Sistabish from the hotly anticipated fourth album due out this Summer, we had funky Cherry Picking, and Mercy – the live track from Storytellers Daughter.  Tonight melded into the music adventure Living Colour, Stevie Wonder and with Denny Ilett entering the fold adding another layer of Bristol Lantern shining on Singing Divas Northsyde & Sari Schorrguitar as he played with Jules they were having fun. This made Northsyde’s signature cover Whipping Post rather special for their first trip down the M4 to Bristol.  The interplay between Jules and Denny was unforgettable in its majesty. What a start to a night dominated by vocals that soar above the band. Short break, and Sari Schorr and The Engine room filled the Lantern with blues that rock with the dynamic energy and power of charisma being shared across the audience so that everyone is touched by the gentle dignity that is Sari Schorr.

Bristol Lantern shining on Singing Divas Northsyde & Sari Schorr

Bristol Lantern shining on Singing Divas Northsyde & Sari SchorrNo gentle warm up with Sari and her band, she hit the ground running and the tension power and sheer beauty of live music just kept coming. The set list was dominated by tracks from her critically acclaimed debut album Force Of Nature. The album title perfectly describes Sari’s voice it is a true force of nature. Sari leaps into the vocals shaping and building the lyrics, every song she has a tale that you want to follow. Yes, she has confidence in the lyrics and her vocal prowess, more importantly, is her unwavering confidence and joy with the Engine Room the band that surrounds her. With Innes Sibun on guitar, we are in for a pyrotechnic display, controlled and wild and cool under the pressure of the amp blowing during the first outing of Black Betty tonight. With no guitar on stage, it was Anders Olinder’s keys that seamlessly took over with chords that filled the Lantern. The Engine Room are an organic force that works around the demands of the song and Sari, with a rhythm section that fills out the melodies with textures as the two Kevin’s collaborate, O’Rourke on drums and Jeffries in charge of the bass line.

Sari Schorr Bristol Lantern shining on Singing Divas Northsyde & Sari Schorropened with Ain’t Got No Money the set continued to build and flow, with a preview of what is to come in the highly anticipated second album we heard Cat & Mouse, a highlight of the set and really whets the appetite for more Sari live and recorded. No subject is taboo for Sari, with Domestic Abuse explored without judgement with emotionally charged Damn The Reason. With Sari, the voice is an emotionally charged instrument combined with theatrical movements of hands and swirling dance steps the tension builds as though you are listening through Sari’s whole being. Heroin and addiction is explored with Aunt Hazel and we visit Oklahoma. Closing with Ordinary Life, Sari in the introduction praises her musicians, record label but above all Bristol Lantern shining on Singing Divas Northsyde & Sari Schorrthe audiences that gives her the stage to sing from. Ordinary lives are anything but ordinary, with the melody that is gentler and at times Sari sings A Capella with a vulnerability as we are all special we are all looking to find our true potential. Sari with the Engine Room has definitely found hers we want to hear that voice perform over and over again. The interpretation of every song is special full of energy if languid with pathos and Innes guitar matches the mood wild and reflective he is always entertaining and his solo lead breaks are a feat to behold every time.

The encore, was Black Betty as we should have heard it the first time, with the stupendous Innes Sibun solo written by him and with the darkness of vocal tone Black Betty is reworked and always a Sari spectacular and now her signature number. Tonight we heard high-octane blues of the highest quality and what a voice, what a guitarist to have both in the same band takes blues-rock to a different level.

Bristol Lantern shining on Singing Divas Northsyde & Sari Schorr

Bristol Lantern shining on Singing Divas Northsyde & Sari Schorr, once again Bristol Jazz and Blues Festival delivers music that is special.


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Ash Wilson Broken Machine New Single & on Tour

Ash Wilson Broken Machine New Single & on Tour

DAsh Wilson Broken Machine New Single & on TourLincolnshire’s Ash Wilson launches the brand new music video for the single ‘Broken Machine’ taken from his critically acclaimed debut album Broken Machine.

The single is out on Friday 17th March and the album on Friday 21st April 2017.






London, Borderline     Monday 20th March

Tickets: HERE Box Office: 0844 847 2465


Tickets –  HERE  & HERE 





Poole, Mr. Kyps                                Saturday 15th April

London, Islington Academy 2     Tuesday 2nd May

Manchester, Deaf Institute         Wednesday 3rd May

Cardiff, The Globe                          Thursday 4th May

Bristol, The Tunnels                       Friday 5th May

Barnstaple, The Factory                Saturday 6th May

Bluesdoodles: Broken Machine Review – HERE

“The song Broken Machine came first, not a deliberate album title. Broken Machine is about relationships that do not work. The whole album is my life up to getting married. It is Ash from 15-30 nothing in the album covers the now it is set in the past. That said the track seemed the perfect words of the album title as it reflected the past.”  What else did Ash Wilson share read it  – HERE

Ash Wilson Broken Machine New Single & on Tour

Sari Schorr In Conversation about New Album

Sari Schorr In Conversation about New Album

Sari Schorr In Conversation about New Album



BD: Hi Sari hope you are well, thanks for taking the time to speak to Bluesdoodles, we spoke last year on the release of Force of Nature, and your tour now you are back in the studio and Deja Vue about to tour the UK again.

SS: Thank you for listening to me and supporting music. Everything is going so fast. I am trying to slow down and savour every moment. The reality is I am having too much fun. Last year there was so much pressure with the release of our first album. Now I am doing it all over again definitely trying to relax more and enjoy the process of making my second album. I have a good label with Manhaton and a phenomenal band so I am determined to enjoy the ride. I do believe that everything has a time and place and part of your destiny to get involved with certain projects so grabbing the pleasure of every opportunity I say “get on board, see you wherever the train goes”  BD: Sounds like lyrics of a blues song. SS: Laughing, let’s get together and write a blues song you never know where it will go.

BD: Before we talk lyrics, songs and touring let’s turn to the important dogs in your life, how are they back in Brooklyn?

SS: I will tell them that Aunty Liz in Wales sends her love. BD: Othello wags his tail in delight, sending a doodle woof to your three girls. SS: They are great, not eaten any furniture for a few months. When I get the suitcase out, they think they are going as well to the dog park or store somewhere exciting, they cannot imagine I would go anywhere without them. When they see the suitcases they look sad, Sophie sat in the suitcase shivering it was horrible. I am always really homesick until I am at the airport them I am looking forward to the adventure about to unfold.

BD: What were the highlights last year on the road with the Engine Room singing your distinctive blues-rock sound.

SS: Highlights, for me it is just the feeling of being on the road with this band working hard. The band are always enthusiastic, positive and ready giving one-hundred percent. We all care about each other, we are like a string family. The highlight is sharing our music, it is brilliant to be part of making the music live it can be a challenge but I know they have got my back. When I need a boost they understand, when I am exhausted they build me up. Travelling all over the world singing along to our songs brings tremendous rewards.  Innes and I smile at each other as we see people singing along. It is so fantastic and humbling to see people embracing the album it is a sign that the music has touched them. There is a video of Trish singing in her car, Black Betty connected with this through the power of social media and felt so honoured.

BD: Having performed the songs from Force Of Nature live do you have a personal favourite and why?

SS: Favourite, I love singing every track on the set list, with the exception of Black Betty that still scares the life out of me. The look of the set list varies depending on my mood, kick up the tempo with Demolition Man or cooling down the pace with Ordinary Lives. It is the diversity of the tracks that makes them so much fun to play live, they never get boring for the band to play we love them every time. BD: Why does Black Betty Scare You? SS: To do it right there is a lot of emotion, have to sing by taking it on, it is a painful song. I feel that pain when I sing my version of Black Betty. You have to go deep, I feel exhausted by the end of the performance.  Innes has written a middle section, a magnificent piece of music makes me cry, for me it’s the highlight of the song. Some nights I feel that I have not got the strength to sing Black Betty, Innes says okay, then I know I can just to hear his guitar. The melody is bright, the words dark they don’t quite match that is what makes Leadbelly great. The music is accessible to people and then if they wish can delve deeper into the lyrical content. It does not require you to do that, but if you intellectually want to the lyrics take you on an emotional journey.

BD:  Back in The Studio with Mike Vernon producing the sequel what is exciting you about the follow-up to the critically acclaimed Force of Nature? What does Mike as your producer add to the sound and shape of the album?

SS:  This time we are in the UK recording at The Riverside studio, it is awesome, with lots of the vocals being recorded in the same booth as Robert Plant, inspirational. Logistically it was easier to bring Mike from Spain. Majority has been recorded. The sound is a continuation, development from Force of Nature. It has been awesome recording as a live album in the studio true Engine Room sound. I am off to Germany to write a couple of songs. We have no working title it is just The Album, we keep listening to the eight tracks already done and cannot decide which one it should be the title track! Every time we listen we say this one, no this one we will get there.  We wrote the majority of the songs together when we spent time together in Spain the sound is more representative of The Engine Room sound, showing what the band is capable off. Those boys are fierce.

BD: What does Mike bring, is he part of the band or more of an overseer knitting the sound together? SS: Both he can step back, and be an integral part of the band. When searching how to treat a certain section of a song, example the keyboard groove, Mike will conduct, singing the part shaping the groove as a member of the band. On other occasions he will give an overview. He is the kindest most patient man, he never gets rattled he gives us plenty of room always. Then when we are struggling he will throw in an idea, what if you approached it this way. Mike has no ego, which is amazing when you consider what he has done and who he has worked with over the decades. He could have a big ego, be really demanding but no he is the most giving, generous of producers creating an open creative environment everyone can relax in. I always feel I am in the best hands, allowing us to experiment, push the boundaries. Mike is quick to tell us when we go too far bringing us back and preventing us from doing anything too obvious.

BD: Will you be showcasing songs from the new album as part of the 2017 set list. Are they different from Force of Nature if so how?

SS: Sadly, not yet, may do one in the sound check of this tour. The problem is someone will record and put up on You Tube before the record comes out.

BD:   Last time we finished with what your dream band would be this time – what are you listening to and what Sari Schorr track would you liked covered and by whom?

SS: It has to be Robert Plant, which track after some consideration Ain’t Got No Money. I would so love to do a duet with him as well.  At the moment I am loving my label mates King King, the music is so uplifting, it inspires me and I adore Alan he is such a great talent.

BD: Thank you for your time and looking forward to Bristol with the mighty Northsyde at The Bristol Jazz & Blues Festival.

 Sari Schorr is back in the UK 

Sari Schorr In Conversation about New Album

Sari Schorr In Conversation about New Album

Blues Joins The Jazz Party in Bristol Festival 2017

Blues Joins The Jazz Party in Bristol Festival 2017

Blues Joins The Jazz Party in Bristol Festival 2017


Blues Joins The Jazz Party in Bristol Festival 2017From the 16th – 19th March Colston Hall is buzzing with lovers of live music with a mix of Jazz and a sprinkling of shimmering Blues.

People flock to the Lantern, Main Hall and while they wait can sip a coffee, enjoy refreshment to the acts playing in the foyer. Opportunity for Bristolians to meet friends and gain a musical Spring to their ears.  Did I mention dressing up in finery and Jiving it all happens over this joyous weekend.

If you think you know jazz and blues, you’re probably wrong! If you love music, you’ll love Bristol International Jazz & Blues Festival. We’ve dipped into every genre and traversed the globe to bring you a line-up dedicated to the incredible musical legacy of jazz and blues.

Check out the full line-up of varied music HERE

A Trio of Blues Acts will excite with the energy and musicianship.

Thursday 16th March – The Lantern: Colston Hall

Double Bill: Sari Schorr & The Engine Room and Northsyde

New Yorker Sari Schorr with the her Engine Room is taking the world by a storm. Her Album Force Of Nature. With a voice that jolted legendary blues producer Mike Vernon (think Mac, Clapton and Bowie) out of retirement, it’s not hard to see why. The Engine Room is a musical powerhouse featuring the legendary blues guitarist Innes Sibun.

Northsyde has a vocalist Lorna, a true singing phenomenon and a Storytellers Daughter  fronting the band. Completing the Northsyde quartet  guitarist, Jules Fothergill and longtime friend Left-handed Ian Mauricio’s  unusual style (he strings the bass upside down) combined with Haydn  Doyle’s forceful grooves give the band a sound unlike anyone else on the rock and blues circuit today. Left-handed Mauricio’s unusual style (he strings the bass upside down) combined with Doyle’s forceful grooves give the band a sound unlike anyone else on the rock and blues circuit today. Bluesdoodles loved Story Tellers Daughter.


Tickets Available HERE

Saturday 18th March 2017 – Hall One: Colston Hall 

Robben Ford – 13.00 – 14.30

Robben Ford five-time Grammy nominated stage and studio legend back to his earliest roots as a performer, playing blues on hs current album Into The Sun; showcasing his distinctive guitar style that ensures Robben stands out from the crowd this weekend in Bristol.


Double Bill: Mud Morganfield and  KirkFletcher  16.30 – 18.50

What a stunning combination the voice of Mud Morganfield the first-born son of Muddy Waters – undisputed King of Blues  – was naturally drawn to music from an early age but it wasn’t until three years after his father’s death that he decided to pursue it as a career. He’s been wowing audiences worldwide with his charismatic brand of Chicago blues ever since. Mud is a tribute to his father’s memory and a fantastic songwriter in his own right. He’ll spend much of 2017 in the studio working on a new album, but not before doing us the honour of gracing our stage with his talent.

The guitar of Kirk Fletcher, creating licks, riffs and lead breaks infused with blues and darkened with soul. Raised on gospel and R&B, but equally influenced by the likes of Hendrix and Steely Dan, a rich mix of sounds informs the depth and quality of tone you can hear in both his guitar and his voice today.

Kirk spent three years as lead guitarist for legendary blues-rock band The Fabulous Thunderbirds before going solo and has now released one live and three studio albums with a fourth hotly anticipated and on its way. We’re extremely excited to welcome him.

 “Kirk is hands-down one of the best blues guitarists in the world.” Joe Bonamassa


Tickets available HERE

Bluesdoodles In Conversation Across The Years

It is always fascinating, hence Bluesdoodles In Conversation Across The Years. Read about the thinking behind making albums, producing albums and who would be in their fantasy band.

Bluesdoodles Interviews – 2016

Eric Johnson
Fee Waybill – The Tubes
Paul Bowe – Federal Charm
Walter Trout
Debbie Bond
Sari Schorr
Coleen Rennison – No Sinner
Jared James Nichols
Joe Louis Walker
JJ Grey 
Wayne Proctor
Kaz Hawkins
Dan Patlansky 
Dan Reed 
JD Simo

Bluesdoodles Interviews – 2015

Laurence Jones – In Conversation February 2015
Dan Patlansky – In Conversation April 2015
Alan Nimmo – In Conversation May 2015
Julian Moores – In Conversation May 2015
Chantel McGregor – In Conversation October 2015
Erja Lyytinen – In Conversation October 2015
Rob Richings – In Conversation November 2015

Sari Schorr Force of Nature Returns in 2017

Sari Schorr Force of Nature returns in 2017

Sari Schorr Force of Nature returns in 2017

Sari Schorr Force of Nature returns in 2017 to Britain. This will delight the phalanx of fans she has made with the release of  Sari Schorr & The Engine Room’s critically acclaimed debut albumA Force of Nature“. The Sari Schorr & The Engine Room played a number of festivals and venues during 2016 and now Sari is pleased to announce her upcoming 2017 UK Tour dates as follows:

Sari Schorr Force of Nature returns in 2017


Wednesday 15th March 2017 Bar Brunel, Bridgewater
Thursday 16th March 2017 Bristol Jazz & Blues Festival, Colston Hall
Friday 17th March 2017 Crawdaddy Club, Essex
Saturday 18th March 2017 Rockabella Blues Club, Frome
Monday 20th March 2017 The Borderline, London
Thursday 23rd March 2017       Fibbers, York
Friday 24th March 2017 
Scarborough Blues Festival
Saturday 25th March 2017 Drummond’s, Aberdeen
Sunday 26th March 2017  Cottiers, Glasgow
Wednesday 4th April 2017 Talking Heads, Southampton
Wednesday 12th April 2017  The Stables, Milton Keyes
Thursday 13th April 2017  Huntington Hall, Worcester
Saturday 15th April 2017 Atkinson, Southport

Sunday 16th April 2017  The Hawth, Crawley
Wednesday 19th May 2017 Keighley Blues Festival, Bradford
Special Guest – Joni Fuller
Saturday 20th May 2017  Redcar R&B Club, Milton Keynes
Tuesday 23rd May 2017  Beaverwood, Chislehurst
Thursday 25th May 2017 Flowerpot, Derby
Friday 26th May 2017  Ropetackle Arts Centre, Shoreham
Saturday 27th May 2017  West End Centre, Aldershot
Tel: 01252 330040

“We’re really looking forward to coming back to the UK to perform songs from the new album to our lovely British blues fans,” says Sari.British blues audiences are the best. They are very passionate about their music.”

Sari Schorr Force of Nature Returns in 2017 Back touring the UK with her band The Engine Room featuring Innes Sibun delighting her fans at a venue near you. They will definitely sweep you up in a blues force of Nature. The music makes you laugh, cry, smile and above all wraps you in a warmth of a Force of Nature that is good to you.

Buy your tickets now via Bands In Town  –

Sari Schorr Force of Nature returns in 2017


Photo credits: Laurence Harvey

Pick of the Albums Reviewed – 2016: July – Sept 2016

Bluesdoodles Pick of the Bunch July-Sept 2016


Pick of the Albums Reviewed – 2016:
July – Sept 2016

Bluesdoodles listens to music recorded and live from across the genres. Bluesdoodles reviews all albums received with an open-mind and will always look for the elements that make the music stand out from the crowd!. The albums we award 10 doodle paws too, for us have a special connection, and acknowledge like all reviewers our scoring is subjective. Between 1st July and 30th September 2016 Bluesdoodles listened to numerous albums and reviewed 27 albums that reflect the depth and breadth of music being recorded in studios around the world. Remember albums not included on the lists are still excellent; definitely worth listening to and purchasing especially go see music live at venues near you support music and the artists who travel the roads so we can hear music full of passion and the special ingredient of a live performance.

This is the third quarter of 2016 and all of these will be in with a shout for the Bluesdoodles Dozen of 2016.

Honey Island Swamp Band  –  Demolition Day
Laurence Jones – Take Me High
Cadillac Three – Bury Me In My Boots

Aynsley Lister – Eyes Wide Open
Devon Allman – Ride Or Die
King King – Live

Joanne Shaw Taylor – Wild
Beth Hart – Fire On The Floor
Sari Schorr – A Force of Nature

The Tunnels plays Sari Schorr Sparkling Blues

The Tunnels plays Sari Schorr Sparkling Blues

The Tunnels plays Sari Schorr Sparkling Blues

The place was packed and hot with excited anticipation as The Tunnels welcomed The Engine Room on stage. The opening sari-schorr-9938instrumental set the seen as The Engine room set down grooves threaded with deep blues. Flecks of funk and the energy that would build throughout the stunning set we were to experience over the next two hours. Innes Sibun from the very first note to the last confirmed what a stellar guitarist he is with tasty blues construction overlaid with the Sibun magic.

The Tunnels plays Sari Schorr Sparkling BluesThen with a shining energy infused whirl Sari stepped onto centre stage, The Tunnels lit up with the effervescent sexy presence of a women who sings the blues with passion at its heart and controlled emotion. The venue was fizzing with pure enjoyment of music that was hitting the high notes and sending shivers down our collective backbones.

Sari’s vocals added that temptress layer of lyrics unfolding on top of the depth of The Engine Room. This is a tight musical unit that bounce of each other’s energies. The rhythms are deep and full from drummer Kevin O’Rourke and Kevin Jefferies on bass then into the mix the keys from Anders Olinder with tantalising delights of chords that add that something special to the melodies that compliment and build the excitement as Sari’s vocals take over.

The whole set was magnificent, strong, powerful and no subject is taboo from Aunt Hazel, with powerful words around the draw of addiction sung with Sari’s passion, empathy and heartfelt belief that you can address these issues openly and in a non-judgmental way. Then we are enthralled as the domestic abuse is explored through the medium of Sari’s skills as a singer and songwriter with Damn The Reason, both from her debut album that takes your breath away with its majesty; A Force of Nature.

Into the mix Sari throws in classics that she makes her own from Willie Dixon’s I Just Want To Make Love, it is the tonal range and the shaping of the lyrics that makes this stand out once again it is Sari’s vocals that own the song and draw the audience in. Stormy Monday, was delivered in a sweaty Tunnels and we wanted more. Leadbelly’s, Black Betty saw the twin-neck guitar given and airing as Innes played the licks that curled around the melody as we waited for Sari’s vocals to twist this classic and we were all feeling the torment of Black Betty. The energy was electric, the delivery the darkest swampy blues.

The performance was more than Sari, more than the Engine Room it was the combination of the authority of the whole including the entertaining conversation Sari had with the audience; building rapport and letting us get to know the person behind the vocals. Whether discussing the minty fresh
towels as they moved into Kiss Me, the travails of cancelled gigs and flights to pick up with a tour that led to the writing of Oklahoma. Hard times, her love sari-schorr-0175of her three pit bulls and the song written about them included in the set at the request of Kevin. Why? Its glorious bass line.

We also enjoyed Sari playing ‘guitar’ unplugged behind Innes, as he played another glorious solo, this was the fun Sari instilled into show as she played tambourine, keys Sari and the band were having fun ad they definitely wanted everyone to have fun as well.

All too soon two hours had passed in a haze of sweaty passionate music, for the encore Sari bought the tempo down with the last track of her album Ordinary Lives. Sari is no Ordinary singer she is special, The Tunnels were purring in delight as Sari smiled her radiant smile that would melt the hardest of hearts, she left the stage. This may have been her first time in Bristol but it will not be her last.


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A Force Of Nature Sari Drives the Blues

A Force Of Nature Sari Drives the Blues

A Force Of Nature Sari Drives the Blues

Mahaton Records



A Force Of Nature, Sari Drives the Blues, Sari Schorr brings a wealth of experience from life, influencing her song writing and vocal delivery.  Sari has attracted a huge blast of attention, promising that she can sing and perform. Bluesdoodles confirms this is a reality not hyperbole and the over use of adjectives. Sari Schorr and The Engine Room really know how to deliver the sound they want to create building on the lyrics and surround the vocal power and intensity of Sari. The album title states what Sari and her band deliver – A Force of Nature.

If you want your blues traditional with the feet of the musicians firmly stuck in a swamp then look elsewhere. Sari and her band and guests combined with the superb production skills of Mike Vernon have explored the blues with this is a sparkling sapphire of a performance.

The album is a journey where you are taken on a ride that explores life, highs, lows through a mixture of self-penned and artfully chosen covers.  Step aboard The Force of Nature with – Ain’t Got No Money greed, money addiction, Sari and outsider living in New York looks on and makes her own choices with the pursuit of music rather than wealth. Her dreams are motivation not the lure of the greenback.  No subject is taboo for Sari, the lyrics are full of description, littered with metaphors chosen to whip up the listeners imagination. The lyrics are short stories that encapsulate a novel. The power of the sonnet over the epic poem.

Addiction stays at the heart of Aunt Hazel and it’s destructive. Heroin is the villain who laughs and the havoc it causes as life unravels. Modern themes for a singer with the power to entrance and create blues that has a hard edge reflecting modern life. The lyrics have a relevancy. From addiction, we explore abuse whether domestic or in the work-place. Abuse that is painful and effects so many is captured in Damn the Reason opening with a mournful guitar lick that pulls your emotional heartstrings. With its driving relentless rhythm you are trapped in the music reflecting the feeling of being trapped in an abusive relationship and the inability to escape. Sari’s vocals wrapped in the music and love is the hook that keeps us caged.


The first cover is Leadbelly’s Black Betty given a make-over and the single helping to catapult Sari, the album and her music into the centre of everyone’s attention. Following on, with Walter Trout guesting, is Work No More. Walter’s guitar brings a sting to the number so personal to him and reflects the song written with passion and love. Sari adding her lyrical interpretation a women’s empathy into the words with the piano from David Keys adding more layers of emotive textures.


The power of her vocals seer through the music the lyrical artistry remains from the highest note through to the sustained notes. Oklahoma and Kiss Me features Oli Brown adding his guitar tone. It is every time the authority of Sari’s voice that creates the mood. She finds lyrics in the mundane as her new found love for Oklahoma as she changed her plans and re-joined the Joe Louis Walker tour, enjoying, embracing the unexpected means this is getting the best out of life whatever its twists and turns.


Unexpectedly, Stop! In the Name of Love is included, captured in one-take a perfect cover despite her reservations brings this forceful, poetic album almost to a close but not before Ordinary Life.  Jesus Lavillas piano intro is intimate and leads into a thoughtful, soulful Sari. Leaving us with  a track slower quieter than the others we are left with another side of a talent that is pushing the boundaries  through music that captures our attention.  There is nothing ordinary about the talent of Sari Schorr, as she shapes and bends music to create a Force of Nature.


What sets this album above so many you listen to, its heart and emotional flow is determined by the Blues, yet there is more it is the experience of Sari and the musicians she has surrounded herself. They add soul, jazz and music that demands to be listened to. The tracks all have a story to tell, the music shapes that story and the textured layers insuring your musical journey is full of interest. Sari is herself, she is proud and addresses issues that shapes society.   From Greed to Prostitution, Love of Pitt Bulls through to musicians experiences travelling on the road.


Forceful blues, A Force Of Nature this is most definitely an album in the running for Album of 2016!

Sari Schorr – A Force Of Nature – Manhaton Records

Bluesdoodles gives this CD TEN pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

  1. Ain’t Got No Money
  2. Aunt Hazel
  3. Damn The Reason
  4. Cat And Mouse
  5. Black Betty
  6. Work No More
  7. Demolition Man
  8. Oklahoma
  9. Letting Go
  10. Kiss Me
  11. Stop! In The Name Of Love
  12. Ordinary Lives


Sept 9 Darlington RnB Club, The Forum Music Centre, Darlington, UK
Sept 5 Half Moon Putney, London, UK (Album Launch)
Sept 10 Blues Club, Devizes, Wiltshire, UK
Sept 11 Winchester Discovery Centre, Winchester, UK
Sept 14 The Tunnels, Bristol, UK
Sept 15 Southern Pavilion, Worthing Pier, West Sussex, UK
Sept 16 New Crawdaddy, Billericay Town FC Billericay, UK
Sept 17 Old Town Hall, High Street, Hemel Hempstead, UK
Sept 23 Selby Town Hall Yorkshire, UK
Sept 24 The Iron Road, Evesham, Worcestershire, UK
Sept 25 Hope Tavern, Caistor Rd, Holton-le-Moor, Market Rasen, Lincs, UK
Sept 28 Vonnies Blues Club, Cheltenham
Sept 29 Cranleigh Arts Centre, High Street, Cranleigh, Surrey
Sept 30 B.A.R Festival, France

October 1 Hereford Blues Club, Booth Hall, Hereford, UK
October 6 Bar Brunel Bridgewater, UK
October 7 Deux Rivieres Blues Festival, Brittany, France

Bluesdoodles Interview with Sari Schorr – HERE

Black Betty Force Of Nature Debut Single

Sari Black Betty Single-

Black Betty Force Of Nature Debut Single

Sari Schorr, is a Force of Nature. The reworking of Leadbelly’s Black Betty whips up a whirlwind of sound and as the music gains force it picks up like grains of sand collective memories of Black Betty back to the blues tour de force that is Huddie William Ledbetter.

The fates conspired when the Leadbelly Fest gave Black Betty to Sari, combining her vocal power with the magic of her band The Engine Room. The single from her debut album whets your musical appetite for the full album Force of Nature, produced by Mike Vernon ad released on Friday 2nd September 2016.

Black Betty, Force Of Nature Debut Single is the perfect introduction to the power of the album as it combines the intuitive and artistry of Sari’s vocals with Innes Sibun’s burning emotive guitar. This is a pairing that builds on each other’s creativity and into the mix add John Baggot on keys, Nani Conde on bass and completing the rhythm section is Jose Mena on drums, with Mike Vernon putting in an appearance with some additional percussion.

Sari’s Black Betty is different, not a copy of 1977 version by Ram Jam but deeper slower, darker a woman telling Black Betty’s tale. It is a song that is sung forcefully, picking out the grim bones of the song that is about a slave, rape and cracking of the whip.

The single to be released on Monday 8th August is a radio edit with 3 minutes and 23 seconds of power this is shimmering electric blues that makes for compelling listening. The rest of the album promises to build on the power of the single this is blues that opens the portals to a dark place with glorious melodic riffs and hooks.

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Black Betty (Radio Edit: 3:23) Single released Monday 8th August 2016

Taken From the Debut Album

Force Of Nature Sari Schorr Talks to Bluesdoodles

A Force of Nature

Produced by Mike Vernon
Released Friday 2nd September 2016 on Manhaton Records





August 4-5 Notodden Blues Festival Norway
August 26 Norden Farm Centre for the Arts, Altwood Rd, Maidenhead, UK
August 27 Varenwinkel Festival, Herselt, Belgium
August 28 Seacroft Double Festival, Norfolk, UK
August 29 Great British RnB Festival, Colne, Lancashire, UK
August 28 Seacroft Double Festival, Norfolk


Sept 9 Darlington RnB Club, The Forum Music Centre, Darlington, UK
Sept 5 Half Moon Putney, London, UK (Album Launch)
Sept 10 Blues Club, Devizes, Wiltshire, UK
Sept 11 Winchester Discovery Centre, Winchester, UK
Sept 14 The Tunnels, Bristol, UK
Sept 15 Southern Pavilion, Worthing Pier, West Sussex, UK
Sept 16 New Crawdaddy, Billericay Town FC Billericay, UK
Sept 17 Old Town Hall, High Street, Hemel Hempstead, UK
Sept 23 Selby Town Hall Yorkshire, UK
Sept 24 The Iron Road, Evesham, Worcestershire, UK
Sept 25 Hope Tavern, Caistor Rd, Holton-le-Moor, Market Rasen, Lincs, UK
Sept 28 Vonnies Blues Club, Cheltenham
Sept 29 Cranleigh Arts Centre, High Street, Cranleigh, Surrey
Sept 30 B.A.R Festival, France


October 1 Hereford Blues Club, Booth Hall, Hereford, UK
October 6 Bar Brunel Bridgewater, UK
October 7 Deux Rivieres Blues Festival, Brittany, France