Samantha Fish New Approach Gives You Chills & Fever

Samantha Fish New Approach Gives You Chills & Fever

Samantha Fish  New Approach Gives You Chills & Fever



Musically Chills & Fever hits you from the first note on Samantha Fish’s latest album.  This is something fresh, different a new dimension of the talented musician. The music gets under your skin, crawling through your veins the skilful blending of roots fueled guitar and vocals. This is blues blended like an aromatic gin, full of tones and sound shaped from Americana, a swirl of Detroit Mowtown with a pinch of punk this is blues that flashes with the musical taste that engages cutting across genres delivering music that we want to listen to. Samantha has surrounded herself with a powerful group of musicians, joining forces with the Detroit Cobras. Samantha Fish new approach gives you Chills & Fever, expect the unexpected a retro speakeasy gin cocktail hints of Blue Curaco full of music tones & textures

Opening with He Did It, the tempo fast the guitar sharp with Samantha’s vocals and punctuated by Marc Levron on Trumpet, you just know instinctively that this is an album that is blues being stretched and shaped into an exciting direction. The guitar has the distinctive Fish sound, the vocals are strong and dominate the instrumentation that cocoons the song but never curtails the wild side of the Samantha we know so well.

The title track follows early in the album with a change of tempo, sultry and taking the mood down from the gusty opener. Perhaps this would have worked better later in the album I wanted the Fever at this stage from Samantha not the Chills. That said it continues the vintage feel the opening track has as the Blues at the centre of the music is sent to a backwater for a recuperating rest. Samantha here is all Chills and Fevers, strong vocals and the horns curl around the lyrics delivered with authority. The cross-genre music with rock gently adding tonal currents to the delivery of the music as Hello Stranger picks up the rhythm, a tune for dancing and fun is back on the menu.

The album shaped by the production and recording in Detroit is a sidewalk that Samantha Fish is enjoying delivering, as she says You Can’t Go. Listen with open ears and enjoy an artist that refuses to be playing in a cul-de-sac of sound of her own creation. Fish on Chills & Fevers has stepped out onto the Highway of music that is infectious and full of bold beats and sonic colour. The journey continues with the earthy tones from Samantha and Travis Blotsky’s deep saxophone tones, Either Way We Love is a song delivered with maturity and passion. Slow with cat-like stealth we are drawn through the lyrics and music

With Crow Jane, we have the guitar sound we love as she revamps the classic number full of drama as we follow the story delivered with savage intent. This Piedmont standard is given the primeval treatment as Fish picks up the blues she left behind after the swampy It’s Your Voodoo Working.   The last track of the album is superb followed by a duo of bonuses. The last number I’ll Come running Over leaves you on a high as the jazz fueled retro Samantha Fish leaves you with Chills & Fever in your music bones.

Samantha Fish, out of Kansas, sweeping through the Delta and onwards to the tones of the city has blended the vocals, distilled the tones and created an album that makes you sit up and listen as Chills & Fevers sweep through your body.


 Samantha Fish  – Chills & FeverRUF 

EIGHTpawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

  1. He Did It
  2. Chills & Fever
  3. Hello Stranger
  4. It’s Your Voodoo Working
  5. Hurt’s All Gone
  6. You can’t Go
  7. Either Way I Lose
  8. Never Gonna Cry
  9. Little Baby
  10. Nearer To You
  11. You’ll Never Change
  12. Crow Jane

Bonus Tracks
Somebody’d Always Trying
I’ll Come Running Over

Musicians on Chills & Fever

Samantha Fish: Vocals, Lead Guitar
Joe Mazzola: Rhythm Guitar
Steve Nwara: Bass Guitar
Kenny Turdick: Drums
Bob Mervak: Electric Piano
Marc Levron: Trumpet
Travis Blotsky: Saxophone

Samantha Fish New Approach Gives You Chills & Fever

Bluesdoodles – Pick Of The Bunch 2015

Pick Of The Bunch 2015 ~
The order is random all are brilliant and in with a shout for the Bluesdoodles Dozen of 2015..

These are from the albums I have listened to and reviewed throughout 2015 – this is my subjective collection happy for others to disagree. Bluesdoodles wants to thank every artist who has submitted music to be reviewed I listen and will always be honest and fair

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Fish – A Feast Of Consequences
Joel Fisk & The Breakdown – The Well
Dan Patlansky – Dear Silence Thieves
John Mayall – A Special Life
Giles Hedley – Rain Is Such A Lonesome Sound
Lisa Mills – I’m Changing re-mix
Kathryn Roberts & Sean Lakeman – Tomorrow Will Follow Today
Ian Siegal – One Night In Amsterdam
Dani Wilde – Songs About
Joe Satriani – Shockwave Supernova
Guy Tortora – Bluesman In A Boneyard
Danny & The Champions of the World – What Kind Of Love
Gill Landry – Gill Landry
LaVendore Rogue – Light Up With
Mark Pontin – Textures
Aynsley Lister – Home
Samantha Fish – Wild Heart
Little Devils – The Storm Inside
Erja Lyytinen – Live In London
Beth Hart – Better Than Home
David Phillips – If I Had Wings
Karen Lovely – Ten Miles of Bad Road
Micke Bjorklof & Blues Strip – Ain’t Bad Yet
King King – Reaching For The Light
Devon Allman – Ragged and Dirty
Joe Louis Walker – Everybody Wants A Piece
Danni Nicholls – Mockingbird Lane
Layla Zoe – Live at The Spirit of 66
Joel Hoekstra’s 13 – Dying To Live
Chantel McGregor – Lose Control
Babajack – Babajack Live
Jar Family – Family First
Craig Finn – Faith In The Future
Buddy Guy – Born To Play Guitar
Delta Deep – Delta Deep
Kaz Hawkins – Get Ready
Groanbox – Groanbox
Jimbo Mathus – Blue Healer
Eddie Martin Big Red Radio- Live in Tuscany
Mike Zito & The Wheel – Keep Coming Back
Connie Lush – Renaissance
AndersonPonty Band – Better Late Than Never
Walter Trout – Battle Scars

Bluesdoodles ~ Pick Of The Bunch Mar – June 2015

The Cream of the 45 CD’s Bluesdoodles has reviewed in the second quarter of 2015; what amazing talent there is out in the world musicians playing from pubs to arena’s all willing to record the music to be judged, download and purchased. Bluesdoodles is the first to admit the scoring is subjective there will always be music that just means that bit more to you so albums not included on the lists are still excellent; definitely worth listening to and purchasing especially go see music live at venues near you support music and the artists who travel the roads so we can hear it in the flesh.

This is the first list of 2015 and all of these will be in with a shout for the Bluesdoodles Dozen of 2015..

Joe Satriani – Shockwave Supernova
Guy Tortora – Bluesman In A Boneyard
Danny & The Champions of the World – What Kind Of Love
Gill Landry – Gill Landry

Aynsley Lister – Home
Samantha Fish – Wild Heart
Little Devils – The Storm Inside
Erja Lyytinen – Live In London

Beth Hart – Better Than Home
David Phillips – If I Had Wings
Micke Bjorklof & Blues Strip – Ain’t Bad Yet
Giles Hedley – Rain Is Such A Lonesome Sound

King King – Reaching For The Light
Devon Allman – Ragged and Dirty
Layla Zoe – Live at The Spirit of 66

CD Review: Samantha Fish ~ Wild Heart



Samantha Fish
Wild Heart
RUF Records


This is the album that will definitely place Samantha Fish at the top; she has achieved a double accolade on her third studio album with vocals full of energy and precision in her delivery combined with guitar playing that lifts the roof off and shows this is a woman who relishes being a Wild Heart of the blues. It is a fitting follow-up to Black Wind Howlin’ which we said was “ …a weather vane of sound as the wind changes direction the tonal range shifts”.

The whole album has a vitality and energy that pours out of the speakers brightening up the room where the music cascades this is a feel good album from Sam; who has a natural talent that is fuelled by deft fingers and vocal chords that shape and deliver the song.

Opening with Road Runner; this is no cartoon character but music with a country blues twang that is being delivered by a musician who just has to play her music, powerful chords and impeccable timing, and wild licks starts the Wild Heart a listening experience that continues over the next eleven tracks. The blues women and guitars can trace their lineage back to Rosetta Thorpe; through to the greats of now Bonnie Raitt and Susan Tedeschi and in the U.K. Joanne Shaw Taylor with her searing guitar breaks, and now into the mix is most definitely Sam Fish with her superb slide and cigar box guitar adding a distinctive tonal cadence. Added into the mix is the accomplished band of musicians that she has gathered around her including a rhythm section, Luther Dickinson on Bass & Grammy Award winning drummer Brady Blade, together they combine a rhythmic dexterity that keeps the shape of every style of roots music being delivered on the album.

What sets the album apart from many is that it is so listenable with the combination of vocals that drag every meaning out of the lyrics whether on a cover, a track penned by herself or co-written. from the country rootsy feel of Blame It On The Moon with her vocals howling with a wildness that has to be moon fever; or Go Home a gentle melodic sitting on the porch tale as she sings “Wrapped those secrets around a telephone pole” this is a reflective song on how families and home shape you. Then there are tracks like Turn It Up where the heat is turned up the guitars and vocals wail in a Southern Rock swampy number that gets the adrenalin going; it is a breathtaking number that for me defines the very bluesy greasy groove that is the essence of Samantha Fish’s appeal.
This is a superbly and sensitively produced album, demonstrating what a master Luther Dickinson (north Mississippi All Stars /Black Crowes) is when it comes to understanding what is required in the process of creating an album drenched in the complexity that is music rooted in the fertile musical lexicon that is American roots music. Luther has distilled the essence of Samantha through her pulsating fingers on the frets, lyrical singing resulting in a perfume of musical depth and complexity flowing wild and free from your speakers it is truly on every track a Wild Heart.

What an album… for me the music was… Simply Addictive

Bluesdoodles gives this CD TEN doodle paws out of TEN ….pawprint half inch

Samantha Fish: Vocals/Guitar
Luther Dickinson: Bass Guitar/Lap Steel/Mandolin/Lead Guitar
Dominic Davis: Bass (Track 8)
Lightnin’ Malcolm: Guitar (Track 6)
Brady Blade: Drums (Tracks 1,2,3,4,5,7,8,9,10,11)
Sharde Thomas: Drums (Tracks 6)
Shontelle Norman-Beatty: Vocals
Sisse Norman: Vocals


1. Road Runner (Samantha Fish)
2. Place To Fall (Samantha Fish / Jim McCormick)
3. Blame It On The Moon (Samantha Fish)
4. Highway’s Holding Me Now (Samantha Fish / Jim McCormick)
5. Go Home (Samantha Fish)
6. Jim Lee Blues Pt. 1 ( Charley Paton)
7. Turn It Up (Samantha Fish)
8. Show Me (Samantha Fish / Jim McCormick)
9. Lost Myself (Samantha Fish)
10. Wild Heart (Samantha Fish / Jim McCormick)
11. Bitch On The Run (Samantha Fish / Jim McCormick)
12. I’m In Love With You (Junior Kimbrough)

SAMANTHA FISH – U.K. 2015 Tour

Mike Zito Samantha Fish - The Scene - Nov 2014_0005l Samantha Fish on Tour – read our REVIEW






27th Southampton Blues Festival
28th Lowestoft Blues Festival
29th Sutton Boom Boom
30th Evesham Iron Road


1st Wolverhampton Robin 2
2nd Chislehurst Beaverwood

Listen and buy a ticket Samantha will not disappoint…

Bluesdoodles Top Fifteen Gigs 2014

The top fifteen bluesdoodles gigs 2014 – in alphabetical order…

Jeff Beck
Katie Bradley & Kirk Fletcher
Cut The Funk
Grainne Duffy
JJ Grey & Mofro & Phil Lesh & The Terrapin Family
Hamilton Loomis
Jo Harman
Hat Fitz & Cara
Heritage Blues Orchestra
Layla Zoe
Royal Southern Brotherhood
Matt Schofield
Ian Siegal & Jimbo Mathus
Mike Zito

Sadly with any list I have missed of some amazing nights of live music …… Live music is amazing and there are fabulous venues around the country so get out and enjoy quality live music.

Make your 2015 resolution – go see bands you love and go see bands for the first time – it is fun seeing new bands my favourites for 2014 were Rita Payne, Ali Clinton and Midnight Ramble

Mike Zito & The Wheel and Samantha Fish @ The Scene Swansea – November 2014

Mike Zito Samantha Fish - The Scene - Nov 2014_0001l

Mike Zito Samantha Fish - The Scene - Nov 2014_0005lSamantha Fish and some of the Wheel, opened the evening of live music with her distinctive Cigar Box Guitar producing a rugged Southern sound that reminded me of Moreland and Arbuckle with the bonus of Samantha’s wonderful vocal delivery as she is one of the few female blues vocalists who can pull of such a weighty sound. The spokes of the wheel accompanying her were the rhythm section of flamboyant and stylish bass player Scott Sutherland and New Orleans drummer Rob Lee. This is a trio who loves the music they play and have a simple mission for you to have a great time, and everyone at The Scene tonight were having a great time delighted to be standing in front of three musicians of such calibre and the promise of Mike Zito to come. This was due to a very large part by Samantha’s great stage presence as she really connected with the crowd with charm, smile and above all her talent which oozes into the guitar as she makes the six strings sing. Mike Zito joined her for a duet which was a delight as they sparred on guitars and sang in harmony with the vocals contrasting with each other, a wonderful moment. The Wheel left for a moment and we were treated to an acoustic moment as she delivered a Rolling Stone cover, Dead Flowers, what an original re-working of a rarely heard stones classic from their Sticky Fingers album. We heard lots of tracks from her current album Black Wind Howlin’ including the title track, then far too soon it was time for her to leave the stage with a short break, where she mixed with the crowd chatting and relaxed as her album was purchased; she did not need to sell on stage as the music was a calling card that everyone would want to take home and hear again and again.

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Mike Zito Samantha Fish - The Scene - Nov 2014_0110lMike Zito and the Wheel stepped on to the stage to a loud cheer and applause, with many who had heard him earlier this year in Cardiff as part of Royal Southern Brotherhood now we could enjoy him centre stage. The stage was set for an array of songs that showcased his guitar skills, vocals and the skills of the Wheel now complete with saxophonist extraordinaire Jimmy Carpenter who added moody textures and a full sound to underlay the licks and riffs delivered by Mike. This is quality music that has blended, and mingled Blues with a Texan twang, southern rock and soul. We were treated to a selection of tracks including Pearl River co-written with Cyril Neville and from an earlier album and from his latest Mike Zito and The Wheel On the RoadRainbow Bridge, Gone to Texas and I Never Knew a Hurricane with Samantha joining him on stage as a vocalist – live music doesn’t get better than this. The set was inspired displaying the talents of everyone with Rob & Scot providing a platform that was not solid and staid but with a bucket load of free-form grooves they made the rhythm section so funky simply ACE!

Mike Zito Samantha Fish - The Scene - Nov 2014_0430l

Bad News was an outstanding version of Luther Allison’s, Bad News Is Coming, despite the Gibson Flying V guitar staying on its stand, this was dramatic music. We had a showcase moment when Jimmy Carpenter stepped into centre stage with a the title track from his current album Walk Away, showing there was a third singer/songwriter musician on stage as he delivered a smooth and funky sound with his voice and expressive tenor saxophone. With the audience hanging on to every note delivered by Mike, listening to every friendly comment they want more and more from Samantha, Mike, Rob, Scot and Jimmy leaving the audience excited, little bit breathless and wanting more, this is why live music is so infectious.

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Catch this amazing live act in Europe Nov 2014 – Click TOUR for further dates

Devon Allman -Turquoise CD Review

turquoise-300x245Devon Allman
Turquoise – Released February 12, 2013
Ruf Records

Sometimes, a gem of an album you keep listening to fails to make it to the top of the review pile and this is what happened to Turquoise, which is definitely Devon Allman’s solo project so open your ears listen with no pre-judgement as this is a distinctly different sound and style to his current band Royal Southern Brotherhood, Honeytribe. The album is part of the musical evolution for Devon as he is creating a musical tree full of interesting branches bearing very different fruit. Turquoise is eleven classy tracks which tell their own story; they all have real meaning to Devon and are on the album for a reason and not just as time fillers. The production is class as you would expect from Jim Gaines, letting the songs shine through, with strong backing from Yonrico Scott on drums and Myles Weeks on bass and some rather special guest appearances including Luther Dickinson with his own distinctive guitar sound and who, like Devon, is carrying the weight of being a son of a musical great, and Samantha Fish. Throughout the album it is Devon’s voice and guitar skills that shine through, but for me the album is about the song and his melodic voice. Each track has a unique feel, despite this the album flows beautifully with none of the tracks jarring with the previous or the next to come. Opening the album with a rockier number Into The Darkness is a gentle introduction to Devon flying solo as it is in a style you would expect. This also makes picking out highlights almost impossible as every time you listen a different track is fixed in your mind. Key Lime Pie, makes you smile with its homage to Devon’s favourite dessert, has a holiday feel and definitely bought the sun with its shuffle into the room on this cold winter day. Stop Dragging My Heart Around, sees the perfect blending of Devon’s voice and Samantha Fish as a new, slower, bluesier approach to this Tom Petty tune delights the listener and a little bit of country cannot be ignored as found on When I Left Home and then the beautiful Latino feel of There’s No Time, reflecting Southern Texas Latino influences. This is without doubt a polished début solo album that has a confidence about itself that comes through Devon focussing on what is important to him demonstrating this young man has the voice and sound and authentic talent of his own. Devon has deftly woven styles of southern music together blending country rock, latino creating an album full of emotion and soul this is a singer/songwriter that will continue to deliver; very much looking forward to following Devon Allman on his musical journey.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD out of NINE doodle paws a doodle rating of

TEN ……… pawprint half inch

Album Listing
When I Left Home (Devon Allman)
Don’t Set Me Free (Allman / Zito)
Time Machine (Devon Allman)
Stop Draggin My Heart Around
There’s No Time (Allman / Stokes)
Strategy (Allman / Zito)
Homesick (Devon Allman)
Into the Darkness (Devon Allman)
Key Lime Pie (Devon Allman)
Yadira’s Lullaby (Devon Allman)
Turn Off the World (Devon Allman)

CD Review – Samantha Fish – Black Wind Howlin'

Ruf Records have done it again with a thunderous CD from Samantha Fish, Black Wind Howlin’Samantha Fish

From the fist rocking along guitar chord you know that Samantha and her guitar are going to take you on a bluesy rockin’ journey that is going to be fun. This is an up-beat, up-tempo CD that brightens the mood and make you want to party. Samantha Fish achieves this with a compelling blend of strong guitar licks, melodic vocals and lyrics that blend and strength the package. The stormy title of “Black Wind Howlin’” certainly sets the tone and your are in for a stormy ride throughout the 12 tracks that are all classic guitar slinger driven blues; the CD works so well due to Samantha’s clear vocals every word articulated with a clarity that matches the skill of the guitar . The combination of both in one musician is not found that often. ‘Miles To Go’ the opener that I am sure we can all relate to when there is still miles to go and the clock is against you; ‘Sucker Born’ has a swagger and a twist of country woven into the vocals that work so well when combined with head banging guitar work. This is not a one style fits all; she has produced an album with the collaboration of Mike Zito that covers all the bases with the balladry of Over To You and the definite country strum seen in ‘Last September’. This is most definitely a high voltage guitar driven CD that acknowledges that the vocals, and percussion all play an important role to make the whole, and the result is an example where the sum of the complete album is definitely greater that the talents if the individuals involved in making this a stormy blues album as demonstrated by the powerful duet on ‘Go To Hell’, with Mike Zito joining in on the party with guitars and voice doing battle this is my favourite track, or is it… in fact it could be any one of the twelve depending on my mood. This is Southern Rock Blues, a little bit mean, a little bit country and definitely a huge dollop of rock blues creating a weather vane of sound as the wind changes direction and the tonal range shifts. This is a class album delivered by a classy act.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD a doodle rating of
pawprint half inchpawprint half inchpawprint half inchpawprint half inch