Royal Southern Brotherhood presents The Royal Gospel

Royal Southern Brotherhood presents The Royal Gospel

Royal Southern Brotherhood presents
The Royal Gospel



Royal Southern Brotherhood are back with their signature mix of funky roots driven by a percussive platform overlaid with vocals that tell a compelling and lyrical story. RSB excel in that special hot and spicy funky southern soul and blues that hit your musical radar with a tasty thump. Royal Southern Brotherhood presents The Royal Gospel their fourth studio album. The Gospel hasn’t changed, despite the change in band members with only Cyril Neville & Yonrico Scott of the Royals remaining from their great Heart Soul Blood album.

The reason is the music chemistry is still strong reproducing a swampy, tasty and rich cocktail of The Royal Gospel. Joining Cyril, Yonrico and guitarists Bart Walker and Tyrone Vaughan for this album is Darrell Phillips on bass and guest Norman Caser with his B3 Hammond adding chords of depth and textural contrast. “As far as the men making the music and playing the songs,” says Neville, “the mission of the band has never changed.” It is the collaboration the essence of a brotherhood that makes the sound deep and strong so it is unsurprising that the songwriting is a partnership between band members, yes Cyril as ever is the beating pulse within many of the tracks. The connection between Cyril and Bart is strong and songwriting collaboration happens despite the distance of 800 miles between their respective homes in New Orleans and Nashville. There is a telepathic link between them Cyril says “I kinda laughed, because Bart was getting ahead of what I was thinking” technology is the new way with phone conversation and the exchange of ideas. The lyrical gumbo created is very, very tasty on The Royal Gospel.
The shimmering guitar and percussive power laid down with the opening of Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire. Their guitars are hot, smoking with raw energy and an impatience to get the album on the road, pouring out of your speakers. Then joining in the fun is Cyril whose vocals are distinctive and harmonising with the deep percussive beat laid down by Yonrico. Royal Southern Brotherhood still full of strong soulful, blues southern comforting music. The lyrics develop from this common or garden saying that we all use. The lyrics co-written by Neville and Vaughan pull on the underlying meaning and shape the soul of the melody. This writing partnership pops up on the penultimate track, with Can’t Waste Time. The hooks are spiky as we meet a “Girl, you’re like a ship without a rudder” as we hear all about her behavior as a two-faced lover.

A collaborative album, the grooves are deep and the brotherhood-wide and held in the deep understanding of each other. Royal Southern Brotherhood, definitely not a rudderless collective. They are a band of brothers, a band of musicians who pick up the vibe and the rhythms flow and gather energy as the lyrics unfold. The beat powers through Blood Is Thicker Than Water where Cyril’s vocals are pure and full of emotion that proves the strength of family. The blues vibe is strong on Everybody Pays Some Dues, with Bart and Tyrone playing off each other, once again the lyrical story holds your attention as the moral of the story everybody pays some dues, restated by backing singers so we know what the song is all about. There is no escaping, but no one wants to escape from the guitar breaks the licks curl around and paying your dues is a light price to pay!

RSB as ever change the tempo and the soulful, gentler Face Of Love half way through gives a gentle repose as the instruments interplay and weave through the trellis of the vocals. Sit back and let the song cascade over you music as the deep bass and crack of drum beat adds a deeper groove to the guitar which has a bluesey feel with a touch of Spanish flamenco – wow compelling listening. Then upping the tempo for the ride with the brotherhood home with funky keys and the trademark percussion we visit the Land Of Broken Hearts. Spirit Man is a classic RSB take on the blues, rocky, swirling and deep with blue emotions and clever shading of tone and texture. The album closes with a happy clapping along foot tapping melody as we Stand Up and praise in true gospel fashion the joyous power of RSB. Yes, we Stand Up and salute you. The Royal Gospel spreads the word. Power and glory of roots music full of southern heat and swampy spice.

Royal Southern Brotherhood – The Royal Gospel – Ruf Records 

Bluesdoodles gives this CD NINE pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing 

  1. Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire
  2. I’ve Seen Enough To Know
  3. Blood Is Thicker Than Water
  4. I Wonder Why
  5. I’m Comin’ Home
  6. Everybody Pays Some Dues
  7. Face Of Love
  8. Land of Broken Hearts
  9. Spirit Man
  10. Hooked on Plastic
  11. Can’t Waste Time
  12. Stand Up

Royal Southernbrotherhood are:-
Cyril Neville: percussion vocals
Bart Walker: electric & acoustic guitars vocals
Tyrone Vaughn: electric guitar vocals
Darrel Phillips: Bass backing vocals
Yonrico Scott: drums percussion
Norman Caesar: Hammond B3

CD Review: Royal Southern Brotherhood ~ Don't Look Back

Scan0001Royal Southern Brotherhood
Don’t Look Back: The Muscle Shoals Sessions.
RUF Records


The third studio album Don’t Look Back is the new line-up looking forward with music that has a RSB feel with subtle differences with new guitarists following the leave-taking of Devon Allman and Mike Zito the partnership was intuitive. This is an album re-stating themselves as a super-group Don’t Look Back is a message that became perfectly clear as I sat back to listen to the album with a slight feeling of apprehension and a shiver of anticipation. The previous line-up were one of the most exciting sounds I have heard in a long time live and in the studio. There was nothing to fear the anticipation was rewarded with a sound that was Royal Southern Brotherhood with a heavier, harsher edge that hit the very nerves that connect your music ear to your inner heartbeat so a new journey has begun. Another music dynasty has been invited to the party Tyrone Vaughan son of Texas blues star Jimmie Vaughan and nephew of the great Stevie Ray Vaughan; joining him up front is Bart Walker a guitarist with panache and they make a sound that drives though the tracks. Proving that difference can be good when incorporated into a solid treble of musicians who understand the music they want to produce. Cyril Neville, the royal soul of the band with his soulful vocals and percussive skills that add tonal excitement whenever they are unleashed; Charlie Wooton with his fingers working his special magic on the bass in perfect partnership with stylish drummer Yonrico Scott.

Opening the album with a full-blown onslaught to your musical senses with I Wanna Be Free, I was once again hooked with the soul, energy and the magic that is Royal Southern Brotherhood then, now and forever.  This is an album that flows with changes of tempo and clever hooks, riffs, and licks. Don’t Look Back may be slower but full of funkiness thanks to Charlie and his bass and is a message to us all listening, decide on the new sound but do not look back and compare this is a new line-up and works just fine and dandy for me.  There is also some wonderful Hammond playing courtesy of Cyril’s nephew Ivan Neville adding a deep layer of funk making the sound so full of greasy splendour on tracks including Reach my Goal and Big Greasy.

Then there are tracks that combine the heat of Latino, the drums of Africa and the music that comes from the street and works its way through your feet, with its mandolin solo then the cry of Penzi, every child is a love child; you just have to move as the music flows.  Love is spread throughout the album; Better Half full of soul and a luscious sound as Cyril’s vocals warm and full of the sweetness of honey you feel the lurve. The theme is picked up with a sharp up beat tempo of It’s Time for Love with its funky shape that zings with emotions a positive feel good track.

The textures and fast delivery of the lyrics with guitar driving the beat Poor Boy has a new tone and shape and tips its hat to hip hop slowed down, shaped and toned with the mellow funk that is RSB.
The album is infused with soul and then there is the blues on Hard Blues and Come Hell Or High Water giving the new guitarists the platform to spar with each other trading notes that fall across the lyrics, and makes the speakers rock with bluesy delight once again creating a structure that is the essence of what makes RSB full of excitement and wonder.  Then they go and do something very different they slow it right down for the last track nailing an acoustic number Anchor Me as the notes die away you know you have listened to an album full of complexities that will just get better every time you listen to it.

An incredible album that captivates; production is tight and the songwriting showing the partnerships and depth of talent within the five-piece by Royal Southern Brotherhood, now re-grouped different with a partnership we will all soon be demanding to hear again and again the sparkling combination of Walker-Vaughan.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD NINE doodle paws out of TEN ….pawprint half inch

Cyril Neville: Vocals /Percussion
Bart Walker: Vocals/Guitar/Mandolin/Banjo
Tyrone Vaughan: Vocals/Guitar
Charlie Wooton:  Bass
Yonrico Scott:   Drums/Percussion
Ivan Neville: Hammond B3/Piano/ Clavinet
Jimmy Hall: Saxophone/Vocals
Paul Armstrong: Trumpet


  1. I Wanna Be Free
  2. Reach My Goal
  3. Don’t Look Back
  4. Hit Me Once
  5. The Big Greasy
  6. Hard Blues
  7. Better Half
  8. Penzi
  9. It’s Time For Love
  10. Bayou Baby
  11. Poor Boy
  12. They Don’t Make ‘Em Like You any more
  13. Come Hell Or High Water
  14. Anchor Me

Exciting Blues – Edinburgh Jazz & Blues Festival 2015


Edinburgh Jazz & Blues Festival:
Blues takes centre stage 17 – 26 July 2015

Edinburgh goes blue of every hue for the  38th year of  Edinburgh Jazz & Blues Festival the festival mood is growing as they deliver a programme that covers jazz, blues, swing, funk, soul and gospel. There will be 150 concerts over 10 daysda. 2015 has a very strong line-up of varied styles and always high quality blues acts with over 25 major blues shows from 17th – 26th July 2015.

We present a host of major American names, many of whom are making exclusive UK appearances. We have a big night of Chicago Blues, and a celebration of the centenary of Willie Dixon. In a special project, two leading Scottish blues musicians have been on a US road tour, hooking up with great musicians from San Francisco, Memphis, Mississippi and Florida along the way. They’ll be coming over to Edinburgh in July.

Ticket Information: Tickets are available from midday on Wednesday 6th May:
· Online at
· By phone on 0131 473 2000.
· In person from The Hub, Castlehill, Edinburgh, EH1 2NE.

Check out the whole programme HERE With Dates, Venues and time

Blues Acts

Edinburgh crosses all blues styles, from Mississippi country blues to contemporary rock-blues, but our emphasis is on the core of the music, and picking out the original, the special, and the innovative.


With MAGGIE BELL and TIM ELLIOTT And featuring Micky Moody, Papa George, Sandy Tweeddale, Brandon Santini, Ben Rice. Maggie Bell and Tim Elliott lead an all star cast paying tribute to one of blues’ most iconic writers and performers, Willie Dixon, in his centenary year.


Energetic and lively Vintage Jazz  – a mix of Tin Pan Alley, the Great American Songbook standards, and traditional New Orleans Blues as sung by Bessie Smith, Mildred Bailey, Louis Armstrong and Ma Rainey from “stunningly expressive” (San Diego Union Tribune) singer Alison Affleck and her all star Edinburgh band. With 60 days to go until the


Chicago Blues sparked the British blues boom in the 60’s  – The Rolling Stones, Fleetwood Mac, John Mayall – and it was Muddy Waters who personified Blues from Chicago. Muddy Waters’ son, Mud Morganfield, sounds uncannily like his “pop” and sings his great tunes with a band that recreates the authentic sound. Lurrie Bell is another great son of Chicago, and the guitarist is currently enjoying a golden moment with his latest album winning awards for the best Blues Album of the year.


Supercharged harmonica and vocals from the hottest ticket of today in Memphis’s legendary Beale Street Clubs. Santini is the new man on the block “evoking the sounds of his forefathers, hypnotising the crowd” ( National Geographic).


Born and raised in Holly Springs, Mississippi; singer and drummer,Cedric paid his dues by going on the road aged 13 with his grandfather, the legendary RL Burnside, and learning the North Mississippi Hill Country blues heritage from a master. An intoxicating drummer and powerful vocalist, his long term Project partner is the brilliant electric guitarist, Trenton Ayers.


An instant Edinburgh favourite at last year’s Festival, Singer/pianist, Davina Sowers, is back from Minneapolis, with her high-energy band, for another set of rocking blues, New Orleans charm, Memphis soul swagger, dark theatrical moments that evoke Kurt Weill, and tender gospel passages. Not strictly a blues act, but her rollicking piano playing and singing is soaked in blues, as well as swing, and boogie, early rock n’ roll, and traditional N’Orleans.


The rolling sounds of New Orleans, blues, funk, and jazz are what piano player, Dom Pipkin, and his great band play to perfection. They make every night into a relaxed party with good time-music from the Crescent City, just like the Doctor (John) and Professor (Longhair) and Fats (Domino) would have liked.


Old New Orleans style blues and boogie piano spiced up with some R’n’B and some funky stuff. Think Fats Domino, Dr John and Professor Longhair.


In 1960s Edinburgh, a young blues band shone out. Not surprising, because they featured a guitar player who would become one of the most respected and sought after guitarists in the industry, Ian Bairnson.  Just for tonight, three of the original members, Bairnson; vocalist, Jimmy Nellis; and bassist, Kenny Ellis, have reformed the band.


The guitarist/vocalist leads a band that loves classic blues. Tonight, they welcome the supercharged harp and vocals of US star, Brandon Santini.


featuring GILSON LAVISwith special guest MARC ALMOND and guest vocalists RUBY TURNER, LOUISE MARSHALL & MABEL RAY  plus support The undisputed king of boogie woogie, swing and r’n’b is dazzling audiences of over 500,000 a year. No wonder.


Three distinctive female blues singers offer an afternoon of rocking and soulful sounds. Opening up is Edinburgh’s own singer / harmonica player, Dana Dixon, with her Texas, Chicago, and west coast jump blues plus rockabilly and 50s R&B. Then there’s the unforgettable voice of one of Britain’s foremost blues divas, Connie Lush, back with her powerhouse band.


Powerhouse soul/r’n’b delivered with real punch. A solid driving backbeat delivers a funk groove, the horns step in to make things swing and the party gets underway.

LIL ED & THE BLUES IMPERIALS  St Andrew Square on July 19

“A bazooka assault of foot-stompin’ blues and slow-burnin’ knee-bucklers” (Chicago Sun-Times). Fiery, flamboyant hard-rocking blues out of Chicago. This is music to get parties going: incendiary slide guitar and rough, passionate singing from Lil Ed, with the Blues Imperials cooking like mad  alongside him. For lovers of serious blues – and good time fun!


Hard driving blues-rock led by Derek Smith’s powerful guitar playing and vocals and welcomed guest Mike Whellans.


“…One of Scotland’s heroes, a bluesman of amazing ability…a totally brilliant one man band”?(Mike Harding, BBC).

MR SIPP July 17-20.

First time in the UK for “The Mississipi Blue Child” and 2014 International Blues Challenge Winner. The guitarist and singer from McComb, Mississippi is steeped in gospel music and only switched to playing blues full time recently. Yet he won the prestigious Memphis Blues competition last year ( in a field of c.250!). He’s an infectious character, a natural entertainer, and a powerful and emotional exponent of traditional electric Mississippi blues. This is the real thing!

ROSY BLUE 22 July.

Smouldering  blues vocals from Rosie Nimmo, with her rocking blues band featuring the guitar of Stuart Allardyce.


The blues-rock supergroup make their Festival debut. Their soul, funk and jam band roots, conjoins two southern USA music dynasties: vocalist, Cyrille Neville, and guitarist, Tyrone Vaughan, plus young blues guitar sensation, Bart Walker, and award winning rhythm team of Charlie Wootton and Yonrico Scott. White-hot musicianship with incendiary guitar duels and soulful vocals.

In a sensational double bill Mr Sipp (“The Mississipi Blues Child”) delivers his soulful and gritty music combining guitar excellence and vocal power, he cries out Mississippi blues with every note he plays.


The leading Scots guitarist met up with the young US guitar star in San Francisco recently, and invited him to join his band at the Festival. Classic blues from the 50s and 60s with a cutting edge.


Chicago’s leading blues drummer and vocalist fronts an all-star band featuring ex Blues n Trouble guitarist. Alan Jones and Richie O’Donnell get together with the Memphis harp sensation, Santini; then we feature the great, soulful singer and guitarist, Grainne Duffy, with her hard rocking band. Also featuring one of Scotland’s leading bands, The Jensen Interceptors, led by singer and harmonica player, Gary Martin.


The band that’s dedicated to the unique sound of skiffle – blues, folk, jazz, and American roots music distilled into a high energy hybrid and played with loads of passion.


Grossman studied fingerstyle blues with the originals – Rev Gary Davis, Mississipi Fred McDowell and Son House, and in the 60s he brought his guitar to Britain influencing and playing with a range of musicians from Bert Jansch and John Renbourn to Eric Clapton. Stefan Grossman is not a local, he’s from New York, but he studied and played with the masters of country and folk-blues – notably the Rev Gary Davis – and he’s now probably the most influential player of the old finger-picking style of guitar playing and a great singer and raconteur too.


Three great bands kicked off by the ever popular Jensen Interceptors fronted by harmonica player and vocalist, Gary Martin. Guitarist and singer, Ben Rice, from Portland, Oregon is a young man making big news in the States with his twisting, soulful west coast blues.


Terry’s the real deal. He learned authentic country blues from his forebears and now he plays them all over Mississippi and Tennessee. Guitarist, Harmonica player, vocalist, and very special guy! Bringing Juke Joints to Edinburgh!


Chicago blues drummer extraordinaire (and a classy singer too) is touring the UK with a great band featuring guitarist, John Bruce,  plus  James Ohara (guitar,vocals),  Ali Petrie (keys), Clinton McFarland (bass). Catch one of the blues world’s legends.











Royal Southern Brotherhood – “Don’t Look Back” World Tour featuring the legendary Cyril Neville, Bart Walker, Tyrone Vaughan, Charlie Wooton, and Yonrico Scott, in support of their forthcoming album “Don’t Look Back” – Releasing 5.26.15 on Ruf Records!
04/16/15 Live Oak, FL Wanee Festival (with Devon)
04/17/15 Macon, GA Cox Capital Theater (with Devon)
04/18/15 Wyomissing, PA Burkes Jazz Festival (Devon Allman’s last date with RSB)
★ RSB 2015 TOUR with Cyril Neville, Bart Walker, Tyrone Vaughan, Charlie Wooton, and Yonrico Scott
04/21/15 Esbjerg, Denmark Tobakken, Denmark
04/22/15 Odense Posten, Denmark
04/23/15 Portalen Greve, Denmark
04/24/15 Eidsvoll Eidsvoll Rock & Blues Klubb, Norway
04/25/15 Trondheim Nidaros Bluesfestival, Norway
04/29/15 New Orleans, LA Louisiana Music Factory, In-Store
04/30/15 New Orleans, LA Botanical Gardens

Bluesdoodles loved listening to Royal Southern Brotherhood Live read our reviews – Blues On The Farm 2014 and The Globe, Cardiff and the year before at The Flowerpot, Derby

There last album was amazing Heartsoulblood

Bluesdoodles Top Fifteen Gigs 2014

The top fifteen bluesdoodles gigs 2014 – in alphabetical order…

Jeff Beck
Katie Bradley & Kirk Fletcher
Cut The Funk
Grainne Duffy
JJ Grey & Mofro & Phil Lesh & The Terrapin Family
Hamilton Loomis
Jo Harman
Hat Fitz & Cara
Heritage Blues Orchestra
Layla Zoe
Royal Southern Brotherhood
Matt Schofield
Ian Siegal & Jimbo Mathus
Mike Zito

Sadly with any list I have missed of some amazing nights of live music …… Live music is amazing and there are fabulous venues around the country so get out and enjoy quality live music.

Make your 2015 resolution – go see bands you love and go see bands for the first time – it is fun seeing new bands my favourites for 2014 were Rita Payne, Ali Clinton and Midnight Ramble

Royal Southern Brotherhood @The Globe Cardiff June 2014

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Mark Pontinn Band - Globe June 2014 - DSC_2713lSwansea based and British Blues nominated Mark Pontin Band opened the evening as The Globe started to fill, including many of Mark’s fans who had travelled down the M4 to Cardiff. Mark fitted his band around the Royal Southern Brotherhood equipment, as he delivered an accomplished set full of favourites that he delivers with a mix of covers given the Pontin treatment and self-penned numbers from his début album Days Of Destiny. Opening with Albert King’s Cross-cut Saw, title number from his album, Buddy Guy influenced Own It and the Best Blues song nomination – Just One More Day. The temperature was rising as was anticipation for the main act of the evening as The Royal Southern Brotherhood visited Cardiff the capital city of Wales for the first time, many in the audience were going to experience the live sound for the first time.

Royal Southern Brotherhood - The Globe Cardiff - June 2014_0207l

Out on the stage came the band, with five multi-nominated artists who bring a heady mix of talent and styles, The rhythm section is Yonrico Scott (Drums) and Charlie Wooton (Bass) providing a very special back line full of exciting playing that drives the music along. Into the mix we have Cyril Neville (Percussion and vocalist) and then the guitarists stage left Devon Allman and stage right Mike Zito, both adding vocals and different guitar styles the sound is electric and exciting as they do battle on stage.


rsb-heartsoulbloodThe set list was a mix of the inevitable tracks from their acclaimed second album heartsoulblood on Ruf Records; including Ritual which combines the driving southern rock guitar of Devon Allman and the vocals of Mike Zito and then some blistering solo guitar from Mike which whipped up the audience along with Let’s Ride and World Blues, introducing the audience to the river of sounds that makes this album so special. The mix of a powerful Devon Allman solo and the vocals of Cyril Neville on Moonlight Over Mississippi from their début album Songs From the Road is full of hefty sounds that reverberate through you connecting the audience with the musicians through the power of sound. Then there was the bass solo from Charlie Wooton during Could Get Dangerous; letting the two guitarists and Cyril take a breather as the rhythm section took centre stage. It was mesmerising showing what the bass delivers in the background to keep the music tight, and with that it was Yonrico’s turn for a solo spot.. then the rest of the band rejoined and the music played on with Shoulda Known.

Into the mix of styles of funk, Latino, blues and some special magic of flowing harmonies and layers of tones and textures we have the vocals of Cyril delivering the title track from his album Magic Honey. This is a band whose music ebbs and flows like a river, one minute in full torrent rushing down to the bay and then slowly meandering as musical styles are drifting along as they interpret the music and deliver quality full of heat and passion.
Royal Southern Brotherhood - The Globe Cardiff - June 2014_0058l
The encore was not long enough for the majority of the audience who would have been overjoyed if the band had played on and on; but they had to be contented with Melissa, the iconic Allman Brothers track and the inventive re-working of Rush’s Working Man. The crowd was left ecstatic, emotion delivering music that hits you in the solar plexus and sears into your musical soul and makes your heart beat that little bit faster and the newly acquired fans were delighted that the band took time to mingle chat and sign the albums just purchased. The Globe heard some special music tonight that will seep into the fabric of the venue and stay with everyone who heard and saw some classy live music tonight in Cardiff.

Royal Southern Brotherhood - The Globe Cardiff - June 2014_0200l


29th June: Italy – Piacenza Del Mississippi al Po

30th June: Greece – Athens Volume 1

1st July: Italy – Ameno Ameno Blues Festival

3rd July: U.K. – St. Ives The Guildhall

4th July: U.K. – Kent Hop Farm Festival

5th July: Norway – Skaanevik Skaanevik Festival

6th July: Norway – Bremanger Opplev

Headline Acts @ Blues On The Farm 2014

530586_10151220959912724_204957856_nBlues on the Farm ~ The Headliners
Friday 20th June – Royal Southern Brotherhood
Saturday 21st June – King King
Sunday 22nd June 2014 – Big Dez


Friday night the crowds had been fed a diet if superb music and as the sky darkened the anticipation was electric as everyone waited for Royal Southern Brotherhood to step on the stage.

Royal - Southern Brotherhood - Friday - Blues On The Farm - June 2014_0774lThis was for many the first opportunity that they have had to hear the band live and at Blues On The Farm you could get right up close to see the action and interaction between the five musicians on-stage. On drums the dynamic, energetic talented Grammy award-winning Yonrico Scott, Royal - Southern Brotherhood - Friday - Blues On The Farm - June 2014_0822lhe has played with an array of artists that read like a Who’s Who of the musical lexicon of the twentieth century including Stevie Wonder, Whitney Houston, Ray Charles, Sammy Davis Jr., The Allman Brothers Band, Susan Tedeschi, Gregg Allman, The Supremes, and The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. His drumming is a loose jazzy style that provides a bedrock of sounds and freedom that allows the drums to ebb and flow through and over the music in perfect time. Strengthening the rhythm section on bass is Louisiana born Charlie WoottonRoyal - Southern Brotherhood - Friday - Blues On The Farm - June 2014_0807l who when not playing with RSB, like all five of them, has his own projects, and his bass solo mesmerised the crowds with the dexterity and tonal reach of his bass playing as he danced his fingers up the fret board and danced around the stage. Up front and lean are the trio of grammy award winner Cyril NevilleRoyal - Southern Brotherhood - Friday - Blues On The Farm - June 2014_0697l (Vocals & percussion) bringing to this music fest that is RSB style, panache and some Southern Soul that so personified The Meters where he backed the music and poetry of his brother Art; the guitarist Royal - Southern Brotherhood - Friday - Blues On The Farm - June 2014_0808lMike Zito who brings inventive guitar work as the guitar and him become one flowing with music, passion and fire; and the lead guitarist and vocalist Devon Allman,Royal - Southern Brotherhood - Friday - Blues On The Farm - June 2014_0914l making the Gibson sing bringing stunning blues rock guitar evoking sounds from the past with a twist of modernity solo’s that bring the whole band into a homogeneous whole. The set included numbers from their own albums and the latest RSB album Heartsoulblood. The highlights of this stunning set were Magic Honey with Cyrille’s vocals made the crowd hold their collective breath not wishing the track to end; Running Water; ‘Groove On
Royal - Southern Brotherhood - Friday - Blues On The Farm - June 2014_0886lDuring the set there was the guest appearance of Hamilton Loomis who brought his blues harp to the jam and generating a real party atmosphere on the stage as the Blues on the Farm temperature rose. The encore included the re-working of Rush’s famous and instantaneously recognised track Working Man; wow is the only word to sum up this varied multi-textured sound from a band that is full of virtuoso musicians. These are individual musicians who independently have created solo albums and albums with other groups, they know how to ply their trade and what could be a clash of ego’s is in fact a collective who respect and value what everyone brings to the sound that is Royal Southern Brotherhood, creating great music that is fresh and lively and a joy to listen to.

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King King - Friday - Blues On The Farm - June 2014_0249lSaturday, longest day of the year and the sky was dimmed rather than darkened as King King British Blues Award winning Band, were announced by Julian Moores, the crowd erupted as the ever popular frontman in a kilt Alan Nimmo who lights any festival fire entered the stage, with tonight on wurlitzer Hammond Organ the Dutchman Bob FridzemaKing King - Friday - Blues On The Farm - June 2014_0072l who also provided backing vocals along with Wayne Proctor who provides the rocky Blues drumming that sets the tone of the band no wonder he has won British Blues Awards, combined with bassist King King - Friday - Blues On The Farm - June 2014_0015lLindsay Coulson this is the platform that allows Alan to stand out front showcasing his wonderful vocals and guitar skills that leave you hanging on every note. It is no wonder that in many people’s eyes they are Britain’s best blues band, delivering polished performance of quality blues playing they do just keep getting better and better. The set included many of the numbers from their latest CD Standing in The Shadows interspersed with what have become King King classics that the fans expect. There was no standing in the shadow as they lifted the roof of the marquee and Alan engaged with the lively Saturday night audience who had enjoyed the hot day in the sun sampling the renowned delights of the famous BOTF beer tent. From the current album another fine live rendition of the Scottish rock singer-songwriter Frankie Miller’s, Jealousy that leaves the spine tingling as Alan pours buckets of emotional tension into the vocals and through the guitar strings along with two other fantastic tracks that were highlights for me A Long History of Love with vocals and award-winning Wayne ProctorKing King - Friday - Blues On The Farm - June 2014_0079l drumming that shows the journey and Alan’s vocals ebb and flow like a tidal wave of lyrical out-pourings that are picked up and reflected back by his guitar and the keys this song could go on all night and the audience would still be delighted and Can’t Keep From Trying. Alan makes his guitar weep the performance is always super-charged as he represents an array of feelings from despair to confusion and the musicians around him build on this so that the atmosphere of the live music sound is taut with everybody’s collective reaction to the experiences they have gone through. Added into the mix were tracks fans in the audience just want to hear including Heart Without a Soul and Old Love which he did and he even with a master class in crowd control got the excited festival crowd to quieten down so that as the sound went down the magic went up. What a finale to the longest day of 2014 as the notes died away the crowd dispersed knowing first light was only a few hours away and another day and another headliner beckoned for the festival.

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Big Dez - Friday - Blues On The Farm - June 2014_0023lSunday’s last act, last headline of 2014 the hours of Blues of The Farm 2014 were few… still there is next year and the festival ended on a high note with French band Big Dez. The only band I had not seen live or even heard a CD so was looking forward to what they had to offer. This six-piece played with a style that refused to be boxed in yes, Phil Fernandez on guitar more than doff’s his hat at Albert Collins combined with vocals that were easy on the ear and delivered a real electric blues sound. They delivered a set that echoes their latest album Wet Paint, that covers a palette of blues styles so they retain your interest and on stage with him were Big Dez - Friday - Blues On The Farm - June 2014_0048lBala Pradal on keys and Marc Schaeller (blues-harp) and on rhythm & slide guitar Big Dez - Friday - Blues On The Farm - June 2014_0019lRodolphe Dumont; the back line consisted of Bruno Maurin BassBig Dez - Friday - Blues On The Farm - June 2014_0025l and Karim Bouazza on drums Big Dez - Friday - Blues On The Farm - June 2014_0012lproviding solidity and ensured every track had shape and form. Big Dez is out front with his spectacular guitar work full of control and hidden depths of passion and a voice that carries the lyrics. The set was a mix of styles and was not just an opportunity to sell is latest CD, his seventh with the band, who ply their trade, with selection of tracks from their various albums, including Anywhere Please from their 2009 album Late Live!; released the same year as with sponsorship of Blues Sur Seine, the band represented France at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, Tennessee. Big Dez is full of blues energy that sparks between him and the band and the excellent rhythm guitarist Rod has the skill to spark off the guitar work of Big Dez and add layers of musical interest. Plying their trade around Paris they have developed a style that will not be boxed in this is not Blues set in aspic there is an open door in which they have welcomed funk, jazz and soul combined with lyrics that are full of wistfulness, regret and yearning a perfect cocktail that is Big Dez and French electric blues swizzled and stirred with Texan style and Chicago Ice they deliver self penned numbers that have licks and chords that makes the mouth water. The hardy festival goers left happy with the blues but left wanting more so come back and do a few more festivals blues of this calibre deserves to be heard blues numbers that included Lazy Star, You Can Smile,Ace Up Your Sleeve and a great version of Booker T’s Green Onions.

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So the headliners from over the Pond, British award-winning band and from across the channel and did the festival proud with three different acts showing that blues is open to musical interpretations that all have one thing in common they play with your emotions and deliver great music leaving you wanting more.

Charlie Wooton ~ Charlie Wooton Project – CD Review

images (3)Charlie Wooton
Charlie Wooton Project

The name Charlie Wooton, seems familiar yes he is the bass player for Royal Southern Brotherhood. This is his own project that has a completely different feel and sound. This is an album that mixes it up from one track to the next so around the musical corner is a different beat, tone or rhythm; the common element though is the gigantic bass sound produced by Charlie with a definite funky edge. The music has a freshness it is as if it is being played for the first time; every note and phrase is played with a natural freedom so the music flows through your veins.
The opening track Snake Women, sets the tone of the album as the music draws you in and the beat intoxicates with just the right funky influence. We have on the album a real mix of styles and approaches including reggae that has definitely been shaken not stirred on Unexpected Kisses with a summer in the Caribbean feel with the opening bass-lines this is a sunny feel good song. R&B on Day Dreamin’ and a funky beat that fuses jazz and blues on Higher Than Low and it is no surprise that throughout it is the bass that drives, with that unpredictability Charlie brings to the party while others add the layers to the sound with jazzy sometimes haunting Sax, Electric guitar, drums and vocals but it all loops back to the sound Charlie gets out of his Bass Guitar. This layering of sound from the array of instruments is demonstrated on Orangutan a predominately instrumental number. This is an album that surprises, delights and makes you feel part of a fascinating freeform project, let the bass with attitude and funk that is Charlie Wooton rule as he confidently and skillfully strides across the genres and musical cultures and blends and distills through the band and his bass guitar.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD out of EIGHT doodle paws a doodle rating of

TEN ……… pawprint half inch