Joe Louis Walker Playing The Convent Live

Joe Louis Walker Playing The Convent Live

Joe Louis Walker Playing The Convent Live

The Convent, Stroud tonight makes a beautiful and gospel fused arena for Joe Louis Walker to play his stuff, his tour of England drawing to close tonight. The multiple music award winner is bringing his message of the blues to the audience in the venue and further afield, thanks to the wonderous service they provide Netgig. Joe Louis Walker is no bluesman that confirms he mixes it up as his current album Everybody Wants a Piece demonstrates. It is unsurprising that within the magnificent licks and riffs we hear homage to the British Blues revolution of the 1960’s and the myriad of greats he has played with, from Jimi Hendrix to Miles Davis, Mike Bloomfield and John Lee Hooker and the blues giants BB King and Muddy Waters. He has been there and played his guitar with passion and pride.

The band steps on the stage in front of the altar to pay homage to live music’s power and devil magic. The Drum picks up the rhythm as Joe introduces the band on bass played with the greats including Bo Diddley and Solomon Burke is Lenny Bradford. Drummer Byron Cage and laying down the rhythm organ and keys Travis Reed now a trio of sound laid down for Joe Louis who joined in with his guitar, with vocals introduced last as the groove deepens and the vibe is heating up. The Gibson sound is crystal clear and as the instruments play they are definitely not Messin’ Around this is a quartet playing tighter than tight. The business tonight is music, blues infused with roots and all that jazz. Travis moves off electric and plays The Convent’s Grand Piano as the Jazz infusion cools the licks down as the blues shuffle in with Albert Collins T-Bone Shuffle instrumental which has Joe Louis playing the Gibson into white-hot blues – he is the Satriani of the Blues with virtuoso playing. The dexterity and lightness of touch with deep tones and sharp textures are mind-blowing. A Masterclass. A change of mood with an old time foot tapping Rock n Roll song Don’t Let Go. Timing, harmonization makes every song special with its own character and beauty. Joe Louis Walker reminds me of Lucky Peterson with his relaxed fluidity and consummate professionalism mixing to entertain and delight with every note played. Now a track off his current album, Everybody Wants A Piece, One Sunny Day; he continues to dip into the album throughout the evening no hard sell just quality tracks.

Dedicated to guitarist Earl Zebedee Hooker cousin of John Lee Hooker, who played on many hits and a special slide guitar. Matching Earl is Joe Louis, slide work stingily sharp hitting the music vibrator in your spine and making hairs stand up at the back of your neck with delight. Joe Louis, making the guitar talk with crying pain then a gentle reprise to soften the hurt and anguish, leading into the spiritually up lifting, Wade In The Water from his current album. We are all wading in the delights of Joe Louis and his band tonight at The Convent. He recalls “Been a while since I played in Church but coming back now as we get back to the blues” with his own number Ain’t That Cold; the grand piano was soulful in its blues. In the inspirational In The Morning When I Rise, the guitar makes a glorious sound the beat curls around and the guitar soars up high into the Chapel as they sing ‘ I kneel Down and Pray’, the altar a perfect backdrop. The electric organ solo takes over as Joe & Lenny swing in harmony this is live music that catches deep in your solar plexus. The music has pure soul with a lightest touch of a reggae ambiance.

JoeLouisWalker_01_byMarilynStringerInto the jam add The Kinks’ You really Got Me then the riff died away and the music flowed, Joe and Lenny dancing and the piano leading the melody, music that is sassy, live and fun as they sung Too Drunk To Drive. We are definitely drunk on the glories of blues / Rock n’ Roll in the hands of the maestro that is Joe Louis Walker.

The encore is a smoking walking blues medley, Down, Down with a cheeky electric organ kick and the mesmeric, stunning virtuoso guitar from Joe Louis Walker on his Gibson. Contemporary blues at home in the vaulted Convent auditorium.

Read the Conversation with Joe Louis Walker before this show – HERE

Federal Charm reaching Across The Divide Album Review

Federal Charm reaching Across The Divide Album Review

Federal Charm reaching Across The Divide Album Review

The quartet from Manchester leaping the gigantic hurdle, the release of a follow-up album to the well-received debut and self-titled album. Many miles on the road has been covered since then. The result is an accomplished album, from a band that is determined to reach Across The Divide and take the blues infused ambience into the rock arena. The album achieves that spanning the genres by simply stating we are a band that plays music that connects to your soul it isn’t pure blues or rock but an artful blending and reworking to create a sound that is recognizable as Federal Charm‘s own brand of British Rock n’ Roll.

They have a Master Plan, and it is laid down with a deep groove of rock intent on the opening number. The guitar lays down a determined call to arms to join the charming plan as the drums, bass and vocals pick up the rock and hurls it with melodic power. The tempo cools with Guess What, do not be surprised with the variety and quality the band are going to play for you over the next nine tracks. Nick Bowden’s vocals are full of texture, adapting, reshaping themselves with natural ease for rock, funk, blues and emotionally charged ballads. The band is tight with another layer of guitar chords adding to the blistering energy from Paul Bowe. The engine house of the band, the rhythm section, gives a mixture both a platform of stability and intuitive feel to ensure the rhythm is never wooden. Thanks to the pairing of LD Morawski on bass and drummer Danny Rigg. Federal Charm a quartet that deserves being listened to both on the Live Scene and when recorded in a studio.

These Four Walls is beautiful. The production sympathetic letting the emotions flow. A superb slower bluesy number packed with lyrics that paint a picture of sadness, hope and what makes a home. This is a track that should be getting loads of radio play as it cuts across genres, listenable and full of melodic harmonics. The guitar break is plaintive and sharp it hurts as it hits your emotional responses deep in your music solar plexus. How do you follow a thing of beauty as they sing this is a house that used to be a home fades away? Easy, harden the tone up have some fuzzy, sleazy dirty guitar riffs and pick up the beat with Hercules. Ringing in the change is no herculean feat for Federal Charm as they reach easily Across The Divide. Half way through it is time for a country infused party, perfect accompaniment when celebrating the barn being raised, the harvest gathered in as the banjo kicks out a jaunty lick. Good time music that makes you smile.

Federal charm throughout their sophomore album combines skilful guitar licks, riffs and led breaks with sharp hooks for Nick’s vocals to pick up the mood and drive the musical conversation forward with lyrical storytelling. The mournful restrained approach to God, Forsaken shapes every tone of bitter grey into musical form. The bands power is condensed into a viscous grey melee then brightens as the tempo picks up and the lighter shading of grey is revealed.

The album draws to a close The Thrill, as this album continues to send shivers of thrilling music coursing through your veins. They have control and the influences are wide and lightly touch the sound that is essentially Federal Charms Rock. Closing with a ballad that is full of wistfulness, hurt and the pain of when someone puts one foot in front of another as they Walk Away from you. The beat goes on and Federal Charm are definitely on a trajectory where they reach Across the divide and are heard for the music they produce not some artificial genre boundary.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD NINE pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Federal Charm – Across The Divide

Track Listing 

  1. Master Plan
  2. Guess What
  3. No More
  4. These Four Walls
  5. Hercules
  6. Give Me Something
  7. Silhouette
  8. God, Forsaken
  9. Push
  10. Walk Away (Time & Time Again)

Simon McBride Rocking Blues – MAY 2016 Tour Dates

Simon McBride Rocking Blues  – MAY 2016 Tour Dates

Simon McBride Rocking the Blues – MAY 2016 Tour Dates

Fast becoming the next Irish blues guitar hero in the footsteps of Rory Gallagher and Gary Moore, the Belfast-born guitarist has gained a pile of accolades. “Hugely accomplished.” MOJO. “McBride is among the best blues-rock players anywhere in the world.” GUITARIST MAGAZINE

18 May: BRISTOL – The Tunnels, Lower Approach Rd, BS1 6QS

19 May: BILSTON – The Robin 2, Mount Pleasant Rd, WV14 7LJ

20 May: STROUD – The Convent, Convent Lane, South Woodchester, GL5 5HS

21 May: DEVIZES – Long St Blues Club, Long St, SN10 1NW

22 May: LONDON – The Borderline, Manette St, W1D 4JB

What does Bluesdoodles think of Simon McBride’s guitar work? – Here is an extract: …Simon and the band delighted the crowd tonight with a stellar display of musicianship; there is no doubt that Simon is a superb guitarist and yes it is all too easy to compare him to fellow Irishman Rory Gallagher but for me Simon is his own guitarist with a modern twist he creates at times a sound redolent of sitar and Indian music and in the next beat heavy rock driven licks. He deftly melds and weaves a sound that is live energetic and his own… Read the rest hereHERE

Simon McBride performs the song ONE MORE TRY from the album ‘Crossing The Line.’ Written and arranged by Simon McBride.

January has to be Rock and Blues @ Skegness: Friday Night

January has to be Rock and Blues @ Skegness: Friday Night



The journey completed, the rain has stopped and the music begins to play. The Introducing Stage fills the gap between unpacking and the evening entertainment plus a perfect way to hear new bands and catch up with friends.

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The honour of getting the Butlins Rock and Blues weekend rollercoaster off on the right note and creating a party mood were Sugarman Sam & The Voodoo Men. A quartet playing great electric Rn’B interspersed with slower blues classics, including I Don’t Know Too Much About Love, the Sugarman certainly knew how to tick the right boxes with the crowd. The stage is proving to be a real success. The Black Circles picked up the baton and set out their stall hoping to be the one of tonight’s four bands who would have a spot on one of the main stages of 2017. They certainly claimed a stake as The Black Circles are a force-field in the rising bands of Blues rock, Sam Bratley certainly plays his guitar with passion and drive.

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Third band of the night, The Blue Horizon a trio that have a power trio feel with rock infused blues. The sound is robust and the improvisation on some of the self-penned numbers certainly had people listening and enjoying the groove they were setting down. Justified was a number with a funky edge once again showing the synergy between the bassist and guitarist. Last but not least Trident Waters, the rockiest with a dirty sound from the guitar, with a rawness that wasn’t helped by some sound problems early on. This had improved by the second number and they then got into their stride with some powerful licks and strong riffs that proves the depth of talent on the scene today and the power of the Introducing Stage in getting these bands noticed and people were voting for their favourite of the four.

Eight pm, the centre stage curtain rose as the DJ introduced Rebecca Downes and her band, the winners of Friday Nights Introducing stage 2015, as they stepped up and got the Centre Stage off to a polished start. Rebecca was very good last year, but what a difference a year makes. Full of smiles and confidence her silver-toned voice was polished with power and style, Rebecca connected with the crowd and they loved it. Very smooth moves between numbers as the tempo picked it up then slowed it down as style of song and rhythm changed again. The constant was the quality remained at the top of the pack. Rebecca hit the high notes in centre stage and had the crowds enthralled with here version of I’d Rather Go Blind. Her own self-penned numbers created a vibe that will become recognisable as the Downes way and the anticipation for her forthcoming album continues to rise. From Introducing to centre stage in a year where will she be in 2017 the only way is up for Rebecca and her band.

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Off to Reds for some Rock from House of X, for X replace have played for UFO! Upfront Danny Pyronel, kicking off with Let It Roll from UFO with other tracks we love with the great Laurence Archer laying down the hefty guitar riffs. Added to UFO memory lane with their own No More Tequila with the good vibes of a UFO number, without the power of vocals that made UFO tunes so recognisable. We are now rocking at Butlins 2016! With some music as the bands changed before FM.  As ever a really strong set from this band that delivers every time. FM plays stonking rock, keyboards adding another dimension.  This is a band on form tonight and playing all their favourites. That Girl as ever went down a storm, as the vocals powered across the crowd at Reds.

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Now for a quick jaunt across to Centre Stage for some Texan blues smooth and delivered with a smile as ever by the genial . Eugene treated us to some glorious clean-cut Louisiana blues. The first authentic blues sound of the weekend and filled the stage and across the auditorium and the feet were tapping and the crowds smiled with joy of the blues vibe. Eugene ‘Hideaway’ Bridges vocals are rich and the lyrics curl around the ear. His character is full of colour and smiles as he shares tales and the music that he loves. The guitar licks are silky smooth with edgy riffs delivered in perfect timing. The finger picking on a Gibson 335 – it really is blues manna from heaven. As the notes died away the curtains closed and blues lovers sighed with collective delights. Up next was blues with a modern twist driven by the beautiful blues-harp from Giles Robson. Giles Robson and The Dirty Aces played the first blues-harp of the weekend. Giles achieves a special tone and shape from this tiny instrument that always packs a bluesy punch. Tonight Giles delivered blues full of tradition suiting his virtuous style. He is one of only a handful of genuine lead-harp players around as proved on every tune played. His specialisms is the high notes on the harp, leaping the octaves and shaping the notes. His vocals are laid back and rich contrasting with the sharp harp. The Mighty Incinerator was as ever a highlight and then the train sounds he produces from the harmonica is a blues-man equivalent of a magician pulling the rabbit out of a hat a party trick that always delights.

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Gerry Jablonski-2655Early night…? –  no popped into a busy JAKS bar to catch Gerry Jablonski and the Electric Band who delighted everyone there looking to keep on the festival feel. For me the time caught up with me and time for sleep busy day ahead tomorrow, Friday night left music humming in my head with rock riffs and bluesy shadows merging what a start to the weekend. There may be complainers but for bluesdoodles the music told the story notes for every taste.


danpatlansky cdDAN PATLANSKY April / May 2015 U.K. tour.
DEAR SILENCE THIEVES” – VOTED #1 ALBUM – Blues Rock review’s top 20 albums poll.
Bluesdoodles said “salty water inspired track; Only and Ocean and his vocals show a lyrical side as he switches from a Tom Waits growl to a vocal range that could front any Prog Rock Band” Click for FULL REVIEW

“The Bruce Springsteen-endorsed South African bluesman has been making waves since 1999’s Standing At The Station,
and his seventh album, the Theo Crous-produced Dear Silence Thieves, is a real firecracker.” – Classic Rock Magazine

Due to popular demand, the critically acclaimed South African singer-songwriter and guitarist, Dan Patlansky, has added two more concerts to his upcoming UK April tour that coincides with the UK release of his new album Dear Silence Thieves on Monday April 27.


LONDON, BORDERLINE ALBUM LAUNCH Monday 27 April Tickets: £15.40 / 24 Hour Box: 0844 478 0898 Book Online
SHEFFIELD, GREYSTONES Tuesday 28 April – Tickets: £13.20 / 24 Hour Box Office: 0844 478 0898 Book Online
YORK, FIBBERS Thursday 30 April – Tickets: £13.20 / 24 Hour Box Office: 0844 478 0898 Book Online
PORTSMOUTH, THE CELLARS Monday 4 May – Tickets: £13.00 / 24 Hour Box Office: 0844 478 0898 Book Online
BRISTOL, THUNDERBOLT Wednesday 6 May – Tickets: £8.75 / 24 Hour Box Office: 0844 478 0898 – Book Online
POOLE, MR KYPS Thursday 7 May – Tickets: £5.00 / 24 Hour Box Office: 0844 478 0898 – Book Online

Backbite music video

Patlansky was recently added as special guest on the Joe Satriani’s November 2015 UK Tour. In February 2014, Patlansky was chosen to open for Bruce Springsteen to perform in front of 64,000 people at the FNB Stadium in Johannesburg as part of Springsteen’s High Hopes tour. Personally approved by Springsteen as support act, this was the biggest audience Patlansky had ever played to. In December 2014 his new album Dear Silence Thieves was voted #1 in Blues Rock Review’s Top 20 Blues Albums of 2014 Poll.

Joanne Shaw Taylor announces U.K. Autumn Tour

Photo Credit: © Adam Kennedy
Photo Credit: © Adam Kennedy

BOOK ONLINE: Gig Cartel or
24 HR BOX OFFICE: 0844 478 0898

“Who said white gals can’t play guitar? Killer licks, soaring solos and heart-wrenching vocals” – The Sunday Times

“One of the country’s finest exponents of the blues” – Rock Society

“A thrilling guitarist and a powerful vocalist” – Time Out

“A worldclass blues talent” – Classic Rock

…nothing dark about the music this was electric blues.” – Bluesdoodles


Joanne will perform songs from her recently critically acclaimed album The Dirty Truth, as well as songs from her previous three albums White Sugar, Diamonds in the Dirt and Almost Always Never.

EXETER: PHOENIX – Tuesday 22nd September 2015
Tickets: £20 / Box Office: 01392 667080

ST IVES: GUILDHALL – Wednesday 23rd September 2015
Tickets: £20 / 24 Box Office: 0844 478 0898

WARWICK: ARTS CENTRE – Saturday 26th September 2015
Tickets: £20 / Box Office: 0844 478 0898

YORK: FIBBERS – Monday 28th September 2015
Tickets: £20 / 24 Box Office: 0844 478 0898

GLASGOW: ORAN-MOR – Tuesday 29th September 2015
Tickets: £20 / Box Office: 0844 478 0898

LIVERPOOL: EPSTEIN THEATRE – Thursday 1st October 2015
Tickets: £20 / Box Office: 0844 888 4411

SALE: WATERSIDE ARTS CENTRE – Friday 2nd October 2015
Tickets: £20 / Box Office: 0161 912 5616

KENDAL: BREWERY ARTS – – Saturday 3rd October 2015
Tickets: £20 / Box Office: 01539 725133

CLITHEROE: GRAND – Sunday 4th October 2015
Tickets: £20 / Box Office: 0844 478 0898

DURHAM: GALA – Wednesday 7th October 2015
Tickets: £20 / Box Office: 0844 478 0898

LINCOLN: DRILL HALL – Thursday 8th October 2015
Tickets: £20 / Box Office: 01522 873894

SHORHAM: ROPETACKLE – Saturday 10th October 2015
Tickets: £20 / Box Office: 01273 464440

BROMSGROVE: ARTRIX – Monday 12th October 2015
Tickets: £20 / Box Office: 01527 577330

GLOUCESTER: GUILDHALL – Wednesday 14th October 2015
Tickets: £20 / Box Office: 0844 478 0898

FROME: CHEESE AND GRAIN – Thursday 15th October 2015
Tickets: £20 / Box Office: 01373 455420

MILTON KEYNES: STABLES – Monday 19th October 2015
Tickets: £20 / Box Office: 01908 280800

NORWICH: WATERFRONT – Tuesday 20th October 2015
Tickets: £20 / Box Office: Box Office: 01603 508050

HERTFORD: CORN EXCHANGE – Thursday 22nd October 2015
Tickets: £20 / Box Office: 07904 333923

NEWBURY: ARLINGTON ARTS – Friday 23rd October 2015
Tickets: £20 / Box Office: 01635 244246

SOUTHAMPTON: TALKING HEADS – Saturday 24th October 2015
Tickets: £20 / Box Office: 02380 678 446

LONDON, JAZZ CAFÉ – Monday 26th October 2015
Tickets £20 / Box Office: 0844 847 2514

Photo Credit: © Stephen Brinkman
Photo Credit: © Stephen Brinkman

Joanne Shaw Taylor: Will always thrill her fans and make new ones wherever she plays her guitar with energy, style and classy interpretation of classics in addition to her self-penned numbers. Her concerts are Sold out, her fans scream and her names are in lights, something she never anticipated any of that at the start. Back then, she was just an ordinary Black Country schoolgirl, bored with the disposable pop she heard on late 90s radio, rifling her father’s record collection for sunken treasure, and falling for albums by Stevie Ray Vaughan, Albert Collins and Jimi Hendrix.

At 13 she played her first electric guitar. “Guitars were always lying around the house,” says Joanne. At 14, she defied her teachers to play The Marquee and Ronnie Scott’s, and began to overcome insecurity about her voice. “I never set out to be a singer,” she modestly told Classic Rock. “I’ve always had a deep voice. I think it came from my influences as a kid.

Joanne left school at 16 and ran straight into her big break, as a twist of fate directed her demo into the hands of Eurythmics icon Dave Stewart after a charity gig.

Reflecting on his first impressions, Stewart recalls that “she made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end.” His call the following day proved the start of a lasting friendship, with Joanne seeking his advice on the industry and accompanying his DUP supergroup across Europe in 2002.

Stewart gave Joanne her first deal, but when the label ran into financial trouble, it gave her a chance to regroup and work on her songwriting. Until then, original material had perhaps been a neglected side of her talent.

“I never really wrote songs until I was 21.” Suddenly the dam broke. In 2008, Ruf won the rush for Joanne’s signature, and soon she was working with veteran producer Jim Gaines (Carlos Santana, Johnny Lang, Stevie Ray Vaughan), bassist Dave Smith and drummer Steve Potts on the songs that became debut album White Sugar. “We recorded it in this little backwater town in Tennessee,” she recalls, “and if we needed a break, we’d walk to the shop and buy root beer.”

When White Sugar dropped the following year, taking in gems like Bones and Kiss the Ground Goodbye, it turned out the press had a sweet tooth, with Classic Rock crowning it Blues Album of the Month and Guitarist noting “she plays with more attitude and flair than most – massive potential here”.

Soon enough, the buzz was building, with Joanne both raising her profile supporting Black Country Communion, and honing her craft on 2010’s Diamonds in the Dirt. This second album was another step up, from the explosive lead breaks on Can’t Keep Living Like This to the heavier influence of her adopted Detroit hometown on the crunching country-blues of Dead and Gone. Not bad, considering she had written the material in just two days and recorded it in less than a fortnight: “It’s the dreaded second album curse. You have ten years to do the first one, and ten days to do the second!”

By then, she was unstoppable, with Diamonds in the Dirt proving not only a classic record, but also a skeleton key to every door in the industry. Having received a nomination for Best New Artist Debut at the auspicious British Blues Awards for White Sugar, Joanne scooped consecutive wins in the Best British Female Vocalist bracket at both the 2010/2011 events: a haul that cements her position, as Blues Matters put it, as “the new face of the blues.”

Since then, it’s gone stratospheric, with Joanne breaking into the notoriously hard-to-crack US market, beating the stereotypes of her age and gender, and being watched by 17 million viewers as she played an angel-winged solo during Annie Lennox’s set at the 2012 Diamond Jubilee Concert.

That same summer gave us Almost Always Never; a bar-raising third album that found Joanne dodging expectations, writing the songs her muse dictated, and diving in at the deep end with just her talent to keep her afloat.

Recorded in Austin, Texas, these twelve cuts moved from the savage Les Paul solos of Soul Station and the strutting hooks of Standing To Fall, to the failed relationship achingly depicted on You Should Stay, I Should Go and the title track’s refrain of “You crash, you burn/you live, you learn”. She’d never sounded more open and honest. “I’ve loved every album I’ve made for many different reasons,” reflects Joanne. “But I’m so proud of these songs. It’s the perfect and truest example of who I am as an artist to date.”

Maybe so, but if you only know Joanne Shaw Taylor as the songwriter and studio magician, then it’s time you heard Songs from the Road. Released November 2013 on Ruf Records, it’s a candid snapshot from the road that makes your front room feel like the front row. “That night was just really good fun,” she reflects. “And I think that translates on the album.”

In May 2014, Joanne reunited with her White Sugar album producer Jim Gaines, and recorded her new studio album in Memphis. The new studio album entitled The Dirty Truth is a return to Joanne’s original sound that mixes rock riffs with blues influences. The album was released in the UK on September 22nd 2014 on Joanne’s own independent boutique label Axehouse Records. Joanne supported the album by an extensive UK tour with special guest Bernie Marsden that received rapturous reviews.

Currently on tour cross the UK with legendary blues guitarist Robin Trower.